Friday, December 7, 2018

The award this week goes to Sky TV. Not because they most likely will give the Dutch head shaking lazy cunt and ex postman their wildcard for the Premier League, but because they have hired the munter Trina Gulliver as a commentator for Ally Pally.
Make no mistake the only reason that she was picked is solely because she is a dyke and a munter, a ploy by Sky TV to appear politically correct and by hiring her they get to tick the women and gay boxes.

Its gotten ridiculous, even Football and Rugby panels on tv have women on them and forces me to switch them off.
Who seriously gives a flying fuck what women think about Men's sport or games ?
Women's rugby, football and darts are not close to the Men's version but because of political correctness, TV stations are hiring bitches to run their mouth on games and sport at the top level, something they have never reached nor will ever reach.
You only need to look at the quality, the stats, the gates, the income, the sponsorship, prize money etc. I have no problem with women commentating on women's games and sports,  but what in the blue fuck would Trina Gulliver know about the PDC, or playing in front of the type of crowds the PDC get, or the playing for the amount of money the men are playing for, or what the fuck would she know about the length of matches and pressure etc etc
This is not Lakeshite were Trina was battering some obese munter with a 55 average for a pittance prize fund in front of a half empty hotel room where half of those awake were busy knitting. What does she know about playing top level PDC ?

But here is the real kicker, the same bitter hypocrite stuck 2 fingers up at the PDC and refused to enter the qualifiers for Ally Pally, and now she is rewarded for snubbing the event by giving her a job to commentate on the very same event she snubbed when given the opportunity to play in. Why reward people like this ?
This to me proves she was only hired because she is a woman and a dyke, and  a decision taken by sky to appear politically correct in this fucked up world infested with fag hags, snowflakes, and misandrists.
If Sky were going to hire a woman just appease the snowflakes they should have hired Anastasia, at least she played in previous PDC events and has experience of playing in the PDC and against the men, she is also far more easy on the eye, than the ugly Gulliver who has a face like a turtle licking piss of a nettle, and is more deserving. I would even give Lisa Ashton a go on comms during the Anastasia game. I would reward those people who contributed to the event.
I certainly would not reward those who only 2 weeks previous basically told Uncle Barry to fuck off and snubbed his offer of an invite to play in the event sky hired her to comment on.

Trina at Ally Pally

Picture it now on stage.....Squinty eye Dave Clarke doing a Michael J Fox impersonation, interviewing Wayne Mardle and Trina Gulliver, if that does not make you want to change the channel, never mind hitting the mute button, nothing will.

It seems Tommy the Jew Thompson has "resigned" from Lancashire Darts this week.
The man who years ago sat idly by while one of his treasurers, an Irene Mungins managed to steal tens of thousands of pounds from under his nose and stick it in a slot machine. The man who has over seen some of the worst darts posters in history,
The man who thinks a pony tail and a white blazer is hip and trendy, is no more with Lancashire darts.

That said I think he is a decent person, and obviously loves darts, and has given his life to the game, but the sad reality is, he was not fit, and still is not fit to be running any organisation in darts.
There in lies the problem with most of darts, Be it the BDO, EDO, WDF, Counties etc, they are all run by amateurs who are simply not good enough.
If you want to appear professional, you hire professionals, if you hire amateurs, you will be amateur, and the bdo, edo etc have taken this to the extreme.
I do wonder what happens now with Tommy's position with the EDO, as you had to represent a county to get on the board of the EDO, but since Tommy resigned from  Lancashire, I am not sure if he will be expected to step down. Who knows, maybe Deta Hedmans houseboy and Tommy the Jew's lackey could try apply and continue giving us the comedy., providing of course he could drag his sorry arse away from the bdo fanatics website where he spends his days crying about forums, this blog, the PDC and just about everything.

A couple of belated Knob of the Week mentions now.
Earlier this week I finally got around to watching the semi finals and final of the recent Players championships,as I was not around that Sunday, and the 2 things that stuck out most was Gurney beating Hunchback and the commentary by John Rawling.
The bias shown towards ski slope face by Rawling was something else.It was almost as bad as the time Tony Green was spunking off when spineless was playing at bobs shack a few years back. Personally I dislike both players but what made Gurney's win all the more hilarious was what the hunchback had said a couple of months back

Hunchback spouting yet more bullshit

This comment of his has come back to bite him on his huge fat arse.
Daryl Gurney is not a tough opponent. I don’t think he’s good enough for the top eight in the world.
 As for his other comment of
 I know if I play good, it’s high unlikely that the rest beat me

Deluded cunt has been humped countless times this year. This year alone he
Lost in the World champs,
Lost in the UK Open.
Lost in the Matchplay.
Lost in the European champs.
Lost in the Grand Slam.
Lost in the World Series.
Lost in the Championship League of Darts
and lost in multiple euro tours and floor comps.

And to think some mentally retarded defects actually thought this dutch cunt was on a par with Phil Taylor.....staggering.

Speaking of deluded cunts spouting shit, check out this comment by Bells Palsy who thinks him winning Bob's January Jobber Jamboree at the Salmonella Centre will put him on a par with the late great Eric Bristow
Mental Illness

And in keeping with tradition, a mention for the latest horrendous poster with bdo morons on it.
While visually not as bad as that Isle of Man optical nightmare, I still laugh at how Scabies Arm is called the World #1.
He won the Winmau World championships seemingly. First I heard of that event.

 Tonight the Finder comp started. That's the mickey mouse comp that takes place in some dump in Tulip land and is shown on some local station that stops for weather news during the event.
An event where the fanatics call this a "major" where the Travel Club..aka Piss Tour play for the huge staggering amount of a 5k first prize.
And thats in Euros. A first prize less than HALF that of the lowest prizefund on the PDC main tour.

I took at look at bits of it to see 2 scruffy looking presenters who looked more desperate than the street urchins begging on the shitty street in Ireland. They were not the only ones in need of an overhaul.
The players and prizefund could do with improvement. I hung around long enough to see prostate hole and the carpenter be sent packing.
When Scott Waites is losing badly to Gary Jobson you have to seriously have to wonder how bad Waites is these days.
By the time the seventh game was over the best average was 92 and that was by a youth player from Ireland.
The Belgian jobber who seemed to chewing his own chin every time he threw had an average in the 60s....and he qualified for Lakeshite this year. It was not the only average in the 60s tonight either.
This is what the bdo "conveyor belt" is Sparidaans won the match 5-0 and he only averaged in the 70s.
Next up was Wouter Vaes who became the second man tonight to WIN an atrocious match with an average in the 70s,
Warty Montgomery made it a third male player to average in the 70s and STILL WIN.

Highest average of the night by half past ten at night was the 92 by a youth player, in fact the loser in that match Girvan had the second highest average of the night, and Lisa Ashton had the third highest..
$ men won their match averaging in the 70s....worst session of darts i have ever witnessed

Friday, November 30, 2018

With no PDC darts until the one and only proper official World Championships begins on December 13, its been a quiet week except for rumors, forum gossip and the usual bullshit from the BDO.

The BDO Masters winner Adam Smith Neale broke his ankle it seems according to stories floating around in a night club in Bologna after he was seemingly pushed, of course the statement released by the BDO states he slipped off a kerb. I know I am at that age where I am too old for night clubs and too young for bingo , but since when did night clubs have kerbs in them ?

The statement made for hilarious reading though:

You would think that now the chubby waiter with the plastic looking teeth would have his own facebook account instead of having his wife use it.
This is the mentality and stupidity of these people. You would not see Barry Hearn's wife using his twitter that Uncle Barry would use for press releases or whatever.
I wonder if he was insured, or did he take the Dave Parletti route and say fuck it , I can always beg for the money and even make a profit.
With the BDO mickey mouse tin pot January Jobber January coming up it was the most publicity they got and that was having people laughing. Personally I hope he makes it to Bobs shack, if only for the PDC challenge tour midcarder to take some money out of the pockets of those who use Lakeshite as their annual week long piss up. With Andy Hamilton and the Black hole of entertainment Wes Newton also competing, I am sure a good few members of "the family" wont be pleased if they did well.
The same people who ridiculed Hamilton and Wes Newton while they were jobbing in the PDC are now claiming to be happy said players have made it.
Odd how suddenly they "in form" again, the retarded fanatics will try anything than admit the standard is so weak in the BDO you only have to look at the success of PDC jobbers have had in the BDO.

Ratajski who has no tourcard won the Masters last year, a player not even close to the top of the lower second tour of the PDC won the Masters this year, and Hamilton and Wes qualified for Lakeshite....and Wes missed almost half the bdo season and still made it.
The BDO players bombed as usual in the GSoD, where their golden boy Phantom of the Opera was jobbing to Andrew Gilding.
I still smirk remembering the look on Bells Palsy's face as he could not comprehend how he could throw a good average and a player did not roll over and quit like what happens in the BDO.

As for the fanatics, these morons spent ages complaining and defending the munters saying they should be earning more money, and when the PDC came along and offered the munters the chance to make more money than they could at Bobs slum, a lot of the Munters could not be bothered to turn up.
Then the very same fanatics who cried the munters need more money then defended the likes of Bo Selecta, Trina the Bulldyke for not entering the PDC Women's qualifiers. These clowns are so biased they are not coherent enough to realize how often they contradict themselves.

But enough of the scum and their two bit comp that is only an excuse for a piss up.

Simon Shitlock sent out a tweet yesterday saying
So looking forward to the @OfficialPDC @WilliamHill 2019 WC, playing best darts of my life, confident and looking forward to be back in the @unibet Premier League in February... the wizard is back.

I suspect he wont be selected. You only have to look at who is in contention

1. Rob Cross the reigning World Champ
2. MVG the Premier League holder as well as winner of the Grand Prix and Masters
3. Gary Anderson, winner of the Matchplay, UK Open, Champions League and US Masters
4. James Wade with back to back TV titles in the European Championship and World Series title
5. Vermin Price , winner of the Grand Slam
6. Ski slope face Gurney , winner of the Players championships
7. Krusty the clown ,the world #3 who won the Melbourne Masters
8. Mensur Suljovic the World #7, who won the German Masters in the World Series, as well as the Danish Darts Open
9. Micheal Smith who won a World Series event in Shanghai, and a few finals including the final of the World Series Final
10...that lazy dutch head shaking parasite with the pathetic presence and charisma as an unconscious wino, Barney  who we just know will get a totally undeserved spot, and his only title this year was when the Hunchback carried the sweaty bastard to a World Cup win.

I believe Shitlock is more deserving than Barney, then so are many others.
The Barney suck ups have tried to claim Barney is needed to sell tickets, but the tickets for the double header in Rotterdam were already all sold out in record time without even a name being mentioned at the time.
I would even have Fatpot in before Barney, at least Fatpot Lewis has more name value, has twice as many World titles as Barney since Barney has just the one, and here is the real point, Fatpot is moving in the right direction , where as Barney is sliding down the ranking.
Why reward failure ?
I know the Premier League to me is just a glorified exbo, all be it a well earning one, and I might not care much for it as a comp, but I bet to fuck the players care.
Another excuse the Barney suck ups like to cite is how he beat MVG in the World Series, but conveniently "forget" he got his arse handed to him by James Wade in the next round when got mauled..

Other be carried to a micky mouse world Cup by MVG, he won one match against MVG in a non ranking World  Series what else has the cunt done. He basically gave two fingers to the players champs and euro tours, so why reward him ?Even Dimitri van der Bergh done more on TV this year, retained the Youth world title, hit a 9 darter on TV
Barney only months ago promised he would do the full tour next year...suddenly,Wade, Price , Gurney etc start winning titles so out came his retirement much for his promise of doing the full tour. Of course this was his intended ploy, in order to hoodwink people in to him getting an undeserved place. I hope the cunt gets battered at Ally Pally.
Another player I would rather see in the PL would have been Corey Cadby, who I believe could have had a great world champs, but that is now fucked.
So much for the claims of his manager in the summer that Cadby would be back for the latter part of the year. Not sure who was responsible for this fuck up with the visa, be it Corey or his manager but that makes them completely retarded.
I did laugh at some comments on forums this week by people who dislike Cadby because he is over the top or celebrates too much or is a show off and people compared him to that stunted Welsh maggot and manlet Vermin Price. Cadby maybe a scumbag ex con but he is a good player but nowhere near the level of Price in terms of being a cunt on the oche. In fact MVG is more of a cunt on the oche than Cadby.

Friday, November 23, 2018

Tommy Thompson wins it this week just for the poster he released for the Isle of Man darts.
Remember the EDO and BDO have a history of the most appalling posters ever made, which has included typos, random capital letters, wrongs dates, spelling errors, and the worst photoshop efforts ever made, but the poster this week was something else.
The most hilarious part was not only did the mutant who made not feel any shame, but felt proud enough to send it to Tommy Thompson, the Peter Stringfellow lookalike not only failed to acknowledge the litany of errors but OK'd it.

The other  option is it was made by Tommy himself, which in any case would be worthy of winning KotW for that alone.
Take a look at this.
The box around Robbie Green, Anastasia having most of her top erased, the distorted head of Warriner, the random capital letters among the funniest part.

What does this say about an Organisation that would allow that shit be used. This sums up how pathetic Tommy and the EDO are that this would see the light of day. Has the man any shame ?

Speaking of people with zero shame, that brings me to Gary Jobson  , the jobber who claimed prior to the Grand Slam he was a "top player" before crashing out of the Grand Slam at the earliest stage. Last weekend he went to the Czech Republic for a darts comp....or at least thats the front for another piss up.
This is the guy who turns up at Bobs Potter's hotel long before Lakeshite starts and spends the entire week at the bar horsing pints, last year lost first round and spent the week in the bar...the best part was he kept wearing his darts shirt for absolute no reason, or maybe he has noting else to wear.His buddies like Tony O Shea is just as bad.
Anyhow Jobson went to Prague knowing full well the money on offer, and still went but as soon as his match was over it was straight to the bar to horse pints and bemoan the prizemoney he knew was on offer and traveled to play for.
No chance he could even attempt to be articulate in his comments, instead we get yet another BDO cunt drunk and swearing on camera how he thinks he should be earning more.

If he did not like the money on offer why did he travel ? Its because the BDO tour is just a travel club piss up.
Wonder if the BDO disciplinary officer will  be doing anything about this ?
When I see the scum in the BDO I am thankful the BDO exist as who would want those in the PDC, then 99% of the BDO would struggle at q-school let alone do well on the main tour.

 Then there is Vermin Price, the scummy short arsed little manlet who needs to act the prick in order to rile people up simply because he lacks the consistency and ability of the top players. After beating Ando last week tried to stir up more shit when he posted this on social media

He obviously realized people see him as a prick and then deleted it, but it was too late as most people were already all over it.
As for the DRA who are supposedly looking into the antics during the final. Who regulates the DRA ? Am I the only one who sees these cunts for what they are. They are hardly not going to fine people. It's their main source of income if not their only source. They need money to pay the wages of those in it so are going to fine everyone who is reported as they are hardly going to turn down the chance to make money of people who made 100k and 50k in the Grand Slam final.

As I mentioned in my Grand Slam report, Ando crumbled in the final and knew Vermin was going to celebrating over the top and should have been prepared for that, and I am not criticizing Price for doing it when it worked so well on Ando. Ando should be more professional and dealt with it better.
Tonight Vermin went 5-1 up tonight on the Pole Ratajski and then started his shit again, so was absolutely priceless and funny as fuck as Ratajski fixed him in a way Ando should have sorted the welsh maggot last weekend.
Ratajski let his darts do the talking, he won the last 5 legs with an average of 119. 29 and there was nothing the coal scavenging prick could do about it.
Even when Vermin left 40 in the last leg and screamed yet again in the face of the Pole, who could kick him into a coma in a fight, the Pole held his nerve and calmly hit tops himself first dart for the match.
That was the way to fix Vermin.The crowd loved it as well seeing the taffy dwarf getting his come uppence.
The Welsh cunt who was screaming in the face of the Pole at 5-1, lost 6-5 and quietly slid of the stage looking like the fucking prick he is. Well done Ratajski on not only winning but showing Ando how things should be done.

Did that "in your face" work with Wade in the Euros  ? No, Wade saw him off in the European Champs, Ratajski did not let it get to him, and I bet MVG , Mensur and a heap of others wont fall for that shit like the precious Ando did.

I see the head shaking diabetic cunt Barney who knew his place in the Premier League was surely gone thanks to the resurgence of Wade, the TV performances of Dimitri, The GSoD win by Price and the form of other players tried his last ditch tactic in order to keep his undeserved PL spot.
He announced his retirement year....just a couple of months after his previous announcement of him going back to do the full tour.
The cunt is a total liar, manipulator and bullshitter. This announcement was done solely to keep his PL place which is undeserved.
Some other player more deserving will miss out on a PL spot cos of this cunt.
The only upside is surely he cannot go back on his decision and it will be his last PL hopefully.
I would love to see him go out first round at Ally Pally.


I see Bo Selecta has not entered the UK qualifier for Ally Pally.
I do not blame her as she knows as do we all she is an atrocious player who would lose first round.
Even the munters better than her in the BDO got walloped in the "Rest of the World " qualifiers in early rounds.
This shows that there are munters out there better than what turns up at Bobs hotel every year.

The only reason the same munters qualify year in year out is because they do the full travel club.You only have to look at the last qualifier to see how unknowns made shit of the lakeshite munters with the exception of Anastasia.
Bo Selecta not the only Munter missing this, the bull dyke with a face like a turtle licking piss of a nettle Trina Gulliver and Orca (the killer whale) Zijlstra also missing this....not that they would be good enough anyway.
Seems there is already 150 entries regardless.
By sheer coincidence there is not a single Lincolnshire county munter player has entered.
Not even an A, B or C player for that county. I am sure mushrooms and kiss arses of the Selectas will try claim that is all just a coincidence

Friday, November 16, 2018

Before I start this weeks write up be sure to check out my updated daily Grand Slam report here
Grand Slam of Darts Report

The award this weeks goes to that prick Wesley Harms. This genetic throwback who this week played 4 matches and averaged under 89 in three of them.
He had one good game against Keegan Brown and the spaz suddenly develops delusions of grandeur.
He got upset because people in the media referred to him as an amateur. HE IS A FUCKING AMATEUR.
He has a day job, darts is not his sole income or profession. But the dutch prick was a cunt from the start, with Wade saying earlier in the week how he had an attitude, which is why Wade supposedly never shook his hand and Wade mentioned Harms attitude backstage when throwing for the Bull.
Then follows that up with his crying because he was called the amateur he is, and when he was brought back down to Earth by getting raped by Ando, in which he averaged under 89, he then tried to make excuses how he could not play because of a smell.
 If there was a smell of shit, you would think a bdo cunt would be well used to it.

No doubt the ginger cunt prefers the smell in the BDO at Lakeshite, when the Bob Potter salmonella virus floats in the air combined with the smell of piss , sweat and tobacco.
Or maybe he was smelling his gloves he has never washed.
If I never seen this cunt on a PDC stage again it will be still too soon.

The PDC were kind enough to allow this miserable moaning useless begging bastard to attend the Grand Slam, an event where he made his biggest payday of the year, and he spends the comp pissing off players, moaning about media, the smell etc.

Uncle Barry needs to fuck these begging bastards out of the comp.
And the PDC floor qualifiers along with them

And of course a huge mention for the BDO fans who this week provided such great entertainment with their lunacy and deranged opinions across social media this week., where my favorite selection can be found in my Grand Slam report.

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Before I start can I ask ye all join me in a minute's silence for the mushrooms.

On the Opening day of the 2017 Grand sham the BDO lost 7-1 in the head to heads. Phantom of the Opera being their only winner that day. Fast forward a year, in which bells palsy, scabies arm, the farmer that interferes with himself and the rest of the useless cunts turning up with their hand out for the PDC coin,the beggars would do much better.
The mushrooms said so.

Saturday: Day 1

Phantom of the Opera wins the first of the PDC versus begging scum matches against Simon Shitlock, and sure enough the mushrooms are all over social media thinking this is the start of something.The usual horseshit that because some jobber won Bob Potter's cup he therefore is a world class player.
The next PDC versus begging scum match was the attention whore and head of the family that seriously needs to go to weight watchers Scott Mitchell. He tried all his tactics, taking one dart at a time out of the board, waddling as slow as possible to try put of Mensur, but it did not work and the first of many defeats for the begging scum had begun.
Third up was the bdo #1. Their top player in the ranking. What a jobbing cunt.
In the very first leg he left himself on 49, while Rob Cross was on 400. Scabies arm still lost the leg. He missed 11 darts at a double in that leg alone. Useless cunt lost the match and the bdo #1 finished with an average stuck the 70s. Then being stuck in the 70s is not new for the BDO.
Fourth up that Saturday afternoon was the coal scavenger with the quif, who was promptly sent packing. The mushrooms that were all over social media were a lot quieter. Imagine my surprise.

First up in the evening session on Saturday representing the BDO was the PDC Challenge tour jobber Adam Smith Neale who had won their Masters in front of 9 people weeks back. No surprise he lost.
Second up was Wesley Harms. This guy is a total fucking spastic. He turns up again with his gypo medallions,but without the gloves and seemingly acts the prick backstage with Wade.
Wade batters the cunt...yet again in the Grand Slam as he did before and dispensed a 5-0 battering on the dutch version of Beavis.
Wade refused to shake his hand. I don't blame him, would you shake hands with begging scum ?
In fact all the PDC players should refuse to shake the hands of the beggars.
Third up was Unterbuchner, and he lost to Gary Anderson as expected. I did laugh at some people on twitter call the German jobber "MunterButcher"....going to use that.
Last up was the self confessed "top player" Gary Jobson. The guy that would have made more money on the dole than he did playing darts, Still nice of Uncle Barry to give him a hand out for his biggest payday in a year.
Of course he lost,
At this point the score was 7-1 to the PDC, the same scoreline as the opening day last year with again the only winner Melted plastic bag much for this new improved and stronger BDO team.

Sunday: Day 2

Now the beggars get to play the shit of the PDC, surely these "top players" of the BDO would run wild.
Up first was Scabies Arm, he was playing the cheating bastard Ryan Searle, a glorified jobber who as one member on a forum called  him "steve egartons carpet with legs". The BDO# 1 beat the scruffy cunt.He won't be missed.
Up second was Quifboy Williams taking on the qualifier Josh Payne. Surely the bdo #3 player would have no difficulty disposing of a player not in the PDC top 32, except Williams lost.
Third up was the fat farmer who beat another qualifier in Martin Schindler. Odd how the farmer started to move quicker when he was 4-1 up playing a qualifier. I am sure it was just a coincidence.
Last up that afternoon was the toxic avenger Durrant against another welsh cunt in Vermin Price.Price should have put him away earlier, but watching Bells Palsy choke in the last leg made it all the more enjoyable as Price won the match.
That made it 2-2 on the day in scores between the PDC and BDO and this was the BDO's best playing the PDC's lowest.

On to the afternoon session.
Munterbutcher was first out and picked up a win over Steve Hine, a player that lost in the first round of the pdc players champs 21 times out of 22 attempts. So hardly an upset.
After that our eyes were tortured with the sight of Gary Jobson against the Joe Murnan, with the gammy eye who is like the new Jamie Cave-in. Believe Murnan was 4-1 up on Jobbo andstill lost.
Let this sink in Gary Jobson again Joe it possible to have a worse match on tv outside of the usual bdo horseshit. ?
Watching this I felt like I was being punished.
Third up was Medallion boy Harms who beat the welsh jobber Mark Webster who done more shaking than Michael J Fox with a kango hammer.
Last up that afternoon was the pathological liar and lazy head shaking cunt Barney who should have lost to the PDC challenge tour jobber. I was actually shouting for the bdo beggar to win and see Barney lose and people might start to realize the Dutch cunt is done and has no place in any future PL events.

So at the end of the day the score was 5-3 to the BDO.
The mushrooms started appearing as expected saying how the comeback was on, except the reality was the 5 wins the bdo picked up on the Sunday were all got against PDC players who were not even in the PDC top 40,and 3 of them were not even in the PDC top 60.

The overall head to head score stood at 10 - 6 to the PDC with only Mutant features Durrant getting a win against a player in the PDC top 40.

Monday:  Day 3

All week I had read how at least 4 bdo beggars would get out of the groups and this was a strong bdo team.
Out first was Quasimodo of the Northeast, the reigning Bob Potter tin pot holder. His opponent was the fat bald Andrew Gilding with teeth like a burnt fence, a player ranked #62 in the PDC.
The Human caterpillar lookalike Gilding missed 3 match darts to batter Phantom of the Opera 5-2, but did enough in the end to still win.
Bells Palsy who had chucked a ton average seemed almost in shock that someone else could stand up to his 100 average, and was almost crying as he hauled his disfigured arse of the stage. The over rated mutant now needed Vermin Price to see off the scruffy Shitlock for his hopes to stay alive.
I was still laughing from Gilding beating bells palsy when Shitlock hit 2 x 170 checkouts on his way to beating Price and send Durrant out and into the bdo minibus.
Only fitting the first out was melted plastic bag face, all his bullshit and the mushrooms bullshit how he was a top player shown to be exactly that...bullshit. Glad he is out.Stephen Bunting who in the past was called the third best player in the world by mushrooms cos he won a Bob Potter tin pot was up against the obese farmer, and dispatched him 5-1, which meant the farmer was out of the Grand Sham as well. The best part was the fat farmer going for the wrong double with THREE darts.....another bonus in a great night of results.
I was in fits of laughter as one by one the mushrooms and gimps across social media started to either log out or implode.One crayon eating mutant from Birmingham with a clubfoot was calling people nonces and cunts for laughing at the BDO. When I laughed at the BDO the Brummie flid reported me like the rat he is to twitter which caused my account to be suspended. I knew then how much I was getting to people.
A so called Darts forum refused to allow my posts such was their seething, and another forum which I dont post on anymore that is pro PDC had its moderator wishing I would return and has even sent me private messages.
With each BDO player losing and failing to get out of the group, the mushrooms disappeared.
It was magnificent. Mushrooms seething, people ratting me out to twitter, mods on forums trying to quieten me, other mushrooms logging out hurt and upset.

Next up was the coal scavenger quif boy Williams who amazingly won a game, then it was only against Max Hopp who I always said was over rated. What few mushrooms that were still around tried to make out the win was significant, but it mattered not as Williams made it 3 for 3 in bdo begging scum hitting the bricks and another for the bdo minibus home.
All across the bdo facebook groups the mushrooms were praying for a McGeeney win to end their nightmare evening as up next was PDC Youth player Dimitri van den Bergh against BDO "youth player" Mark McGeeney....yes, he was once referred to as a youth player on a darts forum by mushrooms when asked who are the youth players in the bdo.. Maybe Andy Hamilton is a youth player there as well now days.
Sure enough the bdo jobber lost to Dimitri, and Scabies Limb too took his place in the minibus.

So here we were on a Monday night and 4 of the 8 members of team Beggar are out of the comp, and the best part is the 4 included the BDO #1, the BDO#2 and reigning Bob Potter Cup holder, the BDO #3 and the BDO #4.
Tonight was the best laugh I had watching Darts since Ted Hankey's "stroke".
The Meltdown by people across forums was magnificent.

I am looking forward to tomorrow. Imagine the crying if not a single player makes it out of the groups.Already the paranoid bdo cunts are spouting conspiracy theories
Check out this guy....a guy the chubby waiter Des would describe as "a smelly vile turk"

 So tune in tomorrow night for the next report

Tuesday: Day 4

The post mortem by the mushrooms started early this morning. Guess they were up early as they were unable to sleep. Even before 7.30 the first of the excuses was trotted out by an imbecile on a suck up forum who wrote
Competition always seems rigged, is the draw seeded, looks like the BDO boys always get the in form players
Yeah...cos Gilding and Josh Payne have been ripping it up lately in the PDC. They are white hot and in form.
Seriously, talk about looking for excuses. Gilding and Payne are ranked 62nd and 52nd in the PDC Order of Merit but did not stop them beating the beggars. The notion that these useless bdo begging bastards are nowhere near as good as the mushrooms want to believe they are is just too hard for them to comprehend. Another moron on the same place in a discussion about the Premier League said if Bells Palsy won the Grand Slam he would get a Premier League spot. These people are not only allowed drive, but allowed to breed. A frightening thought.

Then there was this gem I found on an Irish forum, where the member wrote
You'd be surprised what durrant could achieve if he played full time. Hes already regularly average 100+ while still delivering letters 8 hours a day......either way he doesn't practice everyday.
I then told the thick spaz he basically admitted that you can win Lakeshite twice without practising.
Mushrooms are so fucking retarded.

The obese waddling farmer posted this

Missed a couple of doubles ? Might have helped if you threw for the right doubles when it mattered.
Oh and Grand Slam is two separate words. Notice you did not tag the usual array of people as usual in your quest for attention.

Here is a screencap of the Elephant Man chewing his flights last night.
When there are 2 players on the stage and Andrew Gilding is the second  ugliest, you know then  how hideous Durrant is.

It is always good when the night starts off with Wade winning and chucking in an average over a ton. He made shit of the welsh plumber. To think the mushrooms once claimed he was the best left hander in the world cos he won lakeshite.
The person who wins gold in the spastic olympics is still a spastic, the same applies with Lakeshite, some cunt has to win it.
First beggar up tonight was Munterbutcher who was playing Ian White, the king of the leisure centre and the ultimate TV jobber.
He completely outscored the German but had Mark McGeeney level doubling. You just could not see White hitting a double.
This waster is the proof of everything I have ever said about the difference between leisure centre players and proper tv players.
There is an upside though, the German now gets James Wade next round, Wade will not miss as many doubles as White, so suspect Wade was delighted with that result.

Second up was Colin Lloyd's illegitimate son, the PDC ranked #41 Keegan Brown up against the BDO #5.Surprisingly this was a quality encounter with a rake of maximums, and the game of the night and credit to medallion boy he threw well, and his reward will be to get raped by Ando next round, as there isn't a snowballs hope in hell Harms will repeat that performance and certainly not over the longer format. As well as he played he still needed the PDC #41 to miss a match dart to get through.

My dislike for the dutch hunchback MVG is well known, but at least when he plays well the games are over quick and this was another example as watching Joe Murnan is sheer torture. To watch Joe Murnan, Gary Jobson, Scott Mitchell and some others 3 times each in just 4 days can be too much for even those with a high tolerance for suffering. Murnan was utterly atrocious, like almost all the floor qualifiers. In fact the floor qualifiers which were all outside the top 16 of the PDC were as bad as the beggars.The reason I think the beggars were worse is because we were told these were "top players" least no PDC fan will claim the floor jobbers are top players and we all knew they would be shit. Murnan has an average of 79.85....truly woeful....oh wait, that was still higher than what the BDO #1 Scabies Arm had in his first match. Murnan also had an average of 80 in this comp, and was very close to joining a list of players who have averaged under 80 twice in a single Grand slam competition

Players that had more than one sub 80 average at the Slam in the one competition

Neils de Ruiter 2007 had an average or 75 in one game and 76 in another.
Wayne Mardle in 2008 had a 70 average and a 79 average...and Neils de Ruiter has a 74 average that year as well
Francis Hoenselaar in 2009 had averages of 74, 77 and 78
Stacy Bromberg in 2010 had averages of 61, 68, and 70
Tricia Wright in 2010 had averages of 65 and 76
Jan Dekker in 2012 has averages of 71, and 73
Mark Oosterhuis in 2015 had  averages of 67 and 74.

I still am not sure which one of Oosterhuis and De Ruiter was the worst player I had ever seen on surprise they were bdo shit.

Third up tonight was the self confessed "top player" Gary Jobson who rolled over and showed what a complete jobber he is, and will always be. He wont be missed in the comp.He was the fifth player out of 7 at that point to head for the minibus in the car park. It was parked alongside Stephen Buntings car where his dad slept.At this point the score was 14 - 9 and all of the bdo wins came against PDC players outside the top 16 except for Ian White who is utter shit on tv, and Bells Palsy win over Shitlock which was the only decent single result for the team beggar.

Last match up in the PDC versus the "hand out clan" was the 2017 Masters winner against the 2018 masters winner, which were both PDC jobbers prior to winning that shit comp and battering the "top players" of the BDO
Shove over lads...make room in the minibus for a sixth player.. Ratajski threw some quality stuff. Then the PDC fans don't despise foreigners like the xenophobic BDO.
The last 16 has players from 9 different nations, no north sea cup like you see in the BDO.

The Barney Smith result was also a great result. Glad Barney is gone, open your eyes Uncle Barry and see what everyone else sees, and that is Barney has no place in the PL ever again. Lazy fucker played 3 games and lost 2, and was lucky to win the game he did win.

So now the groups are done and dusted I am surprised 2 made it out of the groups, that is 1 more than I expected. I thought surely Phantom of the Opera would surely earn a runner up spot, what with him being so good according to mushrooms.
The biggest shock was Harms, but then all he had to do was beat a useless Mark Webster and Keegan Brown, hardly giants of the game, but he played well, his yearly one good performance.

Of the 2 , MunterButcher would be the one I would not mind winning another round or two, even if it was at Wade's expense but dont see it happening. Think the German will join the PDC soon, what normal person would look forward to going back to the BDO ?
As for Harms, fuck him, after he gets bowled out by Ando he will wallow in the piss soaked bingo halls of the BDO until he is like a dutch version of Martin Adams. He could even get a bumbag for his gloves and medallions.

Looking forward to what spin the mushrooms will put on this atrocious performance by the Pauper Crew.
Will give it an hour before some one claims only 2 making it out of the groups ( both as runner ups) is great.
Mark my words, it will happen.

Wednesday : Day 5

Wednesday started off with the news of the death of Tommy Cox. A man who was responsible for the creation of the PDC.
Without him , we would not be watching a Grand Sham of Darts, we would have had no Premier League, Matchplay, UK Open especially no World Series and other events, let alone be on BBC. ITV and Sky Sports. I have always said those who players who formed the WDC were Icons of darts, and Tommy is among those for all what he did Without his vision there would have been no PDC for Uncle Barry to get involved with.
Mushrooms across social media despised him obviously for showing up the BDO shit for what it was, and blamed him for the split.
Then they would blame anyone and everything than lay blame at the BDO board at the time. They are brainwashed morons.
Some of the comments I on a forum I visited today

After Barneys 5-0 battering last night one simpleton who is a suck up crawling mod on a forum wrote
 Raymond is without a doubt amongst the 5 greatest players of all time.
In my opinion Barney would be lucky to be in the top 10 let alone top 5 of all time. Cunt won just one single World title as Bob Potter cups post split ain't worth a fuck.

Not counting players like Taylor and Bristow, I would have John Lowe in the list with 3 world titles won in a unified field
Jocky Wilson with 2 titles won in a unified field
Priestly who not only matched Barneys one PDC title but won a world title in a unified field, then there are the 4 players with twice as many PDC World titles than Barney, such as Gary Anderson, Adrian Lewis, John Part and MVG.
Bob Andersons title in a unified field and three in a row proper Masters title was a superior player to Barney. That is already 10 players I rate higher than Barney. James Wade is the third most successful player in PDC history and for that alone he should be in the list. Even today some idiots still rate Barney, the guy who has not won a ranking tv major in ELEVEN YEARS.

Another retarded comment I read this morning was this mental illness

I make it 15-9 at the moment.
not bad considering that is effectively an "away" fixture for the BDO. everything is fixed against them.

yeah cos the Pole Ratajski,  Dutch MVG, Belgian Dimitri and Mensur etc all see Wolverhampton as their home town. Some of the excuses spewed this week have been both hilarious and disturbing when you realize these muppets are being serious.

 The darts started and some of the crowd were waving signs with BDO wrote on them despite no bdo players playing tonight.
The bdo #1, #2, #3 and #4 were all sent packing so no spot for the begging scum tonight.

First up in the first longer format matches was Dimitri against Bunting.The nine darter for Dimitri will no doubt grab the headlines. Dimitri was by far the better player in the end and could have won by more, and after he hit the nine darter it looked like Bunting would break back and put the pressure on but Bunting's finishing was shit. Still laugh thinking about the spastics who once claimed that there was only 2 players in the World better than Bunting, solely cos Bunting at the time won Lakeshite.
Then every time someone wins Lakeshite the mushrooms claim that player is world Class, and Bells Palsy face was the most recent.

Dimitri as I have said numerous times is a proper tv player, but sadly does not appear too often on tv as his form in the sterile  leisure centre floor comps is woeful which limits his opportunities.
 Ian White on the other hand is great in the leisure centres with no one around and utter shit on tv. This is why I constantly say the floor champs need changing drastically. Hopefully Dimitri can earn enough money to ensure he qualifies for more tv comps in the future.

I am sure it won't be long for some mushroom to claim the nine darter was hit on a toyboard with huge trebles, but wont mention how the bdo players missed hitting these so called large trebles when they played on them.

Next up Gerwyn Price and Josh Payne in a game I had zero interest was a dour shit match from what I saw of it, and I won't miss Josh Payne in this comp. This was the tone of the night as the third match between Cross and Mensur was poor quality also.
It was the second worst session of the Slam after the Saturday afternoon session. Only the caliber of players and Dimitri's 9 darter saved it from being the worst.
Peter Wright and Rob Cross look likely to start slumping down the rankings, and when Cross has his money come off in 14 months he will be nowhere unless he starts winning comps now and that looks highly unlikely.
I would not mind Wright and Cross hitting a slump, but sadly Shitlock is finding form again.
Still the future looks really bright, Wade is back in form as is Ando,no sign of MVG easing up. Dimitri and Ratajski just 2 of a heap of players steadily climbing up the ranking.
One player who possibly wont like seeing Dimitri do well and hit that 9 darter was Barney, as you have to think Dimitri has strengthened his case for a possible if unlikely wildcard for the PL and if it does come hopefully will be at Barney's expense.

Thursday session is bound to better not only better but should be a higher quality, even with 2 beggars among them.

 Thursday Day 6

Most of the news Thursday afternoon was that of Bells Palsy developing a spinal column and growing a set of testicles and stating he would be going to Q-school.
In the article he stated

I made the BDO4LIFE statement because I was sick to death of the PDC question. This year there are no sanctions, to my knowledge. My finances, tax and mortgage are all sorted. I have held discussions at work and completed four meetings with PDC managements. Therefore I will be going to Q-School irrespective on how I do at Lakeside

Why would the cunt need 4 meetings with the PDC ? Does the disfigured cunt think he can sneak around and get the PDC to break their own rules and just give him one for free ? Sign up and then turn up and play like everyone you pretentious cunt.
While I am glad to see him get a backbone and I do give him a lot of grief, I do think he is a good player. However he is not as good as he thinks he is or as good as the mushrooms would have you believe he is. In my opinion he is not as good as Bunting and look how he struggled after he got beating after beating and cant make the top 16 in the PDC....something I said years ago would happen and has happened and expect the same for Durrant.
He could make a great living with the PDC but wont be winning majors.

First game up tonight saw Ratajski against Clayton. I thought Ratajski would have too much consistency for Clayton, as it turned out it was the other way around with the Pole unable to cope up with claytons consistency and the coal scavenger laid an almighty whooping on the 2017 BDO Masters champion.

Not sure if it showed on sky but on the stream I watched , during the ad breaks they had xmas carols karaoke sing along for the crowd. I get trying to get the crowd involved, and trying something that might catch on and keep the people coming back, but that is what the darts is for and should be for, and the sing along was like something the morons in the bdo do.
All it needed was little richard to come out on stage and do his pathetic hi ho routine. Would be the first time a crowd over 25 people would see it.

Up next was James Wade against the German MunterButcher. Hard to believe Wade is only 35 and is 13 years younger than Peter Wright.
Wade although scoring better was way of form on doubles and paid the price for it and had his throw broke twice in the first session, despite him having missed doubles in a couple of legs, had 3 at tops, missed the double 14 for a 148. After Unterbuchner beat White who was utter shit on doubles I stated Wade would not be as generous, well I was wrong. The more doubles Wade missed the more the Germans confidence grew and his scoring improved while Wades scoring went to shit. In the end the German deserved the win as Wade was awful, the worst he played in months. As I said Tuesday I would not begrudge the German winning, but he cant keep running into players who will let him off so lightly and the German looked visibly shaking at 9-6 up and cant see him beating Ando who he would face next round. As for Wade cant be too harsh after the successful run he had lately but he was shit, and maybe he needed a kick in the arse to remind him  to take nothing for granted, and he might re focus now for Ally Pally and the upcoming Players champs finals.

Ando and Harms had the potential to be great if Harms could replicate his form in the last game, but who are we kidding, Harms only has the rare odd good performance every leap year.
Harms against Keegan Brown had a 103 average that had mushrooms wanking themselves blind. Harms was completely battered by Ando and  Harms finished with his third average under 89 in just 4 games. It was like Geert de Vos a couple of years back, Geert could not get out of his group and hit a load of shit averages but the mushrooms acted like his one average over 105 was the greatest thing ever.
Another bonus was the game finishing quickly, there is only so much time you can spend looking at the sour head on the dutch looking gypo with his medallions.
After the match Harms then moaned on Dutch TV about some fragrance issue, not sure if he was accusing Ando of farting, who knows as Ando blew him away.
Harms really is a dickhead

Last up promised to be the match of the night and it lived up to it.The first 10 legs was awesome stuff. Sadly Bellyboy faded a little after that, but still made a fight of it, and cannot fault Smith as the dutch hunchback was simply too good. Had smith hit tops after hitting 2 trebles in a 160 checkout attempt to make it 9-9 it would have been a fitting end.

So looks like a possible Ando -v- MVG semi final and cannot see the winner of that should it happen not winning the comp  outright.

 Friday Day 7

The weakest half of the draw's quater finals took place tonight and right from the off Dimitri was chasing the game, and never got into it and was the first time in this comp that Mensur seemed to be really on form.

The next match was an absolute great watch, but as well as that prick Vermin Price played, you have to see it as a Simon Shitlock bottlejob as usual, at 12 up he blew a golden chance, and his missing off match darts later made it dramatic for a last leg decider and with shitlock you just know even with the darts you could foresee him bottling it and sure enough he did.This is why he has never won a proper "Major" and never will. In total it was5 match darts Shitlock missed.
Meanwhile on twitter the pro Price comments seem to be as many as the anti price comments with many of the Price supporters claiming shitlock is an even bigger cunt than Price.
I think they are both cunts, annoying ones at that.

I expect Mensur with his more slower pace to send the Welsh cunt packing next round.The downside is Price strengthened his place for a spot in the PL, as each decent performance by Price and to a lesser extent by the now out Dimitri should lessen the chances of Barney getting one presently,

However with Ally Pally still to come there is always the possibility Barney draws jobbers for a couple of rounds and the selectors will magically forget how shit the dutch cunt was for not just this entire year but for a decade. So here's to hoping he bombs early at Ally Pally.

On social media the narcissist Scott Mitchell wrote "Chuffed to bits for sweet cheeks @VandenBerghDimi on his 9 darter, no nicer fellow will you find on our darting planet, a role model we can all learn from no matter your age. Well done my friend @OfficialPDC @BDOdarts @EDOdarts"...SweetCheeks ? WTF ?

On the digital spy forums I spotted this gem by a severely retarded mick, who has left multiple forums in hissyfits.
Check out this mental illness

bdo holds it own - again - pdc lads won opening day - since then its been even - the bdo players settled in - and the bdo players are playing on enemy turf - wade has aways been overated - did nothing at lakey - beat pub players in the pdc to win friverlous tournaments - only won those events cause taylor and gerwin phoned it in and got knocked out - another sky sports hype job -

So only 2 bdo players out of 8 gets out of the groups, only one player left and he is only in cos White and Wade were utter shit, but somehow its all even because its an away fixture. The PDc are pub players, the same players that sent the BDO #1, '2, #3, #4 etc out of the competition.
How dare Sky hype the programme they are showing, what bastards they are.

Then this same moron also this week  when asked who the Greatest sportman of all time was said...wait for it ...said Martin Adams or John Lowe. When you laugh at this spastic he then resorts to making threats. A true life Walter mitty mushroom.

He then claimed Bells Palsy was the best dart player of the last decade, and when accused of being on a wind up replied
Not taking the piss - taylor past his best - barneveld past his best - could never take anderson seriously after his failure at lakey - mvg is overated - I would say its between adams and durrant - probably adams actually - cleaned up at lakey twice - beat lewis at the circus tavern on enemy ground - gave the circus lads a beating at wolves on away turf- did all that and wasnt even at his best -.

This "event" that Martin Adams beat Lewis he speaks of was an exbo years ago. Lewis had 150 left and in true exbo fashion lewis went for 3 bulls. Adams won that "exbo" and it was the first of 3 exbos they did, with Lewis winning the next two with ease, but he does not to mention those exbos....imagine that.
You should check out this mutant on Digital Spy, and he wont be long having yet another hissyfit and leave there as well.
BDO mushrooms are without doubt the most retarded people on Earth, they make football supporters seem almost normal.

Tomorrow sees the first Munters "rest of the world" qualifier for Ally Pally. There will be no winners as whoever gets through will stink up Ally Pally and we all lose looking at these cunts.
Before anyone thinks I am some misogynist, I love women, am married to a wonderful one, but Munters are a whole different species. Have you seen them in the BDO ? 90% of them are vile
Even if by some miracle the qualifiers were beautiful looking, it would not matter as the darts will be shit. Mark my words.
Kim Huybrechts wife will be there challenging for a spot  and if she qualified we would never hear the end of it.
Would be funny though if she did make and lasted longer than her cunt of a husband.

One autistic brummie who recently ratted me out to twitter crying about me..., tried to contact me to inform me I won his "cunt of the week". I wonder where he got the idea for this from.

The people who moan about this blog are the very same people who read this blog whilst pretending not to.

Saturday Day 8

The Rest od the World Munters qualifier took place today.
Almost every BDO munter was gone after a couple of rounds, which shows exactly everything that is wrong with bdo qualification for Lakeshite.
This proves there are better munters out there than the ones that stink out Bobs hotel every January.
The only reason the same munters are at Lakeshite is because they are all part of the "travel club".
Results for the foreign munters against the BDO munters prove my point.

I predicted on a forum today that Ando would win by 5 legs against the German who beat White who is always shit on TV , and James Wade who played utter shit but I was wrong, Ando won by double that amount and the German was shown up for what exactly he is, a mediocre player who took advantage of poor performances by others.
Ando not only won by ten legs, but for almost most of that match was playing his B game.
The german finished with an average under 89, just like what Wesley Harms finished with when Ando pasted the snot out of him.
In the interview afterwards Ando called Johnny Clayton the best Welsh player out there, which was a dig at Gerwyn Price in my opinion who Ando had issues with in the past, and Ando could possibly meet Price in the final dependent on results

Did not watch the second match as I went for a few pints tonight and was surprised that the coal scavenger got as close as he did and credit to him, but over that distance I doubt anyone would have expected any other results. I cannot comment on the game as I did not see it.
I see that Anastasia won the rest of the world qualifier and am glad for her, seeing as she was one of the few women players who had no issue in the past partaking in the original women's world champs years back in 2010 where she lost in the semi, and she also played in the Mens World champs a whole 17 years ago in 2001 where she lost in the prelim round. She also took part in the first ever PDC World Cup in 2010 as well as taking part in the 2009 Grand Slam where she claimed a victory over Vincent van der Voort.
Happy to see her make it through and was my initial hope of all the munters to make it, and her reward will be a decent pay day regardless of the result, better than what the bdo cunts will provide.
As for the British qualifier who care, I suspect most people will hope and expect Lisa Ashton to get through and if honest I hope she does also, mainly because she unlike so many in the BDO is not a thundering cunt with a hatred of the PDC and she has took part in challenge tour events, so good luck to her.
That said I don't think they will win a game unless they draw some useless International jobber.

Yes I know this makes me sound xenophobic, sexist, politically incorrect etc, but its the truth, and last time I checked even in this politically correct world world of snowflakes the truth is still not banned ...yet.

Sunday Day 9

First semi final up was Mensur against Vermin Price and Mensur fucked it away.He led 10-5 and in those 15 legs averaged over 106.
In the following 13 legs of which Mensur lost 11 of them he averaged under 90. That was Simon Shitlock or Ian White like choking.
Mensur fell apart like the village he came from in the former Yugoslavia and lost the plot and the match.
As for Vermin Price fair play to him for coming back and winning but he comes across like the cunt he is and no surprise so many people despise the cunt. You would think he would be less likely getting in peoples face after the time he suffered brain damage when he was beaten badly outside a pub years back doing his hard man act.
Seems some people will never learn.

Yesterday saw the supposed 2 best teams in Rugby of Ireland and New Zealand battle it out, as well as the 2 best players in snooker battle it out in the semi final of the Northern Ireland open, today it was hyped as the 2 best dart players battling it out in their semi final of the Grand Slam.
Ando won deservedly. In fact there was at least 5 legs on MVG's throw that Anderson had darts to break and missed them and the win could have been even bigger, and at one point it should have been 13 -7 as opposed to 11 - 9.

This year Ando won the UK Open, Matchplay, and Champions League of Darts, and favorite to win the Grand Slam
This year MVG lost in the Worlds, Lost in the UK Open, Lost in the Matchplay, Lost in the CLoD....twice, Lost in the European Champs, Lost is the World Series, Lost in the Grand Slam..twice..the only things of note he won was the Grand Prix and the Premier League and that was a non ranking event.
The hilarious part is there are morons out there who think MVG is as good as Taylor, yes the same Taylor who when was past his best was still owning MVG and making him his bitch and making him cry.
MVG is not even the best player in the world at the moment, Ando is, and yet again proved it. If MVG suffers a defeat in the upcoming Players champs finals it would set up Ally Pally nicely.

Tonight I hope and expect an Ando win.


Well I was wrong Ando did not win
 What a final it turned out to be.
The seething across multiple forums and social media has been hilarious reading.
Anderson threw that away, he let Vermin Price get to him. Ando knew Price would be acting the prick and would be celebrating like he does and should have expected it, even be prepared for it but it got to him.

In Ando's defense Price did act the prick not in celebrating but doing so while his darts were in the board, and should have removed them and then celebrated.

His bumping of Ando was wrong though, and in my local that would get you smacked for acting the cunt, but the reality was long before Price bumped him Ando had already lost the plot and it cost him the match. Its not like Price played superb scoring wise, but Ando was even worse and in 29 legs of darts hit just one maximum. Is that also the fault of Vermin Price ?

Price won with a 96.7 put that into prospective that was lower that what Wade won the World Series with so hardly top quality scoring.
Drama wise it made for great viewing and only fitting the trophy now named after the great Eric Bristow should have that needle.

I am a fan of Ando, and despise Price, but even I can see Ando fucked that away, allowed Price in his head, and by the time Price started really acting like a cunt Ando was already beaten mentally, sadly most Ando fans cannot accept this.
Both players came out of this match looking like Pricks, but since Price won you can argue his tactics worked.

As for Vermin Price, you can bet Uncle Barry would have enjoyed that and will be rubbing his hands together hoping that can be replicated during the Premier League.
Who does not want to want Ando and Price in the PL now in front of ten thousand people ?

The only thing I did not like throughout the dramatic final was Wayne Mardle, that guy is fucking nauseating, His sucking up and contradictions  makes for atrocious commentary.

On one forum where the mods rim the hole out of Ando and refuse to accept Ando bottled it, the excuses and crying have made for hilarious reading.

Here is a sample of some

By a dwarf moderator: Price is a complete and utter arsehole and if the PDC allow this kind of shite to infect the game it will find itself off the TV very soon.

When the dwarf was told to cop on and stop crying he replied with this horseshit : So the future of darts is players who hit a ton, turn and scream into the opponent's face and take an age to clear the oche. Makes darts a laughing stock, Olympic 'sport' my arse.

First off Darts is not a sport. Its a game, a well paid game if you are a top player but a game nonetheless.
As for Darts losing its place on TV, what bullshit, if anything it makes the game more interesting. The fans love that sort of stuff, and only the Adndo hole rimmers  cannot see that as they are too busy crying and making excuses for the failings and lack of bottle by Ando.

On another forum I spotted this crying:He DOES NOT deserves the win!!!!!..This bastard is an unsporting son of a bitch!!!!
Never mind Gary, for the real sportsmen you have won this!!!!!


Spare a thought for Dave Chisnall. Everyone around him from Wade, Fatpot, Gurney, Mensur, Price, and countless others have now won a major, while Chizzy drops down the rankings keeping Barney company.
The only top ranked player without a tv title is Michael Smith and think he will eventually win one.

All in all has been a wonderful tournament, and with the exception of some players in the PDC who did not play well when it mattered like Wade, Ando and others, most players performed well.
Except the bdo of course as usual.
Phantom of the Opera losing to gilding provided one of the best laughs of the competition, and Scabies Arm hitting an average in the 70s another laugh.
Wesley Harms making excuses and rubbing up people with his attitude  and then getting battered was also enjoyable
Lets hope Uncle Barry comes to his senses and fucks those begging cunts out of the slam for good, sick of them stinking up the comp.


Friday, November 9, 2018

Its not often I find fault with the PDC other than their sterile floor tournaments which breeds leisure centre players and does not help produce players that are needed for tv, but this week the award goes to Unle Barry as head of the PDC for this clusterfuck of a competition the Grand Sham of Darts. A once decent competition is now a shadow of what it was.

First off this should not be a ranking competition. No competition that is , especially when the invited are the begging scum of the BDO who offer absolutely fuckall to the comp should be ranked..How many years is it now since a free loading bdo cunt got to the last 8 ?
The Premier League, World Series events etc are all unranked because they are invitaional, so why is the Grand Ssham a ranking event ? There is no need for it.

Secondly and even more ridiculous is the qualifying criteria for this event that gets worse every year. Its bad enough the quality of bdo begging scum deteriorates year on year, where the bdo begging brigade contains a bells palsy cunt, a dutch version of Beavis with gloves and a medallion, a cunt with scabies on his arm, a deluded cunt who when not falling of hoverboards claims he is a top player, a PDC challenge tour jobber who won their Masters,  A queer looking coal scavenger, a German jobber that makes Max hopp look talented, and lastly a obese and narcissistic farmer with delusions of grandeur.
This week after wade won the World Series fans were quick to applaud his efforts but the fat farmer in an effort yet again to make himself seem important hijacked a tweet that was not even aimed at him to make it all about himself
Check out this attention seeking.

Also on the subject of qualifying criteria.
Putting aside the inclusion of the BDO begging scum by Uncle Barry, which he no doubt allows enter as to give these begging paupers a pay day since the PDC can afford it, seeing as they know how to run a business, the inclusion of 8 floor jobbers is a fuckin joke.

Look at the entrants in this years comp and look who is sat at home.
We get to watch scooty eye Joe Murnan in the Grand Sham,while a 2 time World champion in Adrian Lewis is sat at home thanks to a qualifying process that rewards leisure centre players.
While we are bored senseless by Steve Hine handing out muffins, or fivers to homosexual markers, the likes of Daryl Gurney who won a PDC major is sat at home while his tears rust his necklace with the picture of his dead boyfriend.
Dave Chisnall another sat at home. Even Merv king could not be arsed to enter the floor comp.

As I said last week, the guys that thrive in the sterile empty leisure centres are not the ones who thrive on TV.
The places for this comp, should have been made up from the ranking system or success on euro tours or any event that was televised or streamed.

If this event wants to be seriously considered a proper ranking Major, the bdo begging scum need fucking out for good, and the comp should focus only on players that perform in TV comps. Time for the shit to fucked aside, and about time Uncle Barry took a leaf out of Olly Crofts book and tell the bdo beggars with their hand out that "we don't owe the players a living".

Last weekend I am not sure which gave me more enjoyment, seeing Wade winning a second tv title against Bellyboy or Wade smashing the fuck out of the lazy hypoglycemic postman liar. After the dutch head shaking cunt beat Hunchback van Gerwen I bet he started to think that was his Premier League spot sorted.
He then prior to his match called Wade lucky after winning the European champs, and whilst Wade was lucky, it was the condescending tone from that lazy bastard where he tried to be smug and dismiss Wade, so when Wade mauled him it was a joy to witness.
Wade was averaging 105 after winning 8 legs on the trot, where as Barney had only 2 darts at a double at that point. Hopefully this showed everyone including those in power that the Dutch cunt is not fit for the PL.

Speaking of the World Series, you could tell Bellyboy had never won a TV title when he completely shat himself when he missed all those match darts in the final. I like Bellyboy as a player, and whilst true he did choke, he was only given the chance to choke because Wade came so close to being an even bigger fuck up.
Wade should have wrapped it up a leg earlier when he had a huge lead but bust 121, and even had match darts after that., so in effect Wade fucked up first, but the lack of experience showed and Bellyboy succumbed to the pressure, but then so did Gerwyn Price and Max Hopp the week before that.
I am obviously glad Wade won but would not have begrudged Smith a TV title, and think Wade was right what he said in his interview afterwards that when Smith gets going he will be a truly top player, and a Smith victory may have been a better result for the game as a whole.

A mention as usual for the retarded bdo fans who never cease to spout utter crap. This week I read some on twitter calling for Martin Adams to get an invite to Lakeshite. The level of stupidity among these people never ceases to amaze me.Check out this fucking pleb
Another moron posted this on social media

He wants 16 in it. That is the 8 already in plus names another 8 beggars( parletti included obviously) and then adds the word "more". I was going to tell him that adds up to more than 16.
Do the BDO contribute anything towards the cost of running this event ?
Do the bdo contribute anything towards the prize fund ?
Has the BDO brought in any sponsors ?
Did they round up the milkmen of Preston to litter the cafes and chip shops of the north to promote this event ?

Course not, but it does not stop retarded cunts like him calling for more players. As it is the "top" bdo scum cannot get to the last 8, can you imagine adding munters to this already fucked up shit. Typical bdo thinking, and then they wonder why the bdo is in the shitter. Then Joe Reid does not even know who the president of the USA his posts.

Earlier today I read some posts on a forum where some people were rimming the hole of Geert de Vos and how he once had a 113 average in the Grand Slam back in 2015 as if one game played over a short format somehow validated the useless bdo jobbers being in the slam. Needless to say, not one of them rimming the hole of De Vos mentioned how he failed to get out of his group that year, or how the game before he lost 5-0 to Terry Jenkins and averaged in the 80s
Now this clusterfuck comp starts tomorrow expect the mushrooms to be out in force wearing their rose tinted glasses.

Friday, November 2, 2018

There must not be anyone more retarded cunts on this planet than BDO fans. They call themselves fanatics, but where were these morons when the Masters was on and being won by a PDC jobber of the challenge tour.
Where were these fanatics when the Catas Trophy was on ?
Or when the gold Cup was on?... they were at home spouting shit on their little private facebook groups.
For weeks during this Lakeshite fiasco the mushrooms were out on force to defend the chubby waiter saying the delay in announcing Lakeshite was not the fault of Des, It was the fault of sportotal, the same sportotal that threatened to sue the BDO in the past.

Now that sportotal sorted out a 3 year deal suddenly the very same retarded mushrooms are praising the chubby waiter, who by their own admission for weeks was not responsible for the recent fiasco.

These same people were the first to laugh when Wes Newton, the black hole of entertainment who could not win a game in the PDC for a year failed to qualify for Bobs January Jobber Jamboree.The usual rhetoric was spewed how he was not good enough for Lakeshite.
Now that there is no Asian qualifier because the BDO / WDF was so inept and could not organize one, Newton now qualifies, and the very same mutants who mocked Newton are now claiming he is a great addition.
Even if the Asian and other "Johnny Foreigner" comps had took place the announcement coming so late for Lakeshite would possibly mean most foreign players might not have traveled.

The same mushroom cunts were also out in force to berate James Wade winning the European champs with a 91 average. The same blinkered simpletons are the first to complain if the final was won by a player throwing a ton plus average and winning with ease. saying they hate one sided games.
They cite how close games are better, yet Wade won his quarter final and semi final in last leg deciders, and the final was also a close encounter., but suddenly close games don't matter again,  and averages matter again. Oddly I dont recall the mushrooms mocking Scott Waites when he won Lakeshite TWICE with averages in the mid 80s.

When Olly Croft was running the BDO he had the masters and Lakeshite on BBC, when he was stabbed in the back by Adams the Beggar and Popcorn teeth it was called "good news" Somehow the bdo going from BBC to BT was good news,
Now the bdo lost Channel 4 a major terrestrial tv station and end up on a lesser channel is now also being heralded as "good news".
These thick bastards would call the bdo ending up on the radio as "good news".

Prior to the European Championships Wade was sliding down the rankings and his form suggested he would be nowhere close to winning this event. I am a Wade fan and was delighted he won but I certainly did not expect it.
However he was aided by a number of factors, firstly MVG, Mensur and Krusty were shit and went out early, Ando never qualified, and in the end Wade played people who simply did not have his experience and bottle in crucial moments and he beat jobbers, but you can only beat what is in front of you.

Vermin Price choked as he had the throw to win the match and missed match darts which Wade took advantage of taking out a ton plus finish.
In the Semi Final the hugely over rated Max Hopp who is like the new Barney when it comes to favoritism and invites to events like the World Series, and gets a distinct advantage in qualifying for Euro tours because most are held in Germany led 9-5 and completely shat his load.
Even when Hopp left tops for the match, Wade was back on 241, Wade hits a maximum, Hopp chokes on 3 match darts, and Wade takes out the 61 in 2 darts for the match.

Prior to this event Wade was in line to be defending 113k up to the World champs, of which 50k was in the Grand Sham of Darts which he had not qualified for at that point.This broke down to
20k for his semi in the European champs in 2016
50k in the Grand Slam from his final spot in 2016
5k for the last 32 in the Players Champs finals 2016
38k from his quarter final at Ally Pally in 2017.

Picking up 100k for the European Champs means anything he makes from here up to and including Ally Pally will be a bonus.
I said a couple of weeks ago Wade was fucked, and I can say I am glad I was wrong.

Its time the PDC did something about the Players championships weekend.
Sick of stating how these floor players are a different breed to TV players. Look at the game tonight between Jamie Lewis and Dimitri van den Bergh. Both of them are utter shit on the floor, Lewis lost first round in the last 5 players champs, yet on TV they can perform.Lewis had a 109 average, and Dimitri a 105 average.
This is the opposite to people like Ian White who cleans up on the floor and can barely win a game on tv.

The 11 or whatever Players champs weekends the PDC put on each year should be scrapped and the PDC should create 10 extra Euro tours to replace them.
A player champs weekend pays out 10k twice in a weekend, so a Euro tour would not be much more expensive, and factor in you would have crowds so they could sell tickets to recoup money. The PDC are losing money on floor championships held in a sterile atmosphere with no crowds.
They could hold the extra Euro Tours throughout the UK, to go alongside the ones held in Germany, Austria, Holland, etc.
The floor champs simply is not working, its not producing TV players, even this shitty glorified exbo the World series is better at finding some players. Something needs to change with floor champs.

Whenever I think of floor champs and their worth, I think of this real pic I once saw, and is still funny as fuck.Some old fucker bored out of his tits staring at that cunt Justin Pipe.If that does not sum up the floor champs I don't know what does.

As much as a choker as chizzy is and as much as a cunt Gurney is, glad both won tonight, with Chizzy showing why Hopp is over rated., Chizzy and Gurney need to qualify for the Grand Sham.The comp needs them.
That event is already going to be polluted by the begging scum of the BDO who provide nothing, and god knows what jobbers will make it via the PDC qualifier, at least Chizzy and Gurney would be better entrants should they make it.
This whole qualification for the Grand sham needs to be over hauled.


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