Friday, May 22, 2020

The winner this week is the orange liar Des.
Some are going to say but Des did nothing this week, which is exactly the point. Why is the BDO not folded up yet, get it over with for fucks sake, if it were a horse it would have been shot years ago, braids or not.
I saw an interview with Wayne Warren this week, who looked almost as orange as Des the Liar, but in Wayne's defense, as a roofer you will always be burnt to a crisp on a roof in this weather, speaking from experience as it was something I did myself when I was younger. I feel sorry for the guy if honest, the poor bastard got royally screwed by that cunt Des who paid him a miserable £23k for winning their "world pro" even if he never averaged more than 94 in the entire comp, but the Covid shit fucked his chances to make some money of Exbo circuit which had to be a sickener after his poor pay day at the O2. Fair play to Warren for not biting his tongue and being a loyal servant of the shitty BDO, as when asked about Des resigning and then getting back on the board called it a joke, and referred to it as a "calamity"., and said he thought the BDO  was "gone gone gone, gone gone" and pledged his future with the WDF.
Interview HERE

I hope no one was expecting me to give a report on the WDF Retirement Darts League that is taking place, other than joining the chat for a few minutes on the opening night to rile up some people I could not be bothered to watch that shit.
The so called "real fans" those deluded bdo morons who claim to love darts were more interested in their degenerate gambling addiction to actually chat about the darts, and judging by the averages I saw it was piss poor quality as expected. When players are winning 6-1 and 6-0 with averages in the 70s, that tells you the quality. One fucker won comprehensively with a 72 averages. They may have been even worse losing averages , especially from the munters, but I simply could not be arsed to even find out any fuck that shit.

I read the other night on a star trek forum that 2 actors playing aliens in an episode of Deep Space Nine that were throwing darts at one another, were hired for the part because they were professional darts players. So I checked to see who these "professionals were and their names were  James Lomas and Shawn Mc Connell.  They must have spoofed the casting director, as I have never heard of these cunts and the only mention of this was on here, but this is hardly bonafide
I seriously doubt any of these two made a professional living in the game, so if anyone has any  info on them be sure to tweet me out of curiosity.

Other than that it has been a quiet week as expected, and no I did not watch the PDC online rubbish either, that joke of a comp they keep on carrying on til they get the players they want.

I added some new darts wallpapers to my site which can be found here this week as I was bored.

There was some rumbling as always about the irrelevant county darts, but like most of the shit in the bdo, I simply could not muster up enough enthusiasm to give a flying fuck about that nonsense. Maybe when Tommy the Jew and Des the liar are finished acting like morons and something worth talking about happens I might mention it.

Friday, May 15, 2020

3 weeks ago I wrote on this blog
"As for the PDC online heap of shit, as mentioned the quality visually is something the BDO would do, and I bet that looking at the results so far where the 3 biggest players in terms of name value and major trophy winners, in Wright, Price and Wade not qualifying, we will see the PDC invent some rule where all those major players will be gifted another chance in some ridiculous second chance group. Not that it matters as this is all non ranking shit, that really does not matter a fuck"

Sure enough this week it was announced that Krusty and Vermin Price are taking part in the upcoming groups.
Why ? They had their fucking chance and lost. Is the PDC going to keep running groups until it eventually gets the players they want ?
Why is Krusty and Vermin getting second chances, even useless cunts like Hendo and Marc Almond's twin brother Danny Noppert are getting second chances.
This proves exactly everything about this being a total heap of shit. It has a retarded selection process, is a quality that is beneath BDO standards, and means absolutely nothing.
But the one plus for the PDC is at least they are putting their big names in, even if some of the cunts are getting multiple goes.

Then there is the WDF Retirement Darts League..
They announced their line up for their next event, and  I thought there last comp where the average age for the ten men involved was a few weeks short of 50...yes 50 was bad, but the next one promises to be comedy gold. In an effort to be political correct, even at the expense of quality they decided to put 4 munters in the next one, just so there could be women in it, not because they will add anything quality wise. If that was not bad enough, 2 of the munters are Stacey Pace and Tina Osborne.
My first reaction was who the fuck are these wenches ?
It gets worse....The men's list had more Q-school failures in Darren Herewini and Yank fodder in the woeful Joe Chaney. They did replace the over 50s of Daryl Fitton and Gary Jobson with....wait for it, even older players....I shit you not, They brought in Justin Thompson and 62 year old Larry Butler.
If you are going to bring in old farts, why not bring in Wayne Warren, he is after all the so called "World Champion" on that side of the divide.....but why go for Wayne Warren when you can get Thibault Tricole.

I bet the averages in this will be kept is the line up....a veritable "who's who of uber jobbers, munters and nobodies.
1. James Richardson
2. Jim Williams
3. Paul Hogan
4. Tony O'Shea
5. Darren Herewini
6. David Cameron
7. Joe Chaney
8. John O'Shea
9. Justin Thompson
10. Larry Butler
11. Lorraine Winstanley
12. Richard Veenstra
13. Stacey Pace
14. Thibault Tricole
15. Tina Osborne
16. Laura Turner

BDO Mushroom cunts always quick to defend this shit, be it BDO or WDF,etc and try slate the PDC will be saying how this is a better quality, production wise, to the PDC online shit, and what I saw of the PDC shit which I have not watched in weeks is anything to go by, that this is indeed true, the WDF shit is a better production, but that just means jobbers and munters throwing utter shit is clearer to view. A quality picture won't compensate for some munter you never heard of averaging 45 on a cam stream is hardly set the world alight.

The same defenders of all things WDF went silent when it came out their "world cup" was cancelled.
I even saw one dwarf on a forum claim the PDC should bring in bdo shit and expand the PDC World Cup to teams of 4 men and 2 munters.
Firstly, why the fuck would the PDC who have an event that has no problem attracting sponsors, no problem selling tickets, no problem finding tv stations to air it, want to fuck with what is successful and dilute their successful product and change it by bringing in munters.
If teams like Phillipine or Hungary etc are shit with just 2 players, could you imagine the standard if they had 4 men and 2 munters.
Even if the PDC  went to just 4 men teams, there would not be a single bdo player good enough to qualify for any of the major countries.
The fact morons on forums think the PDC should be bailing out the BDO or WDF, or fucking up their own comps to facilitate bdo begging scum is mental illness.

Remember when Uncle Barry offered £2million to the BDO and was basically told fuck off, I bet Uncle Barry is still pissing himself laughing now. I laugh thinking how bleak the future is on that side of the divide.


Saw a video on youtube this week where the annoying Dan Dawson was asking Rod Studd, Wayne Mardle and Stuart Pyke to name the five greatest players ever.

Rod Studd said Wayne Mardle was in top 10,and judging by the way it came across I am not sure if he was joking or not, A former fat dancing snowflake prick whose biggest win ever in darts are Knob of the Week titles would not be in a top 100, As I mentioned numerous times unless you won multiple PDC majors in a field that contained Taylor ans/or Van Gerwen then you are not an elite player.

Studd had Mardle ahead of Wade, a player that won 9 televised titles in a field that contained Taylor and MVG.
He had Mardle ahead of Bob Anderson, who not only won 3 consecutive Winmau Masters in an unseeded field and a unified code, but won a World title in a unified code.
But not to be outdone in the stupidity stakes the stupid cunt Mardle then tried to belittle the great Bristow by declaring players like Bristow and others like Jocky and Lowe, which he also left out of his list, were playing nobodies, and that they were not as talented.
Bristow was hitting 97 averages in a unified World final on them old boards with thick wires and staples.....what have you ever done you useless lump of human faeces wrapped in skin ?How many World finals has Mardle played in, never mind averaging 97 on old board.
That cunt Mardles bitterness is clearly evident for all to see.
He obviously still despises Taylor for the rapings Taylor gave him throughout his miserable career, and tried to claim MVG was better than Taylor, based on this logic that if both played 1000 legs Taylor would win, but MVG's performances for certain legs would be better. How the fuck does that make sense, when Mardle admitted he would pick Taylor to win ?

Way I see it Taylor even past his "prime" was still beating MVG who was in his "prime". Taylors head to head is better, there is no shadow of doubt Taylor is above MVG, the only question was if Taylor was above Bristow.
Remember Bristow had 5 world titles in a unified field, MVG has just 3 PDC titles, so there no doubt MVG is nowhere close to the top 2 in my opinion. I would have Bristow #1, not just because of Bristows cockiness, or his more natural flair, and not because he was the first and most famous dart player for decades before darts became what it is now, and was a household name, but because Bristow was in my opinion a better player, besides 5 unified world titles, he reached 10 world finals, Prime Bristow  was a better player than Taylor. Even when Bristow was well past his best, suffering from Dartitis which he got in 1986, he was still reaching World finals only losing out to other greats like Lowe, Wilson and Taylor he could still give Taylor a game as evidenced in the 1997 PDC World championships when Eric took Taylor to a tiebreaker in a best of 9 sets.

As for the video, when Stuart Pyke is the most sensible person on a panel, you can imagine how retarded the others are.
The video is HERE


Although it is rare, it is good to see some of the people who get a slating on here take it on the chin and see the funny side of this. In the past people like Dean and Lorraine Winstanley took a photoshop pic I did and got them made into T-shirts, even Glen Durrant  who I take the piss out of, sees the funny side of things, well this week Fran Carragher who I mentioned last week was another who sees the funny side of things., even if he is a tight mick fucker with his cheap custard creams, as I am more of a chocolate polo man myself.

Speaking of Glen Durrant he put out this tweet this week,

It got me thinking and laughing about the time the Gazette newspaper  back in June 2017 posted an article on Glen Durrant playing in the PDC Grand Slam for a second time, and this is what they posted, which I then posted on forums before the thick cunts who call themselves "journalists" realized their mistake and changed it....this is the actual screenshot

I get that most people back then would have no idea who Durrant was , and was probably more known for being the friend of Rapist Tony Eccles, but surely they should have known who Ravenelli was.

Lastly, Des the Liar said that BDO Enterprise has been liquidated, but according to companies House it has not, so yet another lie from that cunt.

Meanwhile The BDO seemingly gave the Scottish counties a choice of Ten options on how they should end the season. Ten of the counties voted for option 10 which was finish it now and back back the counties the money....but even that could not be done with another fiasco
 as not all the counties in England got to see all the options.  Tommy the Jews own county Lancashire were only given 7 options, as were many other Counties.
Guess what happened when a number of counties contact Des and the BDO over this....thats right Des the liar took no responsibility and blamed someone else.
Who saw that coming ?, seems it was the fault of Frank Branscombe/

That said fuck the counties, was it not 66% of these same Counties that voted Des the liar back in ?
Are we now suppose to feel sympathy for these counties now whinging like bitches.

Fucking morons the lot of them
Here is the latest horseshit spewed by the Jacuzzi seller with the giant white plastic looking teeth who makes Donald Trump look pale.

So the winner of this weeks Knob of the Week goes to Bill Hatter of the WDF for their shit Darts Retirement League.
As head of the organisation running this the buck stops with him, in the same way Uncle Barry or Des the Liar will be responsible for their orgs.

Til next week folks.

Friday, May 8, 2020

Last Week Tommy the Jew won Knob of the Week, and I dont ever recall any winner bouncing back so quick to go on the offensive.
This week he released a statement, possibly his best one yet, where he completely owns Des Selecta, and finally says things i and plenty others have been saying for years. Des the cunt trying to blame covid for the failings of the BDO is hilarious although hardly surprising since everyone and everything will be blamed before he would ever take responsibility for his own failings.

Here is what Tommy wrote.....modified in photoshop for aesthetic reasons...
I cannot believe I am saying this but Tommy is spot on.....however lets not lose sight of the fact, who was it that backed Des to the hilt with support when Des the liar was doing all this....why it was the same Tommy the dinosaur now crying like a bitch, as if he has the best interest of the players at heart.

Tommy the Jew and Des the scumbag battling it out is like the Special Olympics, does not matter who wins, as whoever wins they are still a spastic.

Of course the lying cunt Des Selecta, could not keep quiet and with his inflated ego was compelled to reply. Look at how he ignored almost all Tommy's questions about the promises of events, venues, the O2 contract, the rigged draws etc. in his usual deflection tactics, to make out yet again he is the hounded victim. This cunt has zero self awareness. He then claims he is going to see a solicitor,...who is paying for all these solicitors ? I am sure the rank and file of the BDO will be delighted to know all their money or whats left of it is going to lawyers over 2 useless cunts having an internet argument, and fighting over a dead organisation.

I am going to skip any mention of illiteracy as I would be here all night correcting the dinosaur and the Liar. Then there was this beauty earlier in the week from the liar.
I laugh at how he keep mentioning the BDO belongs to "you"....whats left of it, but the real gem in his long winded illiterate rambling is how he keeps mentioning things like its"unforgivable" and "unacceptable" as well as "immoral".
It was immoral when you lied about the 10 year deal with the O2
It was unforgivable the way to raped the players of their payday at your mickey mouse world champs and reduced the prize fund.
It was unacceptable the way you rigged draws.
It was immoral to promote events in Torremolinos during the pandemic.
It it unacceptable people get no refunds....
It was immoral you made players sign a contract and then ripped them off by breaking the contracts...but no, blame others for all your lies, cheating, deceiving etc., maybe claim to be seeing a solicitor cos its "liable".


I watched the recent interview with Corey Cadby on Phil Barrs youtube channel, and whilst it was great it had all the usual shit you come to expect from a criminal scumbag, it had the lies and claims of growing up , redemption and all the other nonsense that scum profess to try hoodwink people. You see, in darts this is a very common thing sadly, how many times have we heard Corey has become a father, turned over a new leaf etc....more chance he will be turning over someones house the criminal cunt.
Corey claimed he knew he hit rock bottom when he could not afford cigarettes, what utter bullshit. I know plenty people who struggle with major financial problems and scrape by week to week but they don't go accusing people of things like Corey did because they need a smoke. Its a shit excuse, and to act like he did, has nothing to do with money or lack of it, but down to his mindset and the type of cunt he is.
Who knows maybe he will be the exception in darts who might learn from his lesson and get his life in order, but I doubt it as leopards don't change their spots,You only have to look at the scumbags and ex cons in darts who love acting the hardman to see some people will never change, some of them are in their 50s.  Its bad enough when immature cunts in their youth like Cadby are acting like that but when they are in their fifties and still carrying on like that they are to be pitied.
Here is a typical example of someone over 50 who will never learn and still thinks he is 20 year old streetfighter. Saw this on twitter this week.

It looks like Scooty eyed Jenkins got yet another slap, you think with all these slaps he has got over the years, he would have got his act together, if he was getting beat up in his younger years, he is going to come off even worse now he is in his 50s. Before any cunt gets offended by what I write and threatens to give me a slap if they even see me, just remember you are only reinforcing my point...

Speaking of stupid people, checkout this

Maybe someone should enlighten him to the fact the BDO and WDF don't not organize either event. If you are going to complain, at least get what you are complaining about right.

As for the online dart comps going on, still have not watched a single match in the PDC shit, not sure if the Retirement Darts League has kicked off again either, and dont care presently, and all I heard from the modus one is that Fallon Sheerluck has played the giggling prostate hole 4 times and won them all.

So remember everyone , that Covid 19 is the reason for the BDO being in the shit. Somehow this is respisble for Des losing almost 700k in his tenure.
Why events last year and the years before were almost deserted, fuckall tickets been sold, it was all because of Covid.

fucking Priceless .

I also turned off spellcheck on my blog as I want to give some people the excuse to defend Des the liar by saying I made typos too, and that makes everything ok

Friday, May 1, 2020

This morning Tommy the dinosaur took to facebook to post this horseshit
"Today the Tri-Nations publish their vision for the future of grass root darts; it is quite a comprehensive document. The executive of the Tri-Nations has tried to address many of the concerns of grass root dart players, whilst keeping in place the integrity of the system.
Although we are all unsure, when any plans can be implemented due to the current pandemic, the Tri-Nations executive feel that is imperative , that plans are in place once the sport of darts returns to normal.
We urge all officials and players to study the plans we are putting forward, plans which have been fully costed, and are a viable way forward, for everyone, should they choose to join us. It would be helpful to gauge some sort of support, to enable us to go into the market place confident we have a product on offer, which is supported by you the players.

On Behalf of the Tri-Nations Darts Ltd.
Tommy Thompson"

Has anyone told the stupid cunt that the counties are not with Tommy ?
The counties would rather go begging a scumbag liar who lost the bdo almost £700k that back this tri nations shit.
Its done Tommy, the counties voted for Des over you, which part of this are you struggling to grasp.
I took a glimpse of the pdf that accompanied the Tri Nations announcement  and I am still giggling at the claim that it costs "less than the price of a sausage roll".
Do people still eat that shit ? This sums up the mentality of the people involved and the type of people they are trying to attract I guess.
Also hilarious is this almost desperate crying how somehow "your sport" is in danger and needs saving. Hey Tommy have you ever heard of the PDC ? Darts is in fine shape, and as for the people in the pubs and clubs, they will continue playing long after you are rubbing shoulders with Fatz and Olly in Hell ya genetic throwback.

The PDF can be viewed HERE

Not to be outdone Des the simpleton and his retarded organisation also had their press announcement this morning and if I were to pick out all the shit in it, I would be here til next week.
Take a look at this shit.

The main things I have to laugh at are how the EDO will no longer be getting 50 pence coins from the sales of programmes. Gone are the days when Irene Mungins who worked for Tommy the Jew, could cram as many of them into a slot machine under the nose of the dinosaur cunt.
The annual £1 a year membership fee for Super League players...thats right, you pay the bdo to play darts, not them paying you, has been increased to £5 a year. The reason given ? you cannot get anything for a quid these days, how much  did Tommy say those sausage rolls were again  in his press release ?

Also next years the counties dont have to pay the £800 quid, so where is the prizemoney next year going to come from, when they admit they have no money now and wont be in profit until at least Winter 2022, if even then. ....which begs the question why are they still in existence ?
And lastly I love how the Covid was mentioned as part of the reason the bdo was in the shit. Do they really think even the bdo fan with the lower IQ will buy that. The bdo was in the shit long before the Kung Flu was kicking ass on the Orient.

Meanwhile there is no news it seems on any of the morons that coughed up for the Torremolinos gig  are getting any refunds, but it is hard to feel any sympathy if those morons do get shafted, they deserve it.
I cannot wait to see what comes next from the BDO under these simpletons.

Of course with the obvious lack of darts due to the corona which is really racking up the bodies in the UK due to ignorant thick cunts who think the rules do not apply to them and unable to follow the most basic social distancing laws, there is fuck all happening, bar those online comps.It is people like this cunt is why the Brits are filling up mortuaries.

I watched the semis and final of the Retirement Darts League, which was won by the droopy lookalike James Richardson. Yes, an ex PDC failure unable to keep a tourcard ran through the entire bdo/wdf field of jobbers washed up cunts and q-school failures.
Not only did Richardson finish top of the league but won his semi final and final with complete ease, which pissed off a few mushroom cunts still bitter that ex PDC were allowed play in their little comp.

As for the PDC shit  online comp, no idea what is happening, have not watched a game of their in almost 2 weeks.
As for the modus one I tuned in tonight and saw Phil Taylor beat that bearded giggling prostate hole yet again,I still have no clue why Phil Taylor matches are only first to 4 while every other seems to be first to 5, or why his results did not count. Meanwhile the Corona virus expert Dr Chris Mason was rimming the hole of prostate hole all night and even tried to make out the bearded prick had a good record against Taylor, as if they were on some sort of par. The "Scania Open was brought up, yep, that non televised floor comp from a lifetime ago was brought up as a win the bearded cunt got, speak about scraping the barrel.
You only had to listen to the ex con and corona expert to hear the bitterness in his voice when speaking about Taylor, its obvious the continuous rapings Taylor gave Mason has left him bitter for life.

Speaking of the virus, Kyle Anderson announced on twitter he has now tested negative for the virus, good for him, even if he is a boring player to watch.

Til next week folks.

Monday, April 27, 2020

Following questions on forums and twitter I decided to post the full list of
KotW winners since its beginning back in 2012.
As it stands the Selecta's are only one win away from equaling the record
held by Popcorn Teeth Sue Williams who won a total of 50.
I have no doubt had I started the award years earlier, plenty others like Fatz the racist
and others would have a higher total.
As would Olly Croft the man who start the whole "family" and "loyalty" bullshit 
before being stabbed in the back by his so called "friend" who showed 
no "loyalty" to his "family". Olly was outed a year before this KotW started.


April - 24th - The Entire BDO (18)
April - 17th - The Selecta's (49)
April - 10th - The Selecta's (48)
April - 3rd - The Entire BDO (17)
March -27th - The Selecta's (47)
March - 20th - The Selecta's (46)
March - 13th - Gerwyn Price (5)
March - 6th - The Selecta's (45)
February - 28th - The Selecta's (44)
February - 21st - Nathan Richards
February - 14th - Fallon Sherrock
February - 7th - Michael Smith (2)
January - 31th - The Selecta's (43)
January - 24th - The Selecta's (42)
January - 15th - The Selecta's (41)
January - 10th - The Selecta's (40)
January - 3rd - The Selecta's (39)


December - 27th - Sky TV (6)
December - 20th - Wayne Mardle (4)
December - 13th - The Selecta's (38)
December - 6th - The Selecta's (37)
November - 29th - Barry Hearn (12)
November - 22nd - Raymond van Barneveld (16)
November - 15th - BDO GSoD Job Squad
November - 8th - Ian White (2)
November - 1st - The Selecta's (36)
October - 25th - The Selecta's (35)
October - 18th - Paul Nicholson (3)
October- 11th - Wayne Mardle (3)
October - 4th - The Selectas (34)
September - 27th - Kerrie Crompton
September - 20th - Wayne Mardle (2)
September - 13th - Raymond van Barneveld (15)
September - 6th - The Selectas (33)
August - 30th - The Selectas (32)
August - 23rd - BDO Mushrooms (9)
August - 16th - The Selectas (31)
August - 9th - The Selectas (30)
August - 2nd - Daryl Gurney (5)
July - 26th - BDO Mushrooms (8)
July - 19th - The Selectas (29)
July - 12th - Raymond van Barneveld (14)
July - 5th - The Selectas (28)
June - 28th - The Selectas (27)
June - 21st - The Selectas (26)
June - 14th - The Selectas (25)
June - 7th - The Selectas (24)
May - 31st - BDO Mushrooms (7)
May - 24th - The Selectas (23)
May - 17th - Barry Hearn (11)
May - 10th - Daryl Gurney (4)
May - 3rd - Gerwyn Price (4)
April - 26th - The Selectas (22)
April - 19th - The Selectas (21)
April - 12th- The Selectas (20)
April - 5th - Daryl Gurney (3)
March - 29th - Raymond van Barneveld (13)
March - 22nd - Keith Deller
March - 15th - Raymond van Barneveld (12)
March - 8th - Rob Cross (2)
March - 1st - MVG (5)
February - 22nd - Dan Dawson
February - 15th - Raymond van Barneveld (11)
February - 8th - BDO Mushrooms (6)
February - 1st - Scott Waites (2)
January - 25th - The Entire BDO (16)
January - 18th - BDO Mushrooms (5)
January - 11th - Paul Nicholson (2)
January - 4th - Sky TV (5)


December - 28th - Rob Cross
December - 21st - Gerwyn Price (3)
December - 14th - Sky TV (4)
December - 7th - Sky TV (3)
November - 30th - Munters Darts (3)
November - 23rd - Tommy Thompson (11)
November - 16th - Wesley Harms
November - 9th - Barry Hearn (10)
November - 2nd - The Entire BDO (15)
October - 26th - The Selectas (19)
October - 19th - Raymond van Barneveld (10)
October - 12th - The Selectas (18)
October - 5th - The Selectas (17)
September - 28th - The Selectas (16)
September - 21st - The Selectas (15)
September - 14th - The Selectas (14)
September - 7th - Kevin McDine
August - 31st - The Entire BDO (14)
August - 24th - Sue Williams (50)
August - 17th - Sue Williams (49)
August - 10th - The Entire BDO (13)
August - 3rd - The Entire BDO (12)
July - 27th - The Selectas (13)
July - 20th - The BDO Mushrooms (4)
July - 13th - Sue Williams (48)
July - 6th - Tommy Thompson (10)
June - 29th - Sue Williams (47)
June - 22nd - Tommy Thompson (9)
June - 15th - Tommy Thompson (8)
June - 8th - Glen Durrant (5)
June - 1st - Sue Williams (46)
May - 25th - The Entire BDO (11)
May - 18th - Daryl Gurney (2)
May - 11th - Sue Williams (45)
May - 4th - The Entire BDO (10)
April - 27th - Sue Williams (44)
April - 20th - Simon Shitlock (3)
April - 13th - Sky Tv (2)
April - 6th - Sue Williams (43)
March - 30th - Gerwyn Price (2)
March - 23rd - Peter Wright (5)
March - 16th - Ross Montgomery (11)
March - 9th - Adrian Lewis (8)
March - 2nd - Spineless (12)
February - 23rd -The Entire BDO (9)
February - 16th - Raymond van Barneveld (9)
February - 9th- The DRA
February - 2nd - Gary Anderson (5)
January - 26th - Daryl Fitton (2)
January - 19th - Tony O Shea (5)
January - 12th - Scott Mitchell (5)
January -5th - The Entire BDO (8)


December - 29th - The Entire BDO (7)
December - 22nd - The Selectas (12)
December - 15th - The Selectas (11)
December - 8th - Sue Williams (42)
December - 1st - The EDO (3)
November - 24th - Dave Parletti
November - 17th - The Entire BDO (6)
November - 10th - Barry Hearn (9)
November - 3rd - Adrian Lewis (7)
October - 27th - Alan Norris (2)
October - 20th - The Selectas (10)
October - 13th - Daryl Gurney
October - 6th - Stephen Bunting (6)
September - 29th - Sue Williams (41)
September - 22nd - Peter Wright (4)
September - 15th - Sue Williams (40)
September - 8th - The Selectas (9)
September - 1st - Raymond van Barneveld (8)
August - 25th - Sue Williams (39)
August - 18th - Phil Taylor (9)
August - 11th - The Selectas (8)
August - 4th - Peter Wright (3)
July - 28th - MVG (4)
July - 21st - The Entire BDO (5)
July - 14th - Stephen Bunting (5)
July - 7th - The EDO (2)
June - 30th - Scott Mitchell (6)
June - 23rd - WDF Darts (2)
June - 16th - Richard Swainston
June - 9th - Tommy Thompson (7)
June - 2nd - Sue Williams (38)
May - 26th - Sue Williams (37)
May - 19th - Peter Wright (2)
May - 12th- Sue Williams (36)
May - 5th - Ross Montgomery (10)
April - 28th - Rob MacDougall
April - 21st - Dean Winstanley
April - 14th - Peter Wright
April - 7th - Sue Williams (35)
March -31st - Tommy Thompson (6)
March - 24th - Vic Sexton
March - 17th - Adrian Battersby (2)
March - 10th - Ian White
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September - 2nd Alex Moss
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Friday, April 24, 2020

The most obvious headline of the week was the scumbag and proven liar Des Selecta getting voted back in to the chairman's job. When the BDO rank and file are shaking their heads in disbelief and even agreeing with me you know how fucked up things are. If I said it once I said it a thousand times, they really are the comedy gift that keeps on giving.

The history of the BDO, from Olly, through Prostate Hole , via Popcorn teeth to Des would make a superb comedy movie. Think of it...A Lakeshite movie , just throw in bias cunts like Tony Green ,the Lakeshite weekly piss up where players who lost first round would spend the week horsing pints, the Salmonella stories, Darts in the lake, Nick Kenny's lucky watch, the fines for the fire, how chips and a burger cost more than if you buy them separate, hover board incidents, the annual warty first round exit,  tv cameras caring more about Sharon Adams in a toilet than their world final, Tony Fleet barely able to stand let alone throw darts, munters so fat they make wwe wrestlers look like midgets,  while Fatz the racist abuses people, back stage fights, stories of watered down drink, the Bo Selecta walk on before losing in the shortest match of the comp, promises of a new era,  fake tan signs, invisible dogs on a lead, a meat raffle, old people in the crowd knitting, and of course Trina lubing up the arms of pissed up players, it has it all., and I am sure there is a heap more I left out.
If you could make that movie and no one would believe an organisation like this could possibly exist....but it does...or at least it does for a little bit longer.

Most people I spoke with this week are saying Des will easily beat Popcorn Teeth for the most number of KotW titles, and that seems a formality, however Des does not win it this week. Does he deserve to for putting his name forward again after resigning ? Well Yes he was a contender, but other people are more deserving this week, namely the counties, who were the ones who not only voted the lying sack of shit back in, but seemingly begged him to take the job. Let that sink in.

That is right, the Counties actually begged the cunt who lost almost 700k in less than 3 years to take over and look after the finances.
Tell me these fucking morons don't deserve everything they get.
I do not believe for one second the counties that voted the cunt back in did so with the best intentions of their members, no chance. As stupid as the BDO old farts are, there is no way those counties are representing their memberships opinions, you only have to look at the feedback on social media.

Almost 10 years ago I made this pic on a dart forum and today it is as apt as ever.

As for Des, the cunt is now in charge of the finances.You can still find a link on the BDO site to ordering tickets for the event in the 02, that was played months ago....this fucking org.
They even have the Des the liar resignation news on there, despite him coming back.

Remember a few weeks back Des stated this in his retirement speech ?
 I uncover an invoice that a BDO Director instructed the supplier to change and then some confusion about the same payment not being made for almost 4 months? I challenge it and suddenly £3,000+ gets transferred back into the BDO account? this issue is currently with the South Wales Police (I have a crime reference number).

If Des is reading this I would like to ask , how is that "investigation" coming along Des ?
Is this another one of your lies like the half million pound investor you had lined up ?
Or the lie you made about securing the O2 for a decade  before trying to whore yourself out to Bob Potter.
Are you paying back the morons who coughed up for the Torremolinos gig ?
Did you sell that Jacuzzi?
Enlighten us all how you think your "insurance" will cover most of the bdo losses you claimed.

What I am most looking forward to is this clampdown on anti bdo posts on social media. I cannot wait to see how he goes about that. Is he going to ring the police on everyone. Cunt even rang the police on my blog, but the Irish cops just laughed at him, then I don't issue threats and I only post the truth, if my language is a bit colorful and upsets snowflakes.
Des, the cunt who laughed at peoples cancer, threatened people, told Tommy the Jew he hoped his cancer would kill him, etc, this is the guy crying about people using social media.
He is so thick he thinks people laughing at him caused the BDO to be shit. Guess what Des, the laughing, mocking and ridicule began when it became evident you had not a blessed clue what you were doing.
Tell me, was is social medias fault you lost almost 700k, was it social medias fault you abused people, or rigged the Masters draw for the benefit of your wife.
If you really had people conspiring against you why did you take the job back, in fact why did you even put your name forward again ? I bet you won't acknowledge this on your social media.
It might have taken the idiots a lot longer to realize what others knew all along but everyone sees you for what you are, and no amount of lies, bullshit and spin will ever alter that.

When it all goes wrong, and make no mistake it will, you will be back on social media to lay the blame on anyone and but yourself.
Then there is Tommy the dinosaur, one of the instigators of the Tri-Nations clusterfuck, the man who whilst suffering from cancer was told that he hoped he would die, by Des the scumbag. Will tommy be "supporting" Des again on social media ? Or is the oild buffoon going to pretend his recent 180 against Des did not happen.  How bad is it that the BDO counties would have Des back before they would support Tommy the Jew.
Seriously the people in the bdo have to be without doubt the thickest cunts ever in the history of mankind to run an org that claims to have a "world pro".
No doubt some moronic bdo muppet will try tell me the WDF is the new one to watch out for, this will be different, things are looking positive.
Still when the BDO are gone Des can blame Covid, why left things loke facts get in the way how he fucked it long before the Covid pandemic Chris Mason flu ever started.


All week I heard from bdo morons on social media saying how the quality of the bdo/wdf shit called remote darts was better quality that the PDC home tour comp or whatever it is called, and they were 100% right, the production and visual of the Remote League was far superior to that of the PDC shit, so much so ,you could see the shittier games and averages clearer on the BDO youtube where useless cunts were winning with an average in the 70s. One cunt from Birmingham, so obviously a moron, claimed a game where 2 players averaged under 73 was a "great game", tell me that is not bdo brainwashed indoctrination.

Then this is the nearest thing the bdoWDF /shower of shits will ever get to the PDC in terms of a Premier League, you could nearly call it their "Super Series". They tried to copy the PDC format of a 10 player league, based over a number of nights, then have the top 4 qualify. Have you seen the cunts in it ?
A who's who of PDC failures, complete jobbers, and guys approaching 60 who never won a thing of note. In fact the most "successful" player of the entire ten was Walton with a solitary Bob Potter cup.
Look at the ages of those in it.
Gary Robson - 52
Darryl Fitton - 57
Wes Newton  - 42
Alan Norris - 48
John Walton - 58
Tony O’Shea - 58
Paul Hogan- 56
Jim Williams - 35
Dean Winstanley - 39
James Richardson - 46

That is an average age not far short of 50. Where are the upcoming stars of the BDO WDF , oh wait, they all fucked off to q-school and those with any talent got a card,  like Kleermaker, the rest of the cunts returned back to the bdo/wdf shit, including the youngest player on that list Jim Williams, a perennial Q school failure and Grand Slam of Darts jobber. Deplorable shit, what I saw on the 2 nights I took a look at, and what I saw bored me senseless, although did get a laugh out of mocking the cunts trying to convince themselves this was good on the chat as I could offend people without even trying. Just posting actual stats and facts had cunts crying for me to be banned.
I admitted on there I am shit at darts, and was asked why I would watch something I am shit at. Imagine that mentality, that you could only watch things you are good at. There was me watching F1, premier league football, etc. Seems I must now not watch them either....

As for the PDC online heap of shit, as mentioned the quality visually is something the BDO would do, and I bet that looking at the results so far where the 3 biggest players in terms of name value and major trophy winners, in Wright, Price and Wade not qualifying, we will see the PDC invent some rule where all those major players will be gifted another chance in some ridiculous second chance group. Not that it matters as this is all non ranking shit, that really does not matter a fuck.
I saw a bit of the Modus online stuff, and that was the best quality of them all, saw Phil Taylor average in the 80s and it was more than enough to raped prostate hole Adams.

Speaking of the bearded giggling prick who would sell his principles, the asshole Wayne Mardle , in an effort to garner attention for himself put out his all time top ten dart players, and seems a lot of people did not agree with him. Mardle has Prostate Hole Adams not only in his all time top 10, he even had the giggling spineless prick ahead of Bob Anderson, the very same bob Anderson that won the Masters 3 years in a row when it was not a seeded event,something spineless did not do, the same Bob Anderson that won a unified world Title. He even had prostate hole ahead of John Lowe, the guy that won Unified world titles. Jocky Wilson did not even make his list. He even had Hunchback MVG as the #1, ahead of Taylor and Bristow who were far superior. Then it comes as no surprise, its quite obvious Mardle is still having hang ups from the raping after raping Taylor gave him over the years, during a career when Mardle won absolutely nothing.

As for Prostate hole, he would never make a true top 30, let alone top ten, when anything he even won was in a depleted field. Look at who Prostate hole beat to win his bob Potter Cups...Dave Chiz-Nil, a cunt with a trophy cabinet as empty as Mardle's, Dean Winstanley, a nice guy, but a complete total jobber, and pub qualifier Phill Nixon, a trio of utter useless cunts. I spoke before how Spineless took quarter of century to win a Bob Potter cup, first he had to wait a dozen years and the split to happen to just qualify, then hung around like a bad smell until guys that owned him like Barney, King etc fucked off, before he could clean up against the shit that was left.
Scott Waites is, was and will always be a better player than the giggling bearded cunt. At least Waites won the Grand Slam of Darts, a tv title considered by many as a Major,and he won it against proper players. Unless you played against the best in the PDC, or played in the BDO prior to the split, no amount of amateur pub titles won in Bobs salmonella centre will warrant you a spot in a top 30.
There are players that have won multiple PDC majors who mardle never added to the list, yet he would add a pub player in Adams, shows what the thick prick knows. In my opinion any player that won a PDC major is by default already higher in the all time list than prostate hole.

I would go as far to say Prostate hole, the man who sold his principles for the PDC coin of Uncle Barry, was not even in the top 5 players in the BDO AFTER the split.
I would put all these ahead of him


Even Bunting,Burnett and Beaton I would have ahead of Spineless.
Then is anyone surprised Mardle would have him in the list ? Remember Mardle once joined a darts forum and acted like he was something special, and when told some home truths he responded with "I have more money" before leaving the forum.....a pattern that was later copied by the telescope inspector Jamie Cave-In. How is that income coming along now Jamie you prick ?

A couple of people asked me to mention Klaasen who was supposedly caught cheating on some live stream. I could not tell from the clip I saw if he did or not, then I was not bothered, I find it absolutely fucking amazing more people get upset over klaasen possibly cheating during an online game, than there was people getting upset when he was sending dick pics to a down syndrome child. shows where these peoples priorities are. You would think the latter would cause more anger than a fucking online heap of shit.

Another fucker accused of cheating this week was a player called Aaron Dyer.

Seems Aaron has admitted he was not throwing from the right distance and the money he would have won he no longer gets. The PDC, BDO,WDF, Modus etc can all claim they are doing this for the darts fans, but the reality is the majority of this online shit is done for the degenerate gambling fucks.

Lasty, maybe I should be thankful for the complete stupidity of the BDO counties as we now should get a lot more comedy from the bdo.
Here is a toip for the BDO , how about taking down Des's resignation speech of their wensite.
And removing the link to where you can buy tickets for the BDO World champs at the O2, the event that bombed months ago.

Till next week folks.

Friday, April 17, 2020

The main PDC news this week was the announcement of the Home Tour, a nightly event which started earlier tonight with 4 players in a round robin tournament playing each night with the group stages running for 32 nights. This would include 128 players, however already the flaws are that a whole heap of players are already out. The new Barney and laziest cunt in the PDC Gary Anderson has pulled out. Seems his wifi is weaker than his backbone, then hardly surprising a Scotsman would have the cheapest internet. Hunchback MVG , and gurney are also the bigger names that have announced they are not partaking, so the rumour is there may not only be invites to other non tourcard holders but some players may get the opportunity to play twice, which would make this clusterfuck an even bigger fiasco.
It is intended that all 32 nights winners would then go on to the next round.

I look back at a lot of the now defunct darts comps and think a lot of them are a unique thing to have on your record, Take Phil Taylor who has a Las Vegas Desert Classic, The US Open, The Masters of Darts, the original World Darts Trophy among those titles to his name, he even has the original online , non crowd version of the Champions League of Darts to his name, a comp also won by James Wade and colin Osborne. Sadly I do not see this Home Tour as being anything but a bit of trivia in years to come, even the slated original CLoD would be like a major compared to this.

So I decided to sign up free to PDC Tv tonight and what a fucking joke of a site.
After I registered  the streams did not work, so decided to check their archive and see how good that was/is.
The archive is an even bigger joke, I spent a while looking for a certain game, Wade against Brown from the 2019 world champs, a 7 set match, and eventually found it after a age searching. The match was ...wait for it...6 minutes of highlights.
Went back to the streams and they still were not working so went to the home page which logged me out, and the site would not let me log back in, 3 or 4 more attempts over the next hour changed nothing and still could not log in.
Eventually someone posted a link to some stream on the darts forum and when I saw the quality I had to laugh at this.  This was something like the bdo would produce, it was abysmal. I would rip the piss out of the bdo if they did this, so the PDC deserve the same mocking. I stupidly thought this might be like Taylor and Barney in their soft tip board game, where the production was excellent, This pdc tv shit was a fucking embarrassment.
But here is the beauty, the WDF, BDO shower of useless cunts are so fucking dense, they are actually copying the PDC idea. You would thing if those useless cunts were going to copy something the PDC do, they would copy something half decent.
They too are having a daily online comp, that will include players like Darryl Fitton and Gary Robson, players with a history of accusations for match fixing.

Speaking of match fixing, seems one "darts forum" has a lot of posts accusing Barney of match fixing after he averaged 65 and lost 5-0 to Prostate hole Martin Adams in some online shit for Modus darts. Personally I do not see it as match fixing if you look at the attitude of Barney, him chucking shit and not giving a blessed fuck is hardly a new thing. As for that bearded prick, I would put nothing past him, this is the cunt who fanned the flames in the bdo of anti PDC feelings. The bearded prick who would rant on and on about "family" and things like "loyalty" until he stabbed "family" friend Olly Croft in the back for his much for loyalty huh ?, and then proceeded to be even worse at the job than Olly. The bearded asshole who publicly stated in interviews numerous times how he would never play in the PDC under Barry Hearn as he has "principles". Of course when his wife Sharon had enough of his bullshit and fucked off and money in the BDO became more scarce , those "principles" of his were soon fucked out the window when the 2 faced lying bastard came a begging for Uncle Barry's coin in the Grand Slam of Darts as he giggled his way to hammering after hammering. In the proper competitive matches with Barney, Adams was always Barneys bitch, he had to wait for Barney to fuck off to the PDC before he could get his grubby hands on the Bob Potter Cup, so him beating Barney 5-0 has some thinking about match fixing. Again I don't think it was, and even if it was,what could the DRA do, Barney is retired, and Adams as good as done.

Meanwhile in the BDO another proven liar and useless cunt that ran the bdo as chairman like Adams, took to social media to air their their grievances again. Imagine my utter shock when Des Selecta claimed he was not responsible for the shit that happened in the BDO. He claimed he got death threats. Do I believe him ?
Well bdo scum issuing threats is hardly a new thing, they love to run their mouth and make threats, but on the other hand, Des is a fucking fantasist, and proven liar who will make up shit, and blame everyone else in order to pass the blame for his faults.
This week he claimed he had an investor with half a million lined up to come in to the BDO, yes, £500,000 but when Popcorn Teeth Sue Williams decided to remain on as a director , and after a consultation with Des the liar, the "investor" and his half a million fucked off, thanks to Des, He openly admits he advised the "investor2 to not get involved, and then looks for sympathy as if he is not responsible for his own failings. Tommy the Jew and his pet lodger  who spent years rimming the hole of Des and were part of the Tri Nations group wont take any responsibility either for their part in things when they were the ones endorsing Des the liar, even though Des has turned on them again, or it is Tommy turned on him ? Who cares, pity it was not a fight to the death.

Here is what the lying cunt spouted earlier in the week on facebook.
Look how he finishes with the comment I will not be commenting any more.....well until his next post that is. Check out the lies, contradictions etc in these posts

Of course the liar could not let it end there after others people in the bdo called him out on his blatant lies, so Des began to spin yet more bullshit, all the while whilst acting the victim who did no wrong.

This followed

The part in all these exchanges was remember back last August Des the pathological lying sack of shit announced the BDO signed a 10 year deal with the O2 ?
Well Tommy the Jew had a meeting with Sportotal in October ,  2 months after this supposed 10 year deal was in place. It seems the BDO were whoring themselves out to Bob Potter.Here is what Tommy Thompson wrote on a forum
Des decided to reply to this, but look at how he deflects from what tommy said about lakeshite, no ten year deal etc....instead Des tries to spin the narrative that sportotal dont trust Tommy.
So what if they dont trust Tommy, no normal person should trust the stupid old cunt, but what has that got to do with no ten year deal and the bdo whoring themselves out. He avoids answering that.

So tomorrows is the online counties meeting, where so far the number of nominations for election stands at ZERO.
No  one wants the job. Guess Prostate Hole Adams, Popcorn Teeth and the Cuckold, and Des and his wife Bo Selecta would be too hard an act for them to follow. Steve Egarton could take over and could not do as bad  as those before him. He has all the credentials, mentally ill, indoctrinated, an IQ under 40, and open to criticism and ideas. He would be the ideal simpleton to give the job to so he could shut this shit down for once and for all.