Saturday, March 2, 2024



It's no secret how much I dislike MvG, why wouldn't I when he makes it so natural for people to despise the rubber lipped mongoloid hunchbacked cunt. This is  guy who sat on his huge fat hole and allowed himself to get fatter and fatter, a cunt that seems to develop a cough or a fit of sneezing when he is behind in games behind his opponents back., a guy that when his wife was pregnant with his child he was trying to fuck skank slappers in Bradford. An arrogant and obnoxious odious  prick with delusions of grandeur and a condescending bastard, that whenever he loses in a final I take joy in watching him standing there humped over with his mouth wide open catching flies. 

This week he let his mouth run amok as usual and showed what a complete tit and delusional prick he really is. In an interview earlier this week for PDC Europe when asked who he thought was the greatest darter of all time. ''The greatest is Phil Taylor,'' Van Gerwen had to admit. But when asked who is the best ever, a different answer came. ''That's me.".

This baldy delusional prick actually claimed to be the best. No one can deny he in his prime was a great player, but the only people on this planet who would put hunchback above Taylor are inbred morons who obviously never were around to watch the career of Phil Taylor.  The baldy prick has a mere 3 World titles to Taylor's 16, Hunchback has a mere 3 Matchplay titles to Taylor's 16. There is no comparison, Taylor batters him in almost every department, from comp wins, head to heads, highest comp averages.

This obese wife cheating prick was even made cry live on TV by Taylor more than once, he was even given a whitewash by Taylor in a World championships, in fact not only is MvG not the best ever, he is not even in the top 2 of all time as Bristow was vastly superior as well.

This week the Sun Newspaper,an absolute rag and joke of paper that is only good for riling up grief mongering scouse gits claimed MvG has the second most world titles after Taylor, seems Bristow has been removed from their history. John Lowe who also has 3 world titles was also ignored.

how can anyone forget John Lowe, the man who along with Leighton Rees thought a comb over was a fashionable style. Today that trend is being carried on by Callan Rydz and Luke Fatter.

People who never watched Taylor and think MvG is the best will never grasp how good Taylor was, and likewise those who only saw Taylor and MvG and never saw Bristow will not appreciate how brilliant he was. Some people ignorant as fuck think a quick google search and a peruse of his averages makes them an expert, and will judge his career on "averages" not factoring in the older boards with the smaller trebles, that were surrounded by thicker wires and big staples and darts that were far thicker.

How as ever, MvG decided to run his dicklicker, claim to be the best ever, and then gets humped in the first game of the Premier League, and turns up at the UK open and jobs to Mensur Suljovic, the same Mensur Suljovic that shat himself on the Ally Pally stage to pinocchio Fallon Sherrock a couple of years ago.

Remember when MvG went about running his mouth how "people fear me" is that working out ?

Also last weekend MvG was discussing another fat cunt in Luke Fatter and uttered this nonsense  "I've seen a lot of kids in his position drift off. So I don't think that's good for the sport."

Maybe I missed it, but who was the last kid to reach a world final at 16, or won a PDC World Series title at 16 or won a main tour ranking players championship at 17  and then "drift off". What other kid was in his position ?
Oh wait, it never fucking happened, just yet another case of Hunchback MvG running his dicklicker yet again..I cannot wait for this mongoloid Dutch prick to fall away, telling anyone that is stupid enough to listen how people fear him.


The Belgian Orphan managed to pick up yet another fine of the DRA Nazi Party this week, and as usual played the victim, not even a  Jewish scouser could hold a candle to this cunt for victim persecution complex. Seems he threw a punch at Mike De Decker who did not even smack the cunt back. Crybrechts thinks he is a hard man, I had facecloths tougher than this prick, his wife seems to be no better and loves getting involved. Remember how during the world Cup Crybrechts played the victim against Van den bergh and even then there was talk of their wives arguing.

Is it any wonder Crybrechts and Van den Bergh act like bitches, as both were born with bitches names, over here Barbara and Kim are women's names . 

Crybrechts  once got fined a grand by the DRA Nazi Party back in 2015 over an altercation he had with a load of ex bdo players in Steve Douglas, Robbie Green, Dean Winstanley, Alan Norris and James Wilson in a casino where the wannabe hardman told Steve Douglas who had previously suffered a heart attack "Go have another heart attack and die". Green, Winstanley and Douglas all received fines for the incident. Of course the victim complex suffering cunt Huybrechts claimed he was the victim there too.

The poisonous little cunt can kiss his world Cup spot goodbye soon, cos if De Decker does not replace him, I am sure Andy Baetens will in time. Like MvG he is another I would like to see do a Toon Greebe. Was happy to see Keane Barry, who had a great weekend on the Development tour winning 2 events and top of the table send Kim out.

On the topic of making retarded claims  that poor unfortunate victim of mother nature from Modus Joey Deacon on Tuesday screamed down the microphone after jobber Nathan Givan had a freak result of 4-0 against a woman where he averaged 113, that Girvan " was making a statement". The same Girvan that after 2 days of play did not even have half the points of the player above him in the table, and in his previous game averaged in the 80s, in the game after the one where he supposedly "made a statement he lost 4-0 averaging 83. I get you have to hype things a little, make out things are better than they are, ignore the shit averages, but by fuck Modus take it to a whole new level. If any player was making a statement it was the little fat mick, Shane McGuirk who won 10 games on the trot. on the first 2 days, and won 14 of his 15 games..

Another person making a complete ass of themselves this week was Krusty Peter Wright, who in an interview prior to his game in the Premier league spouted a load of shit. I posted this on a forum after his interview.

How the fuck can people make such ridiculous claims and not feel utterly stupid afterwards ? Does he have any self awareness ? The hype in the PDC is so bad it wont be long before we are told how Wright had made the quarter finals every week of the PL, treating the viewers like morons.

I enjoyed what I saw of the UK open so far, always pleasing to see the likes of Barney job out early, good riddance to Wessel Nijman too the cheating prick who should never have been allowed back in the PDC, and good riddance to the fat farmer Mitchell who moves like a sloth.

As I was out tonight and do not have instagram I have no idea if Vermin Price took to social media to give some excuse for his jobbing to spacehopper Schindler. Is Price capable of winning a Major in a venue that has a crowd ? The scruffy cheating half blind window cleaner Ryan Searle trailed 8-2, and then won 7 legs on the bounce to lead 9-8 and blew it. Bellyboy and Cullen was a great watch, as was Wade and Fatter. I expect a good run to the semis at least for Gary Anderson, playing very well lately

Saturday, February 24, 2024


This week it goes to Bellyboy who is now in his second year of doing absolutely nothing, since he had a lucky few months in his decade plus long career. This week Aspinall who was bottom of the Premier League without a single win in the event, managed a measley 87 average and still was enough to beat Bellyboy. Has any player who has previously own the World championships managed to be as bad afterwards ?

Event 3 & 4 took place earlier in the week and Ryan Searle continued his great run with his 3rd consecutive final on the Monday, whilst the #1 seed Chizzy suffered a third consecutive first round loss.earle beat his practice partner Ando in the final, and in just 3 floor events earned enough to move him up 2 places to world #18. Ando lost with an average of 108, and broke a couple of records that day, he became the quickest to ever reach 10 ton plus averages in the shortest number of games, and hit 41 maximums in the event, smashing the previous record of 35. Callan Rydz was 5-0 down when I put on darts connect, and the bald fucker played superb afterwards and won 6-5 against gurney, In at least 2 legs he went 140,140,140 and 81 checkout.

In event 4, Wade dumped out Littler before yet again jobbing to a nobody, it was so bad I was convinced Wade threw the game so he could fuck off early. Lennon and De Decker had a quality game. Lennon averaged 110 to De Deckers 109 and the legs were 11 11 12 15 12 15 13 15 11 & 13. Chizz finally managed to get past the first round, MvG was raped 6 zip. Dobey reached the final and took on a player he never beat in Damon Cabbage Heta. obey went 3-0 up and then loss 7 legs on the trot , before losing his 6 game on the trot to Heta. Christian Perez who spent a year sorting a visa reached the semi final
The honeymoon period for the fat cunt Littler seems to be coming to and end. He had to survive match darts in numerous games, not just in the players championships, like the Seven he survived against Keane Barry in PC#3, and other games, he again only qualified for one of the 2 Euro tour events. The bread and butter floor comps are no walk in the park, no matter how good you are.

The upcoming UK Open looks wide open

MvG who is performing decent in the non ranking Premier League that means nothing but doing fuckall in ranking events.
Gerwyn Price is only at his best in empty arenas, and the cold of Butlins will hurt the wannabe tough guy
As for Bellyboy, if you exclude a period of 3 months, the other 11 years and 9 months he spent in the PDC he has been a petulant child and choker.
Chizzy will never win anything on TV
Wade has bottle but the consistency of custard
Krusty looks well past his best and hi time at the top over
Ando can be brilliant until something trivial upsets the delicate flower
Luke Fatter is untested, and showing a lot weakness on the pro tour and ranking events off the stage already
Scumphries is a manic depressive and his game will always be suspect to someone upsetting him

The Development tour kicked off again on Friday, and despite numerous claims by DC hating mushrooms who have cited year upon year how the "Bubble will burst", entries for the Dev tour reached a record high, of 365.
Beau Greaves turned up, but went out in the last 128, and the first event was won by Danny Jansen., n event 2 Beau Greaves made the quarter finals, and Keane Barry beat Gian van the final.I believe tour card holders should not be allowed to enter as they have the main PDC to contend with and gives them an unfair advantage in qualifying for Ally Pally, retaining a tour card etc.
However the biggest talking points coming from the first day of t Dev tour was the antis of certain players.
Seems one player was fined for drunk & disorderly, another fined for damage to a toilet by punching a hole in the wall, and another fined for pissing in a cigarette bin, which was seen on the cctv.
Remind me again how these are athletes in a sport.


By christ I am already bore senseless by it, after watching mumbles Smith and Stutters Aspinall trying to out choke themselves, we got Cross who did enough to beat Humphries, Wright showed signs of improvement but inevitably lost, and Price lost to MvG, by which point I was done. Price is the only person I can tolerate watching in the PL, and maybe Cross. There was no way on gods green fucking earth was I going to watch 2 obese cunts in MvG and Luke Fatter with their excess mounds of fat waddle about on the oche whilst being told this is "sport". I find both great players, but if I have to watch 2 people I find visually repulsive, it would be in a proper ranking event, not some meaningless exbo.

I enjoyed what I saw of this weeks event the double start made or a nice change an some decent players involved, I will always give them credit if its good, but next weeks line up is fucking grim, a who's who of complete jobbers, and  unlike this weeks event, there is nothing that would make me want to tune in.

Richard Veenstra made it 3 from 3 in qualification for euro tours but missed out ET#4. Luke Fatter again qualified for one of the events, only 2 players managed to qualify or both events, in Callan Rydz & Richie Edhouse, but the main news was after the recent changes to qualification, it appears the PDC have now made it a rule that those 32 who automatically qualify all have to win a game to earn the money. A decision which had to be made and a good one.

Lastly, each Luke has gone a different route

Saturday, February 17, 2024



There were 3 contenders, but narrowed settled on Luke Littler.

first up was Gerwyn Price who threw a hissy fit because the rented leisure centre was not warn enough for him and he walked out mid game against Brendan Dolan and cried on social media about amateur conditions. Those who dislike Price were quick enough to point out the other 127 players did not throw a strop, and whilst true, I take the opposite view, Price did not like it and had the balls to speak his mind,walk out, and tell social media, unlike others who probably moaned and did nothing and knowing the DRA Nazi Party, they will be rubbing their hands expecting another pay day of Price. Whether you like or dislike Price no player should be fined for speaking his mind, or be possibly fined for pulling out of an event. I am sure further down the line more on this will come out.

The second candidate was another short arse who threw a hissy fit and went crying to media, in Darren Webster, he led 3-0 in a race to 4 against Ron Muelenkamp, After he choked and blew the lead he decided the fault for that lay with his opponent who he blamed for farting  on the stage, guess they don't call him Ron the Bomb for nothing. That was the excuse Webster used for his collapse, and Friday night in the return fixture, Ron claimed he has no respect for Webster any more, but after the win, Webster at least had the balls to offer a handshake and try put things behind them.

Both Price and Webster make knobs of themselves, but in their defense they did so in the heat of the moment, but  his weeks Knob of the Week winner make a complete knob of himself by showing his lack of class, breeding and having zero shame.
He did this INTERVIEW
Maybe my generation were brought up with a better mindset, any day we were not in school we were up early anyways, no sleep in allowed by my parents, and no sitting down all day either as we could not wait to get out the door, I even got a job on weekends and being fat was something to be ashamed of. Admittedly xbox was not around then, but those early consoles were hardly ever turned on unless is was pissing down.  
My issue is how he told a newspaper how he hauls his carcass out of the cot at 2pm in the day to stuff food down his gullet. Bar 20 minutes where he throws little pieces of metal at a wall just over 7 foot away, he spends the rest of his time stuffing himself with burgers, chips and kebabs whilst sat on his hole playing xbox. No wonder he is such a fat cunt, I am just waiting for the moron Twat Porter to tell us he is an "athlete" in the "sport" of darts. Secondly if you are a straight 16 year old male with a 21 year old girlfriend and you rather be on the xbox then there is something wrong with your sexual drive as a male. If you need this explained to you, then I question your heterosexuality, lets just say weight loss would not be a problem for a normal 16 year old, or is that just another thing from my generation ?
Regardless, telling the public you are fat because you are bone idle, live on junk food, never exercise is hardly the image darts needs and only proves yet again how every person who calls the game a sport is a thick cunt.

Littler was even brought up in British Parliament about how old he looks...CHECK THIS OUT


By the last 16 there was no players from the worlds top 16 left in the comp, which left little competition for Luke Fatter.
He only beat one player in the top 35 of the world and that was in the final, the rest were complete jobbers, cloggers and chokers of Jim Williams, Luke Woodhouse, Michele Turetta, Cameron Menzies, James Hurrell and Alan Soutar, who Littler was lucky to beat. He met the scruffy cheating window cleaner Searle in the final, and was 4-2 up with both players averaging 110. After 12 legs Searle was 7-5 down despite averaging 115. Searle took the next 2 legs and went to a last leg decider, but Searle failed to hold and Littler wrapped up his first PDC title ....ranking title that is not some non ranking bullshit

It was a fantastic final of top quality, showing why ranking darts tops any glorified non ranking shit.Van Veen continued his good run lately and reached the semis. As for the final it was the highest combined average ever in a PDC ranking final since darts connect started at 221.35, and overall the 10th highest combined average in PDC event history.

The second day saw practice partners Gando and Searle make the final, in under one hour Gary Anderson missed double 12 for a 9 darter 3 times, once against Krusty in the semi final, and twice against Searle, the final time in the last leg of the final.
Luke Littler who on the Monday was lucky to beat a fireman before beating a window cleaner in the final, lost on Tuesday to a bus driver

The #1 seed Chizzy went out first round both days, Scumphries went out first and second round on the 2 days. On day one there was 12 new tour card holders drawn against each other meaning 6 of them would earn a minimum grand. Over the 2 days there are 34 players who earned zero over the 2 days.

With the new PDC ruling making it tougher for those lower ranked players to make the euros I sort of had less interest now its geared to protecting the top 32 players and killing any chance of even the hint of a more fair level playing field. With the new ruling,there is only 10 players that come through the qualifiers. 4 players managed to qualify for both events, all non Brits in De Decker, Wenig, Veenstra & Wattimena. Luke Littler did manage to qualify for the first euro tour.

During the WDF Lakeshite shit I spoke how Modus was a higher standard than the WDF muck and how I enjoyed your basic modus show more than any WDF make believe world Championships, so by that logic Modus would be a far better standard than any Senile shit so I could not be bothered watching. I did not turn this on once, not even to get a glimpse of any stage, crowd, production values etc, and my only knowledge came late tonight when I saw the averages, and read the comments of others who endured that shit.

The highest winning average in the 16 games so far was ...90.80. Thank fuck I missed it. Also saw Taylor who now just embarrasses himself these days went out to some unknown German averaging in the 70s.  I saw on a forum he is supposedly done with these cunts the WSDT, no harm, although I am not sure the WSDT will be happy, as despite how shit Taylor is these days, he did carry some name value for a time until he lost it all playing these worthless events.

Do the WSDT really think people believe this is the best over 50s in the world ? Are we suppose to forget the likes of Gary Anderson, Peter Wright, Simon Whitlock, Steve Beaton, Merv King etc

  I watched Modus tonight some decent games with Boulton and Scott Taylor one of the picks of the night. Saturday's Finals Night in Modus will be superior to anything that senile shit chucks out.
Modus had a better current player called Taylor than the Senile shit has. Modus has a better player called O Shea than the senile shit has, an O Shea that won a Major, not an O Shea who will only be remembered for being a choker and his walk on song. Mason is more bearable in modus than he is in the senile shit. I might however if bored on Sunday tune in for the final session, if only for the comedic value.

I did watch the first few games of the PDC glorified invitational this week, and the only thing of note between Cross and Bellyboy was seeing Cross go 180, 144 for the win.
Quasimodo Van Gerwen was poor and Krusty blew countless chances. Scumphries and Price both were brilliant in their wins. Later when I caught up saw Cross do as Krusty did and miss chances against MvG, and once Price went out to Scumphries, I was done, bad enough having to see that vile ugly cunt MvG twice in a night, fucked if I am going to watch him a third time, let alone in some non raking shit. Had Scumphries won maybe I might have watched it if only to see MvG lose, but then I would have to witness the smug arrogance of the odious manic depressive Scumphries. A no win situation.


The Players Championships return Monday which I will always look forward to, plus in the evenings I will watch Modus with their new double start line up , fast forwarding through games with cunts I have zero interest in.


Friday, February 9, 2024


10 years ago Stephen Bunting joined the PDC, and that was after he was just handed a tour card, he did not even have to earn it unlike many many others, and at the time such was the mental illness of bdo loving mushrooms, it elicited countless ridiculous claims. One such claim at the time was a guy who claimed "at the moment there are only 2 players in the world better than bunting", based on nothing but bdo rose tinted glasses with no substance for such a retarded claim. What made it even funnier was multiple other people even agreed with the idiotic claim, who were also pro bdo brainwashed simpletons.It was like a whole sub species of people who actually bought the bullshit the bdo were trying to sell.

The mentally, and physically stunted mushroom doubled down on his stupidity and then made another claim that after 2 years on the tour Bunting would not only be in the PDC top ten, he would be higher in the rankings than Ian White who at the time was a top 16 player.

Needless to say I laughed at this absurdity, so replied and claimed Bunting would never be a top ten player, in fact he will be lucky to be top 16, and winning a Bob Potter Cup means nothing in the Professional game. I was then told by mushrooms who thought they were experts that I know nothing, and I would be proven wrong.  

Fast forward 2 years, and Bunting did not over take Ian White in the rankings, he did not even make the top 16, let alone top ten, so I returned to the thread on the forum to remind all those retarded mushroom cunts how wrong they were and how I was proven right. As expected, they could not accept they were wrong, and made multiple excuses, used multiple deflection tactics etc. Some went silent. Not one person who previously agreed with the idiotic claims had the spinal column to admit they got it wrong.
5 years after joining the PDC, and despite him being a popular character among many dart fans he was still only making up the numbers.
Then came a point where he struggled so much that a few years ago Bunting publicly admitted he considered retirement, but he persevered, and after 10 years Bunting finally has made it to world #16...Bunting himself even stated a few months back that in 2023 he was playing the best darts of his entire career, even said he was playing better than when he won Lakeshite, and at that time still had not broke in to the worlds top 16. Bunting's admission was a kick in the cunt for every mushroom who would have had you believe some Bob Potter Cup equated to "top player".

I just have to mention, this is not me knocking Bunting the player, but mocking the stupidity and complete ignorance of the mushrooms who genuinely thought he was a top 3 player in the world, when Bunting himself never believed it nor stated it and as said admitted it took 10 years in the PDC for him to be at his prime.
Bunting dominated the BDO, ran amok in it and then joined the PDC and needed 10 years to become a top 16 player and finally reach his first ever televised final, and even then it was a non ranking glorified exbo that now is so meaningless, that even Gerwyn Price could not be arsed to play in despite it being played in the UK. Bunting not only finally reached a final, he even won it, and deservedly so in the process. Yes he did beat Wright and Aspinall who were atrocious, but I do not begrudge the lad any success, and seeing the sour rubber looking fat face on MvG after he is beaten in a final, ranking or not is always a welcome sight, Bunting now is the 39th different player to win what the PDC deem a "Premier Event". He joins 20 other players in being a sole winner. This is without doubt the best version of Bunting there has been, he has admitted it himself, and yet no rational person would put him in the world top 3, let alone have done it a decade again.

Bunting's success last weekend aside, the competition itself is utterly meaningless. The Masters has no ranking nor serves any purpose. In the past it might have got Dobey or others in the Premier League, but what purpose does it serve now that it starts after the Premier League? It is just another non ranking event wedged between other non ranking events of the World Series and the Premier League. with basically the same players
Yet another plain basic 501 straight off leg play event, in fact your average Euro tour which follows an almost identical pattern over 3 days, is a better watch, not only because it is ranked, but the crowds are more invested, because those ranking events mean more, the fans know this. The whole Masters event should be binned, or at the very minimum, move it to later in the year, and get the players championships and euro tours started earlier. Give the dart fans some proper ranking darts spread evenly throughout the year, there is a limit how much non ranking shit people can put up with, in the middle of an already running PL which will go on for months
I rather the PDC televise a weekend of challenge tours, give us something different, not the same non ranking leg play worthless events in between other non ranking worthless events.


The World Championships final took place on January 3rd, and the World Matchplay does not start until the 13th July. That is a span of 192 days and in that period the PDC will show just 3 days of televised ranking darts in the UK Open, yet in October we will have 2 ranking televised comps in the Grand Prix and European Championships, the following month we get 2 more ranking televised comps in the Grand Slam and Players championships. That is 4 different televised ranking events in under 50 days as opposed to one 3 day event in 192 days. The calendar is in need of a serious overhaul. I understand the Players Championships finals, European championships can only happen after the floor comps and euro tours are over, so start them earlier.
Change the qualifying criteria for the Grand Slam, which already is a complete joke when players who can win a ranking floor comp consisting of 128 players can miss out, but some jobber who wins 3 games in a depleted field can qualify. Make it so any tour card player that wins a Players Championship or Euro tour is automatically in, and if it comes at the expense of a jobber qualifier so be it.
Move the event to earlier in the year and if need be for the first year, take past winners, by the second year there will be no problem filling the field.
With the latter half of the year so top heavy it could have a career charging effect on players. If you are a tour card holder, and damage your arm, wrist etc, the timing of the year could mean losing your tour card. Any player who would get injured in Autumn might have to play through the pain barrier for fear of losing his tour card with the current calendar, and the player could end up doing even worse long term damage.

The PDC do many things so well, they get events on numerous TV channels, provide life changing money to those good enough to earn it, provide fantastic events, even if the commentary is abysmal and I am sick of Twat Porter's favoritism towards those in his clique, but on the whole they do a great job, but that does not mean they are perfect but after a fantastic world championships that leaves you craving more ranking darts, 3 days of televised ranking darts in the following 192 days simply does not cut it.

Said I would give this a chance and was pleasantly surprised to see Stutters Aspinall playing well and going 4-1 up, against MvG, and he should have won 6-1 but his game fell off a cliff.
Price and Bellyboy played out a decent game. It was only the second time ever in the PL where both players got a 170 checkout in a game, the only other time it happened was also the same 2 players.
Then came a Sky promo where the kebab guzzling obese kid was compared to actual sporting icons like Pele, Boris Becker etc. That was it, off went the comms, there is only so much bullshit one can subject themselves to in a broadcast. My impression was Luke Hitler, aptly the favorite in Germany, was not happy with the slower pace of Cross.Luke won it, and I switched it off and went and took the dogs for a walk. I came back later to see the final was underway where 2 obese cunts with a combined age of around 50 and already displaying the markers for diabetes, and heart problems, wobbled about on the stage, sweating like unemployed bdo fans in a job center due to bad living, unhealthy diets, and lack of proper exercise and possessing zero shame. I had not turned the commentary back on, so not sure if the muppet Madle and John Part who should be called spare parts as he looks to have 3 bellies and 7 chins rattled on how this game dominated by overweight people was a "sport"


Took a watch of this this week in the evenings fast forwarding to the games that included playes I like, such as Scott Taylor, David Evans, and local lad John O Shea and enjoyed a lot of . Friday night was a decent session of darts, with multiple 105 plus averages, jut a shame the commentary on that is also atrocious as dick head Paul Nicholson would make any viewer want to hit the mute button, and as for the pitiful Henry Joey Deacon who looks like Babs van den Bergh with the freddy flu,  and has more problems pronouncing letters than Jonathon Ross. Why give a speaking job to a person who cannot speak properly ?

I cannot wait until Camewon Cwabtwee plays Wobbie Gween, they could get Wuss Bway in to wefewee it..

Monday week in Modus looks a decent watch, and is  called Double Trouble week, where it will be Double in and double out event, and a decent line up if you discount Neil Duff who yet again gets modus favoritism despite him being a complete jobber, who according to people on twitter loves going around challenging people to fist fights at his age. Like Chris Mason , he is another cunt over 50 who thinks he is some UFC fighter in the prime of his life..

Lastly lots of stories doing the rounds about a player that has appeared in modus quite regularly, who has being accused of texting kids and basically being a fucking pedo, which has seen the police get involved. Obviously for legal reasons I will not mention his name, although he has always reminded me of the player Martin Schindler.

Roll on the PDC Players championships, I am curious to see how Littler , Baetens and so many others new additions to the tour do in the sterile environment of a leisure centre over long days. I believe Prez has finally got his visa ....after a fucking year.... illegal immigrants can get sorted quicker.  MvG has decided to give the events a skip, and I wont miss him.

Saturday, February 3, 2024



PDC Comms

Saturday evening I decided to watch the second day of the Dutch Exbo, and it was quality darts but the commentary continues to get worse, Its now at the point I might have to mute all darts going forward. First up was the battle of the Lukes and posted this

The commentary got progressively worse after we were told Doets's win over a washed up Peter Wright who averaged 81, in a non ranking exbo that means nothing was, the "best win of Doets life". Seriously ? A win in an exbo trumps everything ?

John McDonald told us how Gian Van Veen in his debut year reached the "Quarter finals" other words he won a single game. I get the PDC have to hype shit, but treating its viewers like absolute morons makes commentary unbearable

As for the games, whilst I do not begrudge any of the success Luke Larger has got, a fine player, and fantastic addition to the tour, I do not respect him, how can anyone respect a person who does not respect himself and allows himself at such a young age become such a fat cunt.  Excess rolls of protoplasm wobbling as he waddles to the board sickens me. A quality game against his odious namesake Luke.
Gerwyn Price missed double 12 for a 9 darter, and scored brilliantly but his doubles were shaky so Doets was very much in the game.
Darts most miserable cunt Barney, dressed like a complete spaz missed a couple of match darts and Hunchback MvG who resembles Luke Larger in the waist department, took advantage and he fist pumped and made faces that would scare children and sicken adults and waddled off stage. Then we had Gian Van Veen against Danny Knobbert, who threw complete muck and was 5-0 down before waking up and winning the next 3 legs in 39 darts, but Van Veen saw it out.Comms acted like a player hearing "a noise" was news worthy.

Not sure why the former World Champion and higher ranked Price came out before Luke Larger, always thought on walk ons the higher ranked player came out second. It was a good watch as almost all Price games are be it cos you like him or despise him, but you can easily see why he quit rugby, cos if he dropped the ball as much as he drops his darts, he would have never got a game, again Price scored well but missed crucial doubles, especially the double 12 for a break when it was 4-4, the same double 12 he missed for the 9 darter in the previous game, and then missed 7 darts to hold for 5-5, and the fat kid broke and held for the win. If you are going to blow games against the fat kid, its better to do it in non ranking exbos. Van Veen then took on the other fat cunt left in the comp and it was a piss poor start with Quasimodo missing a dozen darts at a double, by the time it was 2-2. Gian then started missing doubles and blew a chance to lead 4-2. Gian did break back for 4-4 but MvG ran out the winner
How can 2 people under the age of 40 allow themselves to have guts and an obese waistline like them is something they should be ashamed about. I have seem multiple pics of Luke Larger with burgers and chips in front of him, he rants on about kebabs, and no 17 year old should ever allow themselves become that fat. At what point do you wake up realizing you are getting fatter do you say no more ?
Great players  ? Yes, but when I hear the PDC claim they are a sport it makes a mockery of real sport. I have seen women who were 9 months pregnant that had did not look as wide as these. Only the other week Mark Dudbridge in an interview on modus was asked after he was limping over a sore hip, how he was seemingly improved from his last game and he stated, that backstage he had some extra drinks, implying he was already drinking prior to having the extra ones. He knew himself and even claimed that he "should not be saying this".
You cannot realistically try bullshit people with this "Darts is a sport" horseshit and then parade two obese cunts as the top players and proof of it being a sport, even the most dense fans will see through that bullshit.
As for the game, it was as much as was expected from them 2 players, but as I have stated numerous times, its hard to be fully invested in an event that means absolutely nothing, but only serves as some filler until the proper darts start.
MvG took out a badly needed 130 to hold for 5-4 and celebrated like he just came back from the planet Pluto with the cure for cancer, at 6-6 Luke missed a chance to break, and MvG held for 7-6, and when Luke missed the bull for a 170 to hold, MvG wrapped it up

When Price first came on the scene and was winning players Championships and talking a big game, I said until he wins a ranking major on TV, all the talk means nothing but he backed it up.
I said the same when Luke Scumphries won multiple euro tours and ran his dicklicker, and sure enough he went and won proper majors
Many players talk a good game, get the hype but until you pick up proper ranking majors it means little in the history of the game....Chizzy being a prime example.Until Luke Larger wins a proper ranking major, it will all be hype and whilst it all looks very promising and a done deal, there is always a chance a few hidings could see the wheels come off, if unlikely

First up we got Wright , yet again throwing muck and was out first round, he even admitted in an interview he himself expected not to be picked, and then had the audacity to say later in the same interview how he did not care for the lower ranked players, and I expect his attitude to change when he starts falling down the rankings.
Price beat Stutters Aspinall, and Bellyboy beat MvG in a last leg decider where MvG went 12 darts without a treble after starting on throw with a 140. His attempt at 130 for the match where he scored 21 was abysmal. Luke Fatter beat Scumphries and we were told yet again how the kid "got revenge".  The kid could beat Scumphries week in week out in the Premier League, have a 16-1 record over Scumphries but it means fuckall if all his wins come in non ranking glorified exbos.
Price then beat Cross, Bellyboy beat Luke Fatter, and Price who had performed the best over the first 2 games , jobbed in the final against Bellyboy.
One week in and I am bored of it. By the time the UK Open or the Matchplay starts, the match ups of the 2 Lukes, or Price, and MvG etc  wont seem half as special as the Premier League will make sure they seem less special, as we see them every Thursday
As for Wayne Mardle, I am sure he thinks he is funny on commentary, the delusion cunt, laughing at his own stupid comments and thinks self deprecation will win over fans.


Yep...yet another non ranking exbo, so insignificant that Gerwyn Price could not be arsed to take part and withdrew on Thursday prior to his PL appearance. The PDC drafted in Gurney, and I understand completely bringing in another player, but what made no sense was have him completely replace Price in the draw. surely the 9th seed should have been bumped up to the top 8 and got the bye, and Gurney join in round one like all the others outside the top 8. Gurney instead not only gets in but gets a bye in the process, thank fuck its not ranking.
Comms told us this was "A Big tournament", a tournament that is so insignificant, Price gave it a skip, a comp that yet again carries no ranking, and in the past might have been used as a way to get in the PL, it serves zero purpose now, just another in a long line of non ranking glorified invitational exbos dominating the first 6 months of the year.
Dirk unexpectedly beat the scruffy window washer, but other than helping Dirk's confidence, it is the wrong comp for him to be winning in, its the ranking comps he needs the wins in.
Skipped Clayton and the plodding Polak, like both players, but boring to watch generally so went and had a shower and found out Ratajki won upon my return.
Spacehopper Shindler who lost some weight, was 4-0 down to Chizzy despite averaging 108. Chizzy was impressive winning 6-1 with an average of over 109.
Schindler is not even the biggest choker in Germany, that honour belongs to Michellin Man Clemens as he did his usual TV shite and lost 6-2. Next up was Babs against Wade. Wade scored well but missed countless crucial doubles in multiple legs and was lucky not to be 4-0 down. At 5-1 down Wade was 1 from 15 on doubles and deservedly went out.
Dobey beat Gilding, and Cullen beat Josh Rock in a decent encounter. Smudger and Bunting started their match with 3 eleven darters, and the first double Smudger missed was double 15 for a 150 checkout and the match.Bunting broke and held and in to a last leg decider which Bunting broke and took the win.
Obviously I did not watch Modus, so no report on that.

Lastly I saw the high roller radio did an interview with Birmingham's answer to Christy Brown discussing the recent talking points in darts, and I was discussed. Really odd how so many claim to take no notice of me, nor read this blog, yet I was worthy of discussion...go figure. Seems brummie mongoloids have convinced themselves I post what I do to be a troll, guess understanding the points I discuss must not register with the mentally stunted.
I am so bored on World Series,The Master , & The Premier League  already, I am counting down the days to the Players championships, as I am more interested in so many of the new tour card holders, and ranking darts, even the minor floor comps will always trump non ranking invitational exbos.

Saturday, January 27, 2024



With it being a quiet I am awarding KotW to Krusty for yet another abysmal performance on TV.  I said months ago that he was unjustly selected for the Premier League over better options like Chris Dobey for example, and these last two World Series events only strengthened my point. Next we are going to see him stink up the Premier League for the next few months.


The Dutch Masters stated earlier and I obviously was not staying in on a Friday night to watch some non ranking  exbo, only serving as a pay day for Twat Porters favourite players. I did see the first couple of games before I left.
Aspinall lost 6-2 without a whimper, yet we are constantly told how he is a fighter.....more lies
The old potbellied man crashing towards his 60s with a mohawk stank up the second game as his bog standard 81 average was not good enough.
Comms kept telling us how Wright is not the player he was, how he had a shit year, changes his darts too much, had a terrible world championships, so why in the blue fuck  he being constantly selected.
Then they told us how Dimitri also is on the slide, so again, why was he selected.
Is this the new criteria, dress up like John Wayne Gacy, or dance like a simpleton and tickle the taint of Twat Porter to get tidy pay days ?
My main query was why was Dimitri added to this glorified manky exbo when he is not Dutch. Right away I was told via twitter that not everyone in the Bahrain event was from Bahrain, and that was obviously true, but here is my issue, Bahrain was openly referred to on its broadcast as a showcase for Asian players, hence why 2 qualifiers from Bahrain, and the most prominent Asian players currently.

There was many other Dutch players who could have filled the role that was undeservedly given to a Belgian, they could have had De Zwaan, or even new tour card winner Klaasen, they even could have picked the cheating cunt Wessel Nijman who ran amok in the challenge tour, instead we get Babs, who gets more pale, pasty and bloated every week where he now looks like a cadaver on a slab that was pulled from a river. Babs had a poor World championships, being dropping in the rankings and did noting of note in a long time. In fact if they had to choose a Belgian player, with it being just a glorified exbo they could have gone with new tour card winner and Lakeshite winner Andy Baetens, and give that choking prick Mardle some wanking material to fawn over. Lets be honest, Mardle and co love hyping ex Lakeshite players.
The bloated pale corpse looking Babs was sent packing by a decent performing Price, and my taxi was called. Turned out that after 5 games he was the only Dutch representative that failed to win.
When I got home I could not be arsed even watching the highlights, opting instead to watch the Friday night session of Modus

 Most of the other news in the PDC was the announcement of the fixtures for the Premier League, I cared so little I did not even click on the link. The only PDC darts I cared for since Ally Pally has been the challenge tour, even if looking at scores on a screen like some anorak nerd. The most noticeable thing was the winners who were Welsh, Dutch, Swedish, Swiss and English, the days of English players dominating seems to be ending.


The UK Open can not come quick enough, fuck it, even the Players championships seem mouth watering in comparison to this constant non ranking exbo shit.

Off to bed now, as I have to be up at the crack of noon tomorrow




Saturday, January 20, 2024



Another week and and another title for Twat Porter who continues to look after his favourites, whilst systematically doing what he can to create a gulf between the elite players and the rank and file.

The main news from the last week was the final outcome of both Q-school. As usual a mixed bag with some consistent enough players, a few jobbers, and a few unknowns. Last week I posted a tweet, how Andy Baetens was knocked out on day 2 in the last 256 and was a jobber,  and not one single person on the entire internet who saw my tweet  replied. Not a single person defended Baetens, let alone have the spinal column to claim he would make it through because not one person truly believed it or had enough faith in him, hence the silence.
Sure enough on day 3 Baetens went on a run, which was not even as good as the run Steve Lennon had on day one and Baetens won a card. Right away all those people who saw my tweet, those that remained silent previously suddenly were all experts, and even tried to make out that a supposed "World Champion" getting through Q-school was some sort of achievement. I would have thought getting through would be the least that could have been expected if the player was as good as some had claimed he was, and if mushrooms see Baetens winning a tour card as some sort of great achievement, it only proves my point as to the level of a WDF winner.

I mention Steve Lennon because he is a good barometer to use in relation to Baetens. Lennon had a higher comp average, won his tour card quicker, had a better yearly average in 2023, and despite all that Lennon could not hold on to his card in 2023, It hardly gives one confidence Baetens will be any better. Maybe he will surprise me, in the end he wont be bothering any engravers, he wont have the PDC fawning over him, like former BDO/WDF jobbers in the past, they are too busy rimming the fat hole of their latest pet lodger in Luke Littler and rightly so , especially if it gets them more media attention and publicity
The PDC have even toned down the agenda on Pinocchio Fallon Sherrock, then that is no surprise, it can be hard trying to convince the brainwashed simpletons that she is the "best female player in the world", when those fans have seen Beau Greaves, it is hard to trot out the line "breaking glass ceilings" when she has never even won a womens world title unlike so many other women like Greaves, Suzuki,Ashton,Dobromyslova,etc and she is far from the first woman to beat a male player on TV in the PDC despite Sky TV trying to rewrite history, and now Sherrock has jobbed at Q-school for the 6th consecutive year, unable to win a card like Ashton did in the past.
The PDC in a solitary tweet acknowledged the failure of Sherrock at q-school.

Which begs the question, how come the PDC did not acknowledge other losers, a question many others asked.I know I have to state this because a lot of people will be too ignorant to grasp this, I am not knocking her for failing in Q-school, we all knew that would happen, my issue has always been first and foremost with the PDC and Sky Tv and their agenda, hence my reply aimed at the PDC.

Radek Saganski skipped the last day of Euro School knowing he did enough and a heavy defeat could have cost him in leg difference, sadly Darren Webster did not realize he was in the same position, turns out had he missed the last day he would have got a tour card,as Daz lost in the last 64 on final day. I believe last year a similar situation happened with Conan Whitehead.
A big Fuck You to And Hamilton who qualified for stage 2 of Q-school, then never turned up for the first 3 days of stage 2 as he was whoring himself out in modus in a deplorable group that consisted of bitter PDC hating cunts, spineless bastards, parasites, jobbers, and over the hill player that week represented all of them. Hamilton then decided after he lost in Modus to turn up for the final day of q-school where he obviously lost. A waste of that final spot in Q-school.

I posted this on twitter last week

Despite this again being 100% fact I am sure some will feel compelled to make excuses for ex Lakeshite jobbers, as if they are trying to convince themselves Lakeshite held any importance after 1993 in the top levels of the game.

Last year as was the rule the top 2 got automatic tour cards, John Henderson who finished 3rd was expected to do better at Q-school, but bombed, anyhow this seasons tour kicked off today,with over 300 entrants and in the first final was Richie Burnett against Darryl Pilgrim and it went to a final leg. Pilgrim was averaging over 100 at the time and Burnett who had the darts hit scores of 44, 38, 26 and 48, and still managed to win the leg and comp, and the top heavy prize fund of 2500 quid.Pilgrim made the final of event 2 also, this time losing to Danny Jansen. The money breakdown in the challenge tour seems well off for me. you have to basically win 3 games to get 75 quid, you need 4 wins to get 200 quid which is pittance considering after you deduct entry fee, petrol, expenses and tax, there is little reward, even with any aid of sponsors.I do not think a player should be paid for every game, and rightfully a player should win a game or even 2 to get to money stages but to win 4 to get a scabby 200 quid seems a very bad return. It seems poor money in general considering Twat porter has no problem paying out tens of thousands to those in his little clique.

I was all for the increase of prize money in the pro tour Players championships and yes I know certain players were upset, but my reasoning is if you feel you are not good enough to win a game in the players champs and pocket a grand, then maybe a professional darter is not your thing. At least unlike the challenge tour one win and you are in somewhat of a profit.  That said I am against the idea of favouring those in the upper half of the OoM, which is the case in the Euro tour with the new rules
Already the "elite" players are creaming off the top, with big pay days in the Premier League, invites to world Series events, seeded in to further rounds in event like the UK Open and yes most might be un-ranked, but top players are raking in more. Meanwhile on the Euro tour players in the top 16 can gain entry regardless of any form in players championships. Cunts like Dan Dawson when asked his opinion obviously afraid to speak out fully, said he was no fan, another cunt afraid to rock the boat.
So the situation is the top 16 from the pro tour will be automatically seeded in to the second round, and the next priority will go to the top 16 in the main OoM, which itself covers a lot of the pro tour top 16. This vastly tips the scale in favour of higher ranked players and makes it even tougher for those lower ranked players, new tour card holders etc, to qualify for Euro events, ergo widening the gap, and financially rewarding the elite players who are already milking the invites for other events as I previously stated.

This meaningless event and nothing but a jolly up for Twats clique took place earlier, and I was more interested in the challenge tour scores on a screen. The only thing it will be remembered for is Luke Littler hitting a 9 darter. on his way to winning the event over the ugly  Maurice Tillet lookalike. The DC is right to milk it for all its worth, damn right, however even casual fans will eventually tire of the same line up. Next week its another invitational  jolly up to Holland....for the same 8 players...imagine that. Then the very same 8 players get to "entertain us for months"....that right, its the same 8 players in the Premier League. I only watched brief glimpses of the Bahrain event, I was more interested in the Challenge tour and even Modus, and I am already sick of the PDC non ranking events and its still only January
Maybe it is just me, but after watching the fabulous World Championships, and kept a close watch on Q-school, I long for proper ranking events on the telly, instead, outside the UK Open, there is not a single ranking tv event for almost 7 months following Ally Pally, yet in the latter part of the year we get multiple tv events in as many weeks. The calendar is in serious need of an overhaul. 7 months of the same 8 players on TV (outside the UK Open) does not appeal to me and you can bet not one of the so called journalists who kiss the hole of porter will pull him up on it. 

We are gonna get almost 7 months of Peter Wright on Tv the same Wright who done nothing last year bar one good week where he won a trophy that previously did not matter when others won it. No thank you.

I saw on twitter Deta Hedman replying to former Olympic Swimmer Sharon Davies, who has been very vocal about mentally ill biological men who think they are women playing in womens sports.  Some mentally disturbed tranny loving cunt with a full blown victim persecution complex then decided to use Detas tweet make out they were victims, and wants the other orgs to suspend Deta. As I said, no one hates women more than those men who want to pretend they are women.

These mentally sick people need to be told home truths.


Last week was one of the most awful line up one could possibly see, and with chicken shit cunts like Parasite Adams and Duff I obviously did not watch it, but did watch some of this weeks fare in the last couple of days with Dudbridge and Painter, 2 former PDC World finalists, even if the standard was piss poor.

With the results of Q-School, and so many players I like without a tour card now available, hopefully we get a new shake up, and the prick who kept selecting  Parasite Adams, Duff, Hamilton, Pinocchio, etc over and over and over, might shake it up a bit, as we already have the PDC giving us the same players over and over.