Saturday, June 16, 2018

I once said Tommy Thompson looked like Peter Stringfellow with HIV, Peter Stringfellow has been dead 10 days and he still looks better than Tommy....but more on him in a bit.

For years the sad bitter bdo mushroom cunts would moan about the PDC holding floor comps in a leisure centre,yet amazingly not a single bdo loving cunt mentioned let alone complained when the Swiss Open was held in leisure centre, last week. Where was their moaning then ?
Then these were the same morons who moaned about the UK Open moving to Minehead citing it was just a huge tent, and lo and behold, Tommy the Jew and his rag tag band of EDO fuckwits are holding the England Open in a tent.this weekend.
Think the mickey mouse event may have even started today , I think there might be some coverage of it over the weekend which should make for more live comedy.
I have no doubt the usual key words will be dispensed this weekend about Grassroots, Loyalty and Family and how the competition will be second to none, the atmosphere will be "in-tents".

Deta Hedmans pet lodger who is an official a lackey of Tommy the Jew, tried promote this horseshit by telling members on a forum how much he got 5 bottles of Coors for £12 and then proceeded to boast how he would be marking games for the likes of Anca Ziljstra. This is the mindset of the EDO officials.
Do you think you would see Matt Porter on a forum writing how he got bottles of Coors cheap, or see Uncle Barry claim he was looking forward to marking a game...No, you wont because they are not fucking common idiots.
If you want to be seen as professional, you must act like a professional, just because the EDO is amateur that does not mean its ok to act like complete idiots
Then what else should we expect from the idiots that are the EDO. Here is an organisation that could not even send an England team to the WDF World Cup, despite them having 4 fucking years to prepare. The excuse then was they did not have the money, yet this week they will be pissing away more money on Tommy's ego project of Darts in a tent. on some obscure TV station.Then money management was never one of Tommy's strong points, look how he was completely in the dark at Lancashire Darts when the treasure Irene Mungins stole tens of thousands of pounds from under his nose to stick in slot machines.

I am sure some simple fucker will be quick to claim the EDO wont be paying for tv or some mysterious sponsor will be paying for it.
When the 15 fans turn up, which will be more than what the BDO CatasTrophy got some shrooms will call it a success.

Speaking of the CatasTrophy, the viewing figures for the channel it was on were released earlier this week and makes hilarious reading
This is the top 10 for the record:

RUGBY AM (WED 1801) 50k
SWEDISH SPEEDWAY 2018 (TUE 2230) 36k
POLISH SPEEDWAY 2018 (TUE 2030) 24k
BDO DARTS (WED 1900) 10k

Swedish speedway getting over 3 times the viewers than the darts shows how fucking pathetic it was, and the 10k was their top night, can only imagine how bad the other nights were.

A mention for Cyclops Jamie Cave-in tonight as well as he failed to qualify for both Euro Tours.
Hows that bank balance you boasted of Jamie doing these days ? One of his defeats was a 6-0 hammering. Maybe the telescope inspector might challenge me to another match.afterall the stupid bastard thinks challenging people on the internet to dart matches will somehow change the truth how is basically shit these days.

Seems the women in the BDO still have not been "informed" if they can enter either of the 2 qualifiers for a spot at Ally Pally, reckon this could take months, the BDO probably think by doing nothing...something they are good at, the women will just forget about it.

And a mention also this week for the begging bastard and mentally stunted Dave Parletti.
Here is a guy that is utterly jealous of the success of others in the PDC like Rob Cross
Checkout this tweet he posted sometime last week

Dave Parletti @Parletti180
Here’s one.... What was the 2018 PDC World Champ doing the year before he won it!!!????... Trying the qualify at Bridlington for the BDO World Champs..... and yes he didn’t qualify!!! #LoveTheDarts #ThereIsQualityInBothCodes

The hilarious part is Parletti "forgot" to mention Cross did not qualify because he was disqualified, so hardly a surprise he did not qualify.
Parletti also "forgot" to mention Rob Cross played in the Winmau Masters, something Parletti failed to qualify for that must have slipped the beggars mind.
Parletti "forgot" to mention the same year he could not be arsed to play in the Lakeshite qualifiers.
Then what do you expect from a sad cunt who left his testicles and backbone in a hospital incinerator in Prague when he got sick and spent weeks begging like the scum he is.

Who knows maybe this weekend in a tent he can beg Tommy's lackey for one of those bottles of Coors that are so important .