Friday, May 18, 2018

The award goes to this odious fucker Gurney. 6-2 up on the dutch hunchback in the Euro tour final and completely bottled it.
The moment Hunchback made it 6-3 I knew it was over and as soon as Gurney with his autistic grin started looking down on the floor even Stevie fucking Wonder could see the cunt was going to choke. Hunchback must have been pissing himself knowing it was a certainty he was going to come back and win. When gurney managed to get more match darts he shat his load.

It was only fitting the most boring Premier League in years was capped off with a boring Finals night, as the inevitable win for the mongo dutch cunt. It would not surprise me if viewing figures that night dropped as soon as Hunchback went 3-0 up on Bellyboy.
The highlight of the night for me was the vile Dutch cunt with his mongo features, wet rubber lips and grunting like the missing link claimed "After the world championship this is the biggest one".

Except its not, after the World championships then comes the Majors, events like the Matchplay, Grand Prix and UK Open.
The reason the hunchback did not claim the Matchplay was the second biggest was because he is not the holder of the Matchplay, as Taylor won the last one.
He could have said the Grand Prix, but skipped that  because, guess what, he lost in the last one of them to John Henderson, he ignored the UK Open as well, maybe cos he got his arse handed to him in that as well , by De Zwaan.
 So who was he trying to convince with his retarded claim  by calling the PL the biggest comp after the worlds. ?
The Premier League is not only a glorified Exbo, its also non ranking that dishes out invites.
It had people like Vermin Price who it seems did not average above 93 for the entire PL.Other players like Barney there because of favoritism and not on anything he done of note.
Maybe Hunchback was trying to convince himself . The only Major the Premier League was this year was a Major letdown. As I have mentioned before I find the euro tour more exciting, and even the streamed floor championships are a better watch than the PL.

But the worst watch of all is the shit in the BDO.
Last weekend the Welsh Open was on. I remember Popcorn teeth years ago trying to have a dig at the PDC over music, fancy dress, walk on girls, till the BDO tried to copy them.,...and of course made a complete mess out of it. The walk ons last weekend at the Welsh Open were a thing of comedy gold , as "freed from desire" the song the PDC previously used was blasted out over the atrocious speakers, the players made their way through a puny crowd full of muck savages who could not give a fuck as they were too busy horsing pints in a hall that looked like the playroom of some special needs school from the 1970s.
The PDC's Dave Clarke must have been doing the camera work as it wobbled and bounced more than Anca Ziljstra on a trampoline. The munters final  saw an average in the 60s, and an average in the 70s was enough to win it.
The men were better, as a low 80s average was enough to win this "major".
Andy Hamilton reached the final....let that sink in...Andy Hamilton, yers the same Hamilton who lost his tourcard, could not win a game, and turns up in the BDO and reaches a Final.....and did so with the same shit form he lost continually in the PDC with.

If that is not an indication how bad things are in the BDO nothing is. My only disappointment in the entire comedy event was Hamilton not winning it and making it even more funny.
Wait til the CatasTrophy starts,  I am already laughing about this already.
Wonder if the milkmen are still giving out the flyers for the BDO.