Saturday, June 16, 2018

I once said Tommy Thompson looked like Peter Stringfellow with HIV, Peter Stringfellow has been dead 10 days and he still looks better than Tommy....but more on him in a bit.

For years the sad bitter bdo mushroom cunts would moan about the PDC holding floor comps in a leisure centre,yet amazingly not a single bdo loving cunt mentioned let alone complained when the Swiss Open was held in leisure centre, last week. Where was their moaning then ?
Then these were the same morons who moaned about the UK Open moving to Minehead citing it was just a huge tent, and lo and behold, Tommy the Jew and his rag tag band of EDO fuckwits are holding the England Open in a tent.this weekend.
Think the mickey mouse event may have even started today , I think there might be some coverage of it over the weekend which should make for more live comedy.
I have no doubt the usual key words will be dispensed this weekend about Grassroots, Loyalty and Family and how the competition will be second to none, the atmosphere will be "in-tents".

Deta Hedmans pet lodger who is an official a lackey of Tommy the Jew, tried promote this horseshit by telling members on a forum how much he got 5 bottles of Coors for £12 and then proceeded to boast how he would be marking games for the likes of Anca Ziljstra. This is the mindset of the EDO officials.
Do you think you would see Matt Porter on a forum writing how he got bottles of Coors cheap, or see Uncle Barry claim he was looking forward to marking a game...No, you wont because they are not fucking common idiots.
If you want to be seen as professional, you must act like a professional, just because the EDO is amateur that does not mean its ok to act like complete idiots
Then what else should we expect from the idiots that are the EDO. Here is an organisation that could not even send an England team to the WDF World Cup, despite them having 4 fucking years to prepare. The excuse then was they did not have the money, yet this week they will be pissing away more money on Tommy's ego project of Darts in a tent. on some obscure TV station.Then money management was never one of Tommy's strong points, look how he was completely in the dark at Lancashire Darts when the treasure Irene Mungins stole tens of thousands of pounds from under his nose to stick in slot machines.

I am sure some simple fucker will be quick to claim the EDO wont be paying for tv or some mysterious sponsor will be paying for it.
When the 15 fans turn up, which will be more than what the BDO CatasTrophy got some shrooms will call it a success.

Speaking of the CatasTrophy, the viewing figures for the channel it was on were released earlier this week and makes hilarious reading
This is the top 10 for the record:

RUGBY AM (WED 1801) 50k
SWEDISH SPEEDWAY 2018 (TUE 2230) 36k
POLISH SPEEDWAY 2018 (TUE 2030) 24k
BDO DARTS (WED 1900) 10k

Swedish speedway getting over 3 times the viewers than the darts shows how fucking pathetic it was, and the 10k was their top night, can only imagine how bad the other nights were.

A mention for Cyclops Jamie Cave-in tonight as well as he failed to qualify for both Euro Tours.
Hows that bank balance you boasted of Jamie doing these days ? One of his defeats was a 6-0 hammering. Maybe the telescope inspector might challenge me to another match.afterall the stupid bastard thinks challenging people on the internet to dart matches will somehow change the truth how is basically shit these days.

Seems the women in the BDO still have not been "informed" if they can enter either of the 2 qualifiers for a spot at Ally Pally, reckon this could take months, the BDO probably think by doing nothing...something they are good at, the women will just forget about it.

And a mention also this week for the begging bastard and mentally stunted Dave Parletti.
Here is a guy that is utterly jealous of the success of others in the PDC like Rob Cross
Checkout this tweet he posted sometime last week

Dave Parletti @Parletti180
Here’s one.... What was the 2018 PDC World Champ doing the year before he won it!!!????... Trying the qualify at Bridlington for the BDO World Champs..... and yes he didn’t qualify!!! #LoveTheDarts #ThereIsQualityInBothCodes

The hilarious part is Parletti "forgot" to mention Cross did not qualify because he was disqualified, so hardly a surprise he did not qualify.
Parletti also "forgot" to mention Rob Cross played in the Winmau Masters, something Parletti failed to qualify for that must have slipped the beggars mind.
Parletti "forgot" to mention the same year he could not be arsed to play in the Lakeshite qualifiers.
Then what do you expect from a sad cunt who left his testicles and backbone in a hospital incinerator in Prague when he got sick and spent weeks begging like the scum he is.

Who knows maybe this weekend in a tent he can beg Tommy's lackey for one of those bottles of Coors that are so important .

Friday, June 8, 2018

Phantom of the Opera gets the award this week, yes, he did well winning the joke of a bdo event last weekend, and there in lies a lot of the problems for the bdo. MVG dominates the PDC but in the PDC the Worlds was won by Cross, the Matchplay by Taylor, TheCloD by Mensur, the Grand Prix by Gurney, Durrant according to one report i saw this week was the first player in history to win the Bob Potter cup, the Masters, the Finder  and the Catas Trophy, problem is the catas trophy is only going 4 years, each year it gets worse.
This week saw the mutant cunt from the north east actually begging on camera for fans to turn up for the final.He came across as a pathetic slug.I have seen ISIS hostage videos with more charisma in them than this segment from Melted plastic face.
After he won the mickey mouse event in front of 8 people he then went on to despair about the bdo.Tough shit to the bells palsy cunt, who chose to stay in the BDO with his retarded "bdo4life" claim he made at bob's hotel last January.
One of the funniest tweet this week was this
Dale Pardon
Replying to @Duzza180
I was at the Everly brother's next door with residents from a care home saw u walk in from taxi and had no idea darts were on same night
 In another interview wonky eye spoke how he was looking forward to playing PDC player Darius, even the clown john Gwynne sounded embarrassed.

That was one of Wonky Eye's followers on twitter and they had no clue the darts were on.
Somehow the milkmen giving out flyers is not cutting it , who would have thought that.
As for the final, it was fucking embarrassing, whatever cunt decided to push ahead with the event needs to be made chairman, they will be the right person for the job and kill of this organisation one and for all
I laughed when I heard the streak died and rallying came on, you got to habd it to the BDO, they never let you down for the comedy moments.
Also a mention for the BDO website that were altering the averages during the Catas Trophy , like when Anca the Whale hit a 69 average and the BDO website bumped it up to 70.
Or the game when Bells Palsy fucker hit a 98 average, and verified on the bdo stream on youtube was suddenly bumped up to a 100 plus average.
Then the bdo can tamper with the averages, claim the place was busy, the darts were great, mention the key words like "family, loyalty etc" but the reality people simply dont give a flying fuck for their product no matter how they try hype it.
 Check out this mental illness

How in the blue fuck did she "bravely" win a leg ?
How big was this army ? considering there was only about 8 people there when she stank up the place with her 62 average. The way they speak about her "disappointment" for not winning, are these people for real ?
It would have been a fucking miracle had she won a game never mind win a comp.

so up next for the BDO will be the political side to see which fuckwit gets to be the one to possibly kill of the BDO off. Surely no one can stop the ex waiter who publicly stated on a darts forum in the past he had no intention of taking over the bdo, from actually taking over the BDO.
The mental genius who pushed for the Catas Trophy which is gonna cost the BDO tens of thousands, the man who thought milkmen was the way to advertise in the 21st century. This promises to be yet another dose of live comedy.

Anyhow on to the proper darts org, the PDC.
The news the World Championships was going to 96 players was met with approval by everyone, except the mushrooms obviously, and possibly scousers who think they have a monopoly on that number.
Almost immediately the shrooms were moaning the PDC were giving a chance to more players.
The best part were the shrooms who were quick to cite how the BDO wont possibly allow the Munters enter the PDC qualifiers for the 2 spots open for women.
From a personal point of view I hope the bdo munters do not enter, its bad enough they stink up bobs hotel without them stinking up Ally Pally, however I can understand why they should enter, when each qualifier gets 7.5k, plus look at all the publicity they would get which of course would only be beneficial to them via sponsors. That is 500 quid less than what Poto got for winning the Catas Trophy, and should one of the munters get a handy tie with some oriental jobber and win the game she would get 15K, thats around the same as the Win mau Masters pays to the mens winner.
The munters cry and bitch about chances, wanting equality etc, so here is there chance, if they refuse it then the cunts need to keep the mouths shut for good.

I do however expect the BDO to show their pettiness and utter hypocrisy by not allowing the munters enter. The same bdo that has no problem allowing the likes of the Scottish dwarf Montgomery,the bearded prick Adams and Phantom of the Opera go cap in hand begging for the PDC coin in the Grand Slam of Darts for their yearly beatings.The bdo has no problem with the top men entering PDC ranking comps for the money.

Its about time the PDC fucked Gibraltar off and stopped running the euro tour there.
Yesterday there was only about 50 people there, ok it was doublr what the Catas Trophy got buteven worse were the qualifiers from gibraltar I saw. One was bad enough but 4 of these cunt is just too much, after watching 2 of them I could take no more and turned it off and went to the pub.
Hence the late entry this week.
There is probably a shitload of stuff I forgot to mention but to hungover to care, and for those simpleton cunts who contact me about spelling errors, I dont give a fuck about them either.

Friday, June 1, 2018

I knew the BDO CatasTrophy was gonna bomb, but this was even worse than I expected.
The BDO board should hang their heads in shame. Except they won't because they have no shame. This whole competition was done for ego...their ego.

Right away from the start the audio was atrocious, the camera was bouncing more than Anca Zilzstra on Pcp,. As for the crowd or lack off, I have seen more life in a Dignitas waiting room. The angle for the dartboard looked like it was falling of the wall. The scoreboard seemed to disappear every minute, and the commentary team were all over the place. Half of the finishes in the first few matches were not even seen such was the appalling spotting.

The PDC charge proper TV networks for the right to show their product, the BDO were whoring themselves out and even paid others to show their shit. ...but the real kicker is the money this event will cost the BDO.
The previous 2 versions of this Mickey mouse comp lost tens of thousands, and the BDO could lose over 80k on this event which in financial terms should have been cancelled long ago.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words

IF the graphics , presentation, camera work, lack of crowd, spotting and lack of atmosphere were not bad enough then you had the substandard darts.
In just 3 evening sessions of this shit there was just ONE single game where both players averaged 95 or more.
Of course there was no 100 averages, who are we kidding.

There was NINE averages in the gets worse.
There was  SEVEN averages in the 60s...and this is supposedly a major
and even ONE who averaged in the 50s.

Truth be told those appalling stats did not surprise me, I expected it, just like I expected Bo Selecta to lose on TV Again...and sure enough she did with an average in the 60s.
I was told yesterday she did once win a game on TV, even though it was 4 years ago, she seemingly won the Northern Ireland Open with an average of....drumroll please...52.76.
I shit thee not, a 52 average won the Munters Northern Ireland Open. Her Opponent averaged 44 in the final....fucking 44.
And this ugly useless cunts think they are as good as the men. I know the men in the BDO are shit, but the munters take shit down to a whole new level.
Maybe the huge prizefund caused the players to panic and added untold pressure.
Afterall the munters were playing for a first prize of £3.000. It used to be £6,000 but the prize fund dropped when the BDO finances started to dwindle and sponsors wanted nothing to do with this shit.

As for the Men, they are playing for a first prize of £8.000, where 4 years ago it was £30,000 for the winner.
I wonder what the prize next year will be ? A book of raffle tickets, 4 warm pints of bitter, a voucher for a midweek stay at Bob Potters run down hotel.

To put things in prospective, the lowest paid comp on the PDC main tour is a UK open qualifier which pays 10k to the winner.

If this is to be Sue the Gash's last "hurrah" as BDO Chairman she is going out on a memorable note, all for the wrong reasons, though I do want to thank her, and her cunt of a husband and the rest of the old cretins on the board getting booted of the board,  for the years of unintentional comedy they have provided us over the years. They will not be forgotten, they will be up there with Warren Brown, New Era, and the other moments of comedy gold.

But fear not, the next chapter of the BDO promises to be just as good. It seems a guy who thinks Milkmen with flyers is the way forward in the 21st century is destined to be the new BDO chairman...yes the same chubby ex waiter who once said on a public forum he had no intention of taking over the BDO looks set to be the next head of comedy.
The big question which will last longer , Him as chairman or the BDO funds.

Already I am looking forward to it to see the upcoming clusterfucks.

Anyhow on to proper darts and a properly run organisation, the PDC.
My biggest complaint about the World Cup is the winning team getting a spot in the Grand slam of Darts.
This most likely will benefit that diabetic lazy headshaking ex postman Barney.
Sick of the cunt Barney getting favoritism in the PL, undeserved wildcards for World Series events, when the lazy cunt wont even attend euro events or play floor comps.Now the sweaty bastard is going to piggyback a hunchback to a spot in the Grand Slam wghich will earn him more more ranking money.
If it were not for the World Cup last year he would not have made the Grand slam, would have won no ranking money, and quite possibly dependent on results might not have made the Dutch team this year. I cannot wait for him to slide down the rankings and fuck off like Colin Lloyd and Andy Hamilton.

Friday, May 25, 2018

I mentioned a fortnight ago that Popcorn teeth sue Williams is going out with a bang, because it has reached a new level this week. She is not alone, the BDO board, The Selectas, The Players, The Fans or lack of have all combined to make this week in BDO land a thing of immense comedy and all worthy of sharing Knob of the Week.

The week started off with the scumbag Jacklins taking time off hounding the milkman of Preston to do their usual social media abuse and threatening players and their partners.
Not content with pissing off that player, they then decided to kick Mark Wilson out of the Lincolnshire team, the same Mark Wilson who previously had won a PDC tourcard at Q-school....what a coincidence that is.

The BDO 21st century advertising tactic of having milkmen give out flyers did not work...imagine my surprise.
Next up was the BDO offering 10% of the price of the tickets, and guess what, no one gave a flying fuck, because the BDO is utter utter shit, run by utter cunts throwing utter shit.

What normal person is going to pay money to watch those fat munters throw 45 dart legs in a dark hall with black curtains hanging up to block out the vast empty spaces ? or associate withe the few simpletons that will turn up ? or tolerate the mentally disturbed scumbag bdo board who are now busy alienating even their own fans.

I have read that each session has sold an average of 27 tickets...TWENTY SEVEN.
When you factor in the munters, there will be more players and officials at Preston than there will be so called fans.
Meanwhile the so called bdo fanatics which number over seven thousand have zero interest in this clusterfuck, which could cost the BDO over 80k. At this rate the bdo will be bust in a few events, which I hope does not happen, as I find their events the greatest live comedy going.

Meanwhile, over in the PDC, the World Series was taking place tonight. An invitational exbo and 20,000 people paid for tickets to the event.. The BDO event will have 27 people at each session for their "Major"....there in shows the difference between the codes.
Tonight Dimitri van der Bergh made the final of a World Series event which is currently going on and Live on ITV., Josh Payne won a players championship, last weekend. Micky Mansell, Ian White, Corey Cadby, Krzysztof Ratajski and Jeffrey de Zwaan also won floor comps in 2018. ...each one making more money for their win than you would get for winning the WDT clusterfuck in the BDO.
Max Hopp and Jonny Clayton won Euro tour events this year...and still the mushrooms spout the mantra the PDC is the same 8 players. The love to try find fault with the PDC but the same bitter little cunts go into hiding when needed to attend bdo events.

I cannot wait for the bdo shit to start, if only to hear the bullshit that will be spewed about new era's, pro darts, loyalty, family, munters darts being as good as the mens, grass roots, etc..

Was delighted to see hunchback MVG get knocked out earlier tonight in the World Series, but even happier to see Barney fucked out.
That lazy headshaking bastard did not deserve a spot in that comp. What has he done this year in darts ? He was only in the Premier League out of favoritism, the lazy cunt has avoided the majority of eurotours and floor comps this year and the PDC reward him, while players like Wade who is ranked higher in the world Rankings and who made multiple semi finals in euro tours and even reached a final in the euro tour gets no invite.
Any wonder Barney does not give a fuck or enter comps when he continually gets favoritism over other players, and when he does turn up he is a fucking embarrassment.

Friday, May 18, 2018

The award goes to this odious fucker Gurney. 6-2 up on the dutch hunchback in the Euro tour final and completely bottled it.
The moment Hunchback made it 6-3 I knew it was over and as soon as Gurney with his autistic grin started looking down on the floor even Stevie fucking Wonder could see the cunt was going to choke. Hunchback must have been pissing himself knowing it was a certainty he was going to come back and win. When gurney managed to get more match darts he shat his load.

It was only fitting the most boring Premier League in years was capped off with a boring Finals night, as the inevitable win for the mongo dutch cunt. It would not surprise me if viewing figures that night dropped as soon as Hunchback went 3-0 up on Bellyboy.
The highlight of the night for me was the vile Dutch cunt with his mongo features, wet rubber lips and grunting like the missing link claimed "After the world championship this is the biggest one".

Except its not, after the World championships then comes the Majors, events like the Matchplay, Grand Prix and UK Open.
The reason the hunchback did not claim the Matchplay was the second biggest was because he is not the holder of the Matchplay, as Taylor won the last one.
He could have said the Grand Prix, but skipped that  because, guess what, he lost in the last one of them to John Henderson, he ignored the UK Open as well, maybe cos he got his arse handed to him in that as well , by De Zwaan.
 So who was he trying to convince with his retarded claim  by calling the PL the biggest comp after the worlds. ?
The Premier League is not only a glorified Exbo, its also non ranking that dishes out invites.
It had people like Vermin Price who it seems did not average above 93 for the entire PL.Other players like Barney there because of favoritism and not on anything he done of note.
Maybe Hunchback was trying to convince himself . The only Major the Premier League was this year was a Major letdown. As I have mentioned before I find the euro tour more exciting, and even the streamed floor championships are a better watch than the PL.

But the worst watch of all is the shit in the BDO.
Last weekend the Welsh Open was on. I remember Popcorn teeth years ago trying to have a dig at the PDC over music, fancy dress, walk on girls, till the BDO tried to copy them.,...and of course made a complete mess out of it. The walk ons last weekend at the Welsh Open were a thing of comedy gold , as "freed from desire" the song the PDC previously used was blasted out over the atrocious speakers, the players made their way through a puny crowd full of muck savages who could not give a fuck as they were too busy horsing pints in a hall that looked like the playroom of some special needs school from the 1970s.
The PDC's Dave Clarke must have been doing the camera work as it wobbled and bounced more than Anca Ziljstra on a trampoline. The munters final  saw an average in the 60s, and an average in the 70s was enough to win it.
The men were better, as a low 80s average was enough to win this "major".
Andy Hamilton reached the final....let that sink in...Andy Hamilton, yers the same Hamilton who lost his tourcard, could not win a game, and turns up in the BDO and reaches a Final.....and did so with the same shit form he lost continually in the PDC with.

If that is not an indication how bad things are in the BDO nothing is. My only disappointment in the entire comedy event was Hamilton not winning it and making it even more funny.
Wait til the CatasTrophy starts,  I am already laughing about this already.
Wonder if the milkmen are still giving out the flyers for the BDO.

Friday, May 11, 2018

You got to hand it to Popcorn Teeth, her scumbag cunt cuckold husband the rest of the morons on the BDO Board who if they are going out, are doing so with a bang.

You could really not make up the shit I heard this week. Milkmen in Preston are now handing out flyers for the BDO clusterfuck World Darts CatasTrophy. Priceless
Whats next, a "my space " page to advertise this fiasco. These cunts are so backwards and stuck in the last century it is hilarious.
Seems the channel "freesports" will be showing the WDT. That means the black curtains will be taken out of mothballs and hung up to divide up the empty hall. Lights will be turned off in order to hide Belgian Jackie and the 6 other fans that will be there.
You know just how insignificant "freesports" is when you do not even know if you have that channel.
The best part is the BDO are paying them I heard.
Unlike in the superior PDC where multiple tv networks are lining up to pay the PDC, the BDO are paying some obscure channel to shit this shit in some pathetic vanity project.
No sign of a sponsor for this either, so expect this clusterfuck to lose a fortune like the previous ones.

The qualifiers for the live comedy event started today, and was great to hear the BDO beggars who would come crawling for the PDC coin in the Grand Slam of Darts  before being battered by PDC players, the likes of that bearded prick Adams, the obese and visually disgusting Andy Fordham were sent packing by jobbers not only from the PDC but useless fuckers who failed at Q-school.
Matt Padgett wrote after his defeat today......

As one person wrote on a darts forum today, this blog writes itself thanks to the complete failures by the BDO. What the fuck was the referee doing ? or was there even a ref there or an official ?
I am sure some scummy cunt fan will say it does not matter as long as they had a good time.Getting pissed is all what BDO events are, Lakeshite being a prime example.
Speaking of mentally unstable retarded cunts, check out this stupid cow.
 Normally I don't highlight the levels of idiocy among the scum of the BDO or I might be here all weekend, but chose that because of what the stupid cow wrote next.
Typical type of vile woman that you associate with the BDO, common, scum, thick as pig shit and mouthy with zero class. Like the moron Roy Pryor, if either of them took the time to read before they ran their mouth they would know I have never mentioned kids on this blog, but hey, why let that get in the way of a ignorant cow making threats. This is yet another example of what I always say and have been proven right about.
Thick uneducated common scum when confronted with their own words, actions and behavior their first reaction is to issue threats and prove they are exactly what I say they are.
What will they do when they read this ?
And make no mistake, they keep coming back to read this site so they can complain, and then issue threats proving me right each time.

Anyhow enough about the scum of the BDO., on to the proper darts.
I did not watch the Premier League  this week bar the last few legs of the Ando -v- Hunchback match and always a delight to see Hunchback lose.

Special mention for Adrian Lewis, who appears to be getting worse instead of improving.
He lost to Jan Dekker who looked like dutch homosexual version of that drink driving tosspot in Ant and Dec. Fat was lucky to win the most of the 4 legs he did win with his scabby 82 average.
I like Fatpot but it is seriously looking bleak for the lazy fucker now who looked out of shape and sweating like Gary Glitter in Toys 'r Us. He seriously needs to address his current slide in the rankings.

Choke of the day had to go to that Belgian jobber Mike de Decker, who went 2-0 up on Terry Savalas Jenkins and then promptly did a Paula Radcliffe impersonation and lost 6 legs on the trot and ended up with an average in the 70s - bdo -esque

The Steve Beaton Jeffrey giraffe match was utter shit, at one point Jeffrey hit double 3 going for treble 19. he last time I saw legs that bad they were under a blanket in a wheelchair

Friday, May 4, 2018

Usually for Knob of the Week I accentuate the flaws, highlight the inadequacies,  try add some colorful language and some comedic element when it comes to the winner.
This week there is no need as their own actions, or in some cases lack of actions  have made the reading  both hilarious and embarrassing but all the while true.

The winner goes to the BDO, its board, its delegates, its county officials, its players, its fans and everyone connected to these complete collection of mutants after the news that has so far come out in regards to the EGM held last weekend.
The main news was the amount of money lost, but back to that in a bit, Sports Direct who were supposed sponsors of recent Catas Trophies paid the BDO the grand total of ZERO.
Yer the BDO board informed its own delegates that the prize funds were being covered by the sponsors. The board proven yet again to be liars.
The last 2 World Darts catasTrophies lost nearly £200k. As for the upcoming one, no mention on how much that is going to cost, and all questions regarding TV were quickly deflected as nothing was confirmed.

It appears the BDO also lost £80k on the 2017 Winmau Masters, which suggests Winmau gave then fuckall bar a few dartboards. As for the 2018 Winmau Masters, they don't even have a venue for it as both their first choice and second choice are not available.

To compound the lies by the BDO mentioned earlier, they lied to their own delegates numerous times, as they were told that Frank Warren was signing a deal, but no such deal exists.
The lied to their own delegates a third time when they claimed that Channel 4 was resigning the deal for Lakeshite in February. The BDO board caught lying yet again could not confirm  this either.
In fact there was no confirmation that Lakeshite will be used for the 2019 Bob Potter cup.

But this is the kicker....when the BDO Board were exposed as a bunch of proven liars and, some of delegates...some of the very same retarded delegates who were lied to by the board, then tried to defend Popcorn teeth and her cunt husband useless cunts and claimed those exposing the facts were out of order and making it a personal attack upon the Williams.

This sums up everything about the BDO Board, a bunch of useless lying cunts hoodwinking and brainwashing their delegates, and when  the members want to know why the BDO is in the state it is in, the same lied to delegates try to shut down any queries and blame those who want honesty and transparency as the ones causing trouble.
As I said last week, Des Selecta could not be any worse than the Williams, no one could, although Des Selecta is another proven liar himself as he once stated on a darts forum it was never his intention to take over the BDO.
Then being a liar earns you respect it seems in the bdo, it kept the Williams in a job for years.

As for the upcoming clusterfuck that is the World Darts Trophy, ticket sales are still abysmal, and some players cannot be even arsed to attend. Richard Veenstra pulled out as his village are having a fair and he would rather attend that....this is not a joke. I am deadly serious.

If I am honest I am glad the bdo is in the shit it is in, as the players, counties fans etc deserve every single bit of it, they allowed it to happen, and did nothing to stop it.

The reality is if channel 4 tell the BDO to fuck off, or if Bob Potter dies, the BDO are going to be in even more shit, as everyone knows the game is up.
Any player today with a spinal column, testicular fortitude, ability and ambition would not be in the BDO., hence why the bdo is full of washed up PDC players, pub players, kids, and munters.

Was going to write some stuff about the Premier League but cannot be arsed as it was another meaningless week, and next week wont be worth fuckall other that dictate the order of the top 4 which is already sorted as in who plays who on finals night.

See Stephen bunting jobbed to Kirk Shephard earlier today in the Euro tour. I remember when the obese scouse loving jobber first went to the PDC and people were falling over themselves claiming he was a top 8 player.
One physically and emotionally stunted poisonous cunt who reads this blog even claimed at the time that there was "only 2 players in the world better than bunting". When it was pointed out to him he was not as good as Ian White, let alone a top 10 player, the BDO simpletons came scurrying to the defense of bunting because these fucking morons thought because he won a Bob Potter Cup he must therefore be good.I read that thread again and was comedy gold.
Every year the winner of the January Jobber Jamboree at Bob's Palace of Piss gets rolled out as some sort of top class  player
Christian Kist won a Bob Potter cup, and it seems he went from October 2017 to may 2018 without winning a game in the PDC. BDO retards now think Durrant, McGeeney etc are top players, its the same every year. Look at McGeeneys and Phantom of the Opera's records against PDC players and it makes pitiful reading for them.
Even Barney the most successful player in the BDO after the split has not won a ranking TV major in over a decade. The BDO bomb every year in the Grand Slam, and if you removed Scott Waites the record for all the remaining bdo jobbers makes for atrocious reading.

Speaking of the Grand Slam, the trophy is to be named after Eric Bristow. I understand the Worlds and the Matchplay trophies are named after Waddell and Taylor, but surely if you are going to name a trophy after Bristow you would pick a proper Major like the Grand Prix or the UK Open.

The Grand Slam was for most of its history a glorified exbo that was non ranking.
Everyone knew Bristows feelings towards the BDO and totally understandable as the BDO tried to illegally stop him from earning a living after the split,only for the PDC to go and now name a comp that gives free invites to those cap in hand begging bastards after Bristow.. To name that comp that gives handouts to spineless bdo jobbers, after a man that despised the BDO must be a warped joke.