Friday, May 11, 2018

You got to hand it to Popcorn Teeth, her scumbag cunt cuckold husband the rest of the morons on the BDO Board who if they are going out, are doing so with a bang.

You could really not make up the shit I heard this week. Milkmen in Preston are now handing out flyers for the BDO clusterfuck World Darts CatasTrophy. Priceless
Whats next, a "my space " page to advertise this fiasco. These cunts are so backwards and stuck in the last century it is hilarious.
Seems the channel "freesports" will be showing the WDT. That means the black curtains will be taken out of mothballs and hung up to divide up the empty hall. Lights will be turned off in order to hide Belgian Jackie and the 6 other fans that will be there.
You know just how insignificant "freesports" is when you do not even know if you have that channel.
The best part is the BDO are paying them I heard.
Unlike in the superior PDC where multiple tv networks are lining up to pay the PDC, the BDO are paying some obscure channel to shit this shit in some pathetic vanity project.
No sign of a sponsor for this either, so expect this clusterfuck to lose a fortune like the previous ones.

The qualifiers for the live comedy event started today, and was great to hear the BDO beggars who would come crawling for the PDC coin in the Grand Slam of Darts  before being battered by PDC players, the likes of that bearded prick Adams, the obese and visually disgusting Andy Fordham were sent packing by jobbers not only from the PDC but useless fuckers who failed at Q-school.
Matt Padgett wrote after his defeat today......

As one person wrote on a darts forum today, this blog writes itself thanks to the complete failures by the BDO. What the fuck was the referee doing ? or was there even a ref there or an official ?
I am sure some scummy cunt fan will say it does not matter as long as they had a good time.Getting pissed is all what BDO events are, Lakeshite being a prime example.
Speaking of mentally unstable retarded cunts, check out this stupid cow.
 Normally I don't highlight the levels of idiocy among the scum of the BDO or I might be here all weekend, but chose that because of what the stupid cow wrote next.
Typical type of vile woman that you associate with the BDO, common, scum, thick as pig shit and mouthy with zero class. Like the moron Roy Pryor, if either of them took the time to read before they ran their mouth they would know I have never mentioned kids on this blog, but hey, why let that get in the way of a ignorant cow making threats. This is yet another example of what I always say and have been proven right about.
Thick uneducated common scum when confronted with their own words, actions and behavior their first reaction is to issue threats and prove they are exactly what I say they are.
What will they do when they read this ?
And make no mistake, they keep coming back to read this site so they can complain, and then issue threats proving me right each time.

Anyhow enough about the scum of the BDO., on to the proper darts.
I did not watch the Premier League  this week bar the last few legs of the Ando -v- Hunchback match and always a delight to see Hunchback lose.

Special mention for Adrian Lewis, who appears to be getting worse instead of improving.
He lost to Jan Dekker who looked like dutch homosexual version of that drink driving tosspot in Ant and Dec. Fat was lucky to win the most of the 4 legs he did win with his scabby 82 average.
I like Fatpot but it is seriously looking bleak for the lazy fucker now who looked out of shape and sweating like Gary Glitter in Toys 'r Us. He seriously needs to address his current slide in the rankings.

Choke of the day had to go to that Belgian jobber Mike de Decker, who went 2-0 up on Terry Savalas Jenkins and then promptly did a Paula Radcliffe impersonation and lost 6 legs on the trot and ended up with an average in the 70s - bdo -esque

The Steve Beaton Jeffrey giraffe match was utter shit, at one point Jeffrey hit double 3 going for treble 19. he last time I saw legs that bad they were under a blanket in a wheelchair