Friday, July 13, 2018

The BDO have at last announced the venue and date for the Winmau Masters, only took months, and not a single mention of a sponsor or TV coverage.
To make matters worse it coincides with the PDC Grand Prix in Ireland, only the BDO could be this stupid.

As was shown in the last AGM the BDO had they are losing tens of thousands on their "major" events and this promises to be more of the same.
The fans are simply not interested in the slightest, Winmau are no longer covering all the costs like they did in the past.
The current situation is unsustainable, and were it not for Olly Croft for all his flaws and stubbornness had at least assets to rely on such as Page's Lane, which the BDO are quickly depleting. The 6 figure fee the BDO sold Page's Lane for has masked some of the current financial situation but the BDO are losing money hand over fist and with events their own so called "fanatics" are not interested in its going to get even worse.Imagine the shit they would be in were it not for the sale of Page's Lane.
The confusion amongst the board is like the boiler room of the Titanic.
Personally I would not like to see the BDO die, as I enjoy the unintentional comedy the never cease to provide.
I cannot wait for the upcoming AGM where every moan , whine and threat will be played out on social media with people on the outside like Tommy the Jew Thompson and his EDO lackies take pot shots at the BDO, the same EDO who are as equally inept.

I won't pretend to know or care who wins the battle to be the next chairman of the BDO as whoever wins ( I use the term loosely) wont stop the rot.
They are done, cooked, finished, but suspect they will keep on claiming their events to be "majors" or calling Lakeshite  the "World Professional", that is providing of course its even at Lakeshite,and even if it is there is no assurance that Channel 4 will stick with it as there has been silence on that issue as well.

Then you have the munters, who in my opinion are an even bigger burden on the BDO looking for the same prize money as the men, despite them being an atrocious standard and even hard line bdo supporters admitting they hate munters darts.

Remember the LDO - Ladies Darts Org ? What the fuck have they ever done ?

A mention for Gary Anderson who lost today to Roydem Lam who looks like something from the thunderbirds in the Shanghai glorified exbo World Series event, after winning the previous event in Las Vegas last weekend. I know some will say Lam has a tour card, which begs the question why he bothers trying to get one when he never uses it

Speaking of players who won a tour card, Corey Cadby is still having trouble with visa issues, maybe if he was not a convicted criminal he would not be having these issues and would be playing the PDC circuit on a regular basis. Then the knuckle dragging brexit lovers who claimed they wanted the UK to be more stringent on criminals entering the UK must surely be happy as being good at darts should not change the rules.

Roll on the Matchplay