Friday, June 22, 2018

Another week and another vanity ego tripping project from these clowns in the EDO.
This weekend see the Six Nations, an utterly meaningless heap of shite when even dead legs have to be played in one leg matches for Internationals.
The same EDO whose sole function is the promotion of England Darts were unable to send an England team to the WDF world cup despite having 4 years to get ready have this weekend arranged it that their own England match  on Sunday is not going to be one of the games televised on that obscure channel.
If that was not bad enough the limited coverage this ridiculous event is getting, cannot show the England team in an EDO arranged comp, as it clashes with the England match in the football World Cup. This sums up the EDO.
However there is no shortage of simpletons quick to defend them, I even read on one darts forum where a moderator tried to make allowances for their inadequacies by stating  "they are amateur and don't get paid" as if this somehow negates the truth, and makes this whole thing acceptable.

Being typical of an EDO event there is no shortage of complaints from within their own players and supporters . The parents of Beau Greaves the female kid who many says is a future female star has whinged non stop on social media.
Seems the EDO said if more than 16 boys and girls enter there will be a competition for each.. and sure enough they got the number of entrants only for the EDO to run a girls comp and a "mixed " comp, where the winners of the "mixed " comp got money and vouchers as the prizefund, but the girls only got vouchers which led to the parents of beau greaves complaining how its unfair.
They also complained that the girls final was not played on the stage either unlike the other finals.
They might have a point about equality but why would the EDO give a fuck when the very same people who bitch, whinge and moan will turn up regardless to the next event to play.
Why the fuck a teenager wants a voucher for a holiday camp worth around £50 is anyones guess.
So then the usual moaning took off, how Beau would be better off joining the JDC...the kid tour affiliated to the PDC.
Will she try the JDC ? Who knows, more than likely this is just another case of whining and then doing fuckall about it and accepting it. Hard to sympathize with people who laim to be unfairly treated only to turn up again for the next comp and complain again.

The reality is no matter how good that Beau Greaves gets and even if she became the top female player in the World so what, its still womens darts and no one gives a flying fuck about it, cos womens darts is shit and only only survives by leeching of the bdo mens game. As it is no one really gives a fuck about the mens game and even less care about the women.
Dont believe me ? look at the 12 people who watched the mens final of the recent CatasTrophy.
There was even less at the 2016 BDO Gold cup when there was about 6 people at the mens final, and they all left before the end, the excuse given then by an EDO official at the time was they left because the bar ran out of drink. That is all the EDO and BDO events excuse for a piss up.
Look at the last Lakeshite, Gary Jobson knocked out first round and was seen every session for the week sitting in the bar horsing pints with Tony O Shea.

Like the BDO , the EDO just seem intent on pissing away funds on meaningless events , with pittance prize money supplemented with vouchers for a run down holiday park.The money that should be going to players as the prize fund is instead wasted paying shitty tv channels to show parts of this shit.
I hope like the BDO the EDO  deplete their funds continuing to hold vanity projects til they are skint,, and then the rest of the simpletons involved and who supported these useless cunts come to realize they too were just as stupid. In fact the supporters of the EDO and the BDO are just as guilty as they allowed the fools running those organisations  to get away with what they do, so I have no sympathy for those now crying on social media.

When even the most loyal bdo/edo fans are saying its time for them to just stick to the grass roots, and local opens as they cannot compete with the PDC on any level., you have to realize the game is up.

The PDC have Sky, ITV, and BBC all lining up to show their events and willing to pay the PDC
The edo/bdo have to pay some obscure pathetic channel to show their shit and even then half the games dont get covered to make room for tarmac rallying, swedish speeding and other shit.

The PDC sells out arenas all over Europe, the BDO need milkmen to hand out leaflets to get a crowd of 12.

The PDC has its main tour, a development tour, a challenge tour, and even the JDC tour for kids, so any players with an ounce of ability , or a set of testicles trudging around the shithole holiday parks playing for vouchers is getting exactly what they deserve for their lack of ambition.

I see that Raymond van Barnevelds flat was broken into last week. Thankfully there was no PDC major ranking title in his gaff for over a decade that could have been nicked.
The PDC ran its first Euro Tour this weekend in Denmark, and even the friday afternoon session got a crowd the BDO or EDO could only dream about and no milkmen was involved.