Monday, April 16, 2018

I see that Peter Wright has been crying like a bitch on social media since last night over my blog claiming there should be laws on social media.after he read a recent entry where he won Knob of the Week.
Odd that he can spew what he likes on the very same social media, and his trouble making wife can run her mouth on the same social media but that is ok, but I am the one that should be banned according to him.

Lets get one thing clear, I am entitled to my opinion and lets deal with some other facts here.
Here is a man almost 50 years old, with a huge potbelly going around dressed like a fucking idiot or a freak from a mental home or circus. Not only do I think that, but I am entitled to say it.You only have to read the darts forums on the net to see Wright is laughed at throughout the world.
Maybe if he wants people to not laugh at him, then stopping dressing like a retard.

Here is another fact that he cried like a bitch over, he did not like me mentioning how he got raped 3 weeks in a row 7-1 in the Premier League, are we suppose to not be allowed mention when the painted simpleton acts like a jobber.

Or did he get upset when I mentioned another fact like how during his game with Englishman Rob Cross in Scotland the Scottish fans  would rather cheer the Englishman than cheer for Wright,what does that say about Wright.

Take the scumbag Chris Mason who is busy rimming Peter Wright. He acting like he is some kind of nice person, while having a pop at me., Unlike Chris Mason I dont have multiple convictions, court appearances, and most certainly not a prison record,. The same Chris Mason who needed 2 friends carrying  hammers to attack one guy in his own home has the audacity to lecture on decency.Cunt should be happy he has a job with ITV. and careful he does not lose it.
What is he going to do when he reads this, threaten me with violence yet again and only prove my initial point about the scum in darts.

I have never threatened anyone with violence, have broke no laws, and I am entitled to my opinion.
This site has been reported to the police, the hosts etc in the past and still exists because I have broken no laws.
We have read for years how Darts is the working mans game , I don't believe that anymore as the main reason anyone cries over my blog is because who it is aimed at and the colorful language.The number of people offended by swear words has reached epidemic levels. Guess it must be all this political correctness where every pathetic excuse of a man is trying to fit in all act offended when they hear swearing.

Peter Wright is not exempt from been criticised and if he does not like my facts, style and colorful language I suggest he heed the notice at the top of the page "If you are easily offended..Fuck Off"

I  hope Peter Wrights fans who are busy kissing his ass on twitter and having a go at me realize the hypocrisy in how they can also say what they want but its somehow only an issue  when its something they dont like.

And lastly thanks to Peter Wright and his retarded suck up fans who cried so much about the blog they shared the link non stop, the views went through the roof for a 24 hour period.