Friday, April 13, 2018

Sky TV wins it this week, because yet again this year they were the ones who picked that useless cunt Barneveld for the Premier League.
The 2018 PL saw 6 new players come in, and of the 4 who remained from 2017 one of them was Sky pick Barney, sick shit looking at that miserable cunt every week. This has been the worst PL I have ever seen. It took Bristow to snuff it for Barney to show any motivation this week and that lasted a whole 2 legs before he rolled over and jobbed in 2 games. Its not like the PL need this prick to sell tickets for the PL in Holland anymore. Its over 11 years since he won a televised ranking major and every year he is undeserving of a spot. He cannot even qualify for the Euro Tours, pulls out of Players champs, sliding down the rankings and no sign of the cunt being fucked out of the PL

Peter Wright came out on stage in the PL with his "tribute" to Bristow on the side of his ugly scalp.
I am sure if Bristow was alive he would be the first to snigger at Krustys attempts to draw attention to himself first and foremost. If you are gonna dress like a spastic with drawings on your head in the hope people watch you, then its best you dont throw like a jobber. Gary Anderson spent the match smiling at pretend jock cunt as he beat him with ease, and should have won 7-0
Thank fuck for the euro Tours and streamed players champs as the Premier League has been the pits.

I saw on a darts forum an official from the EDO was still trying to make excuse for the shambles where the EDO could not send an England team to the World Cup. Tommy the Jew's lackey spouted nonsense like financial reasons. Yep they had 4 years to get a team ready..FOUR FUCKING YEARS.
Then money being short is not a new thing to an organisation Tommy the Jew ran, this is the same guy who ran Lancashire Darts and failed to notice his treasurer Irene Mungins steal tens of thousands from under his nose to stick in a slot machine.
All his love and passion for the game does not negate the fact he is simply not fit to run a bath.
Then that side of the game seems to reward ineptitude and stupidity.

Imagine my surprise when I heard that tickets for World Darts CatasTrophy were still not selling.Seems Des Selecta traipsing around taxi ranks and cafes putting up shitty posters has not captured the imagination of fans.
Of course the so called "tens of thousands of fanatics" cannot be arsed to buy a ticket to the darts they claim to be fanatic about..
My hope is the BDO waste more money and pay some shitty little channel to show this so I can laugh at the empty arena, shit darts etc, or else they wont show it on tv and still try to convince people its a major.
Thats it for this week as I go lie down and deal with this hangover.