Friday, June 29, 2018

There was apparently a press release how the main sponsor of the Zinder Masters (formerly the Zuiderduin Masters) announced their ending of the sponsorship. I get it, nothing lasts forever.
But surely be to fuck when you announce something like this  you or anyone who does something in a supposed "professional" capacity  would be in a position to counteract that by announcing  the next sponsor and laying it on thick, even if its a load of bullshit. Not the BDO.. Christ knows what is going on with these useless cunts..Popcorn teeth and her cunt of a  husband are in some "power struggle " with the chubby waiter  for control of an organiation which best years were in the last century, and even then at their prime they were playing second fiddle to the PDC.

I have said it before numerous times , those rank and file who cry like bitches on social media get no sympathy from me, these are the same retarded cunts who allowed this shit to get to the point it is today When popcorn teeth went to Las Vegas on a fully paid trip on the expense of the rank and file  no one cared, when her cunt husband filled his tank with petrol to go visit dart forum owners to threaten and intimidate , the rank and file did not give a shit. then doubt defending him as we all know if you dare knock these cretins they are quick to pull out those key words of "loyalty" or "family" or "grass roots". These cunts are getting exactly what they deserve.

How often can you flog a dead horse  ?
How often can you do the same thing over and over and over and not learn
The old saying is that insanity is keep doing the same thing over and over each time and expecting different  results, ergo the BDO..

Tonight there was a PDC Euro Tour in Germany and the place was packed to the rafters , and I read tonight Mushrooms who want to find fault with the PDC  come up with excuses., its what they do, major deflection tactics
On a normal Knob of the Week I usually made some comedy analogies, tongue in cheers comments or l use excessive swearing, or try to put a spin on things, but the reality is this blog writes itself.
I do not need to elaborate, take poetic license,  spin shit, or be selective in my comments as it is quite evident to any one with even a passing interst in darts how low down and insignificant  the bdo is today..It gets worse with each passing week as their funds get depleted and  the money for the flat in pages lane is nearly gone

Speaking of Page's Lane, the property once owned by Olly Croft next door to his tile shop, Olly's son ran his mouth this week with his opinion on the BDO and how the money for said property was wasted and how he was banned from attending Lakeshite. nd he did have a valid point.

However, my opinion on this is simple, his dad did what he did for the BDO, and that is a separate argument, but for his son to run his mouth takes some audacity when the same prick lived rent free in the very same Page's Lane building RENT FREE. But this is the BDO, it is all about looking after themselves at the top  and fuck the people at the bottom, the same people their slogan is suppose to be there for...the "grass roots"...."family" etc.

If the BDO/ EDO/ WDF etc did not exist this weekly blog would not exist, because there would be no fucking need..

Mentions for the following

 Michael Barnard  who after his defeat to the German Maik cried like a bitch and uttered the shit that "Maik played the game of his life". No Micheal you bitter sad cunt, Maik was only average...if even that, it was you that were shit , stop trying to belittle the guy who beat you deservedly. You lost, , it was not a case he was world class, he was barely average, you were just shit with your 82 average or whatever minuscule thing it was around the very low 80s.. , and truth be told I am glad, as Barnard is slow and boring to watch.

A mention for Jelle Klaasen who has being running his mouth and complaining over the previous weeks to his opponents about their speed of play. Mickey Mansell was one of his latest players he has the audacity  to have a pop at and Mickey was quite open about on social media and rightly so, Generally I could accept his self righteousness and I do enjoy a faster game except for this is the same prick who shat his load when that hunchbacked cunt MVG forced the prick out of the Dutch World Cup team a few years back which allowed the lazy postman cunt get a free ride and then got him a free spot in the Grand Slam of Darts which he would have never earned otherwise.,
Where was Klaasens big mouth and self righteous opinion then ?. If Klaasen if going to run his mouth at players because of their speed of  throw then treat everyone equal other wise you look like a condescending prick.

What I saw earlier tonight of the Euro tour was a packed Arena in Germany with almost 3000 people packed in, the BDO would kill for a tenth of that crowd for a venue in the UK  but what do I know, the Williams, and the chubby Waiter, and all these people on that side of the divide have visions, dreams and plans, and we have been told these people know what they are doing.

you got to love these cunts.