Tuesday, March 21, 2023


To your average person in the street, who knows little about darts, chances are their only knowledge of televised darts are the PDC. Your average person probably never heard of the WDF, let alone the other insignificant worthless orgs like ADC UKDA etc. Your average older person would have vague memories of Bristow, Jockey etc, and countless times over the years I would hear people when referring to the BDO so called World championships and ask "is this the one with Phil Taylor or the shitty one". This was a scenario multiple hardcore dart fans have come across.

I saw comments across social media how the PDC should purchase the collective lot of BDO trophies and the auction even allows for all the trophies to be sold as one lot if the bid outweighs the total amount regardless of an individual trophy. I can understand that having all the trophies together.

In the minds of some dreamers a perfect darts scenario would be, the PDC would purchase all the trophies, have them displayed in some building open to the public, with the history of the BDO on show. Also on show would be the history of the PDC, and coverage and or display of any defunct trophies, dating back to the WDC days. We know the PDC can certainly afford to purchase the collective lot of BDO trophies, and its less a price than what Barry Hearn was willing to pay when he offered a million quid or whatever it was for the BDO years ago.

Sounds wonderful doesn't it ? you could take the fantasy further, have another section in this building for the Hall of Fame, those supposedly iconic people of the PDC.....except there is no dream.

The PDC do not give a fuck about history, you can argue they are right not to, and they should carry on looking to the future, after all look how living off the past and zero forward thinking affected the BDO, even before the split, which ultimately led to the split and the slow lingering death of the BDO.
You don't believe me that the PDC dont care about history ?  Here is a question for you, how many of those 14 players that risked it all to walk out on the BDO, that were threatened not only physically but even legally, those that had put their livelihoods all on the line, and invested what money they had in to the then WDF, as Olly Croft and the BDO tried to destroy the lives and careers of not only those players but of their families as well, how many of them are still not in the PDC Hall of Fame ?

Yet people like Dave Clark who risked nothing, never threatened legally or physically like some of the players, who never put his career on the line, who did nothing in the game except to speak in to a microphone, a job for which he was well paid for,  got a spot in the PDC Hall of Fame yet some of those 14 are still not shown the least bit of respect or acknowledgement for what they did.

I bet if those left out were black or gay or ticked some box the PDC would be all over that like flies on shit, anything to garner brownie points, but those others like Jamie Harvey and Co.....fuck them it seems.
Put aside any notion of trophies on display, physical Hall of Fame etc, those players deserve to be acknowledged for what they did, anything less is absolute ignorance and insulting to those people, who without, there would be no WDF, no PDC,

The PDC of today would rather push some munter in an effort to pretend they are liberal, tell their viewers how said woman is the best in the world. The truth does not matter, its all about the concentrated effort  of the PDC to hoodwink people and promote their agenda, all the while alientating many fans who see through this agenda. They will kick out Russian players out of events, as if somehow Putin will get upset because of this and stop his assault on Ukraine. What purpose does it serve to punish the ordinary Russian citizen ? Its all tokenism, would Dave Clarke be in the Hall of Fame were he not a sufferer of Parkinsons, I do not believe so, it was just another opportunity for the PDC to jump on the wagon of tokenism and box ticking and milk that too. Look how women with zero experience of top level darts are being pushed in to roles they have no experience at to speak about things they would never achieve themselves.Getting jobs solely based on their gender, is that not the very definition of inequality.

Maybe I am out of touch, too old fashioned, as I grew up in a world where you showed respect to those people that earned it, acknowledged the efforts of those that helped you get where you are today, and employers hired people on ability, and expertise etc not because of gender or skin colour to tick boxes.Whatever happened to hiring the best person for a job?

Friday, March 17, 2023

As ye might gather I did not go out tonight on Paddy's day, because the last thing I wanted to do was be surrounded by toothless mick simpletons getting pissed making an embarrassment of themselves because it was Paddy's day.
Last year I asked a post op brain donor who said in a pub how he was "proud to be Irish", why was he proud an he just looked at me with a blank expression and uttered the moronic response "because I am" When I repeated the question he went red and scuttled away like the spastic he is.That's like being proud to be left handed or blue eyed or having two fucking ears.
As George Carlin once said pride should be something you have for something you did or achieved, not something you had absolutely no say in. Its not just Irish either, be it English , Japanese or whatever, why take pride in something you had zero control over.

Speaking of taking pride and boasting, take a look at this fat cunt Darryl Fatton. His manky collection of misfits and jobbers posted this on twitter

I have no problem with them signing the cheating gimpy prick, but posting this shit like it ts something to be proud of is another thing, then that precious cunt Fatton has zero pride, you only have to look at the fat cunt and the shit he threw in modus this week to see another over rated, over the hill money hungry cunt looking for a pay day, and no doubt going to try milk the cheating cunt out of any future earnings. He has since blocked me for the tweet above, guess he is another of these mentally fragile cunts who do not like the truth.


I remember prior to covid reading comments by some people who were putting MvG on the same level as Taylor. Yes the same Phil Taylor who even past his prime was not only owning MvG in proper ranking majors but making the kerb crawler weep like a cunt. Hunchback can win all the nights in the Glorified Invitational Non Ranking Roadshow he wants, but come ranking darts his record is that of failure lately. Forget the Worlds where he lost to Bellyboy with a history of choking, lost to Cross in the Masters, and lost to Gilding in his 3 TV "premier Events", he is now jobbing on the floor tour. Last weekend following on from his defeat to Gilding the weekend previous, he slumped to defeats against Luke Woodhouse in a last 128 and Dirk van Divingboard. As for his 6-0 raping by Dobey, who cares about that, the PL is boring as fuck, as I always say, give me ranking darts any day of the week.

I saw a discussion on twitter discussing the importance of dart orgs outside the PDC, and I believe outside the PDC the next biggest is Modus.
I say this because does anyone give a fuck about MAD or the ADC ? let alone the supposed new UKDA, the WDF is absolutely worthless and as broke as the BDO and run by the same clueless mentality, at least Modus for its failings at times, at least you can watch regularly, its on TV all be it some obscure shit channel, but they are organised. Though to be fair how can it be right a player like Conor Heneghan who performs well generally in Modus, has hit 3 nine darters in it, can only play if he wins an Irish qualifier to play in modus,or at least that is what comms said, how Conor gets to play,  yet the likes of that bearded cunt spineless Adams gets picked every second week. That is blatant favoritism.
Last week they harped on about getting your free tickets to watch the finals night, and when Saturday came, not a sinner was in the audience, you could see the bar man walking around bored to the eyeballs with a sweeping brush in his hands looking for something to do. I am not sure if the lack of a crowd was even addressed.


The Isle of Man piss up jamboree was on last weekend, and it saw Des Selecta take to social media to cry about the organizers, it gets better, he complained about his name in the draw even though he had not entered, and how his husband had to wait almost 6 hours for her match.

The sheer zero self awareness of this cunt is staggering, him of all people moaning about made up names in a draw is something else, and then to double down and criticize how things are run with his track record, His complaint might have held some validity had it not come from him. He also forgot to mention his husbands opponent was waiting just as long, still why let that  get in the way of his excuse when Bo Selecta lost.

Then there is the liquidators flogging off the BDO stock, which led to Des last week taking to social media to announce it was the liquidators selling the tat, but what struck me was his comment how he "will probably get in trouble with his wife for saying this".....talk about being fucking owned, the former head of the BDO is afraid to make statements in case his wife  gives out to him,its obviously she is the one with the set of balls in that relationship. Could you imagine Barry Hearn being afraid to make an announcement for fear of his wife ? Of course not.

As for the tat the BDO is selling, there was one pallet of shit up for auction that contained things like hoodies and sweatshirts that even Dan Dawson would not wear, ashtrays, empty dart boxes and key rings, absolute shit that even charity shops would not take. The link to the pallet of shit is HERE

It did get a bid of 20 quid, probably from a mongoloid Brummie with a penchant for hoodies, after all the hoodie he wears now is 20 years old, a pallet could see him dressed for decades, though I doubt the neck on any T shirt will fit over his bulbous head.


Lastly the challenge tour returned on Friday and after 7 events, John Henderson is now top of the table after winning the last event. Meanwhile the fat farmer and attention whore  Scott Mitchell, another one of those vastly over rated players not good enough for the main tour is slumming it down at 27th. This is the same Scott Mitchell that Wayne Mardle use to rim and even during one Grand Slam that muppet Mardle predicted Mitchell to reach the final.

As for Pinochhio, you know that supposedly best female player in the world ? The player that always hits 90 plus averages and when she dont its because he is having an "off day"  or so we are told.

Well between the Munter Series and Challenge tour this year she has played 38 games, and averaged in the 80s or even under that  32 times, in fact 15 of them are in the 70s or under. She currently is 34th on the challenge tour and has played in all 7 events. She sure is having a damn lot of "off days".
As for the Munter Series, she is 8th in that, more "off days".
Still I am sure someone can cry over this fact, perhaps do a Fatton and block me when facts hurt your feelings.

Friday, March 10, 2023


I have always said the UK Open is a proper Major, one of the original big 4 majors along with the Worlds, the Matchplay and Grand Prix. and last weekend proved that. We have imbeciles who would try convince you the glorified, invitational, non ranking repetitive shit that is the Matt Porter suck up  roadshow, showing the same 8 players week in week out, is a Major, and no amount PL hype will ever convince me it is a major , cos its not. The money might be major, but that's it, you only had to look at the traffic generated on social media after Gildings win, it dominated the news of darts, now compare that to Thursdays premier League, where people could not give a flying fuck, no matter how much they hype it and try tell us how "MvG on target to make it 3 wins on the trot", all the viewer sees is a rubber lipped hunchback who shat himself against Bellyboy in the Worlds, shat himself against Cross in the Masters, and cried about Cross afrterwards and shat himself against Gilding in the UK Open
It was never more evident this week how bland this whole PL thing is, you can alter it from group to knock out but it makes no difference, as its an invitational non ranking bullshit event where watching the same 8 over and over and over cannot compete with a full field of players in a proper ranking competition. When the UK Open rocks around next year, people will remember Gilding, as they did Noppert the year before, will anyone remember night 6 or 8 or whatever of a Premier League, or even the outright winner ?

And what a UK Open it was, who could at the last 16 stage have predicted Gilding to win ?...Well except me obviously when I posted this on the Saturday before the last 8 was confirmed.
When that cunt MvG led 8-5 I thought it was over but credit to golden gnashers as he won 6 of the last 8 legs, 4 of the last 5 legs, and in the only leg Hunchback MvG won he had to take out a 170 checkout. It was superb seeing Gilding win, and the sour face on that rubber lipped philandering bald prick. In darts there will always be those upset when Taylor, MvG etc as favorites would lose, but they are always the minority. Forget people like me who welcome every defeat MvG suffers, but the average almost neutral fan was shouting for gilding , it was Gold.



Last week I spoke how a certain female player who shall remain nameless was sleeping with multiple players in the PDC, a couple of male World Champions amongst them ,  at least 3 of the male players are married, and the female is supposedly in a relationship herself, and here is the thing, I could not give a flying fuck. I was even sent pics by a player that were going around amongst the players on the tour, and have no interest or desire to post them, again it does not interest or bother me.

What does bother me however is when those married players are on TV, we have assholes like Rod Studd for example cite how each of the players who are screwing around on their wives are referred to as "a family man". This tells me one of 2 things about the commentators.
1. They are either the most clueless cunts on the planet and have not got a blessed clue about the shit they spout.Completely unaware of what the players are up to, and how they, and I mean multiple players are exchanging pics and stories of their encounter with said female. Yet the comms who claim to know so much are completely clueless.
2. They are well aware of the stories and pics floating around and instead try to bullshit the viewers, who through social media are well aware of what is going on. I can name MvG since his failed attempts to woo a Bradford skank made the tabloids, then have comms mouth off on air how MvG is a family man is basically treating viewers like imbeciles. I don't expect the comms to spill any beans, but just fuck off trying to pretend they are family men.

The comms in the PDC in general has never been so bad, throughout my entire viewing of board 2 during the UK Open I had the audio off due to Nicholson on comms, he is insufferable. The overall quality or lack of is something else and every month or so I claim it is at an all time low, and somehow it keeps getting worse.
It's so bad that while I was watching a bit of the Modus jobber Series, Glen Durrant came across as great and professional, sadly he was accompanied by the poor bastard that is a cruel trick of nature, the gimp Joey Deacon.
Even Chris Mason and Mark Webster come across as decent in comparison to the others, as we only got Webster because that grade A asshole Mardle is recovering from an operation. Pyke needs to fuck off in to some dark corner and die, We can't have John Part and Mark Webster together much anymore because 2 straight white men does not tick boxes so some munter is forced upon us for tokenism, despite them having zero experience of top level darts. Every time I see or hear the horrible sound of Mrs Doubtfire, aka Thunder Thighs Turner giving her imaginary expertise on players in the Premier League shows how ridiculous the whole thing has become. Then the dopey cunt trying to get in on more attention in an interview made this very vague claim
"As a female, I'll never forget playing in a mixed league. I was the only woman in our team. I won't say where it was but somewhere in Surrey and I was refused access because I was female and it was a male orientated bar,"
Why don't she name the place if it is true ? Sounds like some made up bullshit to me. If this attention seeker was really a victim how come she does not out them, as the truth is always a defense. Lets be honest, if you are playing county or whatever muck savage shit they play and she is your opponent you would be delighted as its basically a bye. To see this cunt who claims she cannot even get a pint in Surrey without supervision pretend to be some expert on darts when her CV is that of a joke shows how bad things have gotten.
When I am able to tolerate the atrocious commentary my patience is constantly tested , and never more so when commentators who if they were in any way "professional" would be impartial, but the levels of blatant bias is clear to hear. I, and many others I speak with are now spending over 75% of our time watching darts with the sound on mute. I speak almost entirely of Sky, as ITV is fine for the most part, until the adverts or course and then its starving kids, cancer victims, mistreated animals and people begging for money.
According to the begging adverts on ITV £10 a month can supply water for an entire village in Africa, yet my buddy in Leeds got a water bill for over £40 last month and he lives on his own. That tells me my buddy is being robbed.

Here is another line that comms trot out every week, this made up bullshit how Aspinall never gives up. The chav cunt averaged 75 in one game, he sure as fuck gave up.I believe its the lowest PL average ever, but why let things like the truth get in the way of comms spouting nonsense. When I hear that nonsense how the chav never gives up I automatically think to how only 6 months earlier Aspinall choking and giving up might have altered the game for the following 6 months. I refer to the 2022 Grand Slam final, At this point that fat tub of human shit wrapped in skin which looks at breaking point Bellyboy, had spent well over a decade collapsing and choking in every final, against players like the old guard of Wade and Wright to younger players like Noppert. In the final Aspinall choked and Bellyboy won his first proper TV title, which then meant the monkey was off his back and he went on to beat MvG in the Worlds, which then set back MvG. Had Aspinall really never given up like comms tell us and won that final, I don't think Bellyboy would have recovered from yet another defeat, don't believe he would have won the Worlds either, and MvG would be somewhat back to his near best and Gilding might have never won the UK Open.
All ifs and buts, but what is fact is Aspinall sure as fuck gave up in that final and was atrocious in his premier league match.

There was one thing that I did not like after glorious Gilding sent Hunchback MvG packing in the final on ITV, and it was how they interviewed MvG first, they always speak to the winner first or at least they should and found it disrespectful. It was Gilding's moment, and lets be honest there is no chance in hell they will ever select him for the PL.
If they can let out Noppert and his new transplant and looks like he could tick boxes in the gay section, and leave out Ross Smith who won a Premier Event mere months before the Premier League, as was the case a year earlier when former World champion Rob Cross was left out after winning the European championships you can sure as hell be sure Gilding and those caramel colored teeth wont be gracing any glorified exbo. I am sure even Twat Porter would draw the line on that mouth kissing his arse. Gilding might not get in the PL, might never win another Premier Event, but he won one, he now has more TV titles than Luke Scumphries and Dave Dismal combined. That alone makes me smile, even though I like Dave Chisnall.


To see the crying on social media this week has been nothing short of hilarious.Take a look at this mental defect.

I saw one cunt claim that the Masters trophy is the oldest Major title in existence.Except it is not. It could have been argued it was the longest running Major in existence when it was actually running, but now its dead,thankfully like the bdo, and just like its predecessor the News of the World which was the longest running major when that was in existence, once it died it ceased being the longest running.....the clue is in the word running. So the longest running major is Darts is the PDC world title, as the only majors left in darts are in the PDC, a fact that is sure to infuriate mushrooms, especially those who pretend to never read here but cry about here regardless. Whilst the World championships have changed trophies, I suspect the Matchplay trophy is now the longest running major trophy in darts now.

Another brain dead cunt on twitter spoke how if he had the money he would donate the world title to that bearded sack of shit Adams.
Firstly BDO mushrooms are like those who ran the BDO in to the ground. Delusional fuckwits, ideas of grandeur but without a pot to piss in , living in a world of make believe.
Secondly, if that bearded cunt wanted the trophy, let him bid for it himself, between his 3 wins and all his appearances  he must have earned close to half a million, I sure he can afford it, then in hindsight, he did spend the entire 9 or 10 days of every Lakeshite drinking in the bar wearing his stinking dart shirt, even when he was knocked out, no doubt Sharon took him for a few bob to when she left him for a camera man.
If anyone should be "gifted" a trophy, it should be Bob Anderson for winning the Masters 3 years in a row, in a unified field, not that watered down pub event it turned in to after the split where any cunt could rock up and win it. Don't believe me ? A guy who lives not far from me in Cork, flew over to the UK and entered it, and won it dumping out the likes of Neil Duff and Scott Waites. Piece of Piss.

How many of those ignorant , and brainwashed parochial backward inbred cunts that voted for the Jacklins have openly admitted they got it wrong ?
Every cunt is seemingly one of those who wanted someone else to win, like Chizzy's manager when he applied for the job. Its amazing how all those that voted for the Selecta's are nowhere to be found these days, no one admitting they were responsible. It would be refreshing is some cunt actually owned up to it. Lastly on the trophies take a look at this pic.........what makes this hilarious it the sheer optimism that the bdo would be around in 2028.

Yes, the event was held in 2019, but the winner never added..maybe they could not afford an engraver. As for all the creditors owed money by the death of the BDO, its a shame they will get anything back. I was hoping they would all lose a fortune, they deserve it for dealing with the Jacklin's.
Anyone that is that fucking stupid and unable to comprehend how utterly inadequate the Jacklins were, how deluded they were, how common they were etc, deserve to be fucked over. If you invested money with the bdo knowing the Jacklin's were running it, you deserve to be fucked over and get zero sympathy from me.

Last I heard the total bids come to around 30k, and that probably wont cover a tenth of what they owe.

I saw morons claim the PDC should buy them. Why ?

Or how the WDF should buy them, but they are skint as well.
In the end I could not give a fuck they were worthless back then and worthless now.

Roll on the ranking PDC darts this weekend.

Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Friday, March 3, 2023



As most darts degenerate gamblers will be aware, old spineless got yet another invite back to the Modus again, despite his constant failings, who could have predicted that...oh wait, I did. He sure knows how to whore himself out these days, long gone are those imaginary principles of his, he will turn up anywhere now for coin like the true beggar he is, and don't even get me started on the allegations made about him on forums about match fixing in the past. He does not even play county anymore even,, since it don't pay just rocks up these days which seems like ever second or third week in modus to collect coin and finish last or second last in groups, which he did this week again. On Wednesday after 3 days he finished second bottom, were viewers expected to believe this cunt was somehow a ratings draw ? He came back on Thursday and Friday against even lesser players and got more hammerings of 4-0 and 4-1 and finished second last in the even weaker groups. When will the penny drop ? When it does watch the bearded prick bend to pick it up.

How do they select the players for this, there are far better players out there than this cunt, and not just ex tour card holders but even some WDF players, guess its all about favoritism. If they really wanted a washed up player that won real world championships they could give Taylor a ring. This cunt Adams will be back again , give it a fortnight

Last week I saw people rant how I never mentioned Pinocchio last week, they moan when I mention her, moan when I don't, so I will mention her this week. Remember how the cunt Dan Dawson who dresses like some fucker who just landed in Dover in a dinghy would tell us over and over how great Pinocchio was, and how she is the best female player in the world ? which was always an outright blatant lie which only the most mentally stunted people would lap up, so I posted this on twitter about her 2023 record in the PDC so far and this was the first reply

14 averages in the 70s or under,and another 14 in the 80s, mostly low 80s, she sure is having a lot of "off days".
As for her so called decent TV performances, lets have a look at some of them in the world Series where she was given invites she did not deserve
She averaged 73.84 when Maik Kuivenhoven battered live on TV.
She averaged 71.44 when Leonard Gates pummeled her 6-2 again on tv
or how about when she got beat by Gordon Mathers and she averaged 73.42
People are not buying the bullshit and the hype from clowns like Dawson, Sky, or the PDC anymore, it is quite clear when she averages under 90 she is not having an off day, as averages in the 70s and low 80s is her norm.
As for the best female player, she is 8th in the munter series after 4 events. If this was a bloke with those averages he would be called a jobber, and he sure as fuck would not have got the preferential treatment she has got. I know some muppet will say but they need to promote the munter's game, if so, then why not push the best munter players. Why leave out the players clearly better than her ? Is it because Beau a former World champion is too fat and not dyed blonde ? Is it because Ashton a multiple time world champion is too old ? Do they hate Japanese players who won multiple world titles also ? Surely if you are going to push the womens game you push their best players right ?  But no, they hype a player who has won zero world titles and is not even in the top 5 of the munter series, all because some lunatic at Matchroom Sport has a disturbing fetish for skinny flat chested dyed blondes who makes retarded claims how players bring their "A game" against her which was proven to be absolute bullshit.

Take a look at this clownshoe.
There are tourcard holders cheating on their wives, and in the premier league alone you have MvG who was mentioned in the tabloids trying to fuck some skank from Bradford whilst his then pregnant wife was sat at home, and another current Premier League player screwing around on his wife. The munter series is packed with lesbians, we have a caller who is openly queer, and I have no doubt a couple more players in the closet, and no one gives a flying fuck, so who gives a fiddlers fuck if some guy might have a BDSM dungeon ? BDSM is not my thing but its more normal that being queer and allowing some bloke fuck you in the ass. And before any woke prick cries about the word queer, ask yourself what does the Q stand for in LGBTQ. I bet this sexually repressed Bambi character is one of those people who would read stupid sex stories in rags like the old News of the world whilst complaining about deviant behaviour all the while secretly jacking off.
These repressed fuckers are trying to make anything different sexual wise is dirty, but remember sex is only dirty if its done right.
I was delighted to see Chizzy win the Baltic open euro tour, as that Luke Scumphries is one obnoxious and odious cunt. I was hoping after his defeat in the final the manic depressive was heading home to the nearest building suppliers yard to buy a length of rope. His amateur dramatics and posturing sicken me, his interviews nauseating, his delusions of grandeur would make for a great case study in extreme narcissism. This prick actually believes he is one of the very best. I have no problem with an arrogant cunt in darts if they were a top player who won proper Majors. That is why I loved Bristow, he was arrogant and proud of it but never tried to pretend he was a nice guy at the same time. This prick won a few euro tours, with many top players missing and he has the sense of entitlement that we saw in Bellyboy for a decade. He acts like he has won multiple majors and by fuck does he love the camera and the sound of his own voice.
FA Cup of darts my hole. I am sick of them showing the players we could see every week in the premier league on the main stage, it would be one thing to watch Mickey gout Smith against another decent player, but we got him against that earring wearing mongoloid fuck who has one of the worst tv records in the history of PDC.  I was surprised they did not pull out that ridiculous promo for Ian Shite where they said he "thrives under pressure". Its like watching the FA Cup and they keep showing the league winners Man city constantly every round against some jobber team from the Vauxhall conference or whatever that shit is called these days. There were vastly better games they could have shown, Yes I can watch all the streams but that is not the point. We can watch Bellyboy and Vermin Price every Thursday in the glorified invitational exhibition roadshow, and now they are hogging the main stage in this.
That said been some belting matches. Speed jobber Vinnie lost from 9-5 up. Schindler came from 5-0 down to win 6-5, Krusty, Clayton, Aspinall, Scumphries and Rob Cross among the top players. winning 10-9 games. Wade and Ando was class, and Wade wont lose many more playing like that, and as for the lazy sulk Ando, it still has a quality game in him, which makes it all the more annoying he is so fucking lazy and liable to do a Chizzy and come out next game and do a 90 average..Roll on another great 2 days of quality darts
As for the Premier League, I am already bored by it, its on, I watch when I can but its like watching that meaningless modus shit, its just there.No amount of ridiculous hype will make it any better.

I am sure I have made more than enough comments this week to upset those who cry endlessly about me, and make no mistake they will be back again next week to do the same thing all over again.

Friday, February 24, 2023



We have all heard and read how mushrooms rant on and on the PDC, how out of nothing but sheer spite and jealousy they like to find fault with everything, how the BDO, now WDF is the "official side of the game" as if this phrase mean a fucking thing to anyone who watches darts.
The mushrooms moaned about the Unicorn boards, how they were toy boards, and that is why is was so easy to hit 100 averages, yet when every begging cunt from the BDO went cap in hand to the Grand Slam they struggled on these so called "toy boards". How come the BDO beggar's did not clean up ? Personally I think Uncle Barry should have echoed the words of Olly Croft and said "we dont owe the players a living " to the beggars, who offered nothing.
There was even some mentally and physically cunt that even tried to use digital calipers to argue this point which was proven to be bullshit when others showed how the mutants experiment was skewed to say the least.

At this point some inbred chromosome imbalanced fuckwit will be scurrying to cry how Scott Waites won the event, the only player in the history of the BDO to do well and even then it took others to play below par and choke as Wade did in the final, and where is Mr potato Head now ? Slumming it in the lower levels of the PDC looking like a fucking crusty.

Then there was "the bubble is gonna bust", well that sure is taking a long time, and judging by the 8,000 that turned up in Dublin to watch a PDC event last night for what is nothing more than an invitational glorified exhibition it could take a bit longer as the prize money in the UK open increased, the Euro tour money increased, and the Munter series prize money doubled, I am gonna go out on a limb and say, the bubble does not look like bursting for a while.

The Mushrooms also love to complain about the fans. Its true a lot of them act like maggots, singing retarded chants, chucking beer around, at Ally Pally but when bitter little cunts fling out this shit how they are "not real fans. Yet look at those who are making this claim, sad bitter twisted mushrooms who never attend PDC event, and only ever watch the PDC on illegal streams and cry non stop about the PDC on forums, for those cunts who never paid a penny to criticize those that put their hand in their pocket is some level of zero self awareness.

However this PDC hatred, was not just confined to the ignorant BDO fans, but it included pub players, BDO officials, and even those who ran the shitty BDO. So to see Bo Selecta, husband to the horse braider who has a beard...in more was than one, that looks like it was drawn on, enter the muter Series in an effort to go seeking the PDC coin, she joins a long list of other sad bitter jobbers who all lost their imaginary principles and was soon rocking up to PDC events like the beggars they are.
Remember when that prostate holed spineless sack of shit Adams said in a tv interview how he would never play in an event run by Barry Hearn because of his imaginary principles ? I guess when his wife left him for a camera man, and Christ knows where she met him, certainly not at many bdo events , but when she left she must have took his principles with her, because soon after he was rocking up to the Grand Slam cap in hand begging for the PDC coin, and giggled his way to batterings. Remember how he would waffle on about "loyalty", where was that loyalty when he stabbed his so called best friend Olly in the back for his job and was even worse at it. Here is something you will never hear, a mushroom boasting , all the things he won before the split. because there was nothing. Zero.

Remember how Warty Montgomery, the BDO rule book fanatic would spout his illiterate musings about the PDC before he coughed up his money for Q-school, and him a Jock and you know how mean they are. Then there was the dead fat racist prick Fatz, who belittled those that were leaving for the PDC, or the stories from Judas Gregory who spoke how they encouraged him to come back to the BDO and when he returned got treated like shit., although he gets no sympathy from me.

The BDO is dead, thankfully, so now all that the mentally deranged mushrooms can do now is to try rewrite history or concoct the most elaborate fantasies of how some pub player that won a Bob Potter Cup like the gomey looking John Walton was the best player in the world that year and was better than Taylor, or Richie Burnett was better than Taylor, or the cross dressing  alcoholic  ex con Les Belly Wallace was better than Taylor.
When Gary Jobson or Tony O'Shite throw muck in modus or the seniors events, the excuse is its because they are now old, yet when spineless Adams spent well over a decade just trying to qualify for Lakeshite and failed, he needed the split to just get there, and then he had to wait another decade plus for everyone of note to leave so when he finally won a completely meaningless mickey mouse tin pot after quarter of a century...yes quarter of a century of dismal failure, suddenly the excuses was "he matured". How convenient, if they fail its old age, if they win its called maturing, and then they wonder why people laugh at the stupidity of these bdo simpletons.
Now these cross eyed halfwits have simply switched their adulation to the WDF, where every excuse is made to deflect from their stupidity, and lets be honest the WDF is just the BDO with a lick of paint, the same inbred parochial mentality is still rampant there in the rank and file.

I myself am very critical of the PDC in certain areas, and also of the DRA Nazi Party, but overall the game would be fucked at the top level if it were not for the PDC or more importantly the fans who turn up in their thousand to events, and mostly the founders of the WDC, which sadly a lot of those 14 players that risked it all are still not in the Hall of Fame and for that the PDC deserve ridicule. As said overall the good the PDC do far far outweigh the complaints, but you will never se those bitter mushrooms convey that.
So whenever I see some former PDC hating fucker coming cap in hand rocking up to a PDC event, I am gonna mention it.
Perhaps maybe I will be made to eat my words and Bo Selecta will rock up and hit huge averages.
Lets take a look at a video of all those times she won on tv

Watched this last night for the first time live, and Price fucked it away against MvG in the final after missing 7 match darts and by far the best player overall on the night. It was the first time he was a winner of any sort since last year. Bellyboy beat him in the Worlds, Cross battered him in the Masters and he cried afterwards about Cross, Sulked and never attended the Bahrain Masters, beaten by a fifty year old dressed like a clown in the Nordic Masters, lost in the previous 4 premier league nights, got beaten by Geert Nentjes and Brendan Dolan in the first 2 players champs, and sulked again and missed the next 2 players champs, and after one win  last night ran his mouth like he was back to his best.
As for Price, his new tactic to stop the crowd booing him and hurting his feelings is the Krusty approach of wearing the color Red in Wales and Green in Ireland. Will he wear Brown in Brighton to appease the shit stabbers ?
And then there is the Englishman and pretend Jock, Krusty rooted to the bottom of the table. As much as I would love to see him slide down the rankings to where he is joining Thornton in that over 50s senile shit, thankfully this glorified exbo is not a ranking event....nor should it ever be.

As for other darts shit, I had a busy week and not kept up with much, but did watch the euro tour tonight, and poor old Fatpot Lewis never seems to catch a break, losing out to perennial clogger Beaton who averaged 106. It was good to see hypoglycemic postman beaten by Wade, and enjoyed his interview afterwards, but goes to show how much the game has changed when those two are playing in the first round, and promised to be 2 more great days of darts.

Of course the munters shit is on this weekend, and saw a tweet saying its the record number of entries, not that I will entertain the slightest notion of watching that shit, but will check the averages and scores afterwards for what promises to make for hilarious reading.

Saw none of this, but saw earlier today that Saturday's final night has 3 players so far, and 2 of which are players I enjoy watching in Klaasen and Lauby, so might take a watch of this after the proper darts of the PDC finishes tomorrow night.

That's it for tonight, go another 2 hectic weeks coming up,

Saturday, February 18, 2023


Delusional Keith Dellers mental breakdown was cringey but entertaining . No one denies he won a deserved World title, at a time when the game was unified and he beat not just the world #1 in Bristow, but the world #2 and #3 in Jocky Wilson and John Lowe on his way to the title, and the newspapers used the headline "Killed Three", which is an anagram of his name. However he did not win a single other major in his career, and since then has being boring people to death with his incessant ramblings of his 138 checkout. After he won a game he started whining again, and one of his many complaints during the Senile shit was in an interview bemoaning pundits giving their predictions, its what pundits do ya short arse Napoleon complex suffering twat. I despise Nicholson and Murphy but that is what all pundits do. Even his son got involved on twitter making idiotic claims.
He never was in the top 32 for 20 plus years, and that's an outright lie, and Keith himself boasted how he "coached a player to a world title". If you are going to take credit for the work Lewis did, then by the same logic he has to take full responsibility for said player's dramatic fall from grace after he whored JackP&Ot for pittance on North Sea ferries to where a double World Champion is now at the stage where he cannot qualify for euro tours. Take credit for that douchebag !


1. In the John Part versus Darryl Fatton match, Part with 119 left went 25,T18 bull, was a sweet finish except he took out 129. The stupid ref called game shot, and then changed his mind. If the rule is that the ref calls game is that not game then ? How often have we seen players not hit a double and ref call game, as was the case for Ryan Searle, Phil Taylor and others down the years. I wonder if Part protested could he have claimed the leg ? It made no difference as Part returned and took out the 119 with the conventional 19, T20 Tops.

2. Why is the alcoholic bulldyke Trina Gulliver invited to the Senile Champions of champions that was announced during the Senile shit ? Is it cos she is a token munter ? If you were simply gonna pull that tokenism bullshit at least invite Ashton who is performing at a better level. What has Gulliver done other than boost the bar profits ? Or is it because she is also a rug muncher as well which licks  boxes...I mean ticks boxes ?

3. The stupid cunt doing the draw spoke about a seniors world cup and said "imagine an England team of Taylor and Adams". Why would Taylor and Adams represent England in some old farts pairs in a rip off of the PDC World Cup when English players like Howson and Painter have done more, got further and are higher ranked in this senile shit ? Do people today not question anything anymore and simply just lap up everything they are told ?

4. Why was the absolutely useless jobber cunt, and the biggest attention whore in the history of darts Scott Mitchell one of the favorites for the Senile World championships ? Lets look at his so called form. In the 2 years of having a tour card he won nothing. He failed to qualify for a single euro tour in those 2 years, let alone qualify for TV events like the Matchplay, Grand Prix etc. He is, was and will always be a complete jobber. He lost his tour card, and rocked up to Q-school and failed again. A history of abject failure. Even in the shitty BDO he won just one Bob Potter Cup that some useless cunt had to win regardless, and won nothing else. Seeing Thornton rip the fat cunt a new hole was a joyous thing.

5. Why would Robert Thornton ever consider doing q-school when he can rock up to this, collect £30k, pick up more coin winning the Senile Masters, turn up at the Modus Jobber Series, get paid for the day, win a week, pick up another £5k.

6. Why was Bobby George, who suffered back problems for years, and unable to straighten up forced to stand for the interviews ? Why the fuck can they not have 2 chairs in a studio like they did during the years the PDC used the venue. Not only would it be better for Bobby but from a visual standpoint it would look more professional. Having the poor bastard doubled over was a terrible look. On the topic of fucked up looking, what has Helen Chamberlain done to her face ? From now on I will be calling her Hells Bells Palsy.

7. Can someone explain to my why this new rule about the extra rough points being banned is going to take a year to implement in the PDC ?
It did not take a year to make up the new rules to ban Gerwyn Price's earphones, the rules were changed for that in no time.
Likewise look how the rules were suddenly made up and implemented  when the Honey monster battered Pinocchio in the munter Series and claimed the Ally Pally spot, the PDC only took a short time to change the rules to get the Human Pick Axe in.No fucking waiting a year then was there ?

Now on to the things I enjoyed this weekend in darts......not in any particular order.....

1. Seeing the fat farmer get tore a new hole 3-0 by Thornton. To quote the opening line from Endymion "A thing of beauty is a joy for ever".
Monday morning he was whoring himself out in the Modus Jobber Series on comms. So predictable, and it wont be long before Adams the spineless liar and Duff join Mitchell. How long before Modus start calling their shit a  World championships, seems some people will believe anything.

2. Watching that giggling prick, proven liar and spineless cunt Adams getting raped by a jobber yank 3-0. The obese racist Fatz will be annoyed in hell seeing his golden boy of England darts destroyed by not only a foreigner, but a black one. Stupid bastard was still giggling after his dry humping. I laughed also, as did Bobby George who also found it hilarious. Like Mitchell getting battered it was glorious.

3. The so called WDF "world champion" rocking up to an event of old cunts and jobbing. This was priceless.I saw this post on a forum which I liked. 

Its a valid point, could anyone see Taylor rock up and lose to the likes of Dave Whitcombe in the League of Legends back then throwing an average in the 80s whilst he was the reigning PDC champion ? Of course not, because he was a true World champion who had beaten the best in the World...the clue is in the word " World". Thornton and Duff are not world champions regardless of what the organizers of their respective comps might claim. Duff would not finish in the top 10 on the PDC challenge tour, never mind hold his own on the main PDC tour, and Thornton would not be winning that over 50 shit back to back if the likes of Peter Wright, Gary Anderson, Mervyn King, Simon Whitlock, Mensur Suljovic etc were in the field.

4. The Mushrooms unable to deal with the truth, and too emotionally stunted to accept they were wrong about their former heroes of Lakeshite were busy trying to cobble excuses together to account for the defeats of Spineless, Duff, Mitchell etc. There were no need for excuses, only the most ignorant and retarded people on this planets ever rated those glorified pub players in the first place because of a comp, that someone had to win, in a run down Salmonella centre. Even the most delusion kool aid drinking mental cripples are suddenly coming to realize those post split bdo jobbers were vastly over rated. When current WDF, and ex BDO  Chumps, turn up to get owned by a player not good enough to play in the top 128 of the PDC it shows how over rated they are. They can block me on twitter, change the topic, deflect the truth, or whatever tactic they choose, but the truth will always be the truth. If Duff is able to win the WDF shit at Lakeshite, but not able to win the senile shit it shows even the old farts tour is a tougher competition to win.

5. Hunchback MvG continuing his dismal run. His record in 2023
World Championships - Battered by Bellyboy
Bahrain Masters - Too upset to attend
Nordic Masters - Beaten by a guy dressed as a clown
Cazoo Masters - thrashed by Rob Cross and he started crying on media about Cross immediately afterwards.
Premier League Night #1 - Beaten by Dobey
Premier League Night #2 - Owned by Gerwyn Price
Players Championships #1 - Beaten last 128 by Geert Nentjes
Players Championships #2 Hammered by Brendan Dolan
Premier League Night #3 - Completely choked in a last leg decider against Aspinall
and has withdrawn from this weekends players championships

6. Seeing Darren Johnson, one of the thickest people in Yorkshire, and that is some achievement with the competition for that title, having the smirk wiped off his face by Phil Taylor who was even chucking rubbish himself. In that third set Taylor took out huge 161 to break, then started with a max and took the third set, after that Darren Jobber's hole fell out. I wonder if he still thought he was the main attraction in that match because he qualified and Taylor was only an invited player ?

7. Listening to Co Stompe and Roland Scholten on comms was a joy. Admitedly after listening to Nicholson all weekend the screams of angels being raped would sound pleasant in comparison. Unlike other insufferable cunts on comms these days like Pyke, Murphy, Dawson etc they at least played the game and came across quiet well.


This cunt Pascal Rupprecht is the new German Justin Pipe....every single round his game is the last to finish. On Monday with him tied 5-5 with Kevin Burness, Sedlacek and Barney started and Sedlacek was 3-0 up and that cunt Rupprecht was still 5-5. Sadly the cunt won and meant another long delay. Faster this prick loses his tour card the better.

Watched this on the first few days as it included some players I like,or at least only watched the games where those players were involved like Conan Whitehead, a player you don't know what you get with him. If his opponent plays shit he gets dragged down, if his opponent plays well he raises his game, the other player is Colin Osborne, the best player to ever come out of Middlesbrough. Before any cross eyed halfwit suggests Durrant is or was better, both of them have one single "premier event" in the PDC, and Osborne's event contained the then top 31 in the world, not selected invited players like Durrant got, and Osborne beat a prime Phil Taylor in the final also. Osborne won more ranking titles in the PDC than Durrant which is another fact, and Osborne also made it in to the PDC oom top 10 something Durrant never did on the 2 year list, don't bother me with that bdo shit Durrant won, mickey mouse rubbish. In one of Osborne's games I saw him do something I only remember seeing a few  times in many years of watching darts, Osborne was on a finish, and after 3 darts, all of which landed in the board, he left himself no finish. For those curious, he left 170, then scored  treble one, single one , treble one to leave 163.


The PDC announced increases in multiple events, The UK Open got a boost, as did the euro tour, and of course in this day and age of woke tokenism the munters money was doubled.

The euro tour is almost comparable to the WDF Lakeshite muck now, that is if the WDF don't decrease the money for this year. If you look at the pic below you will see 40 of the 48 players in WDF shit will earn less than their counterparts in the Euro tour.
Then factor in the amount of euro tours per year, which for 2023 is scheduled to be 13 in total.
Also the 48 players in a euro tour are a vastly superior standard to anything you will see thread the pissed soaked floor boards in the run down hotel.

I see that Linda Duffy who is now an Associate Professor in Sports Psychology did an article where she gave her opinion on why women are not as good as men in the game and never will be. I am sure some prick somewhere will want to get offended on behalf of a munter but wont be able to play the sexist card now....LINK HERE
Tommy Thompon gave his opinion on why he thinks England darts get less entries compared to Scotland and Wales, remember this is the guy who asked what is the difference in walking down the street in a KKK uniform and wearing a burka
I did not watch the Premier league this week, was out gallivanting., but i am looking forward to this weekends players camps, proper ranking darts

Still I am sure I typed enough things to irritate people who complain non stop about me but always return every week to read and complain about me and repeat the process.
On one forum where they are so desperate for posts, an equally as desperate mod who has noting in his pathetic miserable life since a beaked nosed bint with tits like 2 fried eggs left his obese arse is using my account to make posts pretending to be me in the hope it will boost their dismal post count. no surprise really considering the thread about this blog on there is busier than the Senile world champs, PDC premier League, Scottish open threads etc all COMBINED.