Friday, May 4, 2018

Usually for Knob of the Week I accentuate the flaws, highlight the inadequacies,  try add some colorful language and some comedic element when it comes to the winner.
This week there is no need as their own actions, or in some cases lack of actions  have made the reading  both hilarious and embarrassing but all the while true.

The winner goes to the BDO, its board, its delegates, its county officials, its players, its fans and everyone connected to these complete collection of mutants after the news that has so far come out in regards to the EGM held last weekend.
The main news was the amount of money lost, but back to that in a bit, Sports Direct who were supposed sponsors of recent Catas Trophies paid the BDO the grand total of ZERO.
Yer the BDO board informed its own delegates that the prize funds were being covered by the sponsors. The board proven yet again to be liars.
The last 2 World Darts catasTrophies lost nearly £200k. As for the upcoming one, no mention on how much that is going to cost, and all questions regarding TV were quickly deflected as nothing was confirmed.

It appears the BDO also lost £80k on the 2017 Winmau Masters, which suggests Winmau gave then fuckall bar a few dartboards. As for the 2018 Winmau Masters, they don't even have a venue for it as both their first choice and second choice are not available.

To compound the lies by the BDO mentioned earlier, they lied to their own delegates numerous times, as they were told that Frank Warren was signing a deal, but no such deal exists.
The lied to their own delegates a third time when they claimed that Channel 4 was resigning the deal for Lakeshite in February. The BDO board caught lying yet again could not confirm  this either.
In fact there was no confirmation that Lakeshite will be used for the 2019 Bob Potter cup.

But this is the kicker....when the BDO Board were exposed as a bunch of proven liars and, some of delegates...some of the very same retarded delegates who were lied to by the board, then tried to defend Popcorn teeth and her cunt husband useless cunts and claimed those exposing the facts were out of order and making it a personal attack upon the Williams.

This sums up everything about the BDO Board, a bunch of useless lying cunts hoodwinking and brainwashing their delegates, and when  the members want to know why the BDO is in the state it is in, the same lied to delegates try to shut down any queries and blame those who want honesty and transparency as the ones causing trouble.
As I said last week, Des Selecta could not be any worse than the Williams, no one could, although Des Selecta is another proven liar himself as he once stated on a darts forum it was never his intention to take over the BDO.
Then being a liar earns you respect it seems in the bdo, it kept the Williams in a job for years.

As for the upcoming clusterfuck that is the World Darts Trophy, ticket sales are still abysmal, and some players cannot be even arsed to attend. Richard Veenstra pulled out as his village are having a fair and he would rather attend that....this is not a joke. I am deadly serious.

If I am honest I am glad the bdo is in the shit it is in, as the players, counties fans etc deserve every single bit of it, they allowed it to happen, and did nothing to stop it.

The reality is if channel 4 tell the BDO to fuck off, or if Bob Potter dies, the BDO are going to be in even more shit, as everyone knows the game is up.
Any player today with a spinal column, testicular fortitude, ability and ambition would not be in the BDO., hence why the bdo is full of washed up PDC players, pub players, kids, and munters.

Was going to write some stuff about the Premier League but cannot be arsed as it was another meaningless week, and next week wont be worth fuckall other that dictate the order of the top 4 which is already sorted as in who plays who on finals night.

See Stephen bunting jobbed to Kirk Shephard earlier today in the Euro tour. I remember when the obese scouse loving jobber first went to the PDC and people were falling over themselves claiming he was a top 8 player.
One physically and emotionally stunted poisonous cunt who reads this blog even claimed at the time that there was "only 2 players in the world better than bunting". When it was pointed out to him he was not as good as Ian White, let alone a top 10 player, the BDO simpletons came scurrying to the defense of bunting because these fucking morons thought because he won a Bob Potter Cup he must therefore be good.I read that thread again and was comedy gold.
Every year the winner of the January Jobber Jamboree at Bob's Palace of Piss gets rolled out as some sort of top class  player
Christian Kist won a Bob Potter cup, and it seems he went from October 2017 to may 2018 without winning a game in the PDC. BDO retards now think Durrant, McGeeney etc are top players, its the same every year. Look at McGeeneys and Phantom of the Opera's records against PDC players and it makes pitiful reading for them.
Even Barney the most successful player in the BDO after the split has not won a ranking TV major in over a decade. The BDO bomb every year in the Grand Slam, and if you removed Scott Waites the record for all the remaining bdo jobbers makes for atrocious reading.

Speaking of the Grand Slam, the trophy is to be named after Eric Bristow. I understand the Worlds and the Matchplay trophies are named after Waddell and Taylor, but surely if you are going to name a trophy after Bristow you would pick a proper Major like the Grand Prix or the UK Open.

The Grand Slam was for most of its history a glorified exbo that was non ranking.
Everyone knew Bristows feelings towards the BDO and totally understandable as the BDO tried to illegally stop him from earning a living after the split,only for the PDC to go and now name a comp that gives free invites to those cap in hand begging bastards after Bristow.. To name that comp that gives handouts to spineless bdo jobbers, after a man that despised the BDO must be a warped joke.