Friday, July 6, 2018

I can only suspect Tommy Thompson has been developing the effects and onset of dementia in the recent weeks.
This week saw him ranting and raving and throwing digs and criticism at the BDO, and while the BDO does deserve all the criticism it gets, the comments by TT has shown some amazing hypocrisy.
On social media he wrote

I personally think that unless we are able after the AGM, to re-invent ourselves, much like “New Labour” did, there is no hope at all, on this steady and obvious decline. Furthermore you cannot re-invent yourselves with the same board of directors, if I had been responsible for this mess I would have fallen on my sword.

Did Tommy fall on his sword after Irene Mungins stole tens of thousands of pounds from under his nose to stick in a slot machine while he was in charge of Lancashire darts of course not.
Did Tommy fall on his sword after the EDO who are there for the sole purpose of England darts could not send an England team to the WDF world cup, despite having 4 fucking years to prepare....of course not.
Did he fall on his sword after the recent debacle that was the recent internationals, which got less views that week than this blog got....or course not.
And this geriatric has the audacity to slates others as equally incompetent as himself.
Is he having a go nat Popcorn teeth and her cunt of a husband or is it a dig at the chubby waiter who some believe is the one responsible for the cluster fuck that was the World Darts Catas  Trophy.

Then there is the issue of the BDO reinventing itself, the BDO is kaput, even their own self professed "fanatics" cant be arsed to watch events let alone buy a ticket to their shit.The EDO under TT is equally as bad, you only have to look at recent England Open to see how appalling the viewing figures were.
Here is the top ten viewers for the week of the England Open

w/e 17 Jun 2018

1 POLISH SPEEDWAY 2018 (TUE 2002) 17
2 SWEDISH SPEEDWAY 2018 (TUE 1800) 17
3 RUGBY AM (WED 1826) 16
8 POLISH SPEEDWAY 2018 (SUN 2101) 8

This blog got more viewers than the England Open, how long until the usual crap emerges how "freesports were delighted with the figures" nonsense. So considering this embarrassment how come TT does not fall on his sword ?
You want to be seen as something other than amateur and a joke, then hire someone who is not an amateur and a joke.

The recent BDO Gold Cup was won by the fat self groping narcissistic farmer, who as usual took to twitter to try hang of people in the vain hope of getting attention.
He was trying to show of a trophy most people know nothing about, or would care for when he posted pics of the trophy in his tractor.
Speaking of tractors, he even used one of my pics mocking him on twitter himself.
Farmer robbing my pics
Odd considering the same simple fucker once threatened me with legal action over using pics to mock him in the past, still good to know he too is another avid visitor to this blog.
Also following his win in the meaningless Gold Cup he gave yet another interview in the Bournemouth Echo, which in the fat farmers head is on a par with the New York Times
Narcissist fucker

I laughed at the part where after he hogged any publicity , no matter how insignificant, tagged everyone on twitter, then had the cheek to say "Its not about him"

He really does belong in the BDO with the rest of the idiotic morons and hypocrites.

A mention for the American version of Justin Pipe, John Norman Jnr. A slow boring cunt who acted like a cunt last night after beating the Dawson Murshell in the semi finals of the US Masters, an event which saw the winner win a spot at Ally Pally for the World Champs. Dawson Murshell always seemed to be a bit effimate and his lack of male testosterone was evident as he just stood there while the podgey slow cunt screamed in his face.
Thankfully another jobber in Jeff Smith beat the cunt Norman in the final as Smith who was the favorite for the event would add a little more to Ally Pally and a better watch.

Watching Vermin Price hit a score of 7 whilst 5-2 down tonight made me laugh like the cunt I am.