Saturday, July 28, 2018

Even with the PDC Matchplay going on and all the choking of certain players, you can always depend on someone in the BDO to show everyone how truly retarded they are, this week saw the Selecta's Bo and Des show everyone yet again how ridiculous these people are.
Earlier in the week they took to social media to cry about their address and phone number being posted on a darts forum by a forum member. They then acted like they were some sort of victims, and then proceeded to moan about privacy etc...the same cunts who have no problem trying to do the very same to others.
These cunts thought nothing of contacting a member of my family, posted pics of me and joked about by mums cancer 2 years ago...and now they are crying because their details are out there.

But this is the best part....the address and phone number was posted by the Jacklins themselves on a facebook group and their own posts were copied and pasted elsewhere and then tried to blame others for their own posts.

Speaking of the bdo facebook group, their lackey Steve Egarton , the poster child for Malnutrition UK cried on the facebook group that things posted were "private" and only for members of the group and not to be posted elsewhere or members would be banned. Does this stick maggot not realize if you post stuff on facebook it can be seen  and used...asked the Jacklins, Chris Mason and others who had no problem using members of my family's facebook  to find pics of me on the net. to post on their accounts. Then hypocrisy is lost on these people.

Egerton then turned off comments so people could not reply or question him, This is the mentality in the BDO

Anyhow the AGM of the BDO is going along with the usual comedy grace, and it seems Popcorn teeth and her cunt of a husband are trying to make sure someone other than Des Jacklin get the job.

Either way I will be laughing as if Des fails it will be funny as fuck and lead to more infighting and vendetta, and should he succeed then hopefully he will be the one to drive another nail in their coffin.

Tommy the Jew as usual running his mouth seems to think the  manager of Dave Chisnall, Roger Schena is another in the running for the board.
As you can expect the mere thought someone with ties to a PDC player has got cunts like Ross Montgomery foaming at the mouth and issuing statements like its some sort of  conflict of interest, despite Roger Schena also managing BDO Players.
When asked by a member of the group  what was the conflict of interest , Warty the poisonous little Scottish dwarf  was unable to back up his mouth.

The thick little dwarf cunt runs his mouth and when asked to defend his statement claims he cant as he is a mod. So why did he make the initial comment in the first place if he is a mod and not able to comment?
Then what do you expect from a little stunted cunt who groped a pregnant presenter on tv a couple of years ago.

Anyway, on to the proper darts from the PDC.
The Matchplay this week has had some of the best matches in years. Last nights session one of the best sessions of darts in years, also was last tuesdays. We have seen 100 plus averages, shocks, last leg deciders, and even a nine darter.
However there are some players worth a mention...

Steve West will take some beating for the biggest choke of the year. ELEVEN match darts he missed and fucked it away. If we never see him in a major again it would be a good thing.
Then there was Bellyboy Michael Smith who blew a 7-1 lead to Chizzy and lost 10 of the next 11 legs.

James Wade- You would think after he was lucky to beat Wattimena he would get his act together and make no mistakes against Shitlock, and not only would a win put Wade above Bellyboy in the OoM, but put him in a great spot for qualification for the Champions League of Darts....but he was utter shit.

Simon Shitlock - He was equally as bad as Wade but was even worse against Krusty the Clown, and now the scruffy looking cunt who waddles like a midget when he walks will most likely be on our screens for the CLoD. His performance tonight was utter shit.

The face on hunchback MVG when he was tossed out was priceless and made the comp better the minute he went out.
Also helped seeing the useless James Wilson choke and go out.
Almost as enjoyable as seeing Hunchback go out was watching necklace fellatio Daryl Gurney and Vermin Price getting mauled in their games. In fact Gurney was lucky to win his first round match and only got through as said due to the collapse by Steve West.

As I said earlier, despite the huge money on offer, the close matches, the 100 plus averages, last leg decider, the nine darter etc, there is still mushroom cunts complaining about the PDC.
The "same 8 players" excuse has been quiet at least.

I almost forgot, tickets for the World Champs at Ally Pally went on sale during the week and on the very first day in just 6 hours the PDC sold FORTY THOUSAND  tickets...40,000 !!!
Not a single milkman was needed.
No taxi drivers were harrassed.
No cafes were littered with tacky flyers.

The PDC sold more tickets in 6 hours for an event than the bdo sold this century for all of their mickey mouse events combined.
I cannot wait til the AGM is over and we get the usual horseshit of "new era" or the "bdo gonna grow".