Friday, August 3, 2018

The BDO AGM takes place this weekend and from what I gather the future head of the BDO will be a contest between Des the waiter and Roger Schera or whatever he is called.

The winner will be the one who loses the vote and is not tasked with trying to save a BDO that is almost flat lining.
As I have said before the half decent tv channels wont touch it, let alone the top stations, the media could not give a fuck even if by some freak accident they found out of their milkman it was on, and their own so called fanatics would rather spend their days slating the PDC instead of actually supporting the BDO they are supposed to be fanatics about.

Meanwhile in the EDO we had one EDO official in recent weeks publicly complain how people were looking into the business history of an official and how it was some sort of invasion of privacy.
Less than a week later another EDO official is moaning about the candidate Roger Schera stating they don't know anything about his business history.....and the EDO spastics cannot see the hypocrisy .
The best part was Tommy the Jew crying how he knows nothing about Roger, the same Roger than is also a manager of Lisa Ashton in the BDO, the same Lisa Ashton that Tommy the Jew claimed is a close friend.
You could not make it up.
The very fact Tommy the Jew and his lackey Paul  ( Deta Hedman's houseboy) are supporting Des the waiter is a bit surprising considering their past squabbles.

Who remembers this from facebook a few years ago
Seems they are all "friends" again, or maybe he and Tommy were promised something, afterall it will be all aboard the gravy train once Des gets in,. with his 20 directors and his chosen favorites.
As it is Popcorn Teeth Sue Williams and her cunt husband and the rest of the present directors are losing money year in year out, and the balance only propped up due to the sale of Pages Lane a few years ago, and that was an Olly Croft investment.
If Des gets in and has 20 or so directors the funds will deplete in even quicker time.
Every event is losing the BDO money, ticket sales are beyond deplorable, tv stations are being paid instead of them paying the BDO.
And make no mistake, if the Selectas do end up running the BDO you just know it wont be long before the infighting gets worse, all carried out on social media, and then the treats will start again , because scum will always resort to what they are when they don't get their way or when they are confronted.

I wonder if Des should win will he have his wife whispering in his ear about increased prize money for the Munters.,
I hope it happens , it will mean the funds will be depleted even quicker, or else the ugly and useless fuckers will get the hump and not play, who knows with a bit of luck protest and not play events which lets be honest could only improve the BDO.
I know staunch BDO fans who believe the women are making their product worse.
Whoever wins the vote better realize there will be no new era, the bdo is done, and are just a glorified pub league.
I remember when Barry Hearn offered 2 million quid for the BDO, I reckon you would have to pay the PDC 2 million now for them to take over it, that's how much of a burden it would be to them now.

A mention for Bellyboy Michael Smith who lost this morning to Mark McGrath is the Auckland leg of the World Series/.
Rob Cross and Simon Shitlock both survived match darts and scraped through..

I am the first to praise the PDC for all the good they do , but when they fuck up they deserve a mention as they  deserve it now after including Barney in the 3 World Series events down under.
The lazy cunt has never won a single World Series event EVER, and yet he continues to get wildcards for this just like he gets them for the Premier League.

Yet players like James Wade who is ranked higher, Jeffrey De Zwaan who is in good form and grabbing lots of media attention, Chizzy, another player ranked higher, were all left out in place of that lazy headshaking cunt Barney.
Asshole Barney is living of his single World title almost 12 years ago...yes single World title., as post split Lakeshites never were nor ever will be a World championships.

Whats the betting when the lazy cunt who is getting a handy free trip down under returns to Europe he will be too tired to play floor or Euro events, despite the sweaty lying sack of shit saying every year prior to the announcement of the PL line up how he will be doing the full tour next year.
I am sick of the sight of the cunt on TV.

After watching the Matchplay it is obvious to anyone who watched it who the crowds supported.
Barney might get them going with his walk on song but after that they dont give a flying fuck about him cos they know he is just there to make up the numbers.
Rewatch the De Zwaan performances and see how the crowds reacted to him, even the slow player Mensur Suljovic has more fan interest than Barney.
Even though I am a James Wade fan,  James Wade, Adrian Lewis, and Barney still think they are top players and have some divine right  to be held in that regard, but the truth is if they cant be arsed to put in the effort then fuck them. Have they got the talent...Yes, but unless they actually start taking it serious again, they will be soon further down the rankings as the new young players start moving up the Order of Merit.