Friday, August 10, 2018

So with the BDO AGM over Des Selecta, the lying cunt who said himself on a Darts forum he had no intention of ever taking over the BDO , and gave his word on that has proven that he is also a proven liar as he has taken over the BDO.
However I am not awarding him Knob of the Week for him getting what he desperately craved, but awarding it to the people who made it possible in the first place, the bdo counties.

These inbred deluded cunts know what a scumbag Des Selecta is like, with his threats to people, mocking cancer sufferers, even threatened me, contacted my family etc and they still voted for him.
On the plus side maybe history will remember him as the last chairman of the bdo.
What happens when Channel 4 tells him they want nothing to do with the bdo anymore, is he gonna slap them, threaten them on facebook ? This is how these people operate.

With funds depleting rapidly, no chance in hell of selling tickets to events even their own fans do not care about, things look to be about to get worse for the BDO
Wait til his wife whispers in his ear about more prize money for the vile munters, which I hope happens and cripples them even quicker or will the former waiter grow a set of balls and tell his useless jobber of a wife that the useless munters are already getting too much money.
Even the most loyal bdo fans are sick of munters darts, and only the dyke, cuckolds and partners of the munters seem to give a shit about them.

And what about the last chairperson, Sue Williams who for all her tenure saw the bdo balance dwindle year on year, how would the bdo reward her litany of failures ?
This is the BDO, so they gave her the financial director role. Forget the other candidate applying for the role was an actual qualified account with a history and track record, popcorn teeth with her history of working for a delivery company delivering parcels and losing tens of thousands each year whilst running the BDO got the financial directors role....let that sink in.

Chris Mason seeming posted on social media that whilst the Bob Potter Annual Cup at the Palace of Piss will still be going ahead, Bob Potter will NOT be  contributing to the prizefund, as its wont be on mainstream TV, and the event has no sponsor to pay for the broadcast costs.

So the first Lakeshite under Des might well be the first to not be on telly, a depleted prize fund, and lucky to get a crowd.
I hope it is on telly though, as I love live comedy in those winter months, especially after the excitement of the real World championships at Ally Pally and lakeshite provides it in the bucket loads.
Who can forget the first day of lakeshite last year ?
When Nick Kenny's girlfriend said Nick was going to be wearing his lucky watch.
When asked about said watch, the girlfriend replied it was his first time wearing the fuck is it a lucky watch then ?
Nick lost the match 3-0 in much for the lucky watch.
Who remembers the waddling self groping farmer scott mitchell who ran off the stage to throttle Deta Hedman's, and Tommy the Jews lapdog ? Fear not, Houseboy is now part of the new clique.
I could go on for hours. This is why we need Lakeshite on TV, if only to laugh at the scum and the retarded.

Speaking of retarded, physically and mentally, a huge shout out to Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant, the guy who proudly boasted of being BDO for Life after he won his semi final at the January Jobber Jamboree. The only time the ugly bells palsy looking spaz was seen on proper tv since was during the PDC matchplay with him sat in the crowd, might be the only time he is ever on tv is as a guest or a viewer of the PDC , as in the Grand Slam of Darts.
When he turns up at Bobs run down hotel in January for what most likely is a depleted prizefund I am sure even he will start to realize he made a mistake in sticking with the BDO.
Then he is just the modern version of Martin Adams, a cunt that did nothing in his career, hung around like a bad smell, and waited for all those far superior to leave before he then hoovered up the available pots and then tried to convince not just himself but others that he was a top player.
When Glen said he was BDO for life, I wonder did he realize it would be more a life sentence ?

The dates and venues have been released for the 2 womens qualifiers for the PDC World Championships. Looking forward to seeing what excuses the ugly fat bitches of the bdo who do not enter come up with for not entering.

Munters spend all their time moaning about wanting more money, more chances, more opportunities, and every time the PDC offer them those very things they snub it. Remember the last time, where was the munters then ? Only the likes of Anastasia and a handful of others took up the opportunity, and suspect she will again, and Lisa Ashton has given the challenge tour a go , so think those 2 might well enter, the majority of the rest will no doubt boycott the event and then have the audacity to complain about opportunities..

So strap your selves in folks, with Des in charge, and his minions behind him ignoring all his flaws, we are all set for a blast. Let the threats, accusations, comedy and fuck ups continue under a new chairperson, as the BDO is the gift that keeps on giving.