Friday, June 8, 2018

Phantom of the Opera gets the award this week, yes, he did well winning the joke of a bdo event last weekend, and there in lies a lot of the problems for the bdo. MVG dominates the PDC but in the PDC the Worlds was won by Cross, the Matchplay by Taylor, TheCloD by Mensur, the Grand Prix by Gurney, Durrant according to one report i saw this week was the first player in history to win the Bob Potter cup, the Masters, the Finder  and the Catas Trophy, problem is the catas trophy is only going 4 years, each year it gets worse.
This week saw the mutant cunt from the north east actually begging on camera for fans to turn up for the final.He came across as a pathetic slug.I have seen ISIS hostage videos with more charisma in them than this segment from Melted plastic face.
After he won the mickey mouse event in front of 8 people he then went on to despair about the bdo.Tough shit to the bells palsy cunt, who chose to stay in the BDO with his retarded "bdo4life" claim he made at bob's hotel last January.
One of the funniest tweet this week was this
Dale Pardon
Replying to @Duzza180
I was at the Everly brother's next door with residents from a care home saw u walk in from taxi and had no idea darts were on same night
 In another interview wonky eye spoke how he was looking forward to playing PDC player Darius, even the clown john Gwynne sounded embarrassed.

That was one of Wonky Eye's followers on twitter and they had no clue the darts were on.
Somehow the milkmen giving out flyers is not cutting it , who would have thought that.
As for the final, it was fucking embarrassing, whatever cunt decided to push ahead with the event needs to be made chairman, they will be the right person for the job and kill of this organisation one and for all
I laughed when I heard the streak died and rallying came on, you got to habd it to the BDO, they never let you down for the comedy moments.
Also a mention for the BDO website that were altering the averages during the Catas Trophy , like when Anca the Whale hit a 69 average and the BDO website bumped it up to 70.
Or the game when Bells Palsy fucker hit a 98 average, and verified on the bdo stream on youtube was suddenly bumped up to a 100 plus average.
Then the bdo can tamper with the averages, claim the place was busy, the darts were great, mention the key words like "family, loyalty etc" but the reality people simply dont give a flying fuck for their product no matter how they try hype it.
 Check out this mental illness

How in the blue fuck did she "bravely" win a leg ?
How big was this army ? considering there was only about 8 people there when she stank up the place with her 62 average. The way they speak about her "disappointment" for not winning, are these people for real ?
It would have been a fucking miracle had she won a game never mind win a comp.

so up next for the BDO will be the political side to see which fuckwit gets to be the one to possibly kill of the BDO off. Surely no one can stop the ex waiter who publicly stated on a darts forum in the past he had no intention of taking over the bdo, from actually taking over the BDO.
The mental genius who pushed for the Catas Trophy which is gonna cost the BDO tens of thousands, the man who thought milkmen was the way to advertise in the 21st century. This promises to be yet another dose of live comedy.

Anyhow on to the proper darts org, the PDC.
The news the World Championships was going to 96 players was met with approval by everyone, except the mushrooms obviously, and possibly scousers who think they have a monopoly on that number.
Almost immediately the shrooms were moaning the PDC were giving a chance to more players.
The best part were the shrooms who were quick to cite how the BDO wont possibly allow the Munters enter the PDC qualifiers for the 2 spots open for women.
From a personal point of view I hope the bdo munters do not enter, its bad enough they stink up bobs hotel without them stinking up Ally Pally, however I can understand why they should enter, when each qualifier gets 7.5k, plus look at all the publicity they would get which of course would only be beneficial to them via sponsors. That is 500 quid less than what Poto got for winning the Catas Trophy, and should one of the munters get a handy tie with some oriental jobber and win the game she would get 15K, thats around the same as the Win mau Masters pays to the mens winner.
The munters cry and bitch about chances, wanting equality etc, so here is there chance, if they refuse it then the cunts need to keep the mouths shut for good.

I do however expect the BDO to show their pettiness and utter hypocrisy by not allowing the munters enter. The same bdo that has no problem allowing the likes of the Scottish dwarf Montgomery,the bearded prick Adams and Phantom of the Opera go cap in hand begging for the PDC coin in the Grand Slam of Darts for their yearly beatings.The bdo has no problem with the top men entering PDC ranking comps for the money.

Its about time the PDC fucked Gibraltar off and stopped running the euro tour there.
Yesterday there was only about 50 people there, ok it was doublr what the Catas Trophy got buteven worse were the qualifiers from gibraltar I saw. One was bad enough but 4 of these cunt is just too much, after watching 2 of them I could take no more and turned it off and went to the pub.
Hence the late entry this week.
There is probably a shitload of stuff I forgot to mention but to hungover to care, and for those simpleton cunts who contact me about spelling errors, I dont give a fuck about them either.