Friday, June 1, 2018

I knew the BDO CatasTrophy was gonna bomb, but this was even worse than I expected.
The BDO board should hang their heads in shame. Except they won't because they have no shame. This whole competition was done for ego...their ego.

Right away from the start the audio was atrocious, the camera was bouncing more than Anca Zilzstra on Pcp,. As for the crowd or lack off, I have seen more life in a Dignitas waiting room. The angle for the dartboard looked like it was falling of the wall. The scoreboard seemed to disappear every minute, and the commentary team were all over the place. Half of the finishes in the first few matches were not even seen such was the appalling spotting.

The PDC charge proper TV networks for the right to show their product, the BDO were whoring themselves out and even paid others to show their shit. ...but the real kicker is the money this event will cost the BDO.
The previous 2 versions of this Mickey mouse comp lost tens of thousands, and the BDO could lose over 80k on this event which in financial terms should have been cancelled long ago.

They say a picture is worth a 1000 words

IF the graphics , presentation, camera work, lack of crowd, spotting and lack of atmosphere were not bad enough then you had the substandard darts.
In just 3 evening sessions of this shit there was just ONE single game where both players averaged 95 or more.
Of course there was no 100 averages, who are we kidding.

There was NINE averages in the gets worse.
There was  SEVEN averages in the 60s...and this is supposedly a major
and even ONE who averaged in the 50s.

Truth be told those appalling stats did not surprise me, I expected it, just like I expected Bo Selecta to lose on TV Again...and sure enough she did with an average in the 60s.
I was told yesterday she did once win a game on TV, even though it was 4 years ago, she seemingly won the Northern Ireland Open with an average of....drumroll please...52.76.
I shit thee not, a 52 average won the Munters Northern Ireland Open. Her Opponent averaged 44 in the final....fucking 44.
And this ugly useless cunts think they are as good as the men. I know the men in the BDO are shit, but the munters take shit down to a whole new level.
Maybe the huge prizefund caused the players to panic and added untold pressure.
Afterall the munters were playing for a first prize of £3.000. It used to be £6,000 but the prize fund dropped when the BDO finances started to dwindle and sponsors wanted nothing to do with this shit.

As for the Men, they are playing for a first prize of £8.000, where 4 years ago it was £30,000 for the winner.
I wonder what the prize next year will be ? A book of raffle tickets, 4 warm pints of bitter, a voucher for a midweek stay at Bob Potters run down hotel.

To put things in prospective, the lowest paid comp on the PDC main tour is a UK open qualifier which pays 10k to the winner.

If this is to be Sue the Gash's last "hurrah" as BDO Chairman she is going out on a memorable note, all for the wrong reasons, though I do want to thank her, and her cunt of a husband and the rest of the old cretins on the board getting booted of the board,  for the years of unintentional comedy they have provided us over the years. They will not be forgotten, they will be up there with Warren Brown, New Era, and the other moments of comedy gold.

But fear not, the next chapter of the BDO promises to be just as good. It seems a guy who thinks Milkmen with flyers is the way forward in the 21st century is destined to be the new BDO chairman...yes the same chubby ex waiter who once said on a public forum he had no intention of taking over the BDO looks set to be the next head of comedy.
The big question which will last longer , Him as chairman or the BDO funds.

Already I am looking forward to it to see the upcoming clusterfucks.

Anyhow on to proper darts and a properly run organisation, the PDC.
My biggest complaint about the World Cup is the winning team getting a spot in the Grand slam of Darts.
This most likely will benefit that diabetic lazy headshaking ex postman Barney.
Sick of the cunt Barney getting favoritism in the PL, undeserved wildcards for World Series events, when the lazy cunt wont even attend euro events or play floor comps.Now the sweaty bastard is going to piggyback a hunchback to a spot in the Grand Slam wghich will earn him more more ranking money.
If it were not for the World Cup last year he would not have made the Grand slam, would have won no ranking money, and quite possibly dependent on results might not have made the Dutch team this year. I cannot wait for him to slide down the rankings and fuck off like Colin Lloyd and Andy Hamilton.