Friday, May 25, 2018

I mentioned a fortnight ago that Popcorn teeth sue Williams is going out with a bang, because it has reached a new level this week. She is not alone, the BDO board, The Selectas, The Players, The Fans or lack of have all combined to make this week in BDO land a thing of immense comedy and all worthy of sharing Knob of the Week.

The week started off with the scumbag Jacklins taking time off hounding the milkman of Preston to do their usual social media abuse and threatening players and their partners.
Not content with pissing off that player, they then decided to kick Mark Wilson out of the Lincolnshire team, the same Mark Wilson who previously had won a PDC tourcard at Q-school....what a coincidence that is.

The BDO 21st century advertising tactic of having milkmen give out flyers did not work...imagine my surprise.
Next up was the BDO offering 10% of the price of the tickets, and guess what, no one gave a flying fuck, because the BDO is utter utter shit, run by utter cunts throwing utter shit.

What normal person is going to pay money to watch those fat munters throw 45 dart legs in a dark hall with black curtains hanging up to block out the vast empty spaces ? or associate withe the few simpletons that will turn up ? or tolerate the mentally disturbed scumbag bdo board who are now busy alienating even their own fans.

I have read that each session has sold an average of 27 tickets...TWENTY SEVEN.
When you factor in the munters, there will be more players and officials at Preston than there will be so called fans.
Meanwhile the so called bdo fanatics which number over seven thousand have zero interest in this clusterfuck, which could cost the BDO over 80k. At this rate the bdo will be bust in a few events, which I hope does not happen, as I find their events the greatest live comedy going.

Meanwhile, over in the PDC, the World Series was taking place tonight. An invitational exbo and 20,000 people paid for tickets to the event.. The BDO event will have 27 people at each session for their "Major"....there in shows the difference between the codes.
Tonight Dimitri van der Bergh made the final of a World Series event which is currently going on and Live on ITV., Josh Payne won a players championship, last weekend. Micky Mansell, Ian White, Corey Cadby, Krzysztof Ratajski and Jeffrey de Zwaan also won floor comps in 2018. ...each one making more money for their win than you would get for winning the WDT clusterfuck in the BDO.
Max Hopp and Jonny Clayton won Euro tour events this year...and still the mushrooms spout the mantra the PDC is the same 8 players. The love to try find fault with the PDC but the same bitter little cunts go into hiding when needed to attend bdo events.

I cannot wait for the bdo shit to start, if only to hear the bullshit that will be spewed about new era's, pro darts, loyalty, family, munters darts being as good as the mens, grass roots, etc..

Was delighted to see hunchback MVG get knocked out earlier tonight in the World Series, but even happier to see Barney fucked out.
That lazy headshaking bastard did not deserve a spot in that comp. What has he done this year in darts ? He was only in the Premier League out of favoritism, the lazy cunt has avoided the majority of eurotours and floor comps this year and the PDC reward him, while players like Wade who is ranked higher in the world Rankings and who made multiple semi finals in euro tours and even reached a final in the euro tour gets no invite.
Any wonder Barney does not give a fuck or enter comps when he continually gets favoritism over other players, and when he does turn up he is a fucking embarrassment.