Friday, April 20, 2018

Simon Shitlock...played 3 lost 3
Lost to Barney on the Wednesday, and twice on the Thursday, picking up 2 just legs in total in the the 2 games losing to Bellyboy and Daryl gurney,
Gurney himself was playing his third game after he lost twice in Rotterdam and reckon had he played anyone else he would have been zero out of 3 as well.
I hope this finally puts an end to the Aussie Catweazel ever appearing in the Premier League again.
His participation along with the likes of Vermin Price and the hypoglygemic postman made it the worst Premier League I have ever witnessed
Granted it is only a glorified exbo due to its invitational and non ranking status, but prior to this year it was always something worth watching.

Of course Barney did the double on the Wednesday and Thurday,and which means we will get to watch him in the Premier League until he dies in a diabetic coma. We all know once it is back to the regular tour the lazy bastard won't do a thing  again, will boycott floor championships, avoid euro tours and his miserable sweaty head will be stinking up tv comps for the year, until November of course when he makes a statement about how he will be doing the full tour next year and promptly lie as usual.
As for him winning a genuine ranking TV title, something he has not won in over a decade, there is zero chance of that .
To be honest I am glad he is a lying cunt and not entering the comps this year he previously said he would be entering as the euro tours are better without him stinking up the comps.

Speaking of the Euro Tours, the ones held in Austria seriously need to be reviewed in terms of the number of home qualifiers that should be allowed enter. They had 5 places this weekend and only one player managed an average above 80.

Take a look at this shit
HNQ1 Bastian Pietschnig - 70.44
HNQ2 Hannes Schnier - 85.79
HNQ3 Dietmar Burger - 77.68
HNQ4 Roxy-James Rodriguez - 66.31
HNQ5 Alex Steinbauer -76.40

An overall Average of 75.32....

I was going to say BDO standard, but all the Austrians lost, if it were bdo standard they might have won with those averages.

I expect the same when it comes to Gibraltar, and now that Denmark is hosting a euro tour we will get Danish jobbers clogging the comp up and making the first day like some bdo comp. The whole Gibraltar one is a joke,and has a pathetic crowd of only about 500....something the bdo wish they had at their upcoming CatasTrophy.

Seems the bdo have managed to shift about 20 tickets in the last 2 weeks for this "major".
God bless the BDO for all the comedy laughs they give us.

Was pleasing to see the hunchbacked cunt MVG get beat twice this week in the PL. Well done to the 50 year old man dressed like a fucking clown who beat MVG, and who earlier this week cried about this blog and social media laws, odd how he has no problem when his wife runs her mouth on social media.
Still all his crying on twitter did help promote this site and see views increase.

Ex con Chris Mason who loves to stick his oar in everything got upset again this week the little snowflake after Peter Wright complained about this blog, and when Mason got told a few home truths about how he is a scumbag ex con,information freely available to anyone with a quick internet search. his first reaction in typical scumbag form is to act like a cunt.

If that scummy cunt thinks he is gonna intimidate me he has another thing coming, or maybe he might start threatening me again and prove my initial point in the first place how scums first reaction is to threaten violence.

I wonder what ITV would think if they found out that an ex con they employed had threatened people with violence,was busy stalking my familys facebook accounts looking for my personal details and even publicly seeking my addres,someone they previously threatened.
He better hope they dont find out.
All this proves is not only is he as scummy as I first highlighted, but he is as thick as pigshit as well.
oh wait, he might get upset and issue another threat, afterall he is back sucking up in the bdo these days, the same bdo he once called car crash tv, and we all know how those cunts love issuing threats as well.

You have to stand back in awe at these people in darts, from mason to the selecta's to the williams that act like hardmen, issue threats of violence, stalk my family, go to the police, threaten me with legal action etc...but cry like fucking bitches when I highlight their flaws, mistakes, records and activities. You dont see me threaten to sue, issue threats of violence, or seek their home addresses. or stalk their family members know why ?...........because I am not scum like them.