Friday, April 27, 2018

No surprise Popcorn teeth gets the award this week, in which could be the last week she may ever win it with the BDO EGM due for this weekend as she may be out on her ear this weekend.
It is almost impossible to think if the Selecta's take over they could be any worse than the Williams.

The upcoming World Darts Catas Trophy is set to be a complete disaster, and read reports that a total of 87 tickets only have been sold for this clusterfuck. EIGHTY SEVEN TICKETS IN FOUR WEEKS.
Last year they did better, they sold 16 more that and they were only on sale for 8 days and had 3 fewer sessions on offer. It does not take a mathematical genius to work out its backwards they are going.
There is going to be ballet in the hall next door to this clusterfuck and that has sold more tickets than the darts. Ballet > BDO Darts in Preston.
I can see this event being like the BDO Gold Cup final in 2016 that has a huge hall with about 5 people watching. I use to think how the players deserve better but the reality is they don't. They deserves all the shit they get, their fans deserve it, or should I say so called fans since the fans don't buy tickets.These morons call themselves fanatics but wont put their hand in their pocket.
They players, fans, county boards etc, have allowed this shit to happen year in year out so let them reap what you sow.
If popcorn teeth and her cunt of a husband who liked to threaten people are gone this weekend I want the to be the first to thank them for all the years of unintended comedy they have provided us in darts.
I think the comedy under the Selecta's will continue as well though as already this week there was a complete fuck up in the Denmark Open draw, again. I say again as last year the same event fucked up when one of those in charge added the name of  Martin Atkins who not only had not entered but was still back in the UK. I guess they are consistent.

Normally each of the previous weeks I have wrote how I found the Premier League to be the worst one I have seen and the euro tours far more entertaining, this week it was the opposite as it was a dismal euro tour last weekend,
I did enjoy reading how Gerwyn Price cried like a bitch when his fellow coal scavenger beat him in the final. The semi finals were an abysmal standard by euro Tour standard and sucked so much I thought half the crowd would die from oxygen deprivation. As I said last week something needs to be done about the number of home qualifiers for the Euro tours in places like Austria, Denmark and Gibraltar. I would have liked to have seen Mensur win the event like Hopp had done the week before in his "home"country but was not to be.
Chizzy withdrew from the event, someone claimed he was suffering headaches, maybe he got a text where worlds longer than 4 letter were used which caused his brain to implode trying to concentrate.
The absence of MVG was another plus as Euro Tours without him always interest me more.Fair play to Clayton who beat some in form players om his route to the win in Hopp, Wade , White and Mensur.

On to the Premier League, I better not mention a 50 year old dressed like a fucking clown getting hammered 7-1, as the last time I did, he cried on social media about it, and upset the delicate snowflake, so wont dwell on his 4th 7-1 hammering of the PL campaign. Barney failed to make finals night but he could finish bottom of the league every year and will always get undeservedly invited back. With the top 4 almost assured it makes the next week of the PL hardly worth the bother of watching.

No word on Chizzy yet if he will beat the PDC World Cup to partner Cross, and should he miss it Bellyboy will be next in line barring Wade does the double this weekend in the Players Champs events and that might not be enough.
I dont mind Bellyboy but he is too inconsistent, after his hammering of Krusty it was almost expected he would bomb against MVG, and sure enough he did.

I am also considering changing the name of the Knob of the Week award to the Sue Williams award for her contributions over the years.