Friday, July 20, 2018

Been away for a few days, and have not kept up with anything darts related til this morning.
Obviously nothing good or worthy happened in the BDO, it never does. Most likely the usual shit, with Popcorn teeth and her cronies doing their usual silent act, and the only thing on social media will be Tommy the Jew crying on facebook.
Last week I saw Tommy Thompson slating the BDO on a darts forum, It is not that the BDO did not deserve it but the audacity of Tommy and his EDO slating them was hypocrisy at its finest...or is that its worse ?
I am not the sort of person to watch tv or read a newspaper generally, but even I was surprised this last week with the promotion of the PDC matchplay, not just by Sky TV themselves during other events like the Open in golf, but even the papers here in Ireland hyping it.
  The sort of publicity the BDO could only hope for when they ran an event. No need for milkmen here.
Of course this morning I have seen the PDC hating bitter sad bastard mushrooms trying to have their little digs in and how they wont watch it and are not interested in it but will be mentioning it regardless all week.
Only a matter of time til the usual "same 8 players" line is trotted out. or the "MVG wins everything anyway" as if every event in the PDC is won by MVG and the last 8 of every tournament is the same line up.

To put things in prospective, the reigning Matchplay champions is Phil Taylor
Reigning Grand Prix Champion is Daryl Gurney
The Grand Slam trophy held by Michael van Gerwen
The World Title held by Rob Cross
The UK Open title won by Gary Anderson
Mensur Suljovic holds the current Champions League title.

In the World Series events its as varied with 7 different winners of the last 8 events. And 12 different finalists,with Kyle Anderson, Peter Wright and Michael Smith picking up title wins.

In the Euro tour we have seen Max Hopp and Johnny Clayton among the winners.
On the Floor the following have won titles this year. Ian White, Mickey Mansell, Corey Cadby, Josh Payne, Mervyn King,  Krzysztof Ratajski, Jeffrey de Zwaan.
Thats not counting the development tour, the challenge tour, or any of the Nordic, Asian, Australian tours etc.
Meanwhile in the BDO , phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant is the new Martin Adams, hanging around like a bad smell trying to hover up all the pots inflating his ego thinking he is some sort of great player whilst taking advantage of a piss poor field to win the Bob Potter cup, the World CatasTrophy and no doubt has his wonky eye on the Winmau Masters later in the year.

PDC darts has never been more open, the prize money at an all time high, the World Championships extended to 96 players, new venues added to the Euro tour, more international events and yet mushrooms still try to find fault.
The real joke is these same bitter PDC hating cunts then try to claim they are dart fans.
Go work that one out.
The levels of seething and bitterness should reach epic levels this week during the Matchplay, and the real kicker is when Phil Taylor will be a guest in the studio.
Whats the odds the same mushroom cunts who claim they wont watch will be the first to complain and find fault for something they were indeed watching and their cries of bitterness will only serve to garner the event even more attention.