Friday, October 19, 2018

I should by right give the proven liar and useless cunt running the BDO yet another Knob of the Week award, but someone else deserves to get it for a change.
There is no doubt whatsoever the useless liar will win countless more in the near future.
That however does not mean I wont mention how the Jacklins went out to turkey to play in an event full of "smelly vile turkish people".
Those were his own words when describing the local people. Still what does he care while he is busy profiting from an event he runs and used his position as head of the BDO to promote using the very same BDO.Meanwhile the players sit in ignorance on what is happening, but fuck them players, the county boards etc, they were the ones who wanted him as chairman.
And what about Lakeshite ? Who knows, Seem Sportotal or whatever they are called are the ones supposedly sorting this mess out, so the ex waiter has washed his hands of it. Convenient that.

I seen some comments on social media where some "fanatics" are upset as they already booked the week at bobs hotel and now are crying because they are not sure its even happening. I have zero sympathy for those fucking morons.

The usual attention whores on fanatics have claimed they were given proof of Lakeshite happening, except these attention whores are lying, why would they know and the players not ?
I knew when the ex waiter took over things would be fucked up but never imagined it would be this bad....long may it continue.

This week the award goes to the hypoglycemic head shaking, lazy ex postman, who as I predicted last month, would do what he does every single year in late October or early November and announce he would do the full tour next year or be more active on it.
Sure enough the announcement came this week. This as always is a ploy for him to keep his name in the news, as his so called darting ability wont be doing it.

I don't know which is more sad, the lazy dutch cunt actually believing his own bullshit, or the simpleton fans actually buying that crap. Some dart fans still think he is a big name in darts. A lazy cunt that will only be remembered for his single world title almost 12 years ago.
He has not won a single PDC major ranking tv title since 2007.
The only events he has won in a decade have been non ranking things.I know some people will claim he won the Grand slam years ago, but that was a non ranking invitational event, and here is the part people seem to forget, the lazy cunt only qualified for that Grand Slam by one single route, and that was by winning the World Cup.
The very same world cup where MVG carried his diabetic arse, and the same World Cup that Barney should not have even been in since he only got in because that hunchback goblin cunt MVG had a hissyfit and had the rightful player in Jelle Klaasen forced out of the World Cup.
So Barney gets a free, undeserved entry in to the World Cup, gets carried by the best player in the world at present, and he gets into the GSoD.
Then getting undeserved entry into events is something the sweaty excuse making prick is well used to. Look at the Premier League.

If Jelle Klaasen was not such a sick perverted cunt,he would have joined MVG in the dutch team and Barney would have missed more than one Grand Slam.
But fortunately for Barney, MVG did not want anything to do with Klaasen and still to this day refuses to shake his hand. Odd that MVG had no problem shaking the hand of Phil Taylor who has a sexual conviction or the fact MVG had no problem shaking the hand of another sexual deviant in Ross Montgomery during the last Grand Slam, the same Montgomery who groped a woman live on tv during a Bob Potter cup.
Then MVG is a hypocrite.

For years simpletons tried to justify Barneys inclusion by spouting nonsense like he sells tickets in Holland, those days are long long since gone, the PDC have MVG.
If the Premier League can grow yearly despite them losing the greatest player ever in Phil Taylor, it most certainly can do without the lying sack of shit that is Barney,
Then this announcement is only to keep him in the news and put him in the mind of people for his next inevitable wildcard for the PL.
You will have that squinty eyed muppet Dave Clark and his annoying sidekick cunt Mardle try to bullshit us how he is one of the greats and morons will lap that shit up.
Of course if the PDC ever decide to leave the prick out of the glorified exbo that is the PL you just know Barney will announce his "retirement year" just like Taylor did and then get another undeserved spin in the PL the year after.
The Barney of 2007 was a joy to watch. This present day Barney is a disgrace, an unmotivated cunt who only seems to give a shit in the World Champs.
Faster he fucks off and retire the better.I believe this is his 4th year on the trot he has announced he is doing the full tour next year only to go back on his word.Next year will not be any different.
Here is the thing, I don't care if he does a Gary Anderson and skips events cos he is old or tired from diabetes, that is fine, its the bullshit every single year which we all know is bullshit that annoys the fuck out of me.
Do the tour or don't, make a decision and stick to it.

The World Series qualifier was on tonight and another example of how floor players and tv players are a different breeds.
Tonight saw Fatpot beaten by Tony Newell, even Bunting who had a 105 average had the snot pasted out of him by Keegan Brown who had a 116 average.
You just know Brown who qualified wont get within 20 points of that on tv come the world Series.

The good news was Justin Pipe, Jamie Cave-in, and Droopy James Richardson in his National front type shirt wont be gracing our screens. Neither will Kim Huybrects or his dad Ronnie who were both beaten by Maik Langendorf, on his way to qualifying.
Hunchbacks best friend , the elongated string of misery Vincent van der Voort went to a last leg decider in his match with that spaz Aaron Monk, and despite VvdV leaving 61 after just nine darts completely choked.

Good riddance to him as well. sick shit of VvdV and all his ailments. He is like the dutch version of Mervyn king with his bad back and medical issues.
What is it with Dutch people and them being the most depressing miserable cunts on Earth ?

Saw that Ross Smith in his match against Robert Thornton had 124 left and bust the score, but glad he went on to qualify, he is a player I dont mind watching, and was good to see Robert Thornton hitting some form in his matches.

Its amazing how the very same people who call Barney one of the greats who "deserves a PL spot", never give the same sort of respect to the likes of Robert Thornton, who has won majors in the last decade something Barney has failed to do.
Thorntons UK Open win one of the best runs ever in darts in my opinion, and he beat MVG in the final of his other Major, you dont see him or other players that won proper majors in the last decade like Wade or Adrian Lewis get the same preferential treatment that Barney gets. You dont see these people claim they deserve a PL spot, because those players  dont, and if they dont deserve it...and neither does Barney
Then as I always said there is a clique in darts and Barney is most certainly in it.

Last weekend Paul Nicholson had a go at Adam Smith Neale, the PDC jobber that popped along to Bridlington and won the BDO Masters.
When told that Smith Neale was now playing darts for "his county" Lincolnshire, Nicholson said Smith Neale should hang his head in shame. Nicholson said it was "fishy" how Smith Neale was now playing for the team run by the chubby ex waiter with the giant white plastic looking teeth. I heard everyone that turns up at a Lincoln game gets a free poster of Des and the Winmau director....whether they want it or not.

Friday, October 12, 2018

For all intents and purposes I could nearly rewrite what I wrote about the failures of the BDO from last week, since the BDO have done fuckall since then in relation to their "world pro".
In fact if anything they are in an even worse position now, since its now one less week available for them to sell tickets, and judging by the crowds they get at events not even all the milkmen in the UK could solve this problem.
Bobs hotel is the only venue that sells tickets, and even that is less busy each year, and if the fat liar running the BDO takes the "world pro" away from bobs hotel then their crowds will be as bad as was at the Masters.
The fat liar that runs the BDO spent another week ignoring the players and the fans again on social media while people like Deta Hedman were crying on social media. The lying cunt Jacklin was too busy promoting the Turkish open , a comp he stands to financially gain from.
Slowly but surely even the most retarded cunts in the BDO will see Jacklin for the lying scumbag I always said he was.
Still no sign of the sponsored he promised to bring in when he was voted in and  for this and all his other failing he again wins Knob of the Week. At this rate I cannot see anyone else getting close to winning it.

The highlight of last weekend for me has to be Adam Smith Neale. Here is a guy not good enough to get into the PDC top 128, and is currently 37th on the PDC secondary tour. He goes to the Masters, and wins it. I read that he worked in a slaughter house. Well last weekend he slaughtered the fuck out of everyone in the BDO.
As an unseeded player he battered 5 seeds, including the BDO #1 Phatom of the Opera Glen Durrant, the BDO #2 Scabies Arm Mark McGeeney, and the BDO #3 the queer looking coal scavenger Jim Williams. Smith Neale beat them all, and over the longer distance. I personally enjoyed watching bells palsy shit himself in the final. Any wonder that mutant declared himself BDO for Life, he would be raped in the PDC with a frail mental state like his.

Other things of note in the Masters.
Scott Waites was caught cheating.In his match with Williams. In the third leg of the first set, he started with 2 maximums to be on the 9 darter, he scored a total of 60 in his third visit to leave 81.
With 81 left he went 19, treble 9 single 9 to leave 26 after he miscounted. The ref saw it, he even called out the score of 55 to be taken from the score of 81 he called before Waites threw
The viewers saw it, the score on the scoreboard reflected it.
At this point Williams who had 139 left  hit treble 20, treble 13 to leave tops, but he too miscounted as he went for double 16 which he missed.
Comms acknowledge that both Waites and Williams miscounted.
Waites then returned for 26 which he knew he had left, the scoreboard showed he had left., and suddenly the ref decides to call 36 left, which Waites knew was wrong and said nothing.
Checkout the cheating bastard here at 3.29.10. I am glad he wont be at the Grand Slam

The cheating cunt Waites then had the nerve to have a go at that begging bastard Parletti who Waites claimed was stepping over the oche.
The ref was utterly clueless, Parletti acted like a wimp and the comms were morons.

The self groping attention whore, obese farmer Scott Mitchell in his match against Bells Palsy had me laughing when the old woman in the audience shouted out and could be heard quite clearly since the crowd was so bare and quiet. She shouted "Cmon Scott" to which the attention whore farmer replied quiet clearly " I am trying my tits off mate". see video at 5.14.32

Another comedy moment was little Richard telling the crowd they "are too quiet" ...I shit thee not.
He followed that up with "ye can talk when the players are throwing".....fucking morgue it was.

On the topic of a PDC jobber winning the Masters, the other good part is that this is the second year running the second biggest prize in the BDO has gone to a PDC jobber who is using it to cover himself doing the PDC tour.
I bet the poisonous little groping Warty Montgomery will be seething over that. We all know how that hypocrite cunt does not like PDC players taking BDO coin, even though he himself had no problem taking the PDC coin when he came begging in the Grand Slam of Darts.

A mention for that choking cunt Krusty. I never expected him to beat the hunchbacked goblin MVG but if ever there was a chance for him to take advantage it was the final last Saturday. Despite one of the worst performaces by MVG in a long long time, Krusty stiull shat his load.
Listening to that thick cunt Mardle making excuses was cringey, saying Wright was playing bad because MVG playing so poorly put him off.

Friday, October 5, 2018

I was wondering today what the great Bob Anderson  must be thinking after the events leading up to and including this complete clusterfuck  of a "Masters". Bob the only man to ever win 3 Master titles, when they actually meant something before they started seeding players.
To see it now is absolutely hilarious from my point of view.
As mentioned in the previous weeks,no sign of these sponsors the lying cunt Jacklin promised to bring in. There was no television coverage. The chubby ex waiter and chairman of the BDO spent his time still avoiding the questions of the so called fans only popping up on social media to promote the Turkish Open.
So how did the liar promote this " Major" ? He oversaw the release of the promotional poster for the 45th Masters.
Take a look at this eyesore

How vain is this cunt that he would put himself on the poster. Did he seriously think his ugly mug and some winmau director on a poster would sell tickets ? How did that work out ? He must have thought there was no need for milkmen now.
Then there was the masters program. Look at the MC's name.
Or what the players won....seemingly Scabies Limb Mark McGeeney won the runners up at Bobs hotel.
It says Scabies arm won the masters, except he never did.

Winmau was just as inept with their website when they posted this

The promotion for this event was non existent.
No new sponsors
and as was witnessed, no crowd. What turned up could have arrived in a minibus. Where are all these"bdo fanatics" ?
Then there was the action, the dozen fans in attendance got to witness Gary Jobson win a match with an average that just crept over the 80 mark.
Wesley Harms got beaten by a player called Mordica who had a 75 average. Mordica who looked like a pensioner a tribute to the bdo conveyor belt.Any player with a backbone , a set of balls or any pride is out the gap and on his way to try Q-school.
The self groping farmer Scott mitcheel kept pausing on commentary when he was discussing "lakeshite". A number of times he used the term "world pro" instead of saying Lakeshite, even claiming that the Pole Kcuik was "world pro bound".

The Turkish open was even promoted on the comms today. The liar that runs the BDO is pushing an event he stands to profit from while ignoring the questions on the "world pro", if that does not tell even the most blinkered moronic fan what he is like nothing will.

Some of the highlights of the week were the World Pro qualifier. Players like the Pole qualifying for an event no one knows if its even happening. and if it is where its happening and how much the prize money is, and if its on tv.
My favorite highlight of the week was hearing that Martin prostate hole Adams lost in the qualifiers. He was barely gone before some mentally retarded simpleton on twitter was calling for the bearded prick to be given a wildcard.

Martin Adams spent over a decade just trying to qualify for lakeshite prior to the split, and only managed to qualify because of the split. Some coincidence that.
He won nothing at lakeshite  for another 12 year as he was too busy being Barneys bitch, and in yet another amazing coincidence as soon as Barney and others left for the PDC the bearded cunt won a lakeshite.His first Lakeshite came almost quarter of a century after he first tried to qualify.
One bdo fan claimed Adams won Lakeshite at such an old age because he has "matured".

One player who did qualify for Lakeshite if it happens was Andy Hamilton, the guy who could not win a game in the PDC.
He turned up on the bdo tour and despite missing around 5 months of the year and its qualifying events but still managed to qualify for Lakeshite over players like Adams, Hankey, Waltom, Fordham etc...tells you how shit the standard is in the BDO. Still I am sure someone can claim Andy Hamilton has "matured" like prostate hole did.

I saw on twiter one fan claiming Adams did not qualify because the field was so strong, yet a pdc jobber in Hamilton qualifies.
Check out this pic of the crowd during the Daniel Day match...he was one of the seeds that went out with a 75 average,

The one player who did play well today was the carpenter Scott Waites, although I did laugh when comms said it was the highest televised average in the master under its current format.
Except it wasn't since it was NOT ON FUCKING was on a stream.
I would be typing for the week if I were to mention every mistake made, from the BDO posting the wrong line up of players, spelling mistake, and numerous other cock ups. I have not mentioned.


Now for the proper darts of the PDC.

In a normal week the collapse by Mincer Sulovic from 3-0 up in sets would have been worthy of a Knob of the Week award, but such is the competition from the bdo that the PDC and its players cant get a look in.I even mentioned it on a forum at 3-0 down that Krusty the clown was going to win.

At least Mincer got into a lead, unlike that useless cunt James Wade who was atrocious. Last weekend he lost his spot in the top 10 and I cannot ever see him getting back, his days are well and truly over as a comp winner, and have been for a while.
Even fatpot who is further down the rankings at least appears to give a shit. Wade along with that miserable dutch cunt Barney are done and if I never saw them in the latter stages of an event again it would be too soon.
It was not like Wade had one bad game, in the 2 floor champs last weekend he lost on friday in the first round and on Saturday in the second round. His attitude stinks. Same can be said for Joe Cullen.
In his match, Cullen was on a finish, Ron the Bomb hit a 171, Joe shit himself and lost the leg and completely gave up.

A mention for the biggest cunt of the week at the Grand Prix in Gurney. Here is a prick who loves to act like he is always the victim.
Last year in this event he got in the face of Shitlock and shoulder barged him, this year he got in the face of Meulenkamp.
Then has an issue with Gary Anderson who came across like a sulking cunt. Its no coincidence the pot bellied unionist cunt is even despised by the Irish fans.
Then the Irish fans booed Vermin Price as well....sensible fans.

Normally the thought of the hunchbacked goblin MVG winning a major in the PDC sickens me, but with Ando having the UK Open, CLoD and the Matchplay and Cross with World title, I dont mind him winning his first proper ranking major of the year, as I cannot see the John Wayne Gacy impersonator turning him over.

Friday, September 28, 2018

Six years today was the first ever Knob of the Week. At the time Popcorn teeth and prostate hole and money hungry begging bastard Martin Adams were just a year in to their role after ousting the pensioner Olly Croft. He was stabbed in the back because he only had Lakeshite and the Masters on BBC, and Popcorn Teeth and prostate hole believed they could do so much better.Back then prostate hole was slagging the PDC and saying he would never play in a PDC event run by Uncle Barry. By the time he too was booted off the board, and dumped by the wife, he soon changed his tune and would eventually do a 180 (excuse the pun) and come crawling to Uncle Barry for the PDC coin cap in hand in the type of begging that would make Dave Parletti proud.

With just over a week til the start of the "Masters", not a peep from the liar running the BDO on what or if there is any TV for this. Most unlikely now.
I say liar because that is exactly what he is. He openly stated he had no intention of taking over the BDO which was a lie.
Promised to bring in sponsors if people voted for him, and no sign of these sponsors, so again a liar.
Spoke about transparency and open discussion, and now he avoids BDO members asking questions proving yet again he is a total liar.

Still no official comment on whether their "World Pro"...still laugh at that happening at Bob Potters hotel.
Not a mention about a sponsor for this event, so much for Des's sponsors, and no mention of TV for this event either.

Last weekend there was mickey mouse event on as well. I saw that Gary Jobson reached the semi finals averaging in the 70s...yes 70s and his opponent in the semi final was Richard Veenstra, who got their winning his quarter final with a 75 average beating Dave Ladley who averaged in the 60s.The only reason I saw this atrocious shit was because the proper darts, on the BBC was on its break between sessions.
Later that evening Gary Anderson and Michael van Gerwen were playing out a thriller live on BBC in a comp that was littered with more 100 plus averages than the BBC ever saw in its entire broadcast history.
Meanwhile over on the youtube stream for the bdo shit, there was old women clapping out of time to come on eileen in an almost empty hall. If that was not an indication of the gulf and divide between the codes nothing is.

I see the "new" BDO website has a front page of that bells palsy chicken shit Durrant on it with the caption "living the dream".
When I first saw it I laughed like a cunt. How in the blue fuck is he living the dream ?
Only last week he was agreeing with some county jobber on the mess surrounding entrants in a comp.
He committed himself to the BDO for life ..and it must seem like a life sentence,  since he lacked the balls and backbone to play PDC and now he does not even know if Lakeshite is happening, but if it does what pittance of a prize fund will he be playing for.
The bdo are quick to spew their shit about contracts and players honoring them, but the bdo have to keep their end and provide the same money.If the rumors are true and Bob Potter is refusing to stump up the prize fund the BDO are in serious trouble.
They simply cannot afford to subsidize it for more than one year, its simply unsustainable.
I hope it all goes tits up. Fuck the bdo and the scum in it, with their threats and actions, their delusions of grandeur, and their equally as moronic supporters.
The game is up, they know it themselves but are too stubborn to admit it.
Never mind Knob of the Week, at the rate the BDO are going I could do a daily write up.
In fact part of me thinks is it even worth continuing it because with these morons in charge of the BDO every week is a foregone conclusion they will win it, and the PDC or its players cant get a look in.

A mention for the hunchback MVG, always a delight to see the vile cunt get beat and to witness it twice in the same day a pleasure, then its not the first time he lost twice in this comp . In fact the hunchback cunt has played 12 matches in this comp in its history and lost 6 of them. Sadly he did not cry again like he usually does like when Phil Taylor wiped the floor with him in the past.
That 140 checkout from Ando was a kick in the bollocks when the smug dutch prick thought he had completed the comeback.
The painted spastic Krusty turning him over was an added bonus.To think some people thought MVG was in the same league as Taylor. the same Taylor that used to own the dutch cunt. The same dutch cunt that; lost in the World champs, lost in the UK Open, lost in the Matchplay, lost in the CLoD, and his only comp this year of note is the Premier League, and that is a non ranking glorified exbo.
Today the hunchback lost to Madars Razma in the players champs, which was the first players champs in almost 2 years that had all ten of the Premier League players taking part in it.

You can tell why Wade and Headshaker are in the shit, both out first round today, Wade is defending a heap of money and looks like a first round casualty in the Grand Prix on current form, and Barney has been fucked a long time and he is never getting back in the top 10 ever again.

Was a grim day of results today, Max Hopp winning an event is bad enough but look at the dross he beat.
Desperate Dan lookalike Alan Norris who is atrocious and lost last night 6-0 in the Euro tour qualifiers, Davy van Baelen...a fucking nobody, Mongo Hughes who makes chizzy seem sensible, the obese Jobber Jermain Wattimena and lastly soggy biscuit James Wilson. A who's who of floor jobbers. There is not a single one of them you would ever want to watch on tv. This only reinforces the point I made last week about the difference between floor players and TV players.

This weekend the WDF Europe Cup is on.
This is the event where giants of the game like Malta take on other countries like Jersey...yes Jersey is now a country according to the WDF. There has been matches where teams averaged in the low 40s. All this taking place in a leisure centre.....remember how mushrooms would slate the PDC for using leisure centres for their floor champs.
Wayne Williams, the beta cuckold husband of Popcorn teeth was even there, must be using the bdo expense account again. Maybe he is now calling to the homes of dart forum admins on mainland Europe. He can write the expense up as a fact finding mission, much like his wife did when she used the bdo funds to visit Las Vegas.
The 642 people out of a global population of over 7 billion who watched this certainly have a warped sense of humour.
Read that Scott Mitchell went out in the last 32 in the singles to some Nordic jobber, wonder will he be tweeting that later and tagging everyone in his tweet as usual....wait...he only tweets when he wins and then it is a major.
What will we ever do when the BDO is gone. The unintentional comedy they have provide for the last 2 decades has been something else.

Who would have thought that years ago when the scum of the bdo were issuing threat sagainst me and saying this blog was going to be deleted , taken down etc, that it would not only still be going today, but has been reporting on the fuck up after fuck up by the bdo, to the point where this blog might even outlast the bdo.

Friday, September 21, 2018

Less than 2 weeks before the competition the bdo call a "Major", the winmau Masters starts, and no sign nor mention if this is even being televised. I am not even sure what connection winmau still has with this. The cretins who spouted this "progress under Des" have since gone quiet.
There is some mickey mouse 2 bit shit of an event on this weekend in the BDO so will be curious to see if the chubby ex waiter will do what he did in previous comps and stay in a chalet for most of the weekend avoiding players and fans who are sick to death of having their questions on things like Lakeshite being ignored.
Speaking of that, the new BDO website that would take a couple of hours to update seemingly happened , even if the "couple of hours" ended up being nearly a whole fucking week. No mention where their "World Pro" is being held either. Of course no mention of a sponsor let alone a tv deal for that either.Good luck getting any type of crowd away from bob Potter rundown hotel.
No sign of the sponsors the lying fat ex waiter promised when he made his bullshit declarations when he was looking for votes to replace popcorn teeth. Then he is a proven liar, so anything that comes out of his vile mouth cannot be taken as truth, like when he publicly stated he had no intention of taking over the BDO.

To think Olly Croft was stabbed in the back and ousted by prostate hole Adams and Popcorn teeth, because the BDO only had the Masters and Lakeshite on BBC, the BDO have gotten so bad that if they had that now it would be a dream come true. I often wonder if Olly is hanging on to see the BDO die.
I remember reading on forums and social media, and even said myself there will never be anyone as useless as Popcorn teeth, I am not so sure now, the Jacklins could not only be on a par, they might be even worse.

A mention for Deta Hedman this week who is either suffering the early stages of dementia, bought the bullshit her lapdog fed her, or really is fucking retarded, check out what she spouted here
Deta Hedman's mental illness

I love how they mention the number of mickey mouse titles she won, but omits the Lakeshite ones she choked in.
She hilariously thinks the munters are as good as the men ...really ?
The best munter player is Lisa Ashton, who wins events at a canter, and in her last 30 matches she has not hit an average in the 90s, they were all well below that. How in the blue fuck are women as good as men ? The only thing the munters can do as well as the men is grow moustaches, horse pints and haul fat bellies around.
This comment from here had me laughing
"It's a natural thing that the women’s game gets bigger now too."
The only thing getting bigger in munters darts are the heifers playing the game.

And the mental illness of a Munters Premier League...seriously, who in their right mind would dare to produce that shit, let alone watch it.These munters think there are like womens tennis where they can attract viewers.
Womens tennis had beautiful athletic and talented girls like Anna Kournakova ,darts had fat ugly useless things like Anca Zilstra and Julie Gore. Could the gulf be any wider ?
When the 2 munters who qualify for Ally Pally bomb, which make no mistake will happen, the only plus side is all the media attention will only serve to highlight how shit they really are, and the reality and truth might eventually start to sink in with the munters.

On the topic of useless bdo cunts playing in a PDC event, this leads me to Uncle Barry and his Grand Slam of Darts.
Uncle Barry has been superb for Darts but he really has got to sort out this competition.When you have a situation where a double World champion in Adrian Lewis, and multiple Major winner James Wade are not in the Grand Slam but Gary Jobson is, you know how utterly retarded things are.

Remember when that mentally and physically stunted Scottish groper Warty , and the attention whore farmer Mitchell use to cry about PDC players should not be allowed in BDO ranking events ? That's right they objected to that, so why in the fuck are the PDC inviting useless bdo shit into a PDC ranking event. The bdo scum that enter are not only hypocrites, but money hungry grabbing cunts.
Although to be fair,for the likes of Gary Jobson it could be his biggest payday in years.Says a lot when BDO jobbers have to depend on the PDC to survive for income.
As it stands, players like Fatpot and Wade who made PDC ranking finals this year are missing out, but we get the begging bastard Dave Parletti, the useless Wesley Harms,etc depressing.
It is years since a bdo player made a last 8,so why are these cunts being invited back.
In the last 4 years of 8 bdo players each year just the one single player hs managed to win a knockout match .Even if the bdo scum had an ounce of talent they should not be allowed in a PDC ranking event, as I said earlier, PDC are not allowed in BDO ranking events.
Christ only know what jobbers will qualify from the PDC qualifiers for the GSoD.
Here is another problem that needs addressing, history has shown for the most part a lot of floor players who can win in an empty leisure centre in Barnsley or Wigan or whatever northern shithole they are in, inevitably are then shit on TV.

TV competitors should be selected on performances made on TV. Look at the players who were dominant on the floor over the years, Mark Walsh, Justin Pipe, Wayne Jones, Ian White etc....these guys were utter shit on TV.
There should be no qualifiers in a leisure centre for the Grand Slam. If they need players select those who lost in PDC tv finals, and if that's not enough euro tour losing finalists, or even the order of merit., but fuck floor comps where some cunt like Kirk Shepherd draws a guy like Barrie Bates for a spot to play Justin Pipe. No one wants to see these cunts stinking up an event, bad enough we have to tolerate the bdo shit for the early rounds til they get sent packing. 

Anyhow this weekend sees the Champions League of Darts.
I saw one bitter mushroom cunt claim it was only a exbo, which is true, in fact its a non ranking glorified exbo at that, but tells you how the BBC view BDO darts, when they dumped the BDO for a non ranking glorified exbo.

Tonight on facebook, Phantom of the Opera posted this on his own facebook which was supposedly written by a cheshire player.
 "I seriously don't ever think I've been as angry at a BDO event than I am right now. £20 we paid for pairs! Wait 15 minites for a marker that doesn't turn up! Go to control and what do we get told "FIND YOIR OWN MARKER" what a piss take! So we were angry we were annoyed so we wait...and wait....and wait and Guess what.. no volunteer marker. So some lady with the other two players goes up and kicks off to be told tell them to pay for a marker  (Head EXPLODED). By this point my heads gone! We loose the game 3-1. I go to control for 20 minutes arguing complaining moaning my arse off that we aren't marking as nobody gets scrapped for it. To be told I'd be brought the rules. The 'official' come back with no rules but wiping their eyes!! Completely ignores me..lets two bdo 'pros' by the side of me back into the comp after being called 3 times and scrapped from the event. I walked away in disbelief knowing that nothing would be sorted...FUMING! But seeing why these idiots are so far behind the PDC! Never have I been so angry at an event and this is also missing details out as I've ranted enough!!".

Fuck off you ugly bells palsy cunt, afterall you were the one kissing your shirt and citing BDO for life when you shit yourself and committed yourself to the them.
Are you expecting people to sympathize with you or your "friend" now ?
If you are unhappy, or if your friend is unhappy, then leave. or does your friend lack the balls to join the PDC like you did ?
This is not the first time draws were rigged, rules changed , preferential treatment given etc in the bdo, so why act like this is something new.
Anyone in the BDO deserves the shit they get.

Friday, September 14, 2018

Just when you think the chubby waiter surely could not be as stupid as Popcorn teeth was, the useless cunt shows he can be equally inept. Who would have guessed ?
The retarded cunt or is it his "wife" bo selecta, as we cannot be sure since the chairman of the bdo allows the munter to use the same facebook page wrote on tuesday, which brings up another question of why is the BDO chairman allowing a munter to post on the same page. Surely each should have their own.

Sure enough they fuck it up, its almost saturday and still no sign of this new site.
On Wednesday the simple cunts posted this ......again showing how utterly stupid the cunts are.."prepairing"

Sure enough , was not long before a simple minded mushroom who weighs about 33 stone, who felt personally attacked decided to reply to my comments on one of the 2 darts forums I post on.. The mushroom implied I also make typos.
That is true, however my typos are done out of sheer laziness, and unlike the bdo I do not claim to be "professional" nor is my blog a representation of what hilariously calls itself a world body.
Just because I appear illiterate through laziness does not mean the BDO get a pass.
The website is a clusterfuck, A dead alcoholic midget would build a better website.

3 weeks to go today til the "Masters" starts and no surprise  that there is no TV announced for this shit, and no sign of the mysterious sponsor the chubby waiter promised to bring if if he was made chairman either. Anyone surprised ? thought not.

No mention of where the 2 bit shit of a comp they call the "world pro" is being held either.
Seemingly details on this event were due to be posted on the new website last Wednesday, and that has no TV scheduled, no venue sorted it seems as there are rumors that Bob's shack wont be holding darts version of the special olympics.The so called fans who have constantly been asking on facebook are still being ignored, while the waiter privately used the old bdo website to push his own personal agenda and events.

Even the mushrooms who defended the bdo earlier in the week have gone quiet..

The England classic was on last weekend, and saw a bit on youtube. What a fucking joke that was. It looked like it was played under a stairs in the dark, and these cunts wonder why any respectable tv company wants nothing to do with their shit. Though to be fair, I think during all munter's matches the lights should be turned off, along with the stream.
Anyhow on to the real darts.

Laughed like a cunt when Willie O Connor beat hunchback 6-1 last weekend at the Euro tour.
Not Willies first victory over him either. Willie now has more victories over MVG than the likes of Spineless Adams has.
Enjoyed seeing Vermin Price come from 5-1 down to draw level at 5-5 last weekend and completely choke in the last leg and go out and see his seething face.
Max Jobb the teutonic jobber, led 5-0 and lost 6-5. his face as Ross Smith took out 160 for the win was priceless.
The cunt Aaron Monk who ran his mouth and said Ian White was not fit to tie his laces, he then lost to Ian White, who went on to win the event. Fuck off Monk you dickhead. You will always be the whiny little shitbag kid who cried like a bitch on tv when your jobber dad with a mouth like a goldfish was getting his arse handed to him on Bobs piss soaked floorboards in surrey year after year.
Bulking up and doing weights and walking like a pigeon(left leg, right shoulder) wont ever convince anyone otherwise.

Seeing Hunchbacks best friend the dutch version of "bad back Mervyn King" lose tonight was also funny. He led 4-1 against Steve Beaton and lost.

And lastly, Paul Nicholson who did comms tonight for the PDC Euro tour seemed to be in super crawling mode tonight. He must realize that there might be no chance for him to be doing comms in January at Potters Temple of Feces, since as mentioned that event is looking more unlikely.

I wonder which mushroom will be the first to complain about the number of typos I made tonight, including deliberate ones

Friday, September 7, 2018

No one can ever accuse me of being sexist as I have given Knob of the Week to women, or in most cases those things that have female written on their birth certificates,.This week sees the first transgender winner of the award, an honour not to be "sniffed" at.

Kevin McDine got a 2 year ban from the PDC for "snorting cocaine " 2 nights before a PDC world championships qualifier back in November 2017. Some people have complained it was very harsh, and the buckled looking coal scavenger Richie Burnett only got 18 months when he got caught.
Thing is McDine knew it was against the rules and still did it so the ban is deserved.

I first read about it on the forum DoubleFinish, a forum that hilariously calls itself a Darts Forum.
The member who posted the link to the daily star citing McDines ban just so happened to be the same member who once accused Nathan Aspinal of being a cocaine user.
The member claimed he witnessed this when he was marking for the PDC, and despite there being no proof this ever happened it did not stop the member posting it like it was fact, where now the player's reputation is completely tarnished  to the point  where other forums made aware of the claims have picked up on the accusation.
After Aspinal's win in the Players championships this  wednesday , the references to the cocaine allegations appeared again..
No doubt when the obese owner of that forum reads here, which he always does I suspect he will be in a rush to edit the posts on his forum to pretend said accusations were not made. It will take the fat cunt weeks to remove them all.

As for McDine, I have no sympathy for him, if he put as much effort in to his game then he might not be such the jobber cunt he is and who wont be missed. The daily star article did annoy me though with their usual attempts to sensationalize things. The way the headline used the term "boozy night out" in the negative sense was utterly retarded. Almost every cunt who goes out for the night has booze,they are the best nights out ffs.

Anyhow on to the BDO and is lying bastard of a chairman. Still no sign of this mysterious sponsor the chubby waiter promised to bring in if he was voted in on the board. Surely he did not make up shit to get his turn to put a nail in the bdo ?

This week the PDC announced on twitter that the new 2019 calendar would be announced in 24 hours, and sure enough 24 hours later said calendar was published.
The BDO announced details on Bob Potters Piss Extravaganza would be announced this week, and nothing came.
When the PDC say they will do something, they do it, the BDO just make announcements of announcements and then go in to hiding when the mushrooms ask for answers..

No mention of a sponsor for the January Jobber Jamboree, no sign of TV, no mention on the prize money, there is no news if the event is even taking place.
I am sure Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant is delighted he is BDO for life....which must feel like a life sentence.
They say a picture is worth a thousand words and this image from the Vizcaya Open last weekend says even more

Wes Newton, the black hole of entertainment who was so shit in the PDC and lost his tourcard, reached the semi final of this event. If that is not an indication of how shit the standard is I dont know what is. Would be hilarious if he qualified for Bob Potters live comedy festival in January only for the event to not be going ahead.
As for the mushrooms who were last week spewing shit like "progress under Des" they seem to have gone quiet, what a surprise eh ?.
Meanwhile in the PDC , they made a load of changes to the UK Open, announced an increased prizefund and now all 128 tour card holders get entry to the event, so no more qualifiers for those tourcard holders who could have lost out.
In place of the 6 UK Open qualifiers the PDC is running 2 more players championships weekends, with 4 more comps offering 10k to each winner on each day.
Thats right, the lowest rated comps in the PDC give out 10k, that is more than every single competition in the bdo bar the Masters and Lakeshite....and for all we know that prizefund is going to be cut drastically.
But the real beauty of the new 2019 pdc calendar is not what is on the list, but what is not on the list.
Thats right, no mention of a womens tour thank fuck.
In this day and age where bitches and their beta males are demanding equal rights and pay in every walk of life it is refreshing to see the PDC wont be bending over for munters and giving the mostly useless cunts who not only look awful but throw utter shit their own tour in the PDC.
As Uncle Barry always said the PDC is a players tour, not a mens tour, if the women think they are as good as the men  then they can join the same tour,
You wont see the PDC dilute their product or waste their money, or piss off their millions of fans showing fat munters and their 42 dart legs.


Mentions for the following.

Jabba the Cyclops Caven who got raped yet again this week in the PDC players championships.
How is that income of yours coming along now you cunt ?

Mervyn King. After getting beat by Cristo Reyes last weekend in the Euro tour  he got upset because Cristo celebrated winning. King then took to facebook to whinge and openly claim he hoped Cristo would lose his next match , what a pathetic cunt King is.