Friday, February 15, 2019

Its like deja vu. Every November  we get the lazy dutch postman cunt Barney come out do his line how he will do the full tour next year, he speaks of his new found fighting attitude, all which occurs just before the World champs and the Premier League selection, then gets picked undeservedly each year for the PL and then proves what a total fucking liar he is by then not doing the tour he says he he will.
And sure enough did it again last November, bombed in the World champs, gets his undeserved PL spot, his last thankfully.
Proceeds to enter the first two players championships of the year.
But first he turns up for the first week of the PL and shows what a pathetic attitude he has as Wade batters him, while the comms make up all sorts of excuses and act like his bad attitude, dismal performances are some how a shock to everyone who watches darts.

Enters the players champs and goes out early both days, going out in the last 64 to Ryan Searle in PC #1, and going out first round on the Sunday in PC #2 to Steve West where headshaker averaged 85.

Then even more proof of his lies and bad attitude does not enter PC #3 & #4.
Then caps it all off with a dismal performance against Price Thursday night in the PL....yes he got a draw, but it was more Vermin Price fucking it away than any battling qualities from the lazy dutch liar.

It now seems more than likely he will miss the Matchplay, and I hope he does miss it, in fact the faster the fucker retires the better. He has been coasting of his single solitary World championships since 2007, and no, Bob Potter cups mean fuckall.
As I always say someone has to win Lakeshite, its the Special olympics of Darts.
Back on November 2nd 2012, Barney was the first ever winner of Knob of the Week, its the only consistency Barney has shown.

Speaking of Lakeshite winners, the BDO morons were out in force last sunday when the Toxic Avenger Durrant had one of the luckiest runs to a players champs final since the telescope inspector Jamie Cave-In had years ago.
To durrants credit he can only beat what was in front of him, and he met some choking cunts along the way.
Madars Razma blew countless chances, Robert Thornton missed darts for 5-1 and numerous others chances and lost, Hendo missed darts to go 5-1 up and lost.
When one of the biggest chokers in the game in Dave Dismal Chisnall is winning a final with an 88 against Bells Palsy you serious have to question how good the Freak of Boro will do on the main tour.
Remember Bunting actually won an event only weeks after joining the PDC, and that lump of lard was battered so bad he contemplated retiring twice.
The funniest part last week were the so called "bdo fans"..yes those people who call themselves bdo fans but never attend bdo events and spend more time watching PDC events who still think the Bells Palsy fucker who turned his humped back on the BDO after previously claiming he was BDO4LIFE is still a bdo player.
They were silent after Durrant went out early on the Saturday, but came crawling out of the woodwork like woodlice after Durrant reached a final on the Sunday.

I will give Durrant some credit though, unlike many other make believe"world pro" winners like the Spineless giggling prick Adams, and the self groping Farmer who loves to choke out pensioners Scott Farmer Mitchell, Durrant had the balls to give the PDC a go.
I hope he does well but I also believe he will certainly not be as good as some people think he will.

Its a whole new game playing Darts for a living.
As for Durrants performance in the PL, he did ok in my opinion, no normal person expected him to win, but he did okay in an enviroment he was not used to in the BDO.
Firstly playing in front of a crowd that was more than double figures, getting proper money instead of travel club ranking points, and finding out unlike the BDO when you chuck a 100 plus average, your opponent won't just roll over and concede like what happens in the BDO.

I think Durrant might be like Dimitri van den Bergh, in that he will be a better stage player in general than he will be a floor player....time will tell.
Sadly for viewers, durrant is a boring watch, he has the speed of Justin Pipe, the charisma of Wes Newton, and the youthfulness of a Mark McGeeney.

Speaking of McGeeney, the Scottish Open is coming up, I wonder if "Scot McGeeney" will be the #1 seed for this like he was in the Dutch Open.

Have to mention the collapse this week by Bellyboy in the PL against Krusty who was utter shit.
Sorry for the brief and late knob f the week, sometimes real life gets in the way

Friday, February 8, 2019

There is no pleasing some people, for years bdo fans looking for any reason to take a pop at the PDC  would go on about the PDC Premier League and how it was only an exbo, how it got boring and stale after so many weeks, but when the PDC do shake things up like they did with the withdrawal of the sulky Anderson, the same people are now crying the PL is a joke.

For the record it is only a glorified exbo, and serves only to make the PDC cash.As for all those now crying its a joke, wake up.
Its been a joke for years, the fact the sweaty head shaking useless dutch cunt Barney gets in year after year proved that.
I never saw the PL as a Major, never was and will never be. A non ranking invitational exbo is simply not a major. Granted it has major money, major crowds, but its not on a par with the true Majors like the Worlds, Matchplay, Grand Prix and UK Open.

The name "Premier League" would have you believe it contained the "premier" players, since when was headshaker a Premier player ?
Lazy cunt done nothing for years and I for one will be glad to see the back of him. Last night that squinty eyed prick Clarke, spastic Mardle and the comms spent the start of the night rimming headshaker.
Not one single one of them came out and admitted it was pathetic yet again by Barney, who showed zero ambition, fight or passion, but that hardly surprised me. Comms would have you believe this was a one off poor performance, and treat the viewers like imbeciles who would believe that shit.
I hope the cunt gets battered every week.

As for the 9 players or whatever number it is who have been added to the PL for one off dates, who cares. I know some people actually like it. Personally I rather those additions than watch the likes of Simon Shitlock week after week.I think the PL will be more interesting with the variation, but in the end its just a televised exbo, nothing more. I am happy the PL generates the money and helps the PDC, but like the previous weeks tournament of the Masters, it is one of those comps that is just there and hard to really get hyped for them.
As for the Masters it was a bland comp with the predictable winner. The guys like Chizzy who never won a thing of note in his entire miserable existence should be targeting events like these to get off the mark. Then you have guys like Joe Cullen who wont ever win anything in his life either, that choke against Wade where he lost 10 of the last 12 legs summed up why.

Still it could have been worse, you could have watched the Dutch Open...jesus christ some of that was beyond atrocious.
I watched a few matches on the stream over the weekend and laughed like a cunt at some of the players.
There was one munter who was so bad, when throwing for 20s missed the board, in another visit again aiming for the 20 segment shanghai'd the ones.Warty Montgomery, Spineless Adams, The Fat fucking Farmer etc were all turfed out early by other jobbers.
When you have guys like Ryan Hogarth reaching the final you know how shit things are. Hogarth who won a total of 275 in his PDC career.
In one match some utterly useless cunt called "Bus" in a land full of vans, was playing the potbellied giggling cunt Adams.
At 2-0 to Spineless the atrocious player Bus broke the Adams throw with a 29 darter...yes 29.
Bus then had his best leg of the match when he held with a 19 darter. Adams won the decider with a 21 darter. That was typical of the standard throughout the event bar the odd freak example.

I will admit I did enjoy seeing Gulliver and Bo Selecta lose to the Japanese combo of Suzuki and Yamaguchi, and also when Suzuki beat Bo in the munters singles. You could almost sense the seeth and hatred of Johnny Foreigner. Made even better when the Japanese pair won the doubles and Suzuki herself won the singles.

A mention for Jamie Cave-in who bombed atrociously at Q-school who has not hauled his pathetic arse and single eye of to the BDO.
The same Jamie Cave-in who went on a darts forum boasting of his income and challenging me to a game of darts as if beating a useless player like me would somehow negate the fact he was, is and will always be a jobber...the worst kind, the type of one that grins and smiles as his arse is handed to him. How is that income of yours now you cyclops cunt, bet you ain't boasting now.

Going to the BDO also wont change the fact he is a retard.After Ando pulled out of the PL Cyclops seemingly wrote on his twitter
Jamie Cave-in @jabba180 21h
Should of put @BobbyGeorge180 in!

The stupid cunt thinks in 2019 Bobby George should be in the PL. It was posted on a darts forum , since the telescope inspector blocked me on twitter.

Speaking of twitter I see there was some crying over a joke twitter account called Arthur Wade, an account taking the piss out of James Wade over his comments  how he played events for his country and baby boy. You would think Wade and his wife would know better than to bite, and not only is the account still there it has almost doubled it followers because of Wade and his wife biting.


I see Dave Paletti was crying because he was not picked for the England team, still at least he is not begging again. You swear this England team was something of note, the same England team that were not even in the WDF World Cup, despite the EDO having four fucking years to prepare for it.

Daryl Fatton also tweeted "
I think England are desperate to win titles and keep relying on the “old guard “ no wonder players choose PDC I think the selection committee need to be dropped"...No shit.When that dinosaur Tommy The Jew running things what do you expect.

Of course Bo Selecta missing out on the England Munters  has the usual Lincolnshire scum out in force complaining.
The BDO love to bandy the word "Family" about, the Jacklins and Lincolnshire get more like the Manson Family each week, a deranged cult.

Friday, February 1, 2019

After the month of January, there was no one more "nailed on" for Knob of the Week than a carpenter.
I remember in 2010 Scott Waites in the PDC Grand Slam final was averaging almost a 100 and he still was losing and had to rely on bi polar James Wade to have a breakdown to win a title. That Waites was a decent player.
Within just 3 years he was not even close to the player he was, but luckily for him he could drop over 12 points of his averages and still be good enough to win "majors" in the BDO.
You don't believe me ? Look at the facts.
You see facts are something the retarded mushroom cunts love to dismiss and would rather attack people as haters than acknowledge the truth and the obvious.

3 years after the Grand Slam win he turned up in Surrey with an average of 86 and Scott Waites won Lakeshite in 2013, and not just got over the line with that measly average but won 7 sets to 1. Proof of the shit standard.

3 more years after that and to prove that it was no fluke in winning their "world pro" with such a pathetic average, he did it again in 2016 with yet another pathetic average of 87 and yet again won the Bob Potter cup by 7 sets to 1.
When 87 averages are almost whitewashing your opponents you have to admit the competition is utter shit.

And 3 years later in 2019 he rocks up at the yearly piss up in Bobs dilapidated hotel and reaches the final with an average of....wait for it...85.30. Yes, that was enough for yet another "world pro" final.
How deluded must one be to think that he would be a success in the PDC with his attitude, shit averages etc ?

The funniest part were the simpletons of the bdo who actually thought he would do well when all the facts suggested he would struggle. Even the so called best player in the BDO the Toxic Avenger Glen Durrant could not earn a tourcard by right and had to rely on a league position to get one.
Waites turned up at Q-school with his 80 odd averages and deservedly bombed.
He finished 106th in Q-school,counting those who got tour cards.

I was not surprised in the least when the mushrooms took to twitter to make excuses, and claim he was a great player and how he won a PDC non ranking comp 9 years ago, totally ignoring the fact that the Waites of 2010 was a vastly superior player.
After his abysmal and expected failure at Q-school he hauls his sorry arse off to the Challenge tour last Saturday.
In the very first event he throws an 85 average and loses in the last 512. Remember this is a tour without the 128 tour card holders.
He hangs around for the second event on the Saturday and loses in the last 64 to Michael Rastovits, and throws an average in the 80s.
Comes back on the Sunday and again goes out in the last 64 , this time against Daniel Ayres, Waites had an average of 83.
In the second event of the day on Sunday gets knocked out in the last 256th round against Lucasz Sawicki, with Waites chucking a 78 average.

So in January alone Waites finished 106th in Q-school,after paying almost £500 to enter and got nothing for his money.
Paid £200 to enter the Challenge tour and made the grand total of £100, where he currently lies 50 quid ahead of Aegir Bjornsson who is in the 104th spot.
Here is the kicker.....this all happened in the same month he reached the final of Lakeshite where the morons of Nicholson and Mason would have you believe he was in a "world final"...let that sink in.
There is no spinning this, the idiotic mushrooms know this too so will deflect, make excuses, and resort to attacking the poster of such facts than accept this as the truth.

The Dutch Open is on this Week and the #1 seed is McGeeney...yes the same McGeeney who won a tourcard. In fact, not only was it published McGeeney was the #1 seed, but named him Scot McGeeney.
Check out this PDF
World's largest collection of jobbers

"Scot" McGeeney was just one of at least half a dozen names they got wrong including "corine" Hammond, and Jeffrey "Spardiaans"
Speaking of Sparidaans, that whiny cunt that looks like beaker from the muppet show who shat his pants. He took to complaining about the Greek Adrian Lewis lookalike winner John Michael who entered the Romanian Open and won it. Sparidaans cried like a bitch about Michael winning and stopping others from earning Lakeshite points.

The bdo scum try to tell us that Lakeshite is a "world pro" so surely these "world pro's" should have had no problem beating a greek jobber in Michael if they really are that good. So much for the bdo mantra and complete bullshit of "darts for all".

The PDC Masters started tonight, and what a shock that Gary Anderson withdrew with a "back injury". Sure is some coincidence every time Ando gets a fine or warning from the DRA he gets an injury.
Am sick shit of these made up excuses. Merv King who drives a Harley to Euro events with no back problems, and lives on the Golf course and has no problem swinging a golf club has "back problems" throwing darts when he is losing.
Ando tells us how he loves fishing and has no problem casting his fishing rod for hours, but throwing a dart hurts him....yeah right. Ando has never went back to the Euro tour after he was fined once on that...another coincidence no doubt.
Have to mention the waiter again this week who gets more deluded each week. This week the waiter thinks the bdo can rival the PDC. I enjoyed the tweets by Dan Dawson who highlighted the stupidity, which of course had a few simpletons biting.

Friday, January 25, 2019

Once upon a time, there a land that history and people would sooner forget, twas a bleak, dark and miserable place where the natives of an inbred tribe called the BDO would spend their time busy wallowing in their own shit, when news came, via a carrier pigeon that in a far off land far away called the PDC, a beloved leader, the PDC wise King Barry Hearn proclaimed that that the PDC Kingdom would allow 19 warriors from outside their Kingdom to enter the golden gates of professional paradise, where those with ability would be richly rewarded and live in luxury.

This caused unrest in the tribe of the BDO where the tribe elders who still worshiped the old days and were fearful of change, denounced this plan. The natives grew restless as they wanted the chance to go to this wondrous distant land where they risked no slaps, and could live a life of luxury free from the tyranny of the bdo elders.Seeds of dissension grew like the black clouds that engulfed that place of misery and despair.
The Leader of the bdo tribe, who had no choice decreed that those that leave to play in a foreign land would be welcomed home if their voyage ended in sorrow.

19 brave but disillusioned warriors and followers of Bob decided on the second Sunday of the year of our Lord 2019 after a banquet of piss poor ale, chips and curry at Bob's encampment in Surrey to make the pilgrimage to the Robin Park Temple in the Kingdom of Wigan on a quest for the holy grail of a golden PDC tour card.

Upon their arrival all notions of an easy battle were quickly dispelled and other warriors from other tribes also hoping to enter the gates of the golden PDC fought the bdo tribe and each other with tenacity. The combatants were not the best, but fought valiantly and the battle raged for 4 days and 3 nights.
As the sun set on the fourth day, 2 of the BDO tribe proved themselves worthy and were openly welcomed in through the gates of the PDC fortress where riches, unimaginable in the barren wasteland of the bdo homeland would be on offer.
2 other BDO tribe warriors, disgusted and sickened at the notion of returning home decided on the final day to go around the back of the castle and got in through the back door. They were given a whole 2  seasons to prove their worth of else be cast out.

Alas outside yonder on the battlefield were the beaten and battered 15 bdo natives,unable and unworthy of a place in the PDC Kingdom who slowly trudged through the soil to make their way back to to their tribe in the barren bleak province of the bdo, beaten, disillusioned and disenchanted.
Upon their arrival back in the grim bleak and dark land of the BDO, the broken warriors returned to their previous lives and ordered by tribal elders to never mention their failures, or even the existence of the PDC Kingdom. The tribe elders still in denial and with years of hatred of all other peoples from other lands set deep in their black hearts, set about to create the belief that all those that left the tribe no longer existed and announced the warriors of the BDO tribe were the greatest warriors on the planet and all mentions of their previous failures never existed.
Those natives who would question the elders or inquire about those who left for foreign lands were accused of witchcraft and given copious amounts of slaps and had threats made against them and their family and they were out cast.
They were no longer allowed to travel in hunting parties. know as the travel club.
Many moons later the BDO tribe put on gala of their own and it lacked the fanfare of the PDC , but undeterred the bdo witch doctors decreed their gala was the best gala ever. Their warriors previously beaten and battered outside the gates of Hearns castle were hailed the best warriors ever, and the dregs of humanity who traveled to witness this gala were heralded as the the best citizens of any kingdom anywhere. The End.

Sadly folks that story is no fairy tale, 15 players who played at Lakeshite less than a fortnight ago were unable to beat jobbers from around the world in Q school.

4 out of 19 success rate


Lisa Ashton - FAILED
Jim Williams - FAILED
Wes Newton - FAILED
David Cameron - FAILED
Daniel Day - FAILED
Andy Hamilton - FAILED
Scott Waites - FAILED
Kyle McKinstry - FAILED
Lorraine Winstanley - FAILED
Ana Dobromyslova - FAILED
Mark McGrath - FAILED
Fallon Sherrock - FAILED
Corrine Hammond - FAILED
Deta Hedman - FAILED
Dean Reynolds - FAILED

Among those failures was a guy who reached the final of lakeshite, and won 2 previous bob potter cups in the past. Not counting those who earned an automatic card, Scott Waites finished 98th in Q-school. 98th and he will be one of the favorites for the BDO Tin Pot Cup next year, such is the lack of depth in the BDO.

Even Bells Palsy the reigning Lakeshite champion, could not win an automatic tourcard, he was not good enough to be one of the 8 players that won an automatic card. Matt Clark a complete jobber won a card outright, but Durrant could not, not even after 4 days, he had to rely on points to get in, and even then he was not top of the table.
The were 2 people above him in the table, 8 who got cards so Durrant finished 11th out of the 19 who got cards.
I know some mushrooms will claim he getting a card is a success, to me it was the very least that should have been expected from a guy who mushrooms will tell you is a "World Champion".

That said I am glad Durrant got his tourcard, as I have said in the past, he seems a nice guy personally, and unlike the cunts of Spineless Adams, Scott the Farmer and the other dregs, he at least had the balls to give the PDC a go, and also his speech as he pocketed the bdo £100k was both magnificent and honest.
He finished Lakeshite with a speech that would have mushrooms seething, and did it again upon earning a tourcard when he stated afterwards about Q -school "This is as good as winning the Lakeshite Championship."

The 3 in row and reigning lakeshite champions compared the bdo "world pro" to a q-school event.
There is no way the mushroom scum can spin this.

The reality is sadly, Durrant does not have the bottle or mentality for the PDC. He lost in the first 3 days of Q-School to players who averaged under 89 against him.
If Durrant cannot beat guys chucking averages in the 80 when the pressure is on, how the fuck will he handle it when the proper players lay into him. I still remember the look of shock on his face when he was throwing an average well over a 100 against Andrew Gilding and Gilding did not roll over like they do in the BDO andGilding went on and beat Durrant. I will give him some credit for showing some bottle on the last day when the pressure was really on him to perform, and he did enough when it mattered, but lets be honest, he pulled out the stops against jobbers, wannabes and the odd half decent player, and if thought he was under pressure in Q-school wait til he starts playing on the full tour for a living. That type of pressure week in week out when he is playing for a living could see him completely buckle.

Look at how Stephen Bunting twice came close to retiring in the PDC such was the pressure he felt,and Bunting is vastly superior to Durrant. I of course would like to be proven wrong, and have Durrant prove me wrong as new faces in PDC tv comps is always a good thing and I am sure Durrant against the top players in the PDC will garner a lot of interest in the first few months before people tire of it, as durrant has a boring throw and style and boring player to watch, much like McGeeney. Scott Baker is the only player of the 4 refugees I like to watch as he has a fast paced throw, dont fuck about and gets on with things.

Final matches in Q-school made for some excitement as Kevin Painter got to the last 4 and one win away for an automatic card but lost out to Kirk Shepherd in a battle of former PDC world finalists. Sadly for painter the loss meant no tourcard as he missed out by leg difference.
Cameron Menzies lost out in 12th place,and will be cursing Joe Murnan, who had he won would have meant Menzies got a tourcard, Murnan was 4-1 down averaging in the low 70s and gone was Menzies hopes. Conan Whitehead and Barrie Bates got in ahead of Painter and Menzies on leg difference. If honest would have preferred Menzies and Painter to Bates and Whitehead. Bates is dull and another old fart clogger, Whitehead looks like another generic county player and a charm vacuum, where as Painter like him or hate him at least looks likes he gives a fuck and is not one of those queer cunts that spends every game hugging his opponent after the match, and Menzies is totally erratic but well worth a watch if only for his antics.

Kirk Shepherd gets a card...the jammiest cunt in the history of the PDC world champs possibly. I think at least 3 players had match darts to beat him when he reached the World final. To me he will always be the cunt acting the maggot on the oche with the sore foot and kicked the oche and grimaced like a bitch, laughed my bollocks of at that, one of the many things in darts that made laugh like a lunatic over the years. Though still not as funny as a pissed up Martin Atkins getting "hand relief" of nurse trina on the lakeshite stage and the Ted Hankey episode though which was the funniest thing I ever saw in darts.

Am not a fan of Andy Boulton generally but rather him than some of the other useless cunts that were looming in on a spot
Glad Jamie Hughes got a card, and was the best player without doubt the day he won it.
Worsley was consistent if not great judging by the averages and time will tell how he fares.
My only knowledge of Nathan Derry was the GSoD a couple of years back and was not impressed then.Hopefully he has vastly improved..
As for Adrian Gray, I remember in the UK open back in 2003 he beat John Part which was a big upset and got an even biggest upset a few years later knocking out Phil Taylor in an event in 2007, like Raymond van Barneveld, has done fuck all since 2007.
Fuck Matt Clark, always been shit.
Know little of Harry Ward but he put in some good performances and rather a younger player than some over 40s county cunt stinking up venues.
As for Reece Robinson, he never made any impact, in fact his antics and dra fines got him more attention than his darts.
I always liked Pallet when on form and a good watch, but as likely to chuck turds as well.
Bain and Murnan I am familiar with but nothing there to suggest they wont be back at Q-school in 2 years time.
Know nothing about Wilkinson and Carlin other than it was both of theirs first time at Q-school.

In 2017 English players made up 67 of the 128 tourcard holder
in 2018 the total number of English players with tourcards dropped to 64.
This year the total number of English players dropped to 61.
I personally prefer the tour to have more non English players and have a more global field, it is better for the game, and hopefully the day where potbellied county piss heads making up the numbers drops.
If you want to get fat, horse pints, and waddle like a fucking human water bed at a ukip rally then thats what the bdo is for.Haul your carcass to there.

Another stat is that in 2018 the average age of the q school qualifiers was 41.1 years, this year the average age was 34.9, a good six plus years younger, another example of the change in the game. As I mentioned earlier, the fat county alco  dominating the game is slowly but surely dying out and the PDC  are helping to progress the game.

I know I mock the munters game, and I know Lisa Ashton was only playing jobbers for the most part in Q-school, but she not only did better than Lakeshite semi finalist Jim Williams, but she got 3 times as many points in Q-school than Lakeshite finalist Scott Waites. That makes me laugh. Part of me even wanted her to get a card  if only for the mocking and material that I could have got out of fair play to her efforts and doing better than the bulk of the men.

Before some liberal pussy whipped beta bitch gives me this horseshit that the women are as good as the men, they are not, Ashton is an exception rather than the rule. She may have fucked up at Lakeshite but standard wise over the recent years she is a level above all the other "women".

I know when Lakeshite 2020, if its still held there, comes around, I will be listening to how the comms team explain how the reigning champion Durrant, winner of 3 in a row is suddenly missing. Will they do what they did at the time of the split and forget Taylor, Anderson, Bristow, Priestley ever existed, just like they did when Bunting fucked off, or will they openly acknowledge Durrant fucked off.
If they dont mention it, then that will be one of the first howlers of the next list, if they do mention it, Tommy the Jew Thompson will throw another hissyfit because of the PDC mentions...a win win.

The arse kissing of Bells Palsy Durrant has already started, one simpleton I read on a forum this nweek said Durrant would be top ten of the PDC. When I replied he could not even finish in the top ten on Q-school, let alone the main tour, he never replied.
Another simpleton upon reading how Durrant said winning a tour card was as good as winning the "Lakeside championship" went into denial,  Durrant followed this up by stating he did not even want to be at the last Winmau Masters.
So you have a reigning Lakeshite champ,a three in a row, their top player, fucks off out the door with 100k, says a PDC tour card is as good as Lakeshite, and belittles the Winmau Masters in the process.
This is why I am glad Durrant is in the PDC, the mushrooms will no doubt be seething.

Now on to the DRA.
I totally understand the need for these type of orgs in a game that seeks to be taken as some sort of professional sport. I do not believe darts is a sport personally and will never be a sport, but can see the logic why the DRA should exist, and since it does the rules should be applied equally to all.

If rules are not applied equally then its the responsibility of the players orgs to make sure the DRA tow the line.

Gerwyn Price was fined £21.5k this week for his actions in events, mostly his conduct in the Grand Slam final against Gary Anderson. My initial thought on reading the headline was it was an excessive amount, but the reality is was not if you consider certain criteria.
When Price took to the stage at the Slam he was assured of £55k as a runner up, his actions which no doubt contributed to his success, coupled with the bottle job by Ando,  meant his actions in the vast part helped him earn another extra £55k. Add in the fact this title win also cemented his place in the Premier League which is another pay day that GSoD final win was worth far far more than $55k extra he got, so his fine of £21.5k  seem little in that scenario.
Here is my bone of contention with the  DRA, I am no fan of Vermin Price but if he is to be fined for acting like a roided up prick on the oche, then why haven't the likes of the hunchback MVG, Kim Huybrechts etc been charged for doing the same. ?
The rules are not applied evenly.

Then you have Anderson, who I enjoy watching as a player, but he is a whiny snowflake cunt., who not only let the coal scavenging manlet get under his skin and lost the game, he kept encroaching on Price on the Oche and was guilty of gamesmanship, and even put his hands on Price.,
Surely physical contact is worse that shouting, but Anderson only gets a warning.

Why is that ? Are they afraid that Ando will get stroppy and throw a sulk again, we already seen in the past how he got a DRA fine a while back and stopped doing the Euro Tour in a sulk.

I have even read on twitter and on some forums where people have said Wade's actions where he screamed at Asada was somehow worse than Ando who used actual physical contact, or Price who stood to gain in a major financial way and Price's antics lasted for almost an entire match.

Wades speech about "playing for his country" was completely idiotic, but not sure what rule it would break, seeing as other players have said similar in the past.

Wade does deserve a warning or even  a fine for screaming in the face of Asada, no one disputes that, but for people like Dan Dawson who claimed it was somehow worse that what Price and Ando did is laughable.

For years the DRA seem to be a law on to themselves, fining players for the most trivial things.
You have that squinty eyed parkinson's prick Dave Clark and the asshole Mardle going on about needle and wanting to see it, when it happens the 2 cunts act like snowflakes and go on how the game does not need this, then come out next game and try to invent some needle that does not exist.

Where is the PDPA in all of this looking out for their members ?

Its one thing for the DRA to be clamping down hard, but the rules should be the same for all players, for years those cunts have been selective in how certain players are charged and which ones get a free pass.

I had no issue to the amount of the fine Price got, but Ando allowed it to happen by buckling.
Had Price tried that shit on a prime Bristow, or even Phil Taylor, Price would have been battered.
Even though I dislike Price, he was right to do what he did.
He mentally beat Anderson who rolled over, made an extra 55k in the process, got a shitload of publicity, and a TV title, and earned  a PL spot. From a business and career standpoint it was a fantastic result and in hindsight it was worth it even if the fine was higher.

Had he not acted the cunt, he would have been favorite to lose that match, probably missed his golden chance of a tv title and a PL spot.

I  dont know if Wade has been charged or will even be charged, as the DRA only release the details at certain times, and have  no problem hiding and burying things under the carpet when it suits them.
If the DRA publish the fines and warnings for some players, then do it for all.
Again another example of different rules for different players. But then why should they when they are allowed to do what the fuck they want, and as said where is the PDPA in all of this.
Is it any wonder the DRA can dish out fines and ride the gravy train on the most ridiculous charges while the useless PDPA do nothing.

And lastly a quick mention for the waiter with the plastic looking teeth and an insecurity complex.
Seem Selecta has been running his mouth taking credit for what he deemed a success again, of course if something went wrong he would distance himself as far as possible.
I laughed my bollocks off at how he claimed some of the Munters averages are as good as the Mens.

The hilarious part is he tried to word it so that it appeared the Munters game had improved.
Here is a statistical fact.
The mens game dropped even lower than the munters game this last Lakeshite which narrowed the gap between the jobbers and munters.
The overage averages for the entire munters lakeshite was LOWER than the previous year, even if the 2 lying cunts of Nicholson and Mason said the standard improved.
The mens game was also lower.

And now the waiter wants to increase the prize money for the Munters game, a game where not only the standard is dropping, but increase the prizefund for the game in which his own wife plays in.
Where is this money to come from ?
Even if they double , trebled or even made it on a par with the mens, it still wont change the fact the munters game is utter shit, no one gives a flying fuck about it except the dykes butch partners, the cuckolds, the pussywhipped shits and the other brainwashed people.

The minters will spout all sort of shit, how they are as good as the men, deserve equal rights, better prize money etc never see them wanting to hold their own tv comp for munters alone...because they know , but will not admit it publicly no one would watch that shit,
That is why the munters never argued for their own separate comp.

So Knob of the Week goes to the BDO, its 15 failures at Q-school, its moronic fans, its chairman and its board.

Friday, January 18, 2019

The Award goes to the BDO fans, the most retarded and deluded cunts I ever had the misfortune to come across.. but more on that later....its another long one.

First off thanks to the many many people who contacted me and thanked for the list of howlers and all the feedback.
As expected Some of the scum, the ex cons, the bdo morons, wannabe hard men  etc were out in force also issuing threats, name calling and other crying over what I typed essentially proving everything thing I said about them being scum was proven true.
What these morons fail to understand is I have only posted what I and others witnessed and heard on TV. It was all true and factual.
I did not make Rawling threaten people.
I did not make Nicholson spout all the shit he did, I did not make Mason turn into a hypocrite, I was not responsible for a competition where over THREE QUARTERS OF ALL AVERAGES COULD NOT BREAK THE 90 BARRIER.

So what are these bdo scumbags crying about ? Am I and others suppose to pretend this shit did not happen ? Have I ever threatened anyone with violence ? no, have I made up the statements I posted ? No.  Did I make up the comments made by comms ? no. Did I make up the tweets people posted ? No
But because I gathered all these and posted them on my own site suddenly I have snowflake cunts going into meltdown all over twitter...which made my blog more popular and get even more views...thanks for that.

Here is what the mushrooms don't get and never will get, I dont hate people, I dont hate the players, I dont even hate the BDO. I laugh at them.There is a difference. I laugh at their pathetic efforts to try compete with the PDC. The game is up but they cannot accept this.

The BDO is not "professional". The comms spent hours last week telling us who was a plumber, who was a carpenter etc., and no one cared.
The faster the BDO drop the advertising of this amateur mickey mouse shit as a "World Pro" they will ease a lot of the abuse aimed at them. I watch all darts because I enjoy the game, but when amateur shit is promoted as "world class darts" when the standard clearly is not, then I am going to mock those spouting that bullshit.
The bdo serves a purpose other than make us laugh our bollocks off every January, they run the comps for your ordinary guy to turn up, pay a entrance fee and take part. The game needs that with the PDC a closed shop mostly.The game needs the BDO for things like that, this is what they should be concentrating on.
The can still run their 2 bit comps and give ordinary guys the opportunity, but getting not only defensive , but threatening people because rational minded people laugh at Lakeshite shows up the mindset of these people. Remember when Milkmen were given flyers by Des Jacklin to hand out ? Does that scream professionalism ?
Take the Japanese Suzuki, a relatively unknown in darts, she turns up and wins Lakeshite. What does that tell you about the British bdo travel club ? It tells me the bulk of those players are only at Lakeshite because they are the only ones able to do the tour, and in a level playing field most would never qualify.
Wes Newton missed 5 months of the season and still qualified for Lakeshite because of the travel club.
Gary Robson claim to fame is telling people he once beat MVG when MVG was a kid, he has dined out on that to this day, while he turns up year on year with the likes of Warty Montgomery to have their yearly piss up after a first round exit.

Ask yourselves this, would Sky TV or BBC allow Nicholson to rant on and on like that on one of their channels for a PDC major event ? Of course not, it would be nipped in the bud quickly and rightly so.
Do players drink ? Of course, but you don't see the PDC players with pints in their hand during an interview.
But most importantly, the BDO don't have professionals playing their game, don't have professional running it either. When your game is played by amateurs, run by amateurs, then your fucking brand is amateur, how hard is this to grasp ?

Liverpool football Club won the league countless times, that same title is still on the line to this day for the championship, with Leed United currently top of the championship. The title back then when Liverpool won it was the pinnacle of English league football.Today that title is not the pinnacle, the game has changed, and the top title in English football today is the Premier League, which is a break away organisation,
This is the same with the BDO, winning a Lakeshite title is a nice little earner for the amateur winner and a stepping stone to the higher level PDC, providing they can get through Q-school, that break away group that is now the dominant one. 
BDO idiots can repeat over and over that Lakeshite is a World Champs, they can have their minions tell us over and over Its a World Professional or how there is no difference in the codes and all the other nonsensical shit they spout but deep down even the majority of them know its bullshit but wont admit out of bitterness, or ego.
The BDO need to rebrand Lakeshite, and remove the ridiculous "world championship " and the "world pro" bullshit and the event will not be under the same scrutiny.
Dont feel offended because its amateur, embrace it and play on that. But when the bdo, its comm teams, players and few fans spout nonsensical bullshit, then they are open to abuse and ridicule which I and all the others have no problem dispensing.
I wonder if the editors on Paddy Power, Bet 365 and other companies that ripped the piss out of lakeshite were threatened with slaps. The mentality that threatening people will somehow change the truth is lost on these cretins.
The old dinosaurs of the Sue Williams era need to go, and go quick, along with some of the recent "acquisitions"
Nicholson is abysmal, Rawling is a fucking scumbag geriatric  has been, Mason is just a prostitute for a paycheck who will sell his principles quicker than spineless Adams. John Gwynne should be in a mental ward or at the least a retirement home.;
Stop bringing in useless players to give expert opinion like Laura Turner who averaged in the 50s.who wants to listen to her bullshit ranting ?
Stop hauling old cunts like Tony Shea and the rest of the travel club piss up crew up on stage to relive the nostalgia of the 90s...its done, its over, get over it, and move on.
If you want your product to be seen in a positive manner hire the right people to present said product. If you keep hiring the old cunts from the past then you are deemed to be seen as the past, you have to move with the times or be left behind.
Sadly with the exodus of players for Q-school the old bitter poisonous cunts like Adams, Scott Mitchell and the other deluded shit stains who carry on thinking they are part of some World championship and living in the past, then the BDO will be ridiculed because of them. As long as those players are there pushing their agendas out of egomania the more the average fan will look at the BDO in a negative light, those cunt are the leading cause to the abuse the BDO rightfully get.

So lets continue with the list of Howlers which happened and makes the mushrooms cry when reported, because crying about me, means these things never happened. (in their eyes)

Grown men acting like morons in the crowd to the babyshark shit music.
Laura Turner who averaged in the 50s in her match is on comms giving her "expert advice"
She claims the standard is getting better every year despite the stats proving the standard has dropped.
Mason claims millions are watching live in Japan at 1am their time..... based on what ?
Nicholson and his obsession with wrestling continues and says Suzuki winning the Munters title is like winning Wrestlemania, that fake event that is predetermined where grown adults dressed in their underwear covered in baby oil roll around on top of each other pretend fighting is some homo erotic display for mentally stunted yanks. Except wrestling gets more fans and viewers than the bdo.
Dean Winstanley is seen posing with a cheque in the audience.
During the presentation of the Munter title you could hear Bingham shouting orders on air.
Top falls of the trophy.
Fans almost silent with rage over Johnny foreigner winning.
Lorraine's interview consists of a single question and answer.
Mason saying a 90 average is "unplayable"
He then compares this win to Dellar who won the Men's title in 1983 when he beat the world #1 world #2 and the world# 3 along the way.
Mason calls Suzuki the female Phil Taylor.
Comms says Ricky Evans needs a new tune cos Suzuki now uses it....why does Ricky Evans need to change it ? Why should the person who initially used it stop using it because someone robbed it off him ?

Unterbuchner misses 9 and hits 18 and would be the first of many many doubles he missed by a mile.
Comms think the fifth leg of the second set is still the first set.
O Shea says a visit to Lakeshite should be on everyone's bucket list. You would need a bucket to get sick in.
Jockey Wilson on top of the pops is mentioned yet again.
Bottler O Shea tells us how much of a defeatist attitude he has and why he will always be a loser when he said when he was losing 4-0 in sets to Waites in his final , all he thought about was not getting whitewashed. At 4-0 he admitted he accepted he was going to lose....jobber cunt.
No mention are made of the averages as they seemingly don't matter again.....wonder why that was ?
Rawling admits the crowd are bored. No shit, watching Waites romping home with his mid 80 average is hardly must watch tv.
County darts get yet another mention.
Mason tells us Averages don't matter yet again as the men are averaging in the low 80s....what a surprise.
Scott Waites wins 6-1 in sets with just an 85 average....surprised ? Dont be as he won 2 Lakeshites in the past with the same average.
In a match that lasted 27 legs there was just 2 legs under 15 darts.
We were told Unterbucher was a heavy scorer....he had one maximum in 27 legs.
Both men averaged in the 80s, and less than Suzuki who was the only one to break the magical 90 barrier today so far.
Remember this is what is being called "professional" and a "world championships".
the BDO "fanatics" who could not be arsed attending Lakeshite were crying on their facebook group about Des Jacklin wearing a grey suit....seemingly they are unhappy as its not a "bdo uniform" that one out.

The crowd sing along to the beatles out of tune and comms tell us the place is rocking.
Bells Palsy missed the single 20 and then single 13 in an attempted finish of 68.
Rawling thinks we might get a 100 average, considering there has only been 2 in the last ten years its unlikely as the average will drop over the longer distance, this is not the PDC where quality is maintained.
Of course averages matter again.....what a sign of Mason saying they don't write averages on trophies this time.
Bottler O Shea tells us Berwick is in Scotland., and tells us again the story of a stage collapsing.
The " BDO Family" line gets hauled out again.
Comms tell us how Gary Jobson once beat MVG when he was a teenager. MVG wont be able to sleep tonight over this.
Rawling again tells us what jobs these "professionals" work at.
O Shea says 132 is bull 25 bull.
In to the 6th set and both below the 100 average and comms stop rattling on about the averages.
O Shea tells us about the bdo and their history of a begging bucket.
Comms tells us 600 players are going to Q-school but never mentions the 2 players on the stage are going.
Comms would rather speak about a disturbed Belgian pensioner than commentate on the game going on.Then belittle Jackie, one of the few loyal fans they have,that actually paid for a ticket.
O Shea says the players are saving their energy for the last set....dear christ.
Durrant hits a single 19 to leave himself a checkout of 37.
Camera pans to the crowd where a munter gives the camera 2 fingers....classy.
Averages drop 8 points from 104 to 96 and comms never mention it.....what a shock.
Comms discuss DJ's, and marraige proposals at Lakeshite.
Durrant on double 18 hits the single 1...for the second time, hits 17 going for the single 3 and Williams holds throw with a 21 darter.
The Ted Hankey nostalgia discussion starts up again.
Rawling admits there is no bonus for a 9 darter, and the bucket could come won't be needed.
Rawling mentions the amounts of grandmothers watching.
Bells Palsy shits himself when he has a go acting the big man at Paul Brown at the end of the match and cannot reverse and apologize quick enough. Maybe if you did not act the prick you would not need to apologize.
The disfigured munchkin genuinely thinks if he wins he will equal Bristows 3 world titles in an unified field....utter delusion.
Mutant crowd howling like morons.
Giggling Adams says "Jim will be back stronger next year", not if he gets a tourcard he won't ya giggling bearded prick.


The BDO Schedule the final to clash with the Man Utd Spurs game.
The final consists of Waites. Here is a player who not only won Lakeshite TWICE with an average of 85. but qualified for the final with an average of 85 in his semi final.
In fact in Waites two previous finals and 3 previous semi finals not a single player has averaged more than 85 against him either.
If that does not tell you how weak the field he played in nothing will.
Then you have melted plastic bag face Glen durrant, and for all his delusions, he at least played a higher standard, and faced stiffer competition.
With so many all off to PDC Q-school shortly you better get your bets on a Scott Mitchell -v- Wesley Harms final for next year as both are going to skip Q-school and try be the new version of Spineless Adams who lacked a backbone and hung around Lakeshite like a bad fart being the big fish in a stagnant little pond.
I know, I know, some people will say..Adams turned up at the Grand Slam and did a u turn on all his so called principles. But lets be honest he needed the money after his wife left him, hence his u turn and come crawling for the PDC coin after saying he would never play in the PDC. The cunt has no principles.

I cant wait til we get the mushrooms tell us Durrant will be a top PDC player, it will be like the Stephen Bunting saga all over again with gimps thinking winning Lakeshite makes you a top player.
Remind me how many "Majors" has  Bunting, Kist, Klaasen,Mark Webster etc picked up in the PDC ?  thats right ZERO.

Paul Nicholson says Durrant could win 3 in a row at Lakeshite with more to come....possible now with the chance he wont get a tourcard.
Also claims Bristow only won one title of his 3 in a row at Lakeshite, despite Bristow beating the best in the World in a unified field.
Hey Nicholson you retarded cunt even one single title in a unified field pre split beats 20 lakeshite amateur titles.
Spineless Adams admits prior to his final with Phill Nixon, both of them and dead Fatz the racist were all drinking that morning...more stuff the scum think worth boasting about
Waites is 41 and Durrant is 48....the years have been cruel on both.
First leg of the match is an 18 darter so no mention of averages by the comms.
County darts gets mentioned again as it does every session.
Comms telling us how the "professional" has to be at his job in the morning.
Waites leading 2-0 in legs in the second set, needs 100 for the set, and scores 28, after missing 2 big numbers.
Comms admitting the winmau board are huge compared to the old boards.
Rawling spots  some people in the crowd in fancy dress and says "at least some have made the effort"
Durrant averaging 88 by the start of the third set.Durrant starts a leg with a maximum and comms mention the 9 darter...glen follows the max with a score of 22.You guessed it...averages dont matter again.
Earlier Waites hit a maximum and followed it with a score of 29.
Rawling mentions the big football match the bdo scheduled this mickey mouse cup to go up against.Waites misses the big 16 to get a shot at the bull to save the set.
Mason says Scott Waites has a chance of a "rare break opportunity" in a game where at least 4 sets were won against the throw already.
Games stops for almost half an hour, which is time enough for a quick quart at the bar.
Waites hits a 160 checkout, his second of the competition and its also the highest of the competition, hit 4 times overall.
Despite Waites hitting 2 of the four 160 finishes in the comp he will only get a third of the highest fucked up is that.
Rawling claims Durrant missing the bull "screws up his eyes"....his eyes were screwed up long before that
Mason says Glen has "taken his eye of the ball"  Are the comms taking the piss out of Glens "dave clark" type eye ?
Finish of a leg missed cos the camera man was focused on Durrant nose.
Waites holds throw with a 22 darter in the second leg of the 8th set.
The retard cunt Nicholson says one of the players is going to taste this what passes for expert commentary in the BDO ? Seriously ?
Nicholson losing the plot so much with his comments on "duzza" that even rawling gets embarrassed again. I genuinely believe that the moron Nicholson is austistic or emotionally stunted  or perhaps both. He claims "We're all going a bit delirious, as it's been a long tournament.".
I am glad the Bells Palsy fucker won, as I am not a fan of Waites.
Durrant gets presented with the prop big check where they could not spell the word "Hundred".

My favorite howler of the entire Lakeshite was this beauty I spotted posted online, which sums up the bdo perfectly and hilariously.
Yet, take that moment of Lakeshite-borne haplessness in last week’s quarter-finals, as shown on Eurosport, when Michael Unterbuchner of Germany had a chance to take out 167. He hit treble one, treble one and single two, making a somewhat disappointing eight in total and leaving himself on 159. This must surely have been the first time in the history of the Lakeshite, even, that a player has stepped up to the oche on a three-dart finish, only to walk away from it, three darts later, on a four-dart finish.

The best part of the entire lakeshite followed when Durrant honestly admitted his 3 Lakeshites were not on a par with Bristows that were won in a unified field against the World best, and mentioned how he did not beat MVG. Michael Smith and others and could only beat what was in front of him. Fair play to the guy for his honesty and not being as deluded as the comms who tried ridicule Bristows achievements.
Durrant shits on the BDO as he is heading out the door to Q-school , jumping ship with £100,000 of the BDO money in his back pocket. The lakeshite scum were stunned into silence as Durrant was honest about his win. You could sense the seething from Spineless Adams and others. Tony O'Shea tries to gloss over it and mentions how Durrant respects the tournament only a few minutes after Durrant put the boot in as he was gearing up for the PDC.....glorious.
I always liked the guy on a personal level and love giving him stick, but he won over a lot more people with his honest comments.
It was truly the most magnificent perfect end to the Surrey comedy Festival.

The BDO youtube channel that is available for everyone around the world outside the UK and Ireland showed the final and had a Global audience of 7200 people...yes 7,200 at its peak. where were these so called "millions in asia" ? Mason said Millions were watching in Japan....snigger.
A PDC exbo in the Premier League sells more tickets than 7200.
More people will buy a ticket to a PDC exbo event than watch the BDO lakeshite final.

Now on to Des Jacklin.The ego maniac tried to take credit for all that he thought was good about Lakeshite.
He tried to distance himself from criticism when people asked about tv coverage and in the past stated it was not his responsibility and was the job of Sportotal.
When Sportotal sorted it out, the waiter then went into his "me me me me" mode and then tried to claim all the glory for himself.
The hilarious highlights of his ego trip and longwinded essay he released this week was "The biggest decision was made by me".a sure sign of an insecurity complex combined with an over inflated ego. His mentions of addressing the Munters prizefund, which given one of the munters is his wife shows a conflict of interest in my opinion. Where is that money going to come from ? The men's prizefund that has not seen an increase in years ?
He claimed Lakeshite was a runaway success, this despite giving away over 700 free tickets saw the venue half full most sessions.
Claimed social media was going into over drive on the opening day....if it was it was for all the wrong reasons. Cried people were calling him Derek and not Desmond his real name. I think stupid waiter cunt suits him better.
I will however give him praise for one thing he has done and that is allow the vastly over rated jobbers of the BDO the option to return to the BDO if they fail at Q-school.
To me this was possibly the most forward thinking the BDO has ever done, however some fanatics think Des is killing the BDO letting players go to q-school and return if they fail.
Here is the kicker, one of the main culprits slating Des is a guy called Ian McFarlane a pot bellied moron who went to the PDC himself and failed in the past, He even went to Q-school this week as well and jobbed. This is the guy now crying about players going to q-school and failing and being allowed could not make up this mental illness.

Glen Durrant walked out the door to the PDC as the reigning lakeshite champion, and he is not the first and won't be the last.
Des knows this so took the unprecedented step of allowing players back if the fail at Q-school.
Make no mistake,that has to be a good thing for the BDO.They badly need the PDC cast offs.
Olly Croft put the BDO in a coffin with his backwards thinking, his arrogance, and thinking the BDO was his and his alone, Spineless and Popcorn teeth buried it. Des at least knows changes had to be made, and should any of those leaving fail in Q-school the bdo should be happy to welcome them back.

As it stands after 2 days of Q-school both Lakeshite Finalists have completely jobbed on both days.
The mushrooms, the most stupid people ever can make an excuse for one player on one day, but both finalists jobbing on 2 days , there is no excuse, no one can spin this. There is a reason however why they failed, and that is because they are simply not good enough.Eventually the mushrooms will see these bdo jobbers for what they really are.

This is why bdo scum are the most retarded cunts on the planet, these morons have spent years spouting all sorts of shit how the bdo players are top players. How winning Lakeshite means you are a "top player" Finally the penny might drop that someone has to win Lakeshite, it does not mean they are top players.
I have seen mushrooms over the years go on how Kist was a great player cos he won Lakeshite, told us how Stuart Kellet and Steve Farmer were great players cos they were former bdo #1s etc.The shit they have spouted isunnatural.
Some people actually believed when Bunting joined the PDC there was only 2 players in the world better than him, the same Bunting who is not even in the Top 16 of the PDC, never won a major and never will.
On one darts forum there is a poll on Glen durrant asking where he will be in the PDC in 2 years time, either top 3, top 5 top 16 or top 32. At this rate he cannot get into the top 128.
The over rated cunt and former hero to braindead mushrooms who only last week picked up his third consecutive Lakeshite title lost to a nobody from down under called Darren  Herewini in the last 128 on day one
Lost on day 2 to a guy called Vince Tipple, a jobber with a career winning total of 200 quid in the last 128.

The reigning, Lakeshite champ, could not in 2 days not get past the last 128 of Jobbers. How the fuck would he fare against 128 tourcard holders ?
Then there was that annoying cunt Waites. He rocks up with his 85 average, the same 85 average he reached this years Lakeshite final with, the same 85 average he won Lakeshite in the past with...TWICE, but somehow his 85 average could not cut it in Q-school.Why was that I wonder, is it because the PDC is a higher standard than the BDO ? I bet the mushrooms will still refuse to see it.
At this point with both Bells Palsy and the Carpenter sent packing the mushrooms needed something to cling to as they suddenly realized I was right all along when I said the bdo players were vastly over rated.

The mushrooms desperate for something, anything to cling on to have united, and are now spouting that McGeeney winning a tourcard, which is the least the bdo #1 should be doing if he is as good as the mushrooms claim, is now a "huge success".
By sapinning this out repeatedly they can down out the sound of people laughing at the 2019 lakeshite finalists getting their arses handed to them by jobbers. No amount of spin, deflection, excuses etc can change that They know it, I know it, the world knows it.
As soon as McGeeney won his tourcard the same retarded mushrooms who promoted him have since quietened down, at around the very same time McGeeney gave a speech saying "my whole year has been building up to this" and how he wanted to play  "the best of the best and test himself against the world's top players"
No doubt McGeeny will be dead to them now. The Samaritans in the UK must have had their busiest week even since the death of the racist Fatzmaurice.

Fair play to McGeeney for his honesty, however I think McGeeney is another Ian White wannabe. McGeeney will do okay in the cold empty halls of Wigan and Barnsley but will completely bomb on tv, which would be ok since he is boring as fuck to watch.
I am glad that Scott Baker made it, I was impressed with his attitude at Bobs comedy festival in Surrey and put in some good performances, and you just know the cunts like Mardle will love his mod gimmick.

I had hoped Durrant would get a tourcard if only because of his honesty after winning Bobs tin pot cup, but sadly I was right and the bdo players are over rated like I have always said. This is why Bells Palsy wanted a free tourcard because deep down he knew he was not as good as people made him out to be.
This is why the Waiter's decision to allow the bdo donkeys the right to return to the sanctuary is a good thing. Had the Selectas (yes plural as Bo seems to have as much say as Des) not allowed him and Waites etc back the BDO would be the ones suffering even more, since the PDC don't need Durrant,but the BDO does need Durrant, and suspect Bells Palsy now needs the BDO.Or maybe the triple Lakeshite champ could eek it out on the challenge tour.......snigger.
Waites can go back to fitting hinges and watching Emmerdale for all I care.Maybe a decade ago when Mr Potato Head could average over 90 he might have been a good addition, these days he should stick to pulling Bobby Georges chain like the spastic he is asking if he will flush like a pissed up ignorant chav.
Good riddance to Dean Reynolds, as no one wants to see his mong posse infect a PDC crowd or event, they have enough mongs of their own.without adding his mutants to the mix. plus he is shit at darts.
Not bothered either way about Whitehead or Williams, they will just be the 2019 versions of James Wilson.I also read this week about Durrants 7 year plan. At his rate it will take that many years for him to get through q-school.A guy who made a career total of 200 quid beat Durrant today, the same Durrant that mushrooms were calling a "world champion" last weekend.
He will be practising tonight for tomorrow, and there will be no alcohol either, he is not in the form for a "tipple"...I'll get my coat...

Let that sink in for a least the "professional" can now go back to work.

And I nearly forgot about the cyclops jobber Jamie Cave-In. Where is the mouthy prick who went on forums to boast about his income and try belittle others  and challenge me to a game thinking it would change the fact you are a jobber...oh he is is busy getting his arse handed to him in Q-school.
Again I am proven right, and seeing him lose early both days makes me smile. I wonder how is that huge income of his coming along now ?

Glen Durrant did come close to winning Knob of the Week but he did win Lakeshite last Sunday, and gave an honest speech and said he was only playing people like Waites and not proper players like MVG, Smith Ando etc. which meant no KotW for him , no tourcard either. His fans, supporters and all the mushrooms currently on suicide watch deserve the award. He does have 2 more days of Q-school so winning Knob of the Week is still available for next week.

Now time for some of the pics and twitter comments of the week I spotted.
Here are just some of those that responded to last weeks doubt the bdo scum will be hunting them down, stalking their family's facebook accounts, issuing threats...its the bdo way, because they are "family"...then so were the "Manson's"

Checkout this clownshoe

Only Barney seemingly won Lakeshite and played PDC.
I must have just imagined Webster, Klaasen, Beaton, Part, Kist winning Lakeshite and going to the PDC.

Another beauty.....the toilet roll next to the trophy is apt. I said last 512 hoping the dense cunt would bite and correct me boasting it was better than

how about this muppet

A true World champ which durrant is not and openly admitted, would have no problem getting through Q-school.

And how about this utter twat Chris its not an alias of Mason
Chris Hammer
This part here:
You may argue I'm falling into the 'recent memory' trap but nobody can deny the standard of the BDO World Championship wasn't 'that' far off the PDC when you take out the superstar performances from the likes of Michael van Gerwen, Gary Anderson and Michael Smith. The tournament average was 88.91 compared to 92.19, the checkout percentage was 34.99% to 37.54% and average darts per leg was 16.29 to 15.56.
If those stronger BDO players produce their best darts then they shouldn't be fearing many of those names below.
 The simpleton says you if remove the top players and it would be almost the same.
Thats like saying the League of Ireland is almost as good as the English football league if you remove all the top teams from the English League.

It is frightening these people are allowed, drive, vote and even breed.

Friday, January 11, 2019

You can imagine how bad things are when Knob of the Week is not won by a bdo player or even a bdo official during the week of Lakeshite
Not even Chris Mason who has sold his principles more often than a crack whore has sold her ass and spouted nonsensical bullshit all week and acted like he was an expert despite him never winning anything of note in his entire career, and rimmed the hole of the BDO, the same BDO he used to rip the piss out of, was winning the award.
Not even the scumbag John Rawling who loves acting the hard man on twitter with his veiled threats and his idiotic horseshit could hold a candle to the winner.
This weeks winner has to be Paul Nicholson, the man who has an arse that must be jealous of his mouth with all the shit that comes out of it, and the comp is not even over.

In a week of unintentional comedy provided by the BDO, its scumbag fans, its mostly ignorant and retarded players, the mushrooms on twitter, forums etc, it is some achievement to beat them into submission to win the award.

Too much was done and said since Saturday for me to include in the blog so here is my shortened list of mistakes, fuck ups, unintentional comedic moments, bold face lies, utter bullshit and other howlers we witnessed and heard since Saturday.


Half the room was empty and those there was mostly in fancy dress, yes the same type of fancy dress the mushrooms mocked the PDC for, nothing hypocritical there I guess.
There was no exclusion zone on the oche.
The spotting was atrocious which missed a Telnekes 145 checkout.
Chris Mason saying the black hole of entertainment is delighted to be at Lakeshite, as if it was some sort of pinnacle.
 Mason went on later to tell us how the world renowned Des O Connor played at the venue.
Scabies arm McGeeney miscounting and throwing for double 16 when he was on double 15, later on had 2 darts in his hand to take out 61 for the match and hit treble 14.
Who is Nigel Widmayer ?
According to the graphics the Widmayer game was a first round was a prelim match.
According to comms it was Heydons debut at the World champs....except it wasn't.
No highest checkout prize fund this year either according to comms, then they changed their minds
Paul Nicholson was comparing Lisa Ashton titles to those of Bristow, Taylor and Barney.
John Rawling the spastic calls Ashton and her 2 daughters a "Darting dynasty"
Conan Whitehead with skin more like blackheads wore a shirt that Nicholson called "sistene chapel-esque".
A pissed up prostate hole Adams giggling like the fucking retard he is at everything, with his big red face.He repeated the same shit over and over and over for the week.
After the first session not one single munter averaged more than the 70s
The highest average of the comp after the entire session was 88.60 by Heydon, an ex pdc jobber.
Wes Newton is only 32 according to the graphics on screen, and is also called "Wez" on graphics.
P..p..p..p...paul Ho..ho..hogan hits a score of 7 to start a leg
Bulmer almost misses the board with an attempt at double 10, the leg and set is won with a 32 darter by Prins.
The 32 darter is far from the worst leg of the comp to come.
A 63 average was enough to whitewash an opponent in this "world pro"
Comms said Prins winning with a 62 average was "impressive".
All Spineless Adams needed was a football jersey to go with his chav soveriegn rings to complete the chav package.
I kept looking for Nigel Farage in the audience as all his supporters were there.
The retarded Nicholson spent the entire time during an all aussie match speaking about Australia.
Justin Thompson hit an 92 average, the only average higher than 88.60, only took 7 games in this "World Pro"
Z list "celeb" Will Mellor screaming into the microphone like a chav...its a microphone Will, you dont have to scream like a fucking common spastic. He calls Bottler O shea the Jimmy White of Darts...true, both shit themselves in finals.
Comms say O Shea is going home after his he fuck...he got a week of drinking in the bar to go first.
In his interview afterwards only minutes later he is shown with a pint in his hand.

DAY 2...Surely this could not be as bad...right ?

In the first match Rawling admits that not many people have turned up, which is possibly the first true thing he said.
Rawling admitted Waites would rather go for bull than a double...obviously with a bull that is fucking huge.
Van Egbom had consecutive scoring visits of 10 and 23...yes 10 and 23 and still won the leg and the set with a 24 darter
In the end it did not matter as Scott Waites won the match 3-1 with a huge 86 average....that is lakeshite winning form, after all he won lakeshite twice already with averages like those.
The Pole Kciuk was the next Johnny foreigner to have his name misspelled on the graphics.
Then showed the wrong player in the graphics, and got his home town wrong.  The only thing they got right was the guy whoever he was, was Polish.
On Eurosport's twitter they said he was Poland's finest dartist.....they must have blanked out Ratajski who won the Winmau Masters in the BDO.....fuck him I guess, he is only a Foreigner.
The match started atrociously  with Mason claiming "trust me this will get better".....except it did not, it was utter shit and the pole won the game in this "World Pro" with an average in the 70s.
Mason in an effort to make excuses for the turgid dire shit claims " we all saw the effect it had on Wes Newton" when trying to blame the stage of piss soaked planks in Bobs run down hotel.
Up next was the black female version of Tony O Shea, a complete lakeshite bottle job.
 Deta averaged in the mid 60s which surprised me, I thought it was lower if honest. They can spin the shit of how many titles she won around the world on the travel club piss up, but she will always be a choker.
The abysmal Nicholson then spouted "The greatest player never to win a world title is Deta Hedman".  forget Alun Evans, James Wade or any of the other greats of the game, a well known bottler averaging in the 60s is Nicholsons idea of the greatest....let that sink in.
Nicholson who spent the previous days obsessing about Australia now fixates on County darts, Warwickshire, Bellyboys wedding, Bananas, Zinedine Zidane, Ice Skating and other minutie.
Veenstra against Heydon was last up and we were told it was a classic. It had all the hallmarks of a bdo "classic". 2 fucking jobbers, chucking shit darts, in front of a half empty room, where the fans could not give a fuck, that went on for what seemed forever and shit averages.
Nicholson is still spouting shit , about Margeret Thatcher, Rivers and more County Darts while the match is going on.
Nicholson mentions how Janssen sshirt must be breaking copyright infringement, but this is normal practice in the thieving BDO. Remember the Jacklins breaking the law ?
Comms saying they reckon mad spastic Belgian Jackie does not have a job......
Rawling says Adam Smith Neale is in a cast because of "a result of over-imbibing on a trip over in Italy recently." According to what I read on forums Smith Neale chatted up the wrong  woman and her boyfield fucked Smith Neale down a flight of stairs.
Janssen needs double 8 with 2 darts left, and hits 11 and double 1 to leave 3.
Corrine Hammond has 68 left and miscounts and busts it and loses the leg.
Nicholson says Sherrock is wearing glasses, nothing gets past him.
Mason and Nicholson wanking themselves raw over Sherrock's 89 average acting like it was something special.
Adam Smith Neale comes out on crutches to play in a game some retarded cunts think is a " Sport". This is the day after a person receiving chemo therapy played....
Comms admitting Adam Smith Neale was pissed and got his leg broke acting the maggot......Des Selecta told us he fell off a kerb...yeah right Des.
Smith Neale arrived on stage with one good leg....left the stage without a good leg and lost with an average of 66...yes 66.
McGrath was able to whitewash an opponent with an 81 average in this "world pro". Smith Neale not only did not win a leg, he did not even get a shot of a double which would have seen his average drop even more.

Nicholson claiming 2 welsh players meeting at lakeside is very very rare. Welsh players met at least 10 times at lakeside.
Comms have 2 discussions about players occupations, how they could build houses etc, but call this a "world professional".
I would dearly love to know what is professional about this event that looks like an EDL fundraiser.
In the post match interview Wayne Warren says the word shit and the ugly blonde dumb interviewer who acts like a bitch nearly has a stroke and apologizes for anyone who was "offended".
Meanwhile in the background a guy holds a sign saying "fuck her in the pussy"
Its the BDO what do you expect the plebs to act like ?


A grim looking line up to start on a Monday afternoon
John Rawling announces on twitter Durrant is playing today, except he is not and the mutant contacts Rawling to tell him he is playing the next day.
Nicholson who will say anything to try promote bdo shit says Richie Burnett was the best player in the World around 1995.
Chris Mason who has sold himself more than a prostitute for a paycheck agreed.Then for the paycheck Mason would say anything, like forget his previous slating of the bdo as he once called this bdo shit "car crash tv" He thinks people have forgot this.
The so called "expert" Mason acts shocked how Andy Hamilton and Wes Newton performed so badly...maybe  them dropping down the rankings in the PDC, losing their tourcards was a clue.
Rawling tries to start a conversation about Hammers and where to buy them with Chris Mason of all people. Rawling is curious as to whether you bring your own or buy them at the venue....Mason goes quiet.
BDO fanatics on social media mock Hamilton after his defeat, the same fanatics too retarded to grasp that the player they are mocking as "useless" was the same player with shit form still managed to qualify for Lakeshite. By mocking their own player the are mocking the qualifying standard of their own bdo, and when that sinks in a new excuse will be formulated.

Of the 3 games today not a single player averaged even close to the 90s
Willem Mandigers beat the atrocious stuttering prick P..P..P..Paul Ho..Ho..Hogan with ease. Mandigers managed to whitewash him with an 82 average.
David Cameron got a whitewash over Andy Hamilton and only needed an 86 average to do so.
Oliver Ference won his match 3-1 in sets with an 82 average
Listening to the comms trying to put this shit over was embarrassing.
Justin Thompson misses 2 darts for the set, despite him averaging only 74.
Thompson starts the third set with a score of FIVE....reminds me of Paddy Power mocking the BDO..Thud Thud Thud...Five
County darts get a mention again, in fact everything is discussed and mentioned since comms are so bored with the game. The half full hall are dead and have zero interest in 2 johnny foreigners.
Comms tell us a load of fat women slugging pints in police fancy dress are not real police in case we did not know. This is also more important than the match going on.
We were told "we have not seen a 9 darter in 2019"....the last one at Lakeshite was by Paul Lim and that was TWENTY NINE YEARS AGO.
Tony O Shea makes his way from the bar to the comms box and starts right away mouthing off about Cheshire county darts.
Laura Turner comes out and Bo Selecta rushes over to hug her friend, then walks away when when Anastasia comes out for walk on.
Anastasia has 90 left for the set, hits treble 4 and then 18 to leave 60 and hits the 60 and busts the score. Ana averaged 32 points more than her opponent in the set.
Ana has 36 left for the match hits 18 and then double 10 and busts, returns and misses 3 more match darts, before returning a third time to finally seal the win.
Laura Turner averages in the 50,,,yes pro ....snigger.
Roger Janssen led 2-1 in sets against the queer looking Williams, and the half empty room were silent. They despise Johnny foreigner at Lakeshite.
Williams with 76 left, hit 20 and then treble 20 and busts
Comms wetting themselves over Williams averaging over 100 in the first set, by the 4th set there was ten points knocked of his average. By the time the 5th set kicked off, Janssen was averaging in the mid 80s.
Daniel Day reminds me of Bellyboy Michael Smith without the beard and talent.
The retarded Nicholson telling us Leighton Rees won the first World title at Jollees, which is completely wrong.
Then claims this is the best Reynolds has ever played at Lakeshite, Reynolds was averaging 84 at the time.
The prices of beer in Sweden is the next topic of discussion
Day misses a heap of doubles and Reynolds holds throw with a 29 pro...
13, 180, 27 and 44 are the first 4 visits to the board for Daniel Day,.
Reynolds 75 average good enough to go 2 sets up.
Comms say "It's not one of those games when you go on about averages" and ...of course not, not when the stats are fucking atrocious.
Reynolds wins with a 76 pro folks.

The place looks almost empty when the ego maniac, and annoying begging prick and attention whore Parletti takes to the piss soaked floorboards of bob's oche.
This is another game where we are told its not about averages, funny how they say that when averages are utter shit, but if they get a freak result and there is an average over 90 they cannot shut up about it.
When Polish player went 2-1 up in sets the xenophobic racists in the  tiny crowd went silent.The racist EDL, UKIP, BNP type scum in attendance went silent when the Pole won. I love seeing foreigners win and upset the plebian scum.
The pole with 2 wins has assured himself of 4.500 quid....that is how pathetic the money is.
Up after that match was Scott Mitchell who seemingly is only 38 according to the graphics
Nicholson tells us 88-93 is Scott Mitchells level.
While the game is going on the topics of discussion are the body hair on the Serbian, and types of dog breeds.
When Johnny Foreigner wins his first leg there is barely a ripple among the racist crowd.
Spineless Adams appears on stage like a child giggling at absolute nothing as usual and then proceeds to tell us Kcuik against the obese farmer will be "one of the best encounters all week". I shit thee not.
The obese farmer who is constantly groping himself spouts "We're just real people with real people around us" that one out.
The Vizcaya Open that Des Selecta bailed out because his wife played in it to garner ranking points is mentioned.
Bo Selecta comes out with a placard that says "Im Superproud of DES xxx BDO.forever"
The BDO twitter account congratulates Scott "Williams" on his win over Oliver Ferenc.
Mason and Nicholson in a desperate effort to make excuses for Munters darts being shit blame social clubs from 50 years ago, and then go on about men being hunter gatherers centuries ago.
Averages again don't matter, but mention Ashton having a 107 average in one set at Ally Pally....averages mattered again.
Bo Selecta throws at tops for a leg and is nearer to the treble, throws for double 10 and hits double 15 and bust. She had a dart at double 16 later that barely stayed in the board it was so far away. She loses with a 65 average....that's at least the 4th average in the 60s, along with the one in the 50s....absolutely atrocious stuff.
Comms once again speak about the " BDO Family".
We are told Warty was averaging 36 a dart coming in to Lakeshite...a 118 average....snigger....
Warty lost with an average in the 70s.
It would not be Lakeshite without a Bo Selecta and Warty first round defeat.Drawing them is almost a bye.
By the time Warty Montgomery lost there was 6 averages over 90....but 48 averages in the 80s, 70s, 60s and even one in the 50s.
Not a single game with both players averaging in the the entire comp at this point.
Warty is interviewed after his match and the woman stands well back from him, wise decision as he previously sexually assaulted an interviewer before.
Evening session starts off Nicholson mentioning Michael Smith as one of the best players in the world.He said the same about MVG and others earlier in the week ,He is admitting the best players in the world are in the PDC and certainly not at Lakeside. This causes mushrooms on twitter to go into meltdown.
Bells Palsy sufferer Durrant hits back to back maximums and loses the leg.
Glen Durrant had a 93.90 average and he wins 3-0
He averaged 104.98 (over 11 points higher) in the PDC Grand Slam and the difference in the codes.
The deformed midget then said Scott Baker was marvelous today......baker averaged 83.16...
Scumbag Rawling who likes to threaten people on twitter calls Casey Gallagher  Casey Kelly.
In an atrocious match Winstanley hits a score of 6.
Rawling says a 15 darter might win it for Winstanley, a 21 darter won it for her in an abysmal match.
We are told that "Laura Turner was great last night and she did women's darts no harm" she averaged in the 50s and was utter shit.
During the second set of the Gary Jobson match where he is averaging 74, the camera zooms in on the small crowd and shows a guy
Rawling thinks the first leg of the 4th set is for the match.
Chris Mason trying to excuse the pathetic performance of Jobson says its a long day and Jobson must have over what ? Drinking ?
Gary Jobson averaged 55.24 in the last set. If that does not show how shit he is and how he gave up, then nothing will.

Day starts with Spineless and Nicholson struggling to find something positive to say about the line up.
Harms going for the wrong double after a miscount which costs him the leg.
You know how much of a cunt a player is when your own country's fans are not shouting for you. All the Dutch fans were firmly in the Mandigers camp against Wesley Harms. The copper topped cunt always seem to have a moan or complaint to go with an excuse and he wont be missed, another jobber who only qualifies because he is a full time travel club member, like Gary Jobson, Warty, and Bo Selecta all who were shown up for the jobbers they are with their annual first round defeats.

The graphics have MBE after Gullivers name....oh dear.
The next nonsense to be spouted by Nicholson is that Trina used to leave 79 after 12 “all the time”.  Amazing how every one averages well in excess of a 100 but then goes on stage and averages under 75...oh I forgot, the "pressure of the stage"
Chris Mason tells us the munter match is "thoroughly enjoyable"...a shit match where both were averaging in the 60s.
Bored off his tits Nicholson and Mason discuss golf majors and poker. Nicholson asks Mason a golf question and then afterwards thinks the question he asked is wrong., so goes back to the darts match they were ignoring.
David Camerons flight schedule, womens throwing style and weather patterns all get discussed while the munters are chucking shit.
The biggest shock of the afternoon so far was that both munters managed to break the 70 average barrier, just barely..
In the interview afterwards Bull Dyke says Lorraine Winstanley her next opponent played really well in her last game....fuck off , Winstanley averaged in the 60s ffs and did not play well.
Spineless Adams then repeats how well Winstanley is playing, guess averages in the 60s must be the standard these days.
Paul Nicholson gets so bad discussing kids tv characters, and trying to tell jokes about German cars, even scumbag Rawling is embarrassed.
Like last year Wayne Warren was great in his first game, and when pushed in a game did a Tony O Shea impression, he did the same this year, played great against a player in the first round that rolled over, but shits his load when Unterbuchner stood up to him.The German whitewashes him 4-0 in sets and an average of 91 was all that was needed.

In his last interview Bells Palsy Durrant claimed he has been the BDO #1 for 4 years as he is the best, but he was not the bdo #1 as that is why he is seeded #2.
The top seed Mark McGeeney gets an interview and claims "the best player in the world at the moment is a bloke called Jim WIlliams"...go figure.
The evening session starts with comms telling us that Conan came through a thriller with Martin Phillips last round. The retarded cunts will have you believe every utter shit game was a thriller. Conan beat Phillips with an 83 average in the game that supposedly a "thriller".
Mason then tries to tell scumbag Rawling about wrestling, Rawling has no interest and again embarrassed by this co commentator just like earlier.
The BDO #1 seed Scabies Arm goes 2 sets down averaging 82.
In the third set bdo #1 seed has a scoring visit of FIVE...and a scoring visit of 26 in the same leg.
McGeeney starts swearing on stage as he gets upset by the mong posse of Conan Whitehead.
The BDO #1 seed gets whitewashed with his mid 80 average....comms citing the averages dont matter.
In the interview Whitehead spouts this horseshit "The man's world #1, he's a legend"
Next game Williams opens with a great set and guess what...thats right averages matter again as Nicholson raves about the average.
The first leg of the second set sees Williams average drop 15 points from from 110 to 95 and Nicholson stops mentioning averages.
Nicholson starts yapping about some jobber that is now a fireman. Is there no end to his annoying bullshit.
The Dean Reynold rabble who you usually hear screaming like hooligans are quiet tonight as the Welsh cunt loses the first 2 sets averaging 67...yes 67.
Reynolds had 3 shots at a double in the entire match by the start of set 4.
Reynolds finishes with a 74 average....and comms who were wanking themselves over the first set average now claim averages don't matter again. Sure is some coincidence how they don't matter when the men average in the 70s...odd that.
Choke of the day had strong competition with Wayne Warren, Mark McGeeney and Dean Reynolds all doing grade A Tony O Shea impressions. A ricin attack would not have caused as much choking as we saw at Lakeshite.
Nicholson continues his ranting about "pob" and then goes on about the quad board.
Xenophobic racist crowd goes silent when the England cricketer who is not Caucasian is being interviewed.
Waites complains to the ref about the behavior of the crowd, the second player to do so that night, proving the type of scum in the crowd yet the so called "fanatics" who don't attend events tell us how great the crowd are.
Comms decide averages matter again after Veenstra hits a maximum.

DAY 6 
I am going to leave out mentioning kids as I always do, even though people want me to mention them so they can fact the only people taking advantage and manipulating the kids are the bdo.
Forcing kids who should be in school on a Thursday afternoon to hang around the drunk racist scum in the audience should be illegal. Why was this not played on a weekend not a school day ?
Daryl Fitton comes across as autistic when his ear piece stops working.
Comms try to hype the kids and cite this could be the new Jocky Wilson and Bristow feud..
I laughed when Mason said the kids had no idea who he was, why would they Mason, its not like you ever won anything of note in your entire career.
The useless Georgie Bingham calling Nathan Girvin "Girvine" showed her lack of care yet again.
The winning kid while acting obnoxious averaged better than the majority of men at Lakeshite.....and he is 13.
The first munters match was somethings else , the first leg was a 37 darter, followed by a 33 darter, then a 21 darter, followed by a pair of 27 darters. To say this was appalling would be an understatement.
The graphics with the stats was never shown out of sheer embarrassment.
The whole session was abysmal.......not a single average over 90.
Former Lakeshite winner Scott Mitchell averaged less than a munter and a 13 year old kid, and still won 4-0 in sets.
The highest average of the entire session was 87 by Bobby George's twin Maria O Brien.The lowest was Sharon Prins who averaged in the 50s, Suzuki averaged 61.71.
This shit is called a "World Pro". Fanatics, Mushrooms and other simpletons will try spin this or deflect but this competition is a fucking disaster.
We end the session with the bells palsy midget and his hynotherapy story. Unintentional comedy at its finest.
Seems the horrendous Paul Nicholson who is a precious little snowflake blocked John Lowe on twitter for having a go at his awful comms work.The retarded nicholson thinks blocking John Lowe will somehow make his valid comment not true. What a fucking cunt Nicholson is.
Spineless Adams claims "averages don't really matter".....this should last until the next 90 average when they will suddenly matter again.
Winstanley needed 36 and it took a dozen darts to get it.
Scoreboard stating Trina needed 40 when she needed 160
Trina Gulliver nearly hits treble 6 going for double
Rawling says that Gulliver's first World title was in 2004
Winstanley throwing for the match leaves 337 after 12 darts and still wins the leg in 26 darts. Final averages of 72 and 74.
Delighted Lorraine won, first because it pisses off the Lincolnshire cunts, and secondly the Winstanleys have a sense of humour.
The first set of the following Men's game had the comms go on about the averages again, thats right, they matter yet again...
Nicholson  tells us the Halle open or whatever its called is a prodigious comp.
Mason "the expert" claims the fourth set means a difference of 3-1 up or 3-1 down.....what about 2-2 Einstein ?
Nicholson tries to compare the jobber Cameron to James Wade...oh dear
McKinistry almost hits treble 12 going for double 5 and Cameron breaks with a 21 darter.
Nicholson spouts the Steve Coote being a fireman bullshit yet again..
Cameron who was 2-0 in sets misses 3 match darts to win 4-2 in sets.
Cameron did not have a single maximum in 26 legs.
Game ends with both players averaging under 90, that is 69 averages under 90 so far in the comp.
Tony O Shea says Cameron "was awesome for 3 sets".....he averaged 83 in those sets.....seemingly 83 is awesome.
The best part of the Anastasia De Graff match was it only last 8 legs. Hope the winner of Anastasia or Lorraine Winstanley wins the title.
Tony O Shea says "there's a huge demand for women's exhibitions around the world"..what world ? the third world ? Fuck off ya stupid cunt.
He then calls Anastasia "a top-drawer exhibitionist".
Comms discussing whether Anastasia who once played pregnant constituted a pairs game.
Nicholson says De Graaf reminds him of Jelle Klaasen...has De Graaf sent nude pics to underage kids ?
Rawling claims Baker beat Marius Labanauskas
Bells Palsy is put off going for double 6 by what sounds like a horn, camera pans to crowd where a grown man is dressed as a baby !
Durrant making facial expressions that would give kids nightmares if they were unfortunate to view this shit.
Baker miscounts and goes for tops on a 111 checkout when he needed the bull and  allows Bells Palsy a match dart....luckily he holds and wins the set.
Had Baker not lost his scoring in the last set he would have beaten durrant who was choking.
Graphics show Maria O Briend instead of O Brien, and zero mention of the Youth final.
One player in the entire day averaged over 90....ONE


Comms start off the day telling us that Unterbuchner is a "top player who does nothing special". I dont think the comms realize how true that is for all the wrong reasons.
Mandigers is an even bigger jobber.He has a dart at double 12 and misses by almost a fucking foot when he hits 11 and almost the outer bull.
Mandigers later has a dart again at double 12 and hits the single 9 and on double 6 hits single 13.
Paul Nicholson tells us about Phil Taylor singing a Lady Gaga song to himself backstage, and goes on about all sorts of nonsense like trying to speak german and asking about fear of clowns, whilst scumbag Rawling thinks he is hilatious naming the man utd players on the masks of the crowd. Mandigers almost hits the treble 20 when on tops,
Unterbucher on 90 does not get a shot at the bull after fucking up. he then gets no shot at the bull on 84 when he fucks up again.
While going for treble 20 Unterbuchner hit a single 4 and comms refer to this shit as " a scratchy phase".
Unterbuchber misses double 16 and comms say"by fractions its just outside" was inches away and nearer to double 7.
Both players averaged in the 80s, so only a matter of time til some deluded cunt claims it was a classic.
Only the bdo could do an interview when a translator is needed and the translator's microphone was not working....priceless.

Next up was Yoko Ono against Bobby George, and when this shit was over the highlights consisted of the sole single 180 in the match hit by Suzuki in the first throw of the first leg. All downhill after that.
Not only was it another average in the 70s racked up, but an average in the 60s as well...remember folks this is a  "world pro"
I did enjoy the silence by the racist scum as another Johnny Foreigner won, and even better another "friend" of the Lincolnshire clique was bowled out.
Yet again the discussion starts about what trades the players work in,and how they could build a house.
Mr Potato Head Scott Waites is called Huddersfield Finest,
I read on a forum that Whitehead has Lakeside 2018 on his shirt instead of 2019.
Comms decide averages now matter yet again and go on how Waites averaged 109 in the first set.
By the time the 3rd set is going all mentions of averages are gone and they seemingly don't apply and how averages are not on trophies or cheques.
After the second set the interval music sounds, confuses Waites but there was no interval scheduled.
Scott Waites averages 110 in a set and guess what...averages matter yet again.
Whitehead starts a leg with a ton and then a maximum, and Rawling says the 9 darter is on.
Comms tell us at the end Waites "cruises into the semi" be fair we got a game that is very very rare in the bdo. A game where BOTH players averaged over 89.

The evening session starts with the place barely half full.
Tickets for the final are still on sale...I blame all those foreigners doing well, how dare they upset the balance of the annual bdo travel club yearly piss up by winning their games....the bastards.
Anastasia against Lorraine first up. I wanted the winner of this to win the comp outright, and also piss of the Lincolshire mong posse.
When Ana is on a finish for a leg the camera pans to the crowd to some simpleton in fancy dress and the comms start discussing him and ignore the match.
Scumbag Rawling goes on about equal pay for the munters, who only play a maximum of 3 sets in the semi final when the men could play a total of 11 sets in the semi final. They could pay the munters more, all they have to do is reduce the pathetic prize fund of the men and make it even more pitiful. Maybe Des could do that to help out his wife since she already thinks she is the chairman, and uses the chairmans official facebook account.
The munters should not be paid more, in fact they should be paying me to watch that shit for so long.If the Women believe they are that good and that worthy or being on a par with men then go to q-school and play with the men...oh wait....they wont do that.
The match ends with 2 more averages in the 70s, and was the worst performance of the week by Anastasia and possibly the best by Lorraine.
Winstanley got to the Munters final with averages of 69.25, 73.04 and 75.18....and they want equal pay.
The final is a win win for me as if Winstanley who I want to win, does lose, it will mean the Johnny Foreigner will win and we all know that will piss of the racists, xenophobes, the linconshire mutants, the ukip supporters, the BNP and EDL mutants, the ex cons in the audience and on the payroll, the Brexit supporters, etc.

Up next were 2 players who could play Aliens on Star Trek without the need for make up.
Bottler O Shea was trying to depress people by telling us of a person who most people never even heard of had died.
McKinstry has 141 left, while Bells Palsy had 147 left. McKinstry had the darts and Nicholson says " I think Kyle might have the advantage"...Really ?
McKinstry with 5 left busts it by hitting 18.
Comms asking what "football team McKinstry supports" automatically presuming he supports a game that is not called football over here but referred to "soccer", since Football in small villages like the one where Kyle comes from it is usually GAA Football.
Disabled darts is mentioned. We already had a week of spastics fucking shit at the board.
When Phantom of the Opera has a great third set, the averages matter again....imagine my surprise.
Darts on Ferries get a mention, probably a nod to Keith Dellar who whored out Adrian Lewis on the ferry exhibition circuit and fucked his career.
Kyle goes to shit on his scoring and finishing and the parasite Durrant takes advantage as he always does of cunts who roll over.
The Ted Hankey nostalgia conversation starts up yet again.
Once Bells Palsy went 3-1 up that was it, The disfigured cunt mops up wins against players who resign themselves to defeat, and the reality is once the short arsed cunt with his robotic hand movement and ugly grimaces gets challenged by a player who wont roll over he will fold.....remember the shock on Bells Palsy face in the Grand Slam when he could not understand why Andrew Gilding would not roll over.
I think Waites has the beating of him should they meet.
Up next was the visibly disgusting and obese alcoholic Human whale Andy Fordham who sounded like a fucking mental patient who spent decades drinking himself to death and rotting his mind. I have no doubt some cunt will be offended by my comments, but every single bit of it is true.
In true Lakeshite form the fat hun cunt is referred to as a "legend". This is a term bandied about non stop to describe the long term members of the travel club who get together at Bob's for the yearly piss up.

Up next was darts biggest attention whore,the obese farmer who constantly gropes himself. the egomaniac who strolls as slow as possible on the stage except when its to try strangle pensioners like Deta Hedmans pet gimp then he runs at pace.The sack of shit that tags everyone he can in his tweets to get attention.
His opponent was the queer looking coal scavenger Jim know things are bad when you want a taffy sheep shagger to win.
After just 3 legs which are a 13, 13 and 11 darter, the averages are been mentioned and are important again since they are over 100
Comms wanking themselves raw, mostly Mason, the same one who constantly repeats over and over that averages are not written on trophies now wont shut up.
What are the odds averages will long be ignored come set 6 when they will be under 100 ?

Comms mention the high averages won't be maintained because of "heat" at Lakeshite.
Is Ally Pally known for its sub zero temperatures and Arctic conditions which lead to higher averages ?.The Circus Tavern must have been an open air event. The Matchplay at Blackpool during summer must have been freezing as they had no shortage of ton plus averages either.
As the averages drop the excuses become more evident.
Rawling says he didn't get where he is today by not knowing his unicorns as the cameras focus on some idiot in fancy dress in the crowd.

Mitchell makes its 2-2 in sets and celebrates by trying to mock Williams who is celebrating more.
Rawling the scumbag mentioning again not for the first time this week that a "big man staring at you" is some how intimidating. That might work on pensioners who Mitchell has a history of threatening. What is it with bdo scum who think aggression and violence is the way, and everyone is scared shitless of these cunts.

As I mentioned, come set 6 the averages would be under 100, and sure enough that was the case. In an amazing coincidence, the comms were not mentioning the averages all of a sudden.
The 7th set starts with the averages at around 93 each....a good ten points lower than the first set. Seems the averages don't matter any longer again, its all about the pressure now. What was I thinking.
Comms are so bored they are asking people to send them in jokes to give them a laugh such is their interest in this game.
Mason says 164 is 60, 54 double 18...
Mitchell gets upset at a dickhead whistling. I was told the racist lakeshite crowd was suppose to be well behaved.
Every session of this heap of shit comp had a player upset with the scum in attendance.
Williams beats the farmer whose tried use gamesmanship to win games and the farmer is absolutely seething. How long before he blames the crowd for losing even though he was one leg away from losing before the whistles ?



This is why 700 tickets were given away free. Who in their right mind would attend this mid 80s horseshit other than a mentally disturbed Belgian pensioner, and some brainwashed defective cunts who all met on an internet forum since they have no friends outside the internet. the travel club for their yearly piss up and the mong posse of Lincoln.
Imagine paying money to go to this....if that is not a sign of mental illness I don't know what it.

Time for some tweets that stood out this week.

Paddy Power, Bet 365 and other betting companies have been lashing some beauties out.

First up this Brummie cunt who admitted in the past his learning difficulties, and who reads this blog every week,even imitated my Knob of the Week and then pretends he does not read the blog.

How about the cunt Rawling, who last week was telling people to "say it to their face", he follows it up with this "I got friends" bullshit.This follows last weeks "say it to their face" crap he typed.

Then this by Knob of the Week winner blocking John Lowe, Nicholson use to think he was a bad boy of darts. The little shit is a utter snowflake.

Check out this mental patient who thinks criticism is not allowed.
Playing shit in their most important event of the year should not matter....what a fucking imbecile
Another fucking spastic who cried over the PDC getting a mention and says the PDC fiddle averages and says Lakeshite IS professional.
Who is this Scott Williams ?

And of course A mention for the Dinosaur Tommy the Jew Thompson who had a hissyfit after the Youth final because the PDC's JDC was mentioned,. Tommy crying as always about the lack of respect for the EDO and all that he has supposedly done for youth darts.
Thing is Tommy no one knows or gives a flying fuck.
If a kid was playing darts why would he spend hours treying to find info when the JDC are more prominent. England is not the centre of the Universe, and if an English kid wanted to find out he would have no trouble in finfing all the info via the JDC or other Academies that are better atteneded and advertised.
Moaning about Eurosport not mentioning the EDO is your problem not theirs.
Maybe Eurosport know nothing about your youth comps, why would they, its edo shit, no one cares.

Be it EDO, BDO, WDF, or whatever, deep down no one gives a flying fuck no kid dreams of being Tony O Shea, Martin Adams or Gary Jobson and the rest of the piss ed travel club, they dream about the PDC.

There was so much stuff I left out, from the pics of the Wayne Warren interview and the "Fuck her right in the Pussy" sign to the Bo Selecta Walk on placard.
Left out a heap of howlers, as there really was so much stuff. I could be typing this until Sunday.

Lakeshite truly is the comedy gift that just keeps on giving.
The best comedy festival in the World, even if its unintentional.

I have no doubt the number people threatening to give me slaps will increase this week, a sure sign i am doing this right.