Friday, January 21, 2022


The always announced the line up for the Premier League at the end of the World championships but this year the announcement was put on hold....would that be because Pinocchio lost first round to a useless Steve Beaton ? Were they waiting to see her romp home in q-school ?
Then last week they announced there would be a Premier League announcement on the Friday, and when Friday came after day 3 of Q-school again no line up was announced, by which time Pinocchio was already dead and buried and had no chance of a card. I sure it was just a coincidence right ?

So cumsponge Porter now has to come up with some worthy excuse or validation to explain why Pinocchio, who finished joint 93rd in Q school with zero points, and joint 185th out of 248 in a combined second stage Q-school. That's right 184 jobbers in Q-school did better than her including Lisa Ashton.Did not see Sky tweet about that did you ? Of course not, where was Sky sports singing the praises of Lisa ?People don't like you mentioning these facts and will try to shut you down, deflect or insult you because it does not suit an agenda. And that is exactly what all this is.
That reminds me, remember when Billie Jean King was sucking up Pinocchio 2 years ago ? All this bullshit of glass ceiling when the old fossil was trying to keep relevant ? When was the old withered cunt when the year previous when Ashton got a tour card, where was the bullshit about glass ceilings then ? Nowhere to be seen, how come the attention whores were not out in force for Lisa, was she somehow less deserving ? Where was cumsponge Porter and the "we care about women's darts " bullshit then ? When you say this to people all they have is deflection, because they know what I am saying is the truth. Why was Ashton who could actually win a tour card not given the same treatment as a munter that failed 4 times to get a tour card. I would be surprised if Lisa was nit in some way annoyed by the double standards.

In the end the PDC can do whatever they like, always have, and treated top players like Wade like shit whilst showing favoritism to washed up cunts like Barney who is 14 years without a tv ranking title, and the brain dead simpletons, cucks, betas, pussy whipped etc will all actually believe its a good thing whatever the PDC do or say because they are told to believe it.. The reality is she should not be anywhere near the Premier League. Normal rational people know this and have clearly said so, As I said last week, strip away the hype and bullshit, forget her birth cert says female, what have you got ? A mediocre player, and one that has bombed in Q-school, not just one year, not even 2 years, or even 3, but 4 consecutive years of jobbing. Thing is I have nothing against the girl but the the issue has always been the hype surrounding her, placed there firmly by Sky.In fact Sky's sickening favoritism has actually contributed in seeing people happy for her not to get a card, they have alienated people, let alone put extra pressure on the girl herself. Sky are the issue.Sky win Knob of the Week for their sickening hype.
It was Sky that put all the pressure on the girl to succeed.
It was sky that treated all the other players, Ashton included like they did not exist .
twas Sky that kept forcing the bullshit agenda via twitter,their website, on TV etc
Then we have that dumb cow Thunder Thighs Turner who looks like Mrs Doubtfire, giving her opinion, fuck off you deluded cunt, here is a munter who comments on players playing for half a million in the World Championships, what would she know about playing at that level, playing for huge money, that's like me giving Lionel Messi footballing advice. Away ta fuck !
Now she thinks Pinocchio should be in the PL, because she is a commercial draw". Which got me thinking, does commercial draw somehow trump ability ? dos is trump having a tour card, does it mean the rules must be rewritten, does it mean other more deserving players who have played all year on the tourcard are less worthy ?
Does it mean tour cards are not needed ? Suppose you took Huw Ware and his lisp and replaced him with another cunt with a lisp in Jonathan Ross, would that be a commercial draw ? I am sure that would get media attention too.
Suppose you gave a wildcard to someone famous who is shit at darts, like David Beckham, or some musician, that would have commercial value too right ? but you don't do it. If Pinocchio and all her bullshit really cared about "equality" she would be aware she does not deserve a spot in the PL and more deserving people are ahead of her, but I bet she would have no problem accepting the spot and would not care about equality if it meant it suited her cause.I hope she remembers if picked, she was quite willing to ignore "equality" when it suited her cause and she got preferential treatment over others far more deserving, all because of her gender. Odd that, how its only an issue if a woman misses out, if a man is discriminated against, its like fuck him.
Then we have that simpleton Paul Nicholson crying how people are hating on her. Nicholson, the guy who use to call himself the "bad boy of darts" spends more time crying these days...bad boy...who is he kidding, the local kids here where I live would have him in tears.
The suck up plastic prick.
He is the latest moron thinking people are hating on her. Most people do not want her in the Premier League, because she is not only not good enough, and she is undeserving, but that does not constitute hate.Stating facts does not constitute hate, but an actual statement of fact. Facts can be classed as "hate" when they dont suit an agenda  by some people.
People who are sick of the Sky agenda, sick of the bullshit, the favoritism etc are sick of sky not the player herself.Anyone that cannot comprehend this notion is obviously thick as pig shit.
You only have to look at the Sky sports Darts twitter account, yes, the official one to see clearly the agenda by Sky, my favorite reply was this one below by a lad Tom Martin, take a bow.

The thing is I doubt many people would have begrudged her a tour card, I did not either, but not if it meant automatically being selected for the PL. You can want her to do well, win a tourcard, want to see her in events and still not want her in the Premier League, they are 2 completely different things.

Then we have the PDPA,like the DRA Nazi party that sponge of the players, this shower is even worse. Here is a bunch of people who charge tour card holders £500 a year membership, and that is not counting the 2% of all winnings every player earns that they have their grubby little paws out for. In the last World Championships these fuckers took 10k of Peter Wright, took 4k of Bellyboy, in fact by the time you add up all the percentages they took, for every TV comp on top of the £500 per year, these people are raking in over 6 figures per year and what do the players get ? fucked if I know.

So suppose Pinocchio is selected for the Premier League as one of the 8 players, 121 other tour card holders have a valid gripe. Why should a non tour card holder, a multiple time Q-school failure get chosen ahead of a tour card holder in an event run by the PDC where tour cards are needed, hence why Q-school exists. If tour cards are no longer important, why is there a Q-school ? This is why the PDPA exists to stand up for their players.
The PDPA are paid well enough for it so they should do their fucking job. Then you have to look at who is on the board of the PDPA, Alan Warriner, a moron so pussywhipped he took his wifes last name, how fucking pathetic is that, then there is Jamie Cave-In, another halfwit who is dominated by his other half currently trying to eek out a career on the Challenge tour.

What happens if Pinocchio is selected and some tour card holders speak out how its wrong, will those cunts in the DRA Nazi Party fine them for speaking out ? Will they be called sexist even though they are the ones being a victim of sexism because they are not female ? What happens if Gerwyn Price, the world #1 who previously stated in an interview she has no place in the PL says it again, remember he withdrew from the Nordic Masters citing tiredness, which I am convinced was done more in protest, as he recovered very quick a few days later. If he speaks out, will the DRA try slap him down, what if Wade or some player left out but felt unjustly left out speaks out, will the DRA Nazi party accuse the of bringing the game in to disrepute. This is why the PDPA and players should have never accepted the DRA Nazi party to have any influence.
People have seen through all the hype, bullshit, time for the tour card holders to speak up, time for the PDPA to represent those they are paid to represent, If Pinocchio had a tour card, then maybe some argument could be made, but she don't, and she was not even close to getting one, and we are expected to ignore all this because she is a woman ? Get ta fuck.

Lets say for arguments sake she is not selected for the Premier League, why then the delay in announcing the line up. The Premier League is scheduled to start in less than 2 weeks, so why is the line up not announced. don't give me that covid excuse bullshit either, covid might affect the venues, the capacity, crowds etc, but it wont affect the selection. I am convinced they are leaving it as late as possible , and supposedly it is now being announced after the masters, 4 days before the PL starts, is this so they hope the backlash over Pinocchio will have died down and they can feed the simpletons the usual bullshit that they always lap up ? Take a look at this gimp who is actually convinced Pinocchio won 50k of ranking money.

Had she really won 50k of ranking money she would have had an automatic tour card,but gimps like him are typical of the people who will believe anything they are told, brainwashed and conditioned, devoid of ever questioning what is told to them, believing any old lie they are told, incapable of having an independent thought, indoctrinated gullible simpletons with the charisma, intelligence and mentality of a parsnip.

In the end its like a win win for me, if she is not selected then the right thing has been done, if she is selected it proves yet again I was right about sky, the PDC favoritism, double standards, hypocrisy, etc, 

As said the Challenge tour returned today with 2 events. No sign of Pinocchio, what a surprise, she must have other plans.I did smile as the telescope inspector Jamie Cave-In was whoring himself out on the tour. Ever since that day he came on a forum crying and challenging me to a game whilst boasting about his income, his so called career nosedived. How is that income now Jamie ? Did challenging me to a game sort out your troubles and alter the fact you were a jobber ? A fitting end to his PDC career, slumming it with the q-school failures, maybe he can redeem himself in my eyes (plural) and as a member of the PDPA do something worthwhile. 
Scott Williams won the first 2 events, the rest of the field will be hoping he goes out early tomorrow, Scott finished 53rd in Q-school on 2 points, just 2 places below Ashton on leg difference. Cave-In took his earnings for the entire 2022 so far to a whole 200 quid. Who knows when he pays tax, travel, hotel, food, pdpa etc he might have enough for the bus fare home.


With Ted Hankey out of the Seniors, and Burness and Burnett winning tour cards, the event called up Lisa Ashton, Larry Butler and Dave Prins....yes Prins. They gave a spot to Prins who has done absolutely fuck all, but still leave Peter Evison out. I am convinced this was done out of spite.
Remember how I spoke last week how certain defectives with an agenda to hate all things PDC were complaining about the Hearns, they complain about the fans, they complain about the equipment, complain about the sponsors etc. The seniors event is being sponsored by Jennings Bet, a gambling company, yet amazingly the little shits who spend their time crying about gambling companies sponsoring the PDC have no issue with a gambling company sponsoring non PDC events....who could have called this ?  I am only interested in this to see how Taylor plays, could not give a flying duck about the others
Next week the PDC Masters starts, and those that have an issue with the Hearns, The Fans, The boards, The Sponsors, The PL, The Q-school format,  etc will be busy coming up with their next complaint to cry about, all the while glued to every second of the event, telling people how  its the same 8 players, too much darts on TV, how Barry is exploiting the game, the fans are too noisy, etc....bring it on.
I am already hungry for top level darts on tv..

Friday, January 14, 2022


The main news this week was Q-school and all the hype that surrounded FallIn SheerLuck, some people were even expecting me to award her Knob of the Week for her failure. Here is the thing, I have been consistent since the very start, I have said multiple times on here, twitter and forums, that my issue was never with the girl, but the hype and bullshit heaped on her by assholes like Sky, The PDC and so called "journalists".

Sheerluck went to q-school in 2019 and she was a failure, she went again in 2020, and she was a failure yet again...She rocked up in 2021, and she proved for a third time to be a failure.
So here she headed in to 2022 Q-School hyped to the nostrils, the same Sky, PDC and so called journalists hyping her ad nauseaum so much so even people who had no issue with the girl was delighted she lost. I myself would not have begrudged her a tour card, but not if it meant he was going in the Premier League and that was always my main complaint.
Unless she wins the whole event tomorrow she is a 4 time Q-school failure, and I wont award Knob of the Week to a person just because they did not improve, she was always mediocre on the floor, nothing has changed, only this year we were subjected to huge amount of lies and bullshit surrounding her. Sensible people could see through it right away, because if you strip away all the hype, all the bullshit, put her gender aside, and what have you got ? A basic dart player and not even a bang average q-school dart player at that, you have a lesser than average player, the results prove this. If she was a bloke would she have gotten this level of attention ? Of course not. The only people who bought that hype and bullshit were simpletons, cucks, pussy whipped morons who lack the comprehension for ever having an independent thought of their own, idiots all conditioned to believe everything they are told, question nothing. The truth always comes out in the end and the truth is she will most likely be a 4 time Q-school failure.
As for those hyping her like sky, all week she dominated their twitter feed, and they showed basically fuckall respect to those that actually won tour cards instead opting to focus on a loser than the actual winners. The highlight of the week was an imitation Sky sports Dart...yes dart. A parody twitter account that wound people up and the number of bites and morons he fooled was priceless.

As each day passed and it became more evident everything I said about Fallon being over rated was coming true, what did people want to do, ignore the facts, have a pop at me instead as if that would change the results or outcome. In the first 3 days she earned ZERO points. The excuse were coming thick and fast. One mental cripple who has knocked Q-school standard in the past was citing how the standard was great, coincidence that, it would only become great when Pinocchio was losing. A sort of roundabout way of making excuses.
Another thing worth mentioning is all those that have stated that Pinocchio is the best female player, I myself for a time was starting to believe that might be true, after a few head to heads between Pinocchio and Myra Hindley, but on reflection, Ashton is not a 4 time q-school failure, she won a tour card in the past something Pinocchio could not do, She won a Women's World title, in fact she won a few, again something Pinocchio could not do, she has never won one and as it currently stands, Ashton has 2 points more in Q-school, but oddly sky sports don't mention this...why is that ? I thought they were suppose to care about the women's game ? Then I was proven right on this also. The PDC or SKY don't give 2 flying fucks about the munters, they just wanted to piggyback of all the media attention of Fallon to increase their traffic and exposure. She was just an implement to use. Look at the pressure sky and the PDC put on the girl with all that hype, how did that help her ? As I said earlier, it turned many against her wanting to see her fail, how did that help the women's game ?

So Knob of the Week goes to SKY, for their non stop sickening hyping of a mediocre player, all because she is female. Vile horrible wannabe woke assholes, who spent time trying to bullshit and convince people that said mediocre player was worthy of a PL sport, treated other players more deserving like they did not exist. If they cared about the girl and not click bait, they would not have heaped all that pressure on hr for al we know they were responsible for he latest failure. Then this is a company that is clearly sexist, then look at their track record for sacking people , look at how they treated white male presenters, especially in football, an agenda driven vile company that I would never support with a single penny. Look at their official darts twitter page. This is their last tweet, 2 days ago, after Pinocchio was doomed they stopped tweeting, fuck everyone else, fuck the male winners, fuck Lisa Ashton the other woman, fuck everything, no more tweets, if that is not an indication of their bias and agenda, and look at their last tweet, and especially he replies HERE


 All this week I was never far from the minds of countless people, can you imagine that, there are people out there who look at a dart result and the first thing they think of when they see the result is think about me, or speak about is me. That is quite frankly insane and somewhat disturbing. This week I saw posts where people wanted others to win a game so that it somehow would piss me off. One abortion survivor from the third world of Birmingham wanted Pinocchio to win a card to piss me off, you would think if he was truly a fan of her he would her to win the card for her benefit. right ?
Even the head of England darts, the guy who looks like Peter Stringfellow with The Aids, could not help automatically obsess about me, when he wrote this on facebook.

Why exactly I would need to eat humble pie is confusing, will Warty winning a card suddenly mean he was never a miserable short arse bitter twisted cunt who spoke out about the PDC ?
Does winning a tour card mean that when he was in the now dead BDO he was not a rat bastard who would use the rule book to his every advantage and would stir up shit ?
Does winning said tour card change history and mean he never gave two fingers to the PDC for the Grand Slam in the past ?
Does winning a tour card mean the little pervert never sexually groped a pregnant woman live on TV ?
Will winning a tour card erase history and create a new timeline ?
If I dislike Warty its because he is a bitter short arse pervert who the PDC should never have allowed enter due to his deviancy. As for him winning a tour card, hard to begrudge anyone who beats everyone put in front of them and wins the day outright, not that he will ever be bothering the engravers at the PDC.
You would think Tommy would more worried about what players are going to replace him and the others who will get tour cards and how it will affect his future events. That's right Tommy you senile old cunt, you should be more worried about your own org and the effects Q-school will have upon it than obsessing about me. Then you never really were one for keeping your bloodshot eye on things, remember when your treasurer was taking tens of thousands from lancashire darts to stick in slot machines, all right under your nose for months, and you were too busy running your trap about others o realize what was happening. You should have retired then ya demented old fool. Then you are just one of many fascinated with my opinion, because with me I don't sugarcoat things, I won't be like  Phil the Hippo Barrs and others useless suck up cunts who will say whatever it is to appear nice and polite, and spout lies and bullshit. I don't care if people like me or not, but I wont bullshit them.

Earlier this week we got the PDC acting like the BDO with their announcement of a announcement, but unlike the bdo they follow it up, and it was the new PL format.My initial reaction was meh,.. mainly because in the past the whole thing was one giant fucking fiasco, that has a selection process that is ridiculous, having draws in darts just seems ridiculous, and a league format or any type of group format sucks, look at the groups in the Grand Slam for example, a heap of dead rubbers. Add in it was non ranking and rightfully so if every player was picked on favoritism as opposed to merit.
This new system from the off looks far better, no more draws, straight knockout, more like 17 mini yes it looks better.
However its just a patch up job, there is still too many flaws.
Who are these 8 players going to be ? Suppose the world #5 or #6 is left out to make room for some adulterous sugar dodging bald prick like Barney, then it becomes a joke again.
What happens if Price wins lets say for arguments sake 7 of the first 8 weeks and reaches the semi final in the other week and has 38 points, half way though and the thing is almost foregone conclusion, and if the players selected are indeed lower ranked players, they are just fodder.
Will I watch it...yes, I watch almost all darts, will I truly give a flying fuck ? No.
All those people who say its a major because it has major prize money need to understand one thing what the players earn does not impact on what I or others consider a major or how some of us view the comp. I have stated this before, a bonafide proper Major is a ranking event , not some glorified exbo invitational. The PDC can call it a "premier event"but that don't mean your average viewer will take it as some sort of major, but just some televised darts during the cold boring wet Thursdays of Winter during covid,....nothing more.

And who are the 8 players ? What are they waiting for ? That covid excuse might work for dates and arena's etc but not for the selection of players. Why were the players not named ?
I don't believe there was any mention of changing the rule about the top 4 automatically being selected, so that means Price, Wright MVG and Wade re in. Wade being an automatic qualifier will no doubt infuriate the PDC cunts like the cum sponge Matt Porter. Bellyboy and Sulky Ando are the worlds #5 and #6 and like Wade @ #4, and Wright @ #2, all semi finalists in the recent world championships.  Jonny Clayton who won 4 tv titles and is the reigning  PL champ and the world #8 should be in also. That leaves one spot, and even though De sousa is 7th, you could argue Cross in #10 is the preferred choice, De Sousa and Dimitri and both dropping down the rankings, where as Cross is rising and is afterall the current European champion, and Sky once stated TV titles matter, when they put that sweaty ex postman and moping sack of shit Barney in the PL cos he was part of a World Cup winning team....that was really scraping the barrel. That's akin to giving Hendo a place cos Scotland won the World Cup.


For years, I have had the misfortune to see the same pathetic mushrooms hate the PDC, but spend their life watching it anyway so they can complain, criticize the PDC for all sorts of things.
Toyboards for example, but oddly when Scott Mitchell and others bomb, they don't say anything, seems its only toy boads when successful PDC players do well. When Warty won a tourcard today, not once on 3 forums or anywhere on social media did i see someone call them toy boards....amazing coincidence that eh ? They never liked successful players, hence why Phil Taylor who stood for everything the PDC represented was one they hated more than anyone.
Another of their pathetic complaints is Barry Hearn who is supposedly exploiting the game, as if him promoting it world wide and putting up a prize fund in multi millions is a bad thing. Or how he was only involved for the money, Imagine that, a business man only interested in making his company successful, but somehow that is a bad thing too.
Q-school is another, how dare the PDC take in entry fees, and not give out a prize, even though there are hundreds more than willing to sign up, and are happy to enter and hope to earn a tourcard and get free entry to countless events on a tour with millions on offer.
Another complaint is how the PDC are evil because of their links with gambling companies, oddly none of them complain about betting companies sponsoring modus and other shit....go figure.
This week the PDC announced a new sponsor for the next World Championships, and no it was not a gambling company so surely the pathetic mushrooms would be happy right ? After all they did not like gambling companies (only in the PDC obviously) imagine my lack of surprise when they found a way to complain about this too. One febbleminded simpleton complained about "Hearn putting all his eggs in one basket". The thought of acknowledging the PDC moving away from betting companies would be too much for them, their automatic response is to find something new to complain about.

Deep down the mushrooms would have wanked themselves blind had an Uncle Barry type figure did the same for the BDO as Hearn did for the PDC, I bet a gambling sponsor would be heralded had the now defunct bdo got one, the exploiting of the game would be called "growing it", Q-school would be called grass roots or some other name to suit a cause. There would be no complaints of too much prize money or over exposure on tv either.
Thankfully the bdo is dead, and hopefully in time so will the WDF, and the exodus of seeds that got tour cards will be a kick in the gonads.

THE WDF "World Championships" & Seniors
Yes, this clusterfuck that was postponed due to appalling ticket sales or roughly 15%, and covid used as an excuse. This is scheduled for April, but from what I can gather at the moment with a day of Q-school left, the WDF have lost  not just their #1 seed, but Warty who was I think the #4 seed, and odds are another 5 or 6 more will be getting tourcards based on the current rankings.

so to the morons who in their minds think I am annoyed at Warty and WDF players winning tourcards, tell me, surely that weakens the WDF comp then ?Should it go ahead, These clowns might have to do a re draw, another thing that the bdo were used to doing and fucking up too.


Richie Burnett and Kevin Burness  had both qualified for the Seniors make believe World's championships and with both looking set to earn tour cards they will be out the gap, meaning 3 places to be filled if you count Ted Hankey's omission. Evison  might just get in yet.

Maybe they will invite Justin Pipe, or maybe they could ask Wez Newton to take Hankey's spot, and with Wez being underage it would be apt.

will leave you with this by the crayon gobbler , who gets very defensive over the bdo, wdf and the rest of the amateur fuckwits, who thinks he is important in darts......the nearest he came to fame was when the cameras at Lakeshite caught him picking his nose and rolling his snot. Thankfully the camera moved before he ate it.

A screencap before the mongoloid clubfooted gimpazoid deletes it.




Friday, January 7, 2022


Christmas is not Christmas without the darts, we are told that year in year out, we are told about tradition etc, you know this romantic notion, do you know what was always tradition during the darts at Christmas ? Announcing the Premier League line up after the final, so imagine my shock this year when that cum guzzling cunt and effeminate geebag Matt Porter announced there was going to be no decision made after the final, what a surprise, a paranoid person might even believe these ass kissing, ego maniacal attention whores and suck ups were waiting to see if Pinocchio would win a tour card, after all they said in the past no player without a tour card could play in their non ranking glorified invitational exbo.

Here is my issue, what warrants a spot in this exbo ? surely with the money and exposure on offer, you would think the players who have provided so much, gave their time and effort to the PDC would see their rewards, yes its a glorified exbo, but the great pay day involved should be bestowed upon those who have contributed to making the PDC what it is, a form of a thank you for your year of entertainment, quality darts, time, effort etc...and of course the chance for these top players to show off their ability every Thursday night, and why these players are ranked so high and rated so highly....but fuck that eh ? Lets hang on to see if a over rated player wins a tour card, so what if said mediocre player is a MULTIPLE TIME Q-school failure, so what if she has never won a proper PDC ranking title let alone a tv title or god forbid an actual major like so many others have, no fuck that, lets wait and see if said mediocre q-school failure finally succeeds, and then possibly select her because her birth cert says female. Then Matt porter can stand there like a rentboy on the corner scratching his head wondering why people might have an issue with it..
Are these people so ignorant backward and retarded they cannot envisage that giving someone preferential treatment based solely on their gender is the very epitome of sexism ? The PDC was already Unisex. Suppose she wins a tour card, and is picked,and we get all the hype and publicity and the usual outright blatant lies where they try to brainwash people in to this myth, that its about Women's darts because the PDC care ? Do they fuck !They dont care about the munters game, they never have, if they cared why was tour card holder Ashton not picked before then ? Is it because she is old and a grandmother and looks like Myra Hindley ? Where was their "wanting to promote the womens game" then ? Where was it for the last decade ? I hate to break it to ye folks but they don't are about munters, they care about her, actually they don't for her much either deep down,what they care for really is the publicity that goes with her if she is picked, it would be an exercise in whoring themselves out for media attention which then leads to another issue. Suppose she is hyped like she was, prior to the Steve Beaton game, and was quietly forgotten about when she lost, what happens if she gets battered every week, how exactly would the mass audience watching the worlds best female player getting murdered every week actually help the women's game ? If anything it would only compound in peoples mind the gulf between the genders surely. ?
Suppose she don't get murdered and wins a couple of games in an exbo, what then ? Are we really expected to believe suddenly women who never were good enough are suddenly over night going to be on a par with men ?
How come Suzuki, Ashton, Gulliver, Dobromyslova and others who have dominated the womens game in the past years have not been on a par with men ? It is because they are not good enough, yes they would beat the guy in my local, but the top women are not on a par with the top men and never will be in my lifetime.
It is not sexist to admit they are not good enough, its a fact. Would seeing Pinocchio encourage more girls to play ? possibly, but so what. watching Eric Bristow play encouraged myself and one of my brothers to take up the game, and we are shit, wanting to be good at something and having the talent to be good at something are two completely different things.
As for Pinocchio herself, I don't blame her if she picked, she is right to take it, milk it for all its worth, build her brand and make a heap of cash, good luck to her, but this PDC bullshit that it is about the womens game, is them trying to insult my intelligence, and this preferential treatment based on gender which is sexism does not sit well with many. I also suspect many players who were hoping to get the spot (should she be picked) wont be happy either, and rightfully so.

What happens if she fails to get a tourcard ? Will the PL announcement of the line wait til after Q-school ? Will they break their own rules ?
Remember Phil Taylor, whether you liked him or not, was the guy that helped build the PDC, the guy along with 15 others stood up to that cunt Olly croft and risked his financial future for the PDC was told he could not be a contender in the PL cos he had no tour card, then the following year along comes Pinocchio without a tour card to play as a contender, out the window went the PDC rules... so if he can be cast aside like that, what makes Pinocchio ok to be picked, because she is a woman ? Is that not sexist ? But what really insults my intelligence is Matt Port using covid as an excuse. I certainly can accept covid will play a part in arranging venues, sorting dates, and all the organising details, but it would have absolutely no bearing on the players being selected. How exactly has covid stopped them from making a decision on the dont, it was a pathetic excuse, that only an idiot would buy.

Sadly your average darts fan is a fucking mongoloid cunt and thick as pighit, who will lap up what he is told, they are devoid of any independent thought, told what to think , how to react, and totally conditioned. Take this missing link for example, who tried to validate Pinocchio's first round defeat.


I was going to give Matt Porter Knob of the Week, but the world championship, a proper bonafide ranking Major takes precedent over some non ranking glorified invitational exbo, so step forward Bellyboy. All is not lost, you won something of note this week.
I saw across social media and forums people saying "he did not choke" and use the excuse that Krusty played so well it could not have been a choke, so allow me to dispel this nonsense and provide my reason why I and countless others know it was a choke.

So let deal in actual facts. At 5-4 up in sets, and 2-0 up in legs, he had the darts at least twice more in the set to take said set.
On throw in the first leg to win the set he hit scores of 44 and 50 which allowed Krusty to break
With Krusty throwing Bellyboy hit 3 scores under a hundred including a 59
Throwing AGAIN for the set, he hit 3 scores under a hundred including a 58 and deservedly lost the set, as his scoring went to shit.....a sign of choking.

Still not convinced ?

Ok then, In the next set, #11 where Krusty had the darts, I admit he did nothing wrong in leg one and was blown away.
On throw in leg 2 he hit 2 scores under a hundred including a 58, and still got a dart to break, and choked on it, lost the leg.
Leg 3, he hit another poor score of 57, and still had a dart for the leg, and missed.....he lost the set 3-0. That was now SIX legs on the trot he lost and in the set he had darts to win 2 legs and lost both.

On to Set 12, where Bellyboy would have the darts in at least 2 legs.
Leg 1. Gets a dart to hold throw, all be it on the bull, he missed, Krusty did not miss the bull....Bellyboy lost the leg, his third leg on throw he lost in a row.
Leg 2. Bellyboy, shaking his head, hit scores of 60, 57,...lost the leg.....his 8th leg in a row he lost.......choking.
Leg 3. On throw Bellyboy opened with 42, but still won that leg, which would be his only leg in the last 10 legs of the match.
Leg 4. To save the match he needed something special and hit scores of 85 and 38, ...yes 38 whilst trying o save the match

Some more facts: He lost 9 of the last 10 legs, and in 4 of those 9 he had the throw, and in 3 of them had darts to win them legs....and lost them
It was not just his doubles that went to shit, so did his scoring.
The final lasted a total of 50 legs. In the first 40 legs, Bellyboy hit 22 maximums however in the last 10 legs, Bellyboy hit 2 maximums. You don't need a calculator to see his maximum hitting ratio took a nose dive when the pressure came on.When your scoring that you had all game suddenly disappears under pressure, and you are missing doubles to win legs, I think it is safe to say, that is choking. Before anyone says I am angry because he choked, or I lost some imaginary bet, or use whatever defensive ploy, let me make this very clear, I am not one bit surprised he choked, in fact I am glad he did and proved me right yet again, it was only a matter of time, his game against Wade showed his frailties, and if Peter Wright was not chucking so much shit himself at 2-0 up, he could have romped home.

Even at 5-4 up I and others on a darts forum said if Krusty wakes up he will still win as Bellyboy would fold, and it happened, and no one was surprised. He is a great player, a fantastic scorer but has the spinal column of a jellyfish and the mindset of a player expecting to lose. When he lost, he walked right over to the losers area, it was like it was second nature to him to go there and assume the position, before doing a degrees, not scoring... to face the wall and cry. I had tears in my eyes too at this stage....tears of fucking laughter.

Do you know what the saddest part was in the final, all the morons out there who thought he was going to win because that idiot Mardle said he would...even John Part was caught up in the hype, so much so even people I thought were sensible were starting to believe he was going to win. At 5-4 to Bellyboy I will admit I was starting to wonder if Krusty would wake up in time and beat the fat cunt who would always buckle., and he came good as expected.
It was like when Ian Shite was 3-0 on Ando, you just knew it was never over, because of the mentality of Ian Shite, it was the same here..

I might have had some sympathy for him, if the fat cunt was not such an entitled prick with an ego as big as his own carcass. I can understand ego, entitlement,etc from players that won things like Bristow, Taylor, MVG, etc, but from a serial loser, without a single trophy of note in his entire career...get ta fuck. I am delighted he lost, and the excuses from the experts , where not one of them had the testicles, to tell the truth and say what every person watching at home or in the pub thought, bellboy is a choker. 

I almost forgot, did anyone else see the fucking state of his eyebrows ?  I understand maintaining them but his looked like those of a transvestite or ladyboy

It was so predictable he lost I have given up making Bellyboy choke pics, empty trophy cabinet pics etc, there are countless others in my pics section, As for Peter Wright,a deserving champion which pleased the crowd, they love seeing one of their own English countrymen lifting the pot. It was a fantastic competition.......I summed up most of it in this pic,

I saw via a forum that Mardle was boasting about the number of people he blocked on twitter, surely that is not something to be proud of but shows how man people he is incapable of debating with, then blocking people is what almost all those insecure cunts do, why do you think Mardle, Nicholson, etc all the way down to the obese bottom feeders like Phil Hippo Barrs have me blocked without me engaging with them ?   It is because they know I would bury them with logic, truth , facts, I do not have to tow some party line, they could not handle someone with independent thought  who has not been indoctrinated. Here is what the spaz Mardle posted

Whilst on the topic of social media, saw this by a pygmy with victim persecution who spends his time moaning day in day out about the PDC
Like all mushrooms,  large crowds at PDC events is an issue with them, then large crowds was never going to be an issue with the BDO or the WDF.. But why stop at the crowds, the same poisonous cunt complained about the Hearn's exploiting the game...I am sure they wanted Hearn to be like Olly did that work out eh ?
They complained about toy boards, yet Scott Mitchell and the rest of the ex bdo scum are constantly losing
Now the World championships is over and the crowds gone home, its on to Q-school.....I posted on one forum how 650 people paying in to the PDC  for the chance to win a tour card would trigger an angry PDC hating dwarf. It took just 12 minutes for it to happen...he spends his miserable existence on there

Guess that tour card that will get you free entry in to all players championships, euro tour qualifiers, UK open qualifiers, Grand Slam and World Championship qualifiers, on a tour worth millions cannot compare to the bdo ranking points , those points you have to travel to the shit holes of Europe to get in order to play in a yearly piss up. Mushrooms know best, the same mushrooms who saw the bdo dying, and did they put their hand in their pocket to purchase tickets to the events they claim to love ?

did they fuck !, they watched it die, and unlike I and others who laughed and welcomed the death of the BDO, these inbreds, kept on trying to convince people they were bdo fans,....priceless.

Take a look at this brainwashed simpleton, 

Not only does he actually believe Bob Potter cups are World Titles, which in itself is proof he is mentally deficient, but the dumb cunt was in such a rush to reply he could not be arsed to read is w referring to proper world champions, PDC ones.


and to finish off the World Champs n bullet points.

205. New Years day kicked of with the quarter finals, normally the greatest day in darts with 4 top quality affairs.
206. Wade lost his previous 7 matches against king, even though this was their first meeting in the worlds.
207. King started with an 11 darter, Wade was nowhere in the set, but somehow it went 5 legs and wade missed a set dart on the bull for 161. king missed set darts and Wade took the set with a 82 average almost 12 less than King
208. Set 2 started with 4 breaks of throw, and Wade held to take the set to lead 2-0 averaging a mere 86. Set 3 Wade broke and held, and held again to go 3-0 in sets.
209. Set 4, Wade had the darts, and King blew 2 darts to break, and it went all 5 legs and Wade held with ease for 4-0
210. There was crying across social media how shit the game was, and it was shit, but why would Wade care or want it to change when it was going great for him.
211. Set 5 King missed 5 to hold and Wade broke, and Wade held to move a leg away from victory.Merv held, and Wade on throw and despite a woeful leg, Wade held for the match and 5-0.
212. Wade in his post match interview showed one of the reasons I like him when he said "Wayne Mardle doesn't think I am good enough, but I won more than he did"....superb and true. Mardle is a grade A failure criticizing players supremely better than him.

213. The entitled smug prick Fluke Humphries took the first set on throw against Ando with ease, and Ando held in the fifth leg to level the game.
214. Set 3 Ando broke but missed 4 to hold,but broke again and held to take the set. Set 4 saw Fluke break and hold, and hold again for 2-2 in sets
215. Set 5 saw Fluke break and go 2 up, but Ando broke, held and broke with a 110 for the set with Fluke waiting on double 4.
216. Set 6 saw ando take out 148 to hold, and it went on throw to a 5th leg where Ando missed double 11 for the set , fluke missed a set dart and Ando held for 4-2 in sets.
217. Set 7 saw Ando hold hitting the bull for 88 with Fluke waiting to go 2-0 up. Ando missed tops to go a leg from the match. Ando took out 108 and it was a fifth leg,and Ando hit an 8th maximum, and fluke missed the bull for a 170. Ando threw 2 darts out of the board going for double tops, but fluke missed 2 set darts and Ando won the match.
218. I would not missed the smug cunt with a sense of entitlement, rabbit on about your PL chances now ya flid fuck.
219. Saw another interview with Wade where again he ripped in to Mardle, it was beautiful, but the hidden gem in this is when the obese and stupid suck up cunt Phil Barrs is speaking to him Wade looks completely bored to the point he is looking away and even checking his watch, that's how interested Wade was.
220. Wygz took out 152 in the first leg against Krusty, and took the set 3-0 in quick time. Despite being on for a 10 darter, Wright lost the leg. but broke back, but Rydz broke again, and Krusty broke, and in to a fifth leg and it was a 5th break and Rydz was 2 sets up
221. In set 3, Krusty broke first leg but was broke again as he missed countless doubles, he was 3 out of 21. Krusty took out 112 to break, and luckily held to take the set.
222.In set 4, Rydz broke after Krusty again missed darts to hold. and Rydz broke and held to take the set and lead 3-1 in sets.
223. Krusty had missed twenty three doubles at this point and punished for almost all of them
224. Set 5, Krusty broke and held,Rydz held as did Krusty to win the set and trail 2-3 in sets. Set 6 Krusty missed double 12 for the 9 darter,hardly surprising with his doubling but took the leg for 2-1. Rydz took out 141 to level the set 2-2 in legs, Rydz then missed a set dart for 4-2 in sets, and Krusty with 96 left went 20, double 18 double 20....3-3 in sets. Possibly the biggest checkout of the comp I saw.
225. Set 7, Krusty broke leg one, but missed more doubles to hold and Rydz broke back and held.Krusty kept missing more doubles and Rydz broke for the set.
226. Rydz led 4-3 in sets, mainly because of 32 missed darts at a double by Krusty who was still averaging 102.
227. Set 8 Krusty held then broke, with the aid of his 14th maximum, but on thow missed 2 set darts but got another go and leveled the match 4-4 in sets.
228. Final set Rydz has the darts, and Krusty with another max broke and took the first leg, he hit yet another maximum on his way to holding with a 78 checkout on the bull and going 2-0 up. Rydz held after a poor leg from Krusty, who then threw for the match, but Rydz hit his 10th maximum and broke back, tiebreak.
229. Rydz has the darts at 4-4 in legs, and Krusty missed a dart to break, but got another 3 and took his chance. He threw for the match, and Rydz buckled as Wright hit a 171 to leave tops and he made no mistake on this double. A very enjoyable watch.
230. We got a close up promo of the obese cunt Bellyboy who is so obese, even his face is obese, he cannot move his lips properly to speak. Fat mumbling and bumbling cunt, who sounds pissed with the slurring he does.Even learning basic English and getting elocution lessons would not help.
231. Price had the darts in set 1, and held twice before missing tops to break and take the set, but held in the fifth leg with ease to take the set.
232. Set 2 Bellyboy held and broke in leg 2 with a 107 checkout, and held for the set. Set 3 saw Price take out 125, but Bellyboy held and broke, but Price broke back with a 130, and missed double 16 for a 152 and the set. but got another go and took the set for a 2-1 lead.
233. Set 4, Smith held, then Price held with a 9 darter, Smith held again, and with his 11th maximum followed by a 130 checkout broke to take the set
234. Set 5 Bellyboy broke leg one, Price back and then held, and took out 108 to break for the set.3-2
235. The reason I made no reference to comms was because I watched all of it on foreign commentary, I could not take another day of Mardle.
236. completely missed the 6th set, but Bellyboy won it to level the match. In the 7th, Price missed darts to hold in leg 3 and Bellyboy broke but Price broke back and in the fifth leg Price took out 74 for the set....4-3.
237. Set 8, Bellyboy with the darts, and Price missed tops to break, but did hold then started losing the plot and complained tothe ref to have people fucked out, and Bellyboy held and then missed the bull for 167 and the set as Price held and in to a fifth leg. Smith had the darts but Price hit a max and 140 but missed 2 match darts and Smith held 4-4 in sets.
238. Final set and Price missed a dart to hold and the obese cunt broke and held to go a leg away from the win. Price held , Bellyboy was throwing for the win and missed double 12 for the match, but Price missed tops to take it to a tiebreak and Bellyboy fell over the line.


239. As expected Smith started well, not sure how, but Wade got to a fifth leg in the set, and had he scored half decent might have even won it, but deservedly lost it. It was going to be a quick painful night for Wade.
240. Set 2 Smith broke first leg, and held as Wade continued to chuck dogshit, a surprising 11 darter saw Wade hold throw, but pointless as smith held and took the set with a 114 checkout.
241. All well and good having a great leg, but Wade was following them with utter shit. On the plus side, it would be a short night of darts.
242. Smith started set 3 with his 7th maximum, and averaging 108 to Wades 91. Wade held, as did Smith and in leg 4 Smith hit yet another 180 but Wade held, and then took out 121 to break and take the set against the run of the game.
243. Set 4, Wade held first leg. and broke in leg 2 after smith missed a rake of doubles, Wade threw for the set and missed the bull for a 170 but Smith broke back and then held with yet another maximum and in to a fifth huge crucial leg and Wade missed tops for the set, and Smith broke and took the set.
244. Had Wade leveled the pressure would have been on the obese cunt, now he was clear, it was as good as over.
245. Set 5, Smith with the darts, Wade broke with a 121, but Smith broke right back, and held and when he Wade missed 4 to hold the predicted procession was in full flow as smith went 4-1
246. Wade with the darts and smith broke with a 130 on the bull, and he held with the help of his 12th maximum, Wade was done when Bellyboy hit his 13th 180 to take the set adter Wade again missed tops, 5-1 in sets.
247. Set 7 and Bellyboy had the darts for the win, and put us out of our misery, and he held , as did Wade, and Wade broke with 85, and he was throwing for a set to add some respectability to the scoreline, but threw a poor leg and with Smith on 113 for the match Wade then took out 160 for the set.
248. Set 8, Wade had the darts, could he win another against a player averaging around 8 points more. He missed d12 for a 144 and Bellyboy broke,  Wade then broke back with the aid of a maximum.He then held, as did Smith, Wade throwing for the set, in a leg if he lost would lose the match, and Wade held for a third set. 5-3, It was looking a lot more respectable now.
249. Set 9, Smith with the darts for the match, and he held first leg, Wade held, Smith then held, and I could hear Jo Wright singing.Smith broke and won the game.
250. for me had Wade made it 2-2 in sets it may have been a different game, how as ever.
251.Teeth McDonald is a fucking moron. Ando is not a two time back to back champion,He is a two time champion, or a back to back champion but a two time back to back means 4 titles.
252. Set 1. Krusty broke in leg 3 and held for the set with a 108 average with 3 maximums.
253. Set 2 Krusty missed 2 at tops and ando broke with a 116. Wright missed bull on a 164 to break back but got another go and broke, and then held, Ando held in to a 5th leg and Krusty held for a 2 set lead averaging 107.
254. Set 3, Ando with the darts, and Krusty broke in leg 3, Ando missed a dart to break back and Krusty held for a 3 set lead.
255. Set 4 Krusty with the darts,Ando with his 3rd max broke in leg one and then held,Wright went 180, 138, to hold, Ando took the set with 92 and 2 double 18s.
256. Set 5 Ando missed 2 to hold and Krusty broke, but a poor leg from Krusty and Ando broke back, and held and broke Krusty missed darts to hold and it was 3-2 in set.
257. Set 6. Wright held with a 10 darter then missed double 12 for a 9 darter, and broke,but Ando broke back, but 2 more maximums from krusty saw him break and take the set 4-2
258. Set 7, Ando held, and krusty hit his 15th 180 to hold,and then missed a dart to break and Ando held, Krusty missed the bull for a 170, and missed more doubles and ando broke for the set on.
259. Set 8, Ando missed a dart to break and krusty held, Ando missed darts to hold and Krusty broke,Ando took out 101 to break back, Ando missed a dart to hold and Krusty broke for 5-3
260. Set 9 Ando held, as did Krusty,and Ando held again, and hit his 12th max to break and take the set 5-4.
261. Set 10 Krusty with the darts and hit his 20th 180, but had to depend on Ando missing double 5 for a 130.Ando then held, Krusty missed the bull to hold, and ando took out 104 to break , and threw to level the match, but Krusty hit 2 maximums and fell over the line to break, and he was throwing for the match. Krusty started with a 24th maximum, and took out 116 for the match.
262, Krusty hit 24 maximums, Ando hit 15. Krusty with 29 x140s, ando with 27 x140s. It was a fantastic watch from two 51 year olds

263. Prior to the final we were told no announcement on ther PL selection would be made....really ? Its like they are waiting to see if Pinnoccio would win a tour card, what fucking crawling cunts.
264. Set one, Smith hit 2 maximums in the first leg and still lost the leg. The second leg saw 21 missed darts at a double, and Bellyboy held with a 28 darter. Krusty held again, Bellyboy missed doubles again to hold and Krusty took set 1.A set that had 27 missed doubles
265. Set 2, Bellyboy held, and then missed 3 to break and krusty held, and Krusty took out 138 to break, but Bellyboy missed another dart to break and Krusty took out 124 on the bull to win the set. Bellyboy was 2 from 20 on his doubles.
266. Set 3,Krusty held with ease, Bellyboy held, and then broke with a 167 checkout and threw for the set and held after more woeful scoring from krusty.
267. Set 4, Krusty missed the bull for a 170 to break, bellyboy held, Krusty held, Bellyboy held, as did krusty and in to a fifth leg, and Bellyboy missed a set dart, and Krusty missed 2 set darts, and Bellyboy made it 2-2 in sets.
268. Set 5, Krusty changed his darts and held, and then broke, Bellyboy broke back with his 13th max, and held, in to a 5th leg.More dogshit scoring from Wright but took the leg and set.
269. There was 46 missed doubles at this stage, but 20 maximums, and 40 x 140s
270. Set 6,Bellyboy held twice and then broke Krusty whose scoring seemed to be getting worse, and Bellyboy won the set 3-3
271. Set 7 Bellyboy missed 2 darts to break but Krusty was even worse and missed 3, and bellyboy broke. Krusty was all over the shop, Bellyboy held, and broke again.and took the set.
272. At 2-0 down in sets Bellyboy was there for the taing, Krusty was looking fucked as Bellyboy grew in confidence and size.
273. Set 8, Bellyboy with the darts,and missed 2 darts to hold and Krusty broke, and was lucky to hold, and then missed the bull to break for the set, got another visit and missed 2 more set darts.Bellyboy held, then Bellyboy hit back to back 180s, but Krusty held and took the set. 4-4
274. Set 9, Krusty with the darts took out 103,more piss poor scoring saw Bellyboy hold with ease, Krusty held,as did Bellyboy, in to a fifth leg, Krusty missed the bull for a 170, and returned and altogether missed 6 sets darts, and Bellyboy took the set.....A set he should have lost, I was wondering if Krusty would wake up before it was took late
275. Set 10. Bellyboy held, and with his 22nd max broke, .....I was now thinking that even with the choke that was always going to come Krusty  was leaving it late and Krusty  broke back, and held, and in to a 5th leg with Bellyboy with the darts, Krusty with his 13th max followed by an 84 finish broke for the set. 5-5. I swear the obese fuck got redder in the face. Smith came alive.
276. Set 11,Krusty took out 96 with 2 doubles to hold, Belly missed a dart to hold, and Krusty took out 80 to break, and when Bellyboy missed a dart to break, Krusty took the set, his 6th leg on the trot.....6-5
277. Set 12, Krusty broke with 81 on the bull, and then held to move a leg away from the win. He had won 8 legs on the trot.Bellyboy held, and Krusty had the darts for the match, and won it with ease.
278. Smith was, is and will always be a choker, he lost 9 of the last 10 legs in a game he looked to have in his grasp.Have that Mardle.


Lastly I  miss the BDO, this time every year we would be well into our comedy festival, and not even a WDF comedy roadshow this year because that was cancelled due to their inability to flog a ticket as the self proclaimed "real darts fans" would rather watch PDC and spend their lives crying about the toy boards, the fans, the players, the PDC board, Q -school, the PL etc than buy a ticket for the WDF.

Lets hope the WDF dies like the BDO

and a pic to finish of Ted who is quite relevant at the moment





Friday, December 31, 2021



THE DUTCH : Thanks to this nation of imbeciles , where their players instead of isolating for the biggest competition in darts, which is the players fucking job, these spastics decided to gather together like flies on shit to stuff their faces in some group dinner on Christmas day, and because of their stupidity they have made the pinnacle competition in World darts a lesser comp. I have zero sympathy for hunchback and his best buddy the speed jobber Vinny. If they lack the mental capacity during this covid pandemic to realize they need to be isolated and protect their chances of winning the worlds, then these fucking ejits deserve to be fucked out. Morons the lot of them.

Then the hunchbacked wife cheating lump of shit with rubber lips that dribbles whilst his mouth hangs open catching flies tried to lay the blame upon the PDC for not doing things better, Fuck him the mongoloid looking quasimodo cunt, how about him taking responsibility for his own actions, no one forced him to gather with the rest of the players, that blame lies with him. He chose to ignore the advice and now cries like he is some victim of a situation he helped create. MVG was crying how he does not know how or where he got it from.....I added a clue to the picture. Maybe...just maybe that guy who is not a player and was free to mingle with fans etc brought it in, we will never know, but the responsibility for MVG's health is first and foremost his responsibility.
As for Chizzy, bless him, he lacks the intelligence to know any different.

So Knob of the Week is a collective effort for these covidiots

Then we had the drama queens crying how this competition was destroyed, how it should be postponed etc. Why ? Barney was already out, although I suspect he had it when he played, Noppert was out when he got it, and as for Vinny and Chizzy, they were never going to be contenders, they are glorified jobbers, history proves that for any delicate cunt who thinks otherwise, so that only left MVG, and even then I doubt a guy who was well over a year without a ranking title of note would be much of a threat but will concede the comp would be better with him in it, but his stupidity put paid to that. Why should every other player who took precautions,  and did the right and sensible thing have their comp postponed  because  a bunch of Dutch cunts are too ignorant and stupid to not only protect themselves, but they risked causing more damage. Fuck that, I will go further, MVG and the covidiots should be apologizing to the other players, the fans and the PDC that their ignorance and stupidity did not destroy the comp completely. I have zero sympathy for them,.

Then there are people claiming there will be some stigma attached to this event, or some asterix over it, as if this somehow is the same as Dimitri, jose and Durrant winning their only titles in an empty hall. Its true all 3 got lucky and as soon as the crowds returned those 3 have resorted back to jobbers, however whoever wins this worlds will have earned it.

Then we had the mushrooms who spent every moment watching every dart but want to complain about the PDC at every opportunity, my favorite one this week was mushrooms saying the WDF were somehow smarter than the PDC cos they cancelled their event over covid. The moment I read those comments of desperation this came to mind.

This notion the WDF cancelled for covid and not ticket sales is priceless, with some sessions with ticket sales as low as 4% Then when did mushrooms ever let logic, truth, facts etc get in the way of them complaining about the PDC or its players or their fans....unless it suits their cause.

I saw this on twitter

 Chris Jones is both right and wrong, Racism should not be allowed , but Price was called a sheep shagger, and you dont have to be Welsh for that, ergo its not racism, and if Chris jones thinks that is racism, that says more what he thinks of the Welsh. What next "thick mick" is racist ?
Here is what really struck me in all of this, Price's years old tweet which followed a terrorist attack, was deemed to make him a racist, so therefore all the mushrooms who previously moaned about the despicable PDC crowds, suddenly had no problem with the same crowds giving Price grief.
Amazing isn't it, it comes down to who is getting the abuse before the mushrooms complain.
Then mushrooms don't like PDC players much, and the more successful they are the more they hate them, look how they despised Taylor and the other 13 players that walked out on dead cunt Olly .
They hate the success of the PDC, they hate the huge crowds that fill out arenas. They always cite how bdo fans are quieter, well they would be, their events only have around 8 spectators, and how PDC fans are scum, yes the same fans who actually pay money for tickets and attend PDC events, the mushrooms don't like that, fully attended events, loud crowds etc, that all contribute towards the multi million tour. 
Maybe if the mushrooms put their hands in their pocket once a year, the WDF and the amateur game would not be such a shambles.

121. The Worlds really starts in earnest with the 3 Smiths taking centre stage
122. I like Dirk, but prefer Smudger more, so was happy to see him go 2-0 up
123. Set 3 went 5 legs and Dirk had throw to take the set, but smudger broke for 3-0 in sets and Dirk looked more cooked than our turkey.
124. Smudger missed the big number to have a match dart and dirk broke and took the set, and Smith fell apart as dirk took set 5 and 6.
125. Final set and Smudger was the one looking fucked, but found a 126 to hold. Dirk held and Smith missed 2 darts to take it to a tiebreaker and that was it.
126. Got home to see Willie miss 2 set darts for a 2 set lead, as Bellyboy broke and held to level the match, would be costly. A good watch though
127. It was announced Speed Jobber Vinny got covid and Wade got a bye. I laughed like a bastard and said hopefully he passed it on to MVG.I wonder was it of Barney he got it ?
128. When new Andy Fordham went 2-1 up it was all looking over, more so when he went 3-0 up 2 legs up, but willie won 3 legs in a row to in a set. It upset comms who spent the game rimming the fat cunt from the start. so much for comms not being biased.
129. Set 5 went to a fifth leg which smith won for the match. Willie played well but sadly Fordham played better.
130. The seeth across social media of Wade getting a bye was rampant which amused me no end.
131. Fair play to Raymond Smith for his run, but christ he is too slow, so wanted Florien to win, but Ming went 2-0 up averaging over a ton. Floral Hemp Plant took the 3rd set but Ming won a scrappy 4th set to lead 3-1. Set 5 went to a deciding 5th leg, Hempel had the darts, but Ming broke and won the match 4-1.
132. Ming has made 35k, and a win away from an automatic tour card. However he has already said he is not going to q-school so could possibly win and win a tourcard and turn it down
133. Needing material to pad out tonights session, Sky TV  were going to show highlights of all MVG's big ranking tv wins in the last year, but realized since his raping 5-0 by Chizzy last year, MVG has won nothing for them to show,
134. Vermin Price took the first set with ease against tintin the begian orphan, In set 2 Kim went 2 legs up and Price broke and looked ominous, but Kim took out 147 to break and level the match.
135. The Orphan missed 3 set darts in set 3 and Price broke and threw for the set but Kim took out 120 and jumped around like a spaz.
136. Comms told us the winner would play dirk van Duijvenbode, in case we missed the previous 142 times they told us.
137. Price took the 4th set 3 legs to zero with a class 130.
138. Kim misses 4 darts to break in the 5th set, and then misses even more darts to break throw in leg 4 and take the set, as Price holds and into the deciding leg. Kim holds and it goes to a 7th set. With Vermin throwing for the match at 2 legs up Kim broke and held and in to a tie break as Vermin was now the colour of ribena and looked like he was about to have a seizure. The Orphan missed 3 darts at double 9 for the break, and Price punished, and the orphan started complaining to mask his choke.
139. In the 7th leg of the 7th set, Kim missed 2 more darts to break, and it was soon 4-4
140. In the 9th leg Kim misses yet another 2 darts to break, as Price holds again and Kim takes out 114 to take it to sudden death.
141. If only sudden death actually was really true and we got one of them dying sadly we just had to make do with the Orphan going out, he missed I believe 7 darts to break Price in the last set.
142. Clayton took the first set of Marshmallow man Clemens with ease, in set 2 took out double 2 for a ten darter on his way to going 2 sets up.
143. Despite 15 missed doubles in the first 2 sets, Clayton was still averaging almost 107. Clayton lost 4 legs in a 4 sets to nil win. Good riddance to Marshmallow man.
144. The show opened with John Part who appeared to be actually sober for a change, he was not slurring.
145. King started well and took the first 2 sets. Lennon broke in set 3 and missed countless darts to hold, and then more darts to break, as King went 3-0.Fuck Lennon, was hoping for a Mark Chapman. Set 4 in the fifth leg Lennon had 2 set darts and blew them as well.
146. Said on a forum King would go no further, only reason it was not 2-2 in sets was because Lennon is fucking useless.
147. Up next we got a player who has not washed his hair this century, against a guy that bought his hair from the same guy as Barney did.
148. Searle missed darts to win the 1st set 3-0 and lost it. He did take the second and third as he punished Noppert.The Dutchy woke up and he took the fourth set. 5th set went all 5 legs and Noppert missed the bull for the set and Searle took the set and had the darts in the 6th set. Searle broke for a 2 leg lead and Noppert was fucked.
149. Kleermaker took on Cullen, 2 players I like and the Dutchy came flying out of the blocks and took the first set in quick time 3-0. The Dutchy missed 4 darts for the second set 3-0 as well but still took the set for 2-0 lead. The difference was the doubling, and Joe missed 2 set darts to make it game on in a set he should have won, and he went 3-0 down. He took the fourth set 3-0 in quick time. The dutchie had the darts and held, and when he broke, Joe needed 3 legs or it was over. Kleermaker missed a match dart and Cullen broke, and then held, and it was a fifth crucial leg and Cullen took out 111, and it was 3-2 in sets. Game On.
150. Once Joe got the second set, he was in overdrive  hit big scores and celebrating, and rattled of the 6th set 3-0 with a set average of 107.36. In the final set Kleermaker had the darts, and Cullen with the aid of a maximum broke first leg, but the big Dutchy broke back with a 130 checkout and held and Joe was throwing to save the match and he blew 3 darts at a double and Kleermaker missed another match dart and in to a tiebreak it went. The Dutchy held and then broke when he took out 88 on the bull. It was a great watch.
151. In the post match interview Kleermaker said "shit " twice and the interviewer  who is a cunt cried " watch your language,we are live" and kleermaker replied " Its no problem to me"....I laughed out loud at that.
152. It then broke MVG failed his covid test and he was out. I was happy he was out, but more unhappy he was not knocked out in a match, and Dobey getting the bye is not good. Begs the question how did Dirk not get it when he was pictured with Vinny and Hunchback ? I have no sympathy, its the world champs, they should have taken no chances and kept away and isolated, so fuck them.
153. Depressing Gurney took on Job Cross. It started with 2 ton plus checkouts, but Cross with an 11 darter in the fifth leg broke for the set. Set 2 went all 5 legs and Cross went 180 and 106 in his last 6 darts to take the set.
154. In set 3, gurney missed 3 set darts, and it went to a fifth leg yet again and Gurney took it. Sky will be delighted they are going the distance with only 2 matches for the night.In set 4 Cross broke back and took the set to a fifth leg, the 20th leg of the match and he held with the aid of another max for a 3-1 lead in sets.
155. Gurney took the 5th set, and Cross had the darts in set 6 for the match. He held then threw 6 perfect darts and broke with a 10 darter and threw for the match.  Gurney broke right back and held, and again in to a fifth leg. Cross missed 3 match darts and Gurney broke and made it 3-3 in sets.
156. Final set Cross broke and then held wit a 116 checkout. Gurney hit a 116 checkout to hold, and with gurney favorite to break and take it to a tiebreak, Cross took out 170 to win the match. It was an awesome match and game of the comp so far for me.
157. 22 times a world champs match has been won with a checkout of 161 or better, Cross is the first to win a deciding set with a 170.
158. Krusty dressed like a fucking spastic and attention whore throwing torpedo type darts took on Hector Cake. The face masks were becoming more evident as sky tried to give the impression they were on top of things.
159. Hector took a solid first set, and in set 2 he missed double 18 for a 2 set lead, but had the darts in the fifth leg of the set and held for the 2 set lead. Like MVG who is out because of his stupidity, I wont have any sympathy for Krusty who is more concerned about fancy dress and using new darts....sod him
160. Krusty changed his darts, as if it was the darts fault and missed tops for the set and it went to a fifth leg and Krusty won the set with a 161 and a 105 set average, won the 4th set in quick time to level the game with a 112 average. He then went 3-2 up as he took another set with ease and an average over 107.
161. Krusty made it 4 sets on the trot for the win and an average of 108.75 for the four sets. So why change your fucking darts in the first place ? Krusty was clearly well and truly ossified in his post match interview.
162. Dave Dismal was the next player to be rules out with covid, and lets be honest, when you think of stupid, Chizzy is not far from your thoughts, and with MVG out that meant Dobey and Humphries were playing for a Quater final spot.
163. Gerwyn Price kept on moaning how it should be postponed...why ? Because a bunch of dutch cunts could not control themselves ?
164. Joe started poor against Soutar as Soutar missed 8 set darts for 3-0. Missed another 3 for 3-1, and in to a fifth leg. Jose was averaging 67 and it was 2-2. Jose won the set with a 73 average. Soutar made no mistake taking the second set 3-0. Jose was averaging 75.
165. Soutar took the 3rd set and Jose was still below 80 in the averages. He then woke up and took the 4th set and Jose was up to 85 in the averages.
166. The fifth set went all 5 legs,after the dumb Portuguese cunt with 88 left went 20, 20 16 and did not even go 18 bull for the set.Jose won the fifth leg and set to lead 3-2.
167. Soutar missed a set dart for 3-3 in sets, and it went to a fifth leg for either 3-3 or a Jose victory. Soutar hit a max and a 135 and but missed 8 set darts and had to see Jose miss a match dart. 3-3
168. Prior to that last set, Soutar had played 74 legs....the most by anyone, He beat Portela 3-2, Mensur 3-2 and this was going 7 sets. Jose took the first leg and missed a dart to break in leg 2, as Soutar held and then broke and Soutar threw for the win....bye bye Jose.
169. Soutar was now 78 legs into the worlds,  Jose deserved to lose, it was a pathetic performance overall.
170. Every single time he comes on tv I say the same thing....look at the fucking state of his hair. Rydz needs to look in the mirror. Aspinall who was in freefall needed the win big time as he was down to 14th.
171. Faith no more's song "A small victory" was going through my head looking at Rydz hairdo'nt as he took the first set. shouldn't bother me...but it does.
172. The guy that uses golden syrup for hair gel took the second set also. He had yet to drop a set in the entire comp. He took the 3rd as well 3 zip, as Aspinall was getting "smacked" about. Asp missed darts to break in set 4 but held to take it to a fifth leg, but when arthur Scargill hit a max, Asp was fucked. I said on a forum I fancied the spaz to win, but not 4-0.
173. Evening session started with no players ruled out, and first up was Ando and Ian Shite. After 4 legs the highest checkout was 14. White then took out 36 and took the first set. He then broke Ando twice and won set 2 three legs to nil and comms sounded depressed.
174. Set 3 saw Ando miss 2 set darts, and after 4 breaks of throw we got a 5th leg, and White took out 124 for a 3 set lead. Ando looked kaput averaging a measly 87.
175. Members on the forum I post on were still picking Ando to win at 3-0 down such is the bottling cunt Ian Shite is. When White had 3 darts to break for 2-1 in legs and throw for the match....yep...he shat himself. He then had 3 more darts to hold throw and save the set, and yep...shat himself again. Ando took the set whilst the shaky plumber Mark Webster was making excuses for Ian Shite's history of choking.
176. White misses a dart to hold in set 5 and Ando breaks, Ando holds, and the mongoloid looking downie choking cunt visibly shaking, as Ando took the set 3-0, 3-2 in sets
177. Surprisingly Shite broke in leg 1 of set 6, and luckily held to move a leg away from the win, ando held, and it was crunch time. White to hold for the win. He got a match dart....and yes he missed obviously cos he is a choking cunt. In to another 5th leg an Ando took the set....3-3
178. I mock Bellyboy, Joke Ullen, Dave Dismal, but this mongoloid cunt must be the biggest choker to be still playing the game, he has the backbone of a pancake. In the final set Shite missed a dart to break in leg 2, and on throw hit scores of 60 and 28 and that was it as A poor playing ando broke and held with ease. Ian shite needs to be put in a fucking wood chipper. He is a disgrace.Its one thing to lose to a player playing well, but ando was barely average.
179. Mark Webster tried to be diplomatic in avoiding calling Ian Shite a choker. Sadly every viewer knows what the cunt is.
180. Comms were complaining the fans booed Price....get fucked. When Taylors opponents got dogs abuse they never once complained
181. Price and Dirk started very poorly with Price missing set darts, and it went all 5 legs and dirk then pulled out a great leg to break and take the first set. Price then broke twice to take the second set 3 zip. He broke again in set 3 winning the set 3 zip again. This was over. Vermin won the 4th set 3 zip. He is no Ian Shite and there would be no comeback. In set 5 Price made it ten legs on the trot with a 164 checkout, and a 136 checkout won the match and made it 12 legs on the trot.
182. I was hoping Clayton would win and in quick time. Watching that long Ian Shite choke only served to make me feel I had enough, and Clayton missed a set dart , but had the throw in leg 5 and stated with 6 perfect darts to take the set. Clayton broke in set 2 and wrapped that set up as well as the new obese Andy Fordham was doing Ian Shite impressions on the doubles.
183. Set 3 and Bellyboy broke on his way to taking the set and had the darts in set 4, this was quality stuff. The legs went with throw and Smith leveled the game 2-2. Both were now averaging well over a ton
184. Set 5 and Clayton missed 2 to hold and Bellyboy broke, and he held despite 2 maximums from Clayton. Jonny held, but Bellyboy held to take the set. Set 6 Clayton went 180, 161 to break in the first leg, but Smith broke right back, Clayton was in serious trouble. Bellyboy missed the bull for a 170 and Clayton took out 105 to break, the third ton plus in the set. Clayton waiting on 24 saw Bellyboy missed a dart to break and Clayton held and took the set.
185. Final set of a class match, Clayton with the darts and he held easily. Bellyboy then started to hit shit, but Clayton blew 5 darts to break, usually its the other way around. Smith held, and then Clayton threw a heap of shit and was broke, so Bellyboy had the darts for the win. and sure enough bellyboy wobbled, and Clayton took out 120 to take it to a tie break. Did the fat obese choker blow it ? Clayton held with ease and the entitled prick was now throwing to save the match, which he did, on we went. Clayton with his 12th max, held despite multiple missed darts.
With clayton waiting on double 12 for the match Bellyboy took out 72.....4-4 in legs. With Clayton on tops, Smith broke and was throwing for the win, and despite a max, Clayton left no finish and Smith took the win. A great watch, and the biggest surprise was the obese cunt did not fold, but it would only be a matter of time.
186. During the post match interview I wanted the camera to stay on him, as it looked like the obese entitled prick might have a banger live on tv. How can any rational person allow themselves to get that fat at that age. Its not like he went to bed skinny and woke up obese.
however not everyone was happy, one dwarf prick who spends his miserable existence slating the PDC and suffering from full blown victim persecution complex non stop and who has made pedo comments about a female child player in the past posted this. Imagine being this mentally deficient

187. Thankfully the afternoon session started with no further players being ruled out. Ming the Merciless against King the hypochondriac kicked off the session, with the first set going all 5 legs and King missed 5 set darts and Ming was merciless and took the set. Ming took the second set showing he was no flash.The standard dropped as King took a woeful third set. Ming took the the 4th, for 3-1
King was awful. In set 5 King suddenly woke up, and took the set. In set 6 King broke twice in taking the set and leveling the game 3-3.
188. Final set, King held with a 124 on the bull.Smith then missed a few to hold and king broke and that was it as King wrapped it up on throw with the aid of a maximum.
189. Rydz who combs his hair with a toffee apple lost his first set of the comp when Soutar went 1 up against the darts.Rydz with hair from the Donald Trump school of styling took the second set. He was now flying and took the third in quick time. Callan Wygz took the fourth set too. Soutar was done. Everything gelled for Wygz,it had to be seen toupee believed.His win meant he moved up to #30 and Durrant dropped to #31
190. The cardboard cut out known as Dobey took on the manic depressive and worlds oldest youth player ever, and the guy that makes Wes Newton seem charismatic took the first set. Fluke lost the set averaging 112. New Newton took the second set and Fluke was 2 down averaging 103. In Set 3 Dobey missed 3 set darts and Fluke with his 8th maximum took the set. In set 4 Dobey returned the compliment as fluke missed 3 set darts and Dobey won the set for 3-1. I missed the start of the next set as the coverage changed to some dwarf jockey with no testicles that screeched like a banshee in heat.
Live darts data showed the manic depressive took the set 3-1 against the darts. Fluke had the darts in set 6, and it went on throw to a 4th leg and the worlds oldest kid broke to take the set and it was 3-3.
191. Dobey missed double 9 for a 123, and Fluke broke with a 117. Dobey hit back to back 180s to break, then another 180 on his way to holding throw to be a leg away from the win. Dobey with his 11th max was waiting on double 12 but Fluke leveled and in to the tie break. Dobey held with ease with a 114 checkout. Humpries hit 6 perfect darts, and it was 3-3 in legs.New Newton then threw a shit leg on throw and he was fucked and fluke had the darts for the match and the cardboard cut out folded....Fluke could afford 6 missed match darts and still wrap it up.
192. Another great watch, it had 25 maximums, both players averaging almost 98, but new Wes Newton fucked that away. Fluke is a smug cunt who thinks he should be in the PL.
193. Wayne Mardle spouted more bullshit saying Dobey took every chance. Another lie.The dumb cunt seems to have completely forgotten set 3, where Dobey should have went 3-0 up but missed multiple set darts and Fluke got lucky. How can he pretend to be a an expert and not remember what just happened ? Its like fuck the truth, just say anything you like.
194. Was interested to see how Wade would play after a piss poor opener and a bye, and he took the first set with a 94 average on throw, over 10 points higher than his first match. Kleermaker missed 3 to hold and Wade broke and held, and even missed a set dart,and Kleermaker won the leg, Wade hit a 116 out to take the second set.and a ton finish saw him take the 3rd too.
195. In set 4 Wade missed double 19 for a 158 but broke,and held to be a leg away from victory. Kleermaker held for his 4th leg of the match after Wade missed a match dart. Wade missed the  bull for the match, and returned and missed 2 more match darts., but got another bite and that was it. Kleermaker might be a huge man, but he came up short.
196. Wade was in the quarters of the World championships without hitting a maximum, the term doubles for dough was never more evident.
197. Ando the guy who is a moody sulky cunt and throws hissy fits claimed he has skin like a rhino......staggering.e followed this statement up with more whining....go figure
198. Cross went 2 legs up and went to sleep, but fell over the line 3-2 for the first set despite averaging 10 points less than Ando.The second set went to Ando as he was now dominating. He took set 3 which included a 170 out. Cross hit scores of 28, 33 and 34 in the final leg of the set.
In set 4 Ando missed 2 darts for another 3-0 set, and Cross broke for a rare leg, but Ando broke and led 3-1 in sets. 
199. At 3-1, this is when it became a great watch,Set 5 Ando broke, and Cross needing 81 to break back bust his score, but Ando missed 7 darts to hold, and Cross broke with a 22 dart leg.Cross then held and then broke with a 144 for the set.Set 6 Ando held, then Cross left 47 after 9 but failed to take it out and Ando hit an 11 darter to break and throw for the match...but Cross broke, and held for 2-2 with Ando on tops. Ando threw for the match, and with 129 left ando bust it and Cross broke and took the set with a 108 average....3-3 in sets
200. Set 7 and Cross had the darts, and held, Ando held and then broke, and threw for the match, where he missed 3 match darts, but got another go and took the win. Yet another ally Pally classic , they were racking up this year.
201. Krusty took on the cheat next and it stated poorly as Searle missed 5 darts to hold, and Krusty took the set with an 89 average.Mardle never said he played brilliantly. Guess only when Sheerluck averages 88 does he say that. Searle improved and came from 2 legs down but Krusty won a fifth leg to go 2 sets up.
202. Set 3 Searle took out 151 to win the set, and trail 2-1. Krusty woke up in set 4, and despite fucking around on doubles won it 3-0. He was 3-1 up in sets averaging 97 and tearing the scruffy one a new hole. In set 5 Krusty took 6 match darts to wrap it up and dipped below the 100 average.
203. Imagine my shock when Wade was relegated to the afternoon session on New Years day.
204. It makes me laugh how the "experts" just wrote off Wade having any chance against Smith who they picked to win it, should they meet. Would this be the same Bellyboy who prior to this covid shit played Wade 22 times and Bellyboy lost 17 of them ?
205. Everyone of the last 8 players was a Brit.

To be fair its a decent line up, although I would have preferred Cullen to be playing Wade which it would have been had results gone to seeding I believe.
Prefer Chizzy or MVG over Fluke which I am convinced would have been the case were it not for their stupidity.
Hopefully the semis will be 4 of the worlds top 5
and the winner of the comp the winner of the game between Price and Wade.

Happy New Year folks
and I will leave ye with this