Friday, September 13, 2019

The first ever Knob of the Week was awarded back in September 2012, and here we are 7 years later and the prick with the biggest ego in darts is still winning the award, which is about the only thing the useless ex postman is winning.
This week he did an interview, where he waffled on about how in his warped mind he put darts on the map in Holland, except darts was big in Holland long before the sweaty hypoglycemic prick was hoovering up bdo funds whilst winning the bob potter Cup.
Check out this delusion
“You want to say goodbye to everyone. Of course, the PDC have given me a wildcard for the Premier League, and some (other) wildcards. And I think I deserve it.

“Others say ‘no, you don’t deserve it’. OK. I put darts on the map in Holland, I had so many good tournaments. I’m pleased that the PDC gave me this opportunity.”
In what warped delusion does this lazy useless cunt think he "deserves" all these wildcards.
Based on what ? It is well over a decade since he won a ranking major. He has constantly lied year after year in order to bullshit what fans he has left, and hoodwink people in the PDC, most notably every winter when he claims he will do the full tour the following year in the hope of getting an undeserved Premier League spot...which the fucker gets, only to then fail to haul his lazy arse to most competitions then after his selection.
When he does turn up his attitude is a disgrace, and lets not forget his strop and hissyfit which initially led to his retirement speech during the last Premier League he had no right to be in.
The useless fucker is not even in this weekends euro tour, because he lost in the first round of the qualifiers  for it to Tytus Kanik back in August with his scabby 82 average, and he thinks he deserves some preferential treatment.
Here is a guy to lazy to play the full tour, yet has no problem taking 3 invites to the world series in Australia and New Zealand, when other more more deserving was omitted. Amazing how he is too tired to travel to Barnsley and Wigan, but no problem getting his fat hole out to the Southern hemisphere
I cannot wait for the head shaking, excuse making egomaniacal, deluded shitstain to fuck off for once and for all., if only so that we don't have to hear that lie over and over how he is a four time World champion, he is a single time World champion, which is almost 13 years ago,  andBob Potter Cups mean fuckall and to call them World championships is a complete joke, much like the BDO itself.

 On to last weekends euro tour:

 The Unicorn boards seem to be getting worse, throughout the whole comp there was incidents of bounce outs and fall outs.
When one of Chizzys darts fell out of the board and ended up sticking up in the carpet, Dan Dawson said the boards might be better of being made of carpet. He might be right as currently they appear to be shit standard.
Chizzy did not only have bounce outs, he had darts falling out of the board, it happened in his match with Ricky Evans, happened at least 5 times against Rob Cross. James Wade had 2 in the next match.
Players are afraid to openly criticize the equipment in case the DRA fine players.
The PDC seriously need to put pressure on Unicorn, and only for them having shares in the PDC any other company would fuck them out the door.

Luckily for Chizzy he did beat Cross, but what good would it be when he was facing MVG, and we all knew how that would turn out and sure enough MVG was coasting so much against Chizzy that MVG hit a single 11 to deliberately leave a 170, such was the lack of pressure from Chizzy., and MVG just missed the bull for that 170, MVG ended up winning 7-1.

Comms spent the majority of the Sunday evening telling us we could have a battle of the world Champions in MVG and Glen Durrant in the final, ..he is not a world champ, he is a bdo champ...a big difference. Comms simply disregarded everyone else in the Durrant half, and they wonder why so many people watch the Euro tour with the audio turned off when you have the likes of Paul Nicholson telling everyone what pegging is. Thick cunt not even aware what he is spouting and how he comes across.
The sucking up to Glen Durrant never ceases to amaze me, Nicholson said Durrant has done enough to be in the next Premier League....based on fucking what your retarded moron ???
A scabby players champs months ago ? he is a decent player, but nowhere near one of the best in the World as some would have us believe, and for Nicholson to be calling for Durrant in the Premier League when its only September with a heap of Majors to come is downright retardation.
A certain clubfooted  brummie who spends his miserable existence on twitter whilst scoffing crayons trying to promote the BDO, who called Joe Cullen a "one match wonder" went silent when Joe Cullen pasted the snot out of Glen Durrant...Again, Durrant is fast becoming Cullen's bitch. So much for that MVG -v- Durrant final.
The so called "one match wonder" averaged 99 against Durrant which was enough to batter Durrant, Cullen averaged 103 in an even better performance to win a close game against James Wade in the semi final.. setting up a Cullen -v- MVG final.

What a final it was too. Unlike your BDO final where pub players chuck shit in a dark room in front of family members swigging manky pints, this had a full crowd engrossed in a quality affair, which Cullen won. Cullen won the Euro tour by beating the current World champion MVG. also beat the current European Champion James Wade, and beat the current Lakeshite champion Glen Durrant plus he beat the current World Cup runner up O'Connor, as well as Jamie Hughes who won a Euro Tour earlier this year.....and the crayon munching clubfooted simpleton who said he was a one match wonder then claimed he did not recall saying it, despite in being posted on forums.

2 players championships took place midweek, and on the Wednesday, Wade won his 5th players champs title of the year, which is a superb haul for some one who did not even play in 8 of the events so far, and will miss the next 2 as well.
Yet Durrant who played in every single one and lost in 22 of them is called one of the "best in the world" that one out.
Wade played Chizzy in the final, and lets be honest, when Dismal Chisnall  reaches a final, you expect his opponent who ever it is to win, and sure enough. Chizzy lost.
In the Players championship on the tuesday, it saw an incredible standard. The first round had 17 players average over a 100.
Justin Pipe averaged 112 when he beat Ryan Joyce who had a losing average of 108, Rob Cross averaged 114.20 and 5 players averaged over 100 and still lost in the first round.
By the time the comp ended there was 43 averages over a hundred.

Meanwhile last weekend in some 2 bit poxy EDO event  there was a single 100 average in the entire munters event, which meant a bonus of £1,000.
To put things in prospective it was the first 100 average on over 3 YEARS. and the thousand quid was equal to what the munters got for reaching the last 8 of that "Major"
What did make me happy was the player that hit it, that being Anastasia Dobromyslova, especially as it will piss of the Lincoln Mafia,
You only had to watch the Munters darts to see Bo Seleta and the rest of her minions  visually annoyed as Anastasia led the final 2-0.
What makes it even better, is that the rumour is, the person who put up the grand bomus may have been Des himself. I do hope that is true, would make it all the sweeter.

Suzuki did not play as she chose to go home and play darts in Japan as her darts ranking in Japan, is more important to her financially than her BDO ranking....I shit thee not.
She will make more money on the Orient, than she would in the dark empty shitholes of the UK, with the exception of the Bob Potter cup which she nipped over  and won (placeholder for someone to claim racism for the word "nip").
Is it any wonder people mock the living shit out of the BDO when their top female player would rather stay home and make more money than attend. these clusterfucks.


With time running out for automatic qualification for the Grand Slam this weekend euro tour is a great chance for some player, like Joe Cullen Jamie Hughes to win a second euro tour and put themselves in a conditional spot for the Slam.
With no MVG, Wade, Ando  and others who are missing this, its a great chance.
I don't believe a single euro tour win for for players like Whitlock Durrant etc  would be enough, and will need to go to the qualifiers, as for Durrant were he to fail in the qualifiers he would have to depend on the BDO to give his one of their places, and to be on the BDO's side, they should not give him one , were he to need it..
Durrant left the BDO, and the BDO have an obligation to look after their own players, not one who claimed he was bdo for life only for him then to walk out.

Friday, September 6, 2019

I cannot start without mentioning the complete clusterfuck that was the CatasTrophy, the worst televised darts competition I have ever seen. Des wins the award for allowing this shit to go ahead instead of cancelling it, which would have been the financially better business move, but as said before, it was a vanity project, that completely bombed.
The crowd was abysmal, , it was so bad when a taxi pulled up on the Saturday with some "fanatics" the crowd doubled.
As for the standard, on the Saturday Casey Gallagher averaged a pathetic 60.12. Only in the atrocious bdo could an average that appalling not only win a game, she actually whitewashed her opponent Trina Gulliver with a 60 average.....let that sink in.. winning a match to Nil with a 60 average. The bulldyke averaged 53...yes 53. Trina Gulliver threw 62 darts at treble 20 in that match, and 28 of them landed outside the 20 segment altogether. That includes two treble 12s, and a third dart that fell out of single 12.
Saturday night prime time viewing was Bo Selecta against the BDO IT Specialist Laura Turner. It started with a 27 darter, and followed by a 23 darter. In the next leg Bo Selecta had 97 left and bust it, which was hilarious as that was one of her highest scores and it would not count, In the fourth leg Bo had a visit in the middle of the leg with a score of 5, and being a televised game it was no surprise Bo Selecta lost, the only surprising thing was she managed to average as high as 62. Has she ever won a game on TV ever ?

Priscilla Steenbergen averaged in the 50s against her girlfriend Aileen de Graaf. Most people on forums were actually surprised De Graaf was a lesbian, because she was once chucking shit darts while pregnant in the past, but not me I was not surprised she was a lesbian,  I am more surprised when I find out any of them are straight. By the time bobby George in a bra beat Joan Armatrading, sorry, I mean Maria O Brien beat Deta Hedman on prime time Saturday night, the comp has 16 averages in the 70s or under.It had 4 averages in the 60s or under, and had 2 averages in the 50s. This is the shit the BDO served up on tv on a Saturday, and they wonder why no one gives a flying fuck and even their own fanatics cannot be arsed to put their hand in their pockets.

As for the Mens game, Kleermaker is utter shit and lost with a 75 average, Mandigers who won his first game with a 75 average lost his second game with another 75 average. The PDC youth tour is better than this standard, and this is supposed to be the best of the BDO. People can spin shit all they want it was absolutely abysmal shit.

Sebastian Steyer, a euro jobber who has got battered on the PDC Euro tour by the likes of Chris Dobey has no problems in the bdo....what a surprise. He knocked out Warty Montgomery, and followed that with a victory over the fat farmer Scott Mitchell who tried his tactics yet again trying to slow the game down but it failed. Steyer reached the semi final of this "Major" winning his quarter final with a 78 average. Even the comms had to admit the game was awful. Who in their fucking right mind would pay money to attend this shit ?
The afternoon session on the Sunday was without doubt the worst session of darts I have ever witnessed in my decades of watching darts. Deplorable would be a word that would be too kind to describe it. Of the 16 players and 8 games, only 2 players managed to hit an average in the 90s, and both of them were just that, a 90 average. Half of the cunts averaged in the 70s. This is supposedly the cream of the BDO. Pathetic.

On to the Sunday evening session. In the Munters semi finals Lisa Ashton reached the final with an average in the 70s. Veenstra beat Steyer in an awful semi final. Veenstra winning average was 80.01, Steyer added yet another average in the 70s. Even Chris Mason could not find a way to bullshit people or hide how bad it was. The four semi finals saw just one single player average over 90, and that was Williams who averaged 92.57.
The second highest average in all four semi finals was a mere 82 by Aileen de Graaf, and she lost.
When 82 is the second highest average in 4 semi finals you realize how shit the bdo is.
It was hardly a shock when the next average in the 70s came in an actual final.
Thats right a 70s average in a final of a so called "Major"
Lisa Ashton won that final and mostly will be remembered for the mistakes by the new female ref, who only got the job for political correctness reasons, after the other refs walked out. Ashton hit a 180 and the ref called 135, and that was not her only mistake either.
That left the Mens final, surely in a final of a so called Major the mythical 90 average barrier would be broken ?
Not a fucking chance, in typical bdo horseshit, an 85 average was enough to lift a title.

On the Sunday there were 2 finals, 4 semi finals and 8 quarter finals of the men and munters, of the 28 averages on the day, only 3 of them broke the 90 barrier, and 2 of them were by Jim Williams....just 3 averages over 90 in a whole complete day of could not make this up.
By the time this financial disaster, disgrace to the game of darts and outright horseshit in a dark room, only on as a vanity project had finished there was 28 averages in the 70s or less, TWENTY FUCKING EIGHT.
There was 4 averages in the 60s or less
There was 2 averages in the 50s.
Any causal fan of darts who had the misfortune of turning this shit on, will admit this does more damage to the game. It was truly appalling. no amount of spin or bullshit can alter these statistical facts.

As I said earlier, this was the worst quality televised event I have ever witnessed in decades of watching darts. Nothing came close. Factor in the fact that what few people were there were players partners, and those with free tickets in a dark room, battling it out with pub standard darts for a prize fund of peanuts. The whole thing was joke and an embarrassment to the game.
I hope it was a financial disaster for the BDO just for spite for them going ahead with an event that everyone knew would bomb.

As for those that stupidly bought a ticket, well they wont again when they know they can just turn up and be given free ones to try make the deserted hall look busier.

Check out this post from a "fanatic" posted on facebook, a rare "fanatic" in that he was one who actually put his hand in his pocket. Putting aside his obvious lack of education when it comes to spelling, grammar,let alone syntax, he makes a valid point, and suspect he is going to be another fanatic who will not be putting his hand in his pocket ever again to support the bdo, and who can blame him.

Been up to Blackburn for the world trophy since Thursday but Iam just little pissed of brought my tickets from the box office witch cost me £28-50 a day £25 for the ticket then they changed me a £2 booking fee and £1-50 handling charge so total cost was £28-50 witch I don’t mind so total cost for the 3 days was £85-50 but on the Saturday afternoon I was sat on a table with a man and is to sons and he said to me have I got tickets for the rest of the weekend I said yes but why do you want to no that he said because b d o have been giving free tickets out so they can fill the room up for the tv I said how do you know that he said because I have as many tickets as you want and then he handed me some and said just give them away if you want so I go to most tournaments and watch and once again I have been sticked up last year was the same at Preston I thought the new board of the b d o was going to change but it don’t look like it emailed them last year when this happened but no reply let’s see this time when I email them if I get a reply"


Meanwhile in the proper darts in the PDC The Euro tour went ahead, and unlike the BDO there were no averages like the shit in the BDO. No 70 averages in a final, no averages in the 50s or 60s,players had no problem reaching 90 or more in the semi finals over a longer distance.

Combover Joe Cullen missed 2 match darts to beat Krusty in his match and even after Krusty missed a match dart himself, combover misses another  three match darts and Krusty won 6-5. Ladyboy Rodriguez also has chances to beat Krusty, and he too shit himself, Krusty was certainly riding his luck all weekend up to that point. Oddly Krusty Wright played his best game of the weekend, hit 10 maximums and averaged 103 in his next game against an MVG who had hit a 106 average in his game against Ricky Evans,  but Krusty's 103 was not good enough as MVG won 7-6 and set up a final against Manure Suljovic, and what a great final it was too, none of that bdo final shit averages either, proper darts as we have come to expect in the PDC as Suljovic won a classic 8-7.
So Mensurs win at home in Vienna  meant he is currently the 16th player to qualify for the Grand Slam of darts, and knocks Jamie Hughes out of contention.

This brings me to my next point. I criticize the PDC for the lack of Major ranking events at the start of the year, and the length of the Premier League, and how certain players like that cunt Barney gets preferential treatment, but my biggest gripe with the PDC has always been the Grand Slam of Darts.

Putting aside the fact the PDC allow two faced hypocrite cunt and begging bastards in it like prostate hole Adams and the Scottish midget with a history of groping tv presenters, the scum of the BDO have no place in the Grand Slam in my opinion.
The selection process has so many flaws as well.
First of Jamie Hughes who has been knocked out of contention at the moment due to Mensur's Euro tour win last weekend, also won a euro tour.
He won a proper ranking event, on a big stage in front of thousands,, yet that might not be enough for Hughes to qualify. Yet some useless fucker can rock up to a Grand Slam qualifier to an empty leisure centre, get a lucky draw, in an already depleted field get to a last 8 in a non ranking comp in front of nobody and qualify for the slam
Surely Hughes who won a proper streamed event in front of thousands would be a better addition than some jobber who only made a last 8 in an empty hall.
Even Glen Durrant won 2 events, Fatpot, Jonny Clayton, Jeffrey de Zwaan, Chizzy and Ratajski all won a players championship this year, surely those players that actually won an event, should take precedent over players who might reach a last 8 in a depleted field.
Give me Durrant, Fatpot etc over some shower of jobbers like Kirk shepherd, Barrie Bates, or other useless fuckers  in the lower half of the PDC only there to make up the numbers.

The whole point of the Grand Slam is to see the best of the best, instead we are getting some of the best, mixed with lucky jobbers that reach a last 8, and then compounded by added the begging scum of the BDO who contribute nothing to the event, in fact, they lower the standard of it.
 Wait til the thing starts and you have matches like Gary Jobson from the bdo versus Wayne Jones who reached the last 8 in a qualifier. How do players of that ability make the Grand Slam more appealing ?

As for this weekends euro tour, will discuss that in next weeks blog.

And lastly,I thought I share this post on twitter from The-bore Fagwell who thought the atrocious shit in the bdo was "quality darts".

I bet he did his watching on a stream, no chance of that cunt actually attending.

Friday, August 30, 2019

The venue was as expected darkened in the hope it would mask the lack of people in attendance, fuckall tickets sold, despite Des the liar claiming tickets were selling well. When you factor in the amount of free tickets given out, half the pathetic crowd paid.
Des the liar promised he had sponsors lined up which he would announce if he got the job as chairman, so where the fuck are they ? No major sponsor for this dire event.
Will he blame the old board for his lies again ?
This clusterfuck of a joke of a comp should have been cancelled and only went ahead as a vanity project, and with no sponsor this will be a financial kick in the balls for the BDO, even if the prize money is absolutely atrocious, just like the darts.

Meanwhile the social media account belonging to the chairman of this pathetic bdo was posting telling bdo scum how to watch Eurosport for free. I doubt Eurosport would be too happy with Des the liar.
Seems the scum who claim to be "fanatics" are only that when they do not have to pay for tickets or subscribe to Eurosport or ever put their hands in their pockets to actually support the organisation they claim to be fanatic about.I laughed when I read today how the camera focused on the lack of crowd earlier today and focused on a girl who was watching her Ipad.She was watching the PDC Euro tour on it.

Throughout the day the Comms kept mentioning how the crowd...or lack of, were shit.
Highlights of the afternoon session was seeing a polish jobber with an 81 average beat Warty Montgomery who averaged even less. The match was so bad, that even the guy putting the scores on darts for windows started making shit up, checkout this screenshot I took.

Gary Jobson sent packing by a yank who had never won a game on tv before today.Remember everyone, Jobbo is supposedly a "top player"

In the evening session which was just as terrible William Mandigers won a "classic" 5-4 with a break of throw that was a 30 darter....yes a 30 darter.
The seven people in the audience was bored senseless.Mandigers won a last 16 match in a so called " Major" with an average of 75.83
The lowest losing average in the PDC Euro tour tonight was better than that which Mandigers won with. Appalling stuff.
Checkout the scoring in this leg.

Scott Waites was battered by Daniel Day, the same Daniel Day who is a complete jobber on the PDC challenge tour....then so is Scott Waites, he joined Warty and Jobson in been sent packing, I am sure they can spend the rest of the weekend propping up the bar and horsing pints like it was lakeshite all over again. Waites defeat also means he will no longer be a seed at the next pathetic bdo event, the Masters in October.

The Comms tried to hype the highlight of the night was the upcoming match between Martin Adams, the man who claimed would never play in a PDC under Barry Hearn, until he sold out his so called principles and went crawling to the PDC in the Grand Slam cap in hand for the PDC coin, tonight the bearded prick was up against a fat fucking farmer cunt who claimed in the past he could not travel more than 2 hours to darts events, but had no problem going to Australia and get his arse handed to him by Damon Heta.
In one leg the beared cunt started with scores of 26, 26, 45, 50, after 12 darts was still on 354.
The game went to a final leg and the bearded prick bust 121 for the win. In fact he had 6 more darts at the 121 and still lost the leg and the match, with both players averaging in the 80s. Afterwards the deluded cunt Adams proceeded to put on his usual fake giggle laugh, and in the interview afterwards said the crowd was fantastic ....what fucking crowd ? A Belgian geriatric with mental problems, a clubfooted brummie with a chromosome imbalance, some fat munter with more chins than a chinese phonenook, a midget in a blue jacket, Glen Durrant, and some krusty looking cunt in a Hawaiian shirt who kept dancing on his own as the players came out to the most embarrassing walk ons ever seen.
I am sure there will be some Eurosport director somewhere looking at this and thinking, why the fuck did we sign a 3 year deal with these chavs.
The electrics went in the last game, and the best part of it was the result, I enjoy watching that cunt Parletti another begging bastard, getting beat every time. Take your mid 80 average., kiss your bdo badge on your shirt, start a begging go fund me page and fuck off Parletti.

The bdo loving scum every week cry over my opinions, so lets deal with some facts not in dispute for a bit.This clusterfuck comp for peanuts is classed as a Major despite the prize fund lower than the lowest prize fund in the entire PDC full pro tour.Today saw 16 matches over the day, the same number of matches that took place on the PDC Euro tour.
Guess which code had the most sub 80 averages ? Yep...the BDO. there was 4 players who averaged in the 70s....four, and this is the best of the BDO. Warty and Wes Newton both averaged 80 and just managed to avoid adding to the list.
 The PDC Euro tour tonight did not have the top seeds playing and the standard was far superior without their top players.
The BDO was a last 16, the PDC was a last 48 with the winners then qualifying for a last 32.
Over half the players tonight in the bdo shit event failed to reach the 90 average.

Guess which code had the higher standard ? Correct...the PDC
Guess which code had the biggest crowd ? Yep..The PDC
Guess which comp has the higher prize fund ? correct..the PDC

The BDO did have a ton plus average today, in fact it was a 104 average and the record average ever in the history of the CatasTrophy, only fitting it was hit by a PDC jobber who qualified via the qualifiers yesterday. How long before the mentally deficient mushrooms complain about him in the comp or some bitter twisted cunt demands he return any prize money ? They have history of this.

When Andy Hamilton is whitewashing players in a dark room for peanuts, you know how bad things are in the BDO.
Glen Durrant gave an interview at the CatasTrophy tonight and said he was " a bdo guy at heart and that is why I am here"
Lying cunt. This is the sort of bullshit the cunt spouts and then wonders why people slate him. Durrant is only there because he failed to qualify for the PDC euro tour currently going on and we all know had he qualified for the Euro Tour, he would be in Vienna and not in that dump in Blackburn. Did Durrant really think people would buy his lies and not see through his bullshit.
Not content with just that, The Bells Palsy cunt said  he has played MVG, Wade and Michael Smith and "Scott Mitchell was as tough as they come"....what sort of drugs did Durrant take ?
He said Jim Williams was his best friend, odd, it used to be Tony Eccles, who is 5 years in to his 16 year sentence for the multiple raping of a schoolgirl.

Speaking of spouting bullshit and Jim Williams who we all know is a deluded simpleton who once claimed there was a bright future for the BDO, Williams did an interview where he claimed he does not travel much any more for comps and has cut down on traveling, the interview coming a week after he travelled to Australia for an event where he had his arse handed to him by Damon Heta.

Almost 2 weeks ago Mark McGeeney did an interview on a website where he claimed
“I was BDO World Number One and considered myself number 129th in the world as there were 128 tour card holders above me. If you want to be the best, you have got to play against the best, week in week out. That is what I am doing now in the PDC. There’s always a higher goal and the PDC was it.”
This caused a load of mushrooms to deflect and make excuses, The website and the interview has since been deleted, I wonder if the website owner took it down because he was threatened with slaps, had his family members stalked, his parents illness's mocked, had cunts like Chris Mason post on social media looking for his address, posting pictures taken of facebook ? After all this is how the scum of the BDO react to reading things they dont like on the internet.

As for the PDC Euro tour, Josh Payne led 4-1 agaist Ladyboy Rodriguez and missed match darts and lost the game.
Was impressed with the player Adam Gawless, the 17 year old making his debut who averaged 99.3 in his win against Ross Smith, who averaged 98.1.
Thankfully Justin Pipe was dumped out, even if it was by the elongated string of misery Vincent van der Voort.
Unlike the BDO with its multiple averages in the 70s, the Euro tour saw only one sub 80 average and that was for Alex Steinbauer a home nation qualifier.
De Zwaan missed double 12 for a nine darter in his win against Christian Goedl.

So despite Adams the beggar, busting 121 and throwing away the win, despite Warty, Parletti, Unterbuchner, and Jobson, the so called top players being turfed out, the award this week goes to the proven liar Des, for saying tickets sold well, when it was clear they did not, despite giving away freebies.
For using his official account on how to avoid paying for Eurosport, the only channel stupid enough to willingly show that shit and lastly but most importantly, having this clusterfuck of an event go ahead as a vanity project, when it clearly made more sense to cancel it.
Ticket sales were always going to be dire, and it was going to be a money loser, especially when there was no sponsor coughing up towards the prize fund.I bet the lying sack of shit will never address the fans who might ask where are all these sponsors he promised, thankfully there are some people still in the BDO who will speak up, like Tony Martin who posted on fanatics this week the following before it disappeared.

One of the first to defend the bdo shit was of course that decrepid old fossil cunt Tommy the jew Thompson who spouted the "loyalty" reply and totally ignored the valid points of how an English county should not run events for a so called world championships, even if its just a pathetic amateur one.
Any casual fan who has watched PDC darts in the past on ITV, BBC or Sky who saw this shit tonight will not have been impressed no matter how much spin the BDO board, players and the fans try put on it. That shit tonight done more damage to the BDO than good.
It is going to be even worse tomorrow when the munters take their carcasses to the stage, while in Vienna the top seeds enter the Euro tour.

Saturday, August 24, 2019

With the CatasTrophy on next week, the award goes to the BDO fans, or the lack of them.

Des the liar did what was expected, all be it in his amateur ridiculous way, but the comp is going ahead even if it will be a financial disaster, the venue is sorted by Sportotal not by Des the liar as he will have some believe, the players are on their way even if most are shit, the tickets are available cos they are not selling, and the TV slot is sorted. the black curtains are taken out of storage, everything is almost ready to go.....but where are the fans ?

Remember these bdo fans are the assholes who call themselves fanatics, start their own closed facebook groups, and would have people believe there are millions of bdo fans, so where are they ?
Already this week I have read reports where the venue has no posters up advertising this clusterfuck, no mentions on local radio, the milkmen have no flyers, taxi cabs have no notices up. Already the giveaway of tickets for free has started, such is the lack of demand.
How often do we read Mushrooms complaining anbout incidents in the PDC crowds that they have witnessed in person ?
They have no problem attending the PDC events, the same event they slate, but won't attend the BDO event they claim to be fanatics about.
If this CatasTrophy turns in to a financial disaster, it will mean the current pathetic prize funds could be reduced for further events, and who will be the cunts complaining ? The very same fanatics who do nothing to support the organisation they claim to be fanatical about.

The "BDO Swedish Open" was won last weekend by Dennis Nilsson who beat Wayne Warren in the final. The same Dennis Nilsson who went to the PDC Q-school and failed to get a card, the same jobber who has entered 18 challenge tour events and only made a meagre total of £1,800. The same jobber who could qualify for Lakeshite and even win a game on that piss soaked stage.
This is the standard of player winning comps in the BDO, guess its no wonder the "fanatics" are hardly rushing out to buy tickets, then if they hang on long enough I am sure the BDO will be giving them all away for free.

A mention for Kyle Anderson who blew at least 4 match darts to beat a poor MVG Friday morning. When he is choking with MVG being in the biggest slump of his career in years, you realize he never will get the job done, Kyle anderson also lost 8-0 to Shitlock in the Brisbane Darts Masters.
As for MVG luckily for these are just non ranking glorified exbos, and  if honest the performance overall by the pdc players in these events have been poor, and while I understand the need for these events, the players seriously lack motivation. That said the performances of the Kiwi players was a better standard than I expected with the exception of Warren Parry and good to see Whitlock go out.
Also have to bring up the pathetic showing by Krusty in his hammering by MVG in the Melbourne Masters last Satuday after MVG hammered him 8-0, and this as said earlier an MVG in a slump., and Krusty acted like a prick, the only pity is this did not happen in a ranking event.
MVG stated earlier this week that people fear him again, and judging by the way Kyle Anderson shat his load, MVG has a lot of players beaten mentally.

Thankfully when these World Series are over the darts season really kicks in, and this is my main problem with the PDC calendar.
The back end of the year is top heavy, whilst the first 6 months are dismal in terms of proper events.
The PDC World Championships finished on New Years Day, and the World Matchplay started on July 20th, , that was a gap of 200 days.
In those 200 days the only genuine ranking Major was the UK Open which lasted 3 days that took place on March 1st -3rd., a whole 3 months after the Worlds and over 3 months before the Matchplay.
Yes I know the Premier league ran for ages, but its still only a non ranking exbo with the same players week in week out, bar the inclusion of the additions this year as replacements for Ando.It was an enjoyable Premier League, but personally I much rather proper ranking events. The Unibet masters took place over 3 days, but that too is another non ranking event.
In the past when darts was under one code in the shitty BDO there was many barren months and we had to accept that, not any more. The latter part of the year in the PDC has the Grand Slam, Grand Prix, European Championships and the Players championships finals, all proper ranking events, leading up to the Worlds in December and that is not counting the Champions League of Darts and World Series finals which are televised also.
I would love to see a proper ranking event moved to the earlier part of the year, preferably the World Grand Prix and besides moving it in the calendar, I would like to see it moved from Dublin as well as the City West firstly is not in Dublin and is 13 miles outside Dublin, which does not help the attendance and secondly the atmosphere always comes across as shit, no matter how much sky hype the catchphrase of "double-in in Dublin" and show images of places like Templebar where the event is not taking place.
Thankfully they did get rid of the rule where the top two non-qualified residents of the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland would get entry, I never liked that, even if I am Irish myself, places in the competition should have been deservedly earned by competition not place of birth.
I get that moving events like the Champions League of Darts would be more viable, but its less non ranking events cluttering up the first 6 months that is needed. In general it is hard to knock the PDC as almost everything important is done properly with professionalism, the crowds are growing along with the prizefund etc, but that does not mean things cannot still be improved in in certain areas. Hopefully the 2020 PDC calendar will see some bit of an overhaul, Roll on next weekend for the not that bdo shit in a dark room with pub players, I am speaking about the PDC Euro tour where the players play in front of full arena, for money better than anything the BDO offer outside of the bob potter cup.
For those who rather watch the bdo shit, remember this is what the Saturday night offers up

Saturday, August 17, 2019

I do find it amazing how many people who have openly claimed to never read this blog would be the very same people obsessing about me on forums and social media for what I said on this very same blog they supposedly do not read. Truth is they all read it, whether they choose to openly admit it or not.
Unlike them I am not a liar, and when I get something wrong will have no problem admitting so and last week I got something wrong when I said Damon Heta would not win a PDC comp, if only a glorified exbo. See what I did there ? I had no problem admitting I was wrong unlike a lot of people in darts who cannot admit when they are wrong.
One copper topped homosexual even claimed I would edit my comments after Heta won, because that is something he would do. Thankfully I am nothing like him.
I still believe Heta was lucky to win the comp, be it Wade fucking away a 5-3, lead, Anderson playing shit, Whitlock always a choker, and Cross missing not only a match dart, but blew the title when throwing for the win. I did not begrudge Heta winning and he could only beat what was in front of him but if we are honest the PDC players were poor. The comp stats, averages, finishing percentages all back that up.

Had I known a fucked up claim like I made about Heta would have got me this many views I would have done something similar more often. Views in the last week were higher than ever, so thank you to all you people who visited, and will no doubt visit again this week to read what I write and discuss that on forums this week as well.
Most of the obsession with me was on 2 forums I do not post on, one has an admin who lacked the balls to ban me and get grief of others so put me on pre mod, which I could no longer be arsed with waiting on a creepy bastard who sells sofas for a living to approve posts 4 hours later, any wonder I fucked off, and the other forum had an admin who not only tampered with my account but other members accounts, which caused a load of members to leave and post elsewhere. Even today almost 2 years after I left the old simpleton admin still edits my posts and edits threads to make them appear they were started by other people. Both forums I and others left are now quieter and boring and to boost post count, they discuss me. Work that one out,
Oddly enough when Sue Williams cuckold husband paid a call to both forum admin, both of them shit themselves. One stood there while his wife was threatened, the other would not even answer his door to a pensioner. these are the 2 chicken shits that run those forums, any wonder I and others who chose to leave now post elsewhere.

One of the many other forums I post on saw a guy who compared Heta's win to Rob Cross winning the World championship and wrote "And how lucky was rob cross to win hes world title,so what your saying is a load of baloney". He compared Cross beating MVG in a World semi final over 11 sets, to Heta winning a non ranking glorified exbo against unmotivated PDC players on a piss up down under. because Cross survived match darts against MVG.
As for Heta, his win this morning over the lazy bi polar cunt was his best performance in the PDC and nothing lucky about it either,  Thankfully all the other players appeared more motivated this week, even the head shaking prick Barney, with the exception of Krusty the Klown who was doing his changing darts in the middle of a game again.

Seems Heta is moving to Derby in the UK, which proves my point he is not well in the head, what normal person would choose to live there when they could pick anywhere in the UK to move to ?. He will be giving Q-school a go in the new year and with the money he won from his PDC comp win and his BDO/WDF comp win would be paying for this. How long before some bitter mushroom complains that he should give back the money he won in the BDO/WDF comp since he is using it to go to Q-school. It has happened before with mushrooms crying about BDO money used to fund fledgling PDC careers. I don't think Heta is half the player Corey Cadby was when he first decided to give it a go, and look at Cadby now since his move to Target darts, and his visa trouble, I dont think Heta will cut it week in week out on the tour., as there as dozens of players capable of matching and even betting his stats. I will give Heta credit though for his bottle at crucial times when he looked beat. He showed more bottle last week than Bellyboy, White, Chizzy etc showed in the last year combined.

I know some people think I should have awarded myself Knob of the Week for getting a prediction wrong, but lets be realistic, that does not even come close to knocking Des the liar out of contention.
Des is fucking up so often he is not even giving others a chance to compete.
This week he tried to maintain tickets for the upcoming CatasTrophy were selling well in the very same letter he sent out to the counties begging people to buy tickets.
Were the milkmen busy ?
Where are these thousands of fanatics ?
Do these people who claim to be fanatics even know what fanatic even means.
The best part is Des trying to make out the 5 new referees were something worth buying a ticket for...priceless. These 5 refs were only hired because the other ones fucked off.

This comp is going to be a financial disaster, ticket sales will be bleak, and I bet Des will take no blame. Mark my words, someone else will be blamed for any failings of his.
Even some fanatics have finally woken up and seen the light.. On fanatics one member openly accusing Des of being a liar.. What a shock.
Another member claiming Des is trying to take all credit for new developments without thanking others who were involved.
Is this really a surprise to anyone ?
I have said for months how anything negative is someone elses fault, and anything deemed positive he takes credit for. When there were problems with venues is was not his fault and he openly blamed Sportotal and said it was their responsibility and he had no control.
Yet when the venues were sorted, he wanted the praise for himself and did not acknowledge Sportotal  who he claimed were responsible for venues.

I know some people think I want the BDO to fail and die, but the truth is I don't, darts needs some people to run the pub game, sadly the bdo is run by a deluded, egomaniac and pathological liar with an insecurity complex, who is surrounds by deluded sycophants and he is just the latest in a long line of completely useless cunts who are completely out of their depth.
Secondly, as long as the BDO exists, they more we all have to laugh at, and I will never be short of material to laugh at.
This morning I watched live a PDC run glorified exbo in Melbourne and the arena was packed, tonight I turned on the Swedish Open, a ranking event in the "bdo"..yes....a swedish event in the BRITISH darts org and it was so bad, and not just from a production sense, I almost felt sorry for them, until I thought, fuck the players, they are as responsible for the condition of the BDO  as much as the county board, the fans, they all allowed this to happen. Getting to the semi finals of the "bdo Swedish classic" will win you...wait for it, a staggering £86.  No that is not one of my usual typos, eighty six quid. The Swedish Open event the same weekend pays more, they are offering the men the enormous sum of £43  for reaching the last 32.....forty three fucking quid. You be lucky to buy 4 points out of that in Sweden.

As for the "World" Darts Trophy,  its becoming more of a Holland and UK comp, as not only has the Canadian qualifier pulled out and chosen not to enter, the Asian qualifier spot is not being taken, with Wes Newton getting a spot as the reserve player. Yes the same Wes Newton who could not even hold on to a tourcard in the PDC. I am not surprised the Asian and Canadian qualifiers will not be attending, after all would you travel halfway across the globe for a "monkey". For those not familiar, a "monkey is slang in the UK for £500.   Apt really as we all know monkeys like peanuts, and thats what the BDO pay.
You can be assured if an Asian or Canadian ever qualified for the PDC World Matchplay they would not turn it down as they would be assured of a minimum £10k, That is twnety times more than the BDO pay. The bdo can spout all their bullshit  and throw out those key phrases  like "loyalty" or "family", speak of "new era's"  but no one is buying that shit any more, the players will not travel for pittance, the so called fanatics will not buy tickets, no matter how much begging the waiter begs, and who can blame them.
Have you seen the line up for prime time TV on Saturday night in the Catas Trophy.
You have Bo Secta against Laura Turner, the BDO website"IT expert" at 20 past 8 on a Saturday night, and at the scheduled time of 9,30 you have Deta Hedman against Maria O Brien.
This is what they have on TV on prime time Saturday night, and they wonder why they have problems selling tickets. Who the fuck would go out on a saturday night and pay to watch that shit.

I have to make a mention for Mr Potato head Scott Waites, who hauled his arse to the PDC Challenge tour last weekend.The double Bob Potter Cup winner, jobbed out in the last 256 on the Saturday, and did the same on Sunday.
Have you seen the shit in the challenge tour ? For every good player with potential, you have some absolute rubbish, so Waites losing in the last 256 shows where his game is these days.
The challenge tour is now basically a mix of ex PDC has beens, long past their sell by dates with guys like Scooty eye Andy Jenkins, Mark Walsh and Colin Osborne, Munters like Lisa Ashton and Rachel Brooks with averages in the 60s, BDO rabble like Dean Reynolds and Daniel Day, scurrying about in the hope of making £2k ,as money in the bdo is pittance.
Dave Askew had a better weekend than Waites....Dave fucking Askew...what century is this ?
Wes Newton stinking up the events quicker than Tytus Kanik. When I saw he made the semi final on Sunday I thought Jesus, then saw that Jesus was also in the semi finals, he played Richie Edhouse, one of my followers on twitter.
Steve Hine plodding along, wonder if he is still handing out fivers to ginger haired homosexual markers hanging of him like flies on shit. Then you have the completely deluded, guys like Brian Hudson and Nathan Richards who averaged 46 and 49. Why the fuck would you bother ?

Wes Newton and Daniel Day who job out in these events  qualify for bdo "majors"...imagine that.
I guess I should not really knock them, after all they are attempting the challenge tour in the hope of getting a tourcard, because any dart player with pride, passion, a set of balls or a backbone, knows the place to be is in the PDC....

And lastly, should anyone who claims to not read here find anymore mistakes, or predictions I get wrong, be sure to mention it again on forums for me. I take great joy in having those people who claim to despise this blog, be the very same people who help me get even more views because they are too fucking stupid to comprehend it in their obsession with me.

Maybe start a poll on a forum, about what I write on

Friday, August 9, 2019

People can makes excuses for Des the liar and the BDO for many of their failings, make up ridiculous excuses for their constant fuck ups, blame Sportotal when there is a venue issue, and cite its their responsibility, by which logic when the new venues were announced then Sportotal are due the credit, but not surprisingly Des the insecure prick tried to take credit.
The reason people laugh at Des is because he is obviously thick as pig shit, how else can you explain their recent announcements of these new refs.
In a week where the liar should be using all his time to promote the Catas Trophy he instead spent his time acting like the new refs being employed were  some sort of big news. These refs are nobodies.
As I said last week before the announcements the replacement refs would be made up of county refs most people never ever heard of., and sure enough.
But this is the BDO and Des could not even do these announcements properly without the usual fuck up after fuck up.
First they announced 2 more referees  WOULD  be announced and in the same post added the wrong picture, and instead posted the picture with the 2 refs in it that they were going to announce later.
The thick cunt posted the wrong picture, this goes beyond amateur, it was plain laziness and stupidity in a rush to post shit.

Then they announced the female ref and got her name wrong, calling here Compton instead of Crompton, they dont even know the correct names of the people they hired

Before any mushroom cunt claims it was just a typo, the BDO and Des made the exact same mistake on a picture they released , which proved it was not a typo and proves these cunts did not even know the name of the ref they hired, yet expect people to be impressed by the hiring.

How the fuck can anyone take the bdo serious when their own chairman is either too thick or too lazy to find out the names of the people he is boasting about hiring. They deserve people laughing at these morons.

I also laughed at how Paul Booth was being called one of the best, if that was true then why was he not hired in the past then ?
Seemingly he only became employable and one of the best when Richard Ashdown and the others left.  Who saw that coming ?
Look at the fucking state of him, looks like he is from Nigeria with color of him and his huge paid for teeth, which look like they could glow in the dark.
As I mentioned earlier you think instead of trying to feed his ego whilst posting fuck ups, typo, and news on nobodies that no one cares about, he use his time to promote the CatasTrophy which could be a complete disaster, with more black curtains, echo sounds, and the lights down low to mask the fact the place will be empty as no one wants to watch  useless players, and even worse munters..

Speaking of useless players, that brings me to the fat farmer who loves to grope himself and waddle like the fat cunt he is trying to put off opponents, and the gay looking coal scavenger Jim Williams who were in Australia last week thinking the 2 of them would be competing in the final for the title of some 2 bit Australian comp.Yes the same Scott Mitchell who used excuses of not traveling more than 2 hours to an event in the past, suddenly has no issue leaving his cows at home.
Both Mitchell and Williams were beaten by a four eyed looking mongoloid in Damon Heta on his way to winning the title.
The same Damon Heta dumped the bi polar neurotic lazy cunt James Wade out of the Brisbane Darts Masters earlier on Friday, except Heta is more than capable of winning BDO comps because  the standard is so shit, he will not be winning any PDC ones, even if it is a glorified exbo.

And lastly, it seems no darts competition can be held in the PDC without an Ian White choke job.
White is well and truly up there with Wayne Mardle, Dave Chisnall, Chris Mason, Bellyboy Smith, Terry Jenkins, Ronnie Baxter, Tony O Shea, Andy Hamilton. etc as among the greatest chokers in the history of the game who won fuckall of note...these are not insults but FACTS
Last Saturday the choking prick, in the players championships led 5-1 against Dimitri van De Bergh, and he must have spotted the camera because he lost 6 of the next 7 legs and the match.
After his Matchplay disgraceful choke, and his choke on the Saturday, surely he would not choke for a third time on the trot ?
Rest assured, he did exactly that on the Sunday. This time he reached the quarter final, spotted his game was on the stream and despite leading 4-1, loses 5 of the next 6 legs on his way to another choke.
One choke is bad, but 3 on the trot in front of a camera is something else. I am not even sure the rest of the people on the list below have done that.