Friday, April 6, 2018

The BDO never ceases to provide laughs all be it for the wrong reasons. This week was no exception.
After all the work Des Selecta did whoring himself out in taxi ranks, cafes and pubs putting up atrocious flyers for what will be an atrocious event, he went and forgot to make it possible for a vote at the upcoming EGM.
I have read that the Williams were smarter than Des thought, but the reality is the solicitors the Williams are paying with BDO money were smarter than Selecta.  I am not sure it is ethical that Popcorn Teeth should be using BDO funds to maintain their position and hold on the BDO, and that seemed to be that....until out of the blue the next day with no way of removing the Williams they suddenly announce they will be stepping down, makes you wonder what stunt was pulled to bring this about, maybe a spot of blackmail, after all, threats of violence, breaking the law and all sorts of crooked behavior is common place in the BDO.
It does seem odd that they would suddenly step down, and have a smooth transition and the books remain private to the members.
So lets look back at all the great things Popcorn Teeth and her cunt of a husband did for the BDO...sorry, I cannot think of a single one. These morons did nothing as players left for the PDC , did nothing as the BBC fucked them off and decided they would rather show a PDC non ranking comp instead. Whored themselves out to the most pitiful TV stations begging them to show their "majors" where some matches would be cut to make room for repeats of Indoor pub league from the 70s. One of my favorites was when a final was cut off for tarmac rallying.
Who can forget Warren Brown and the fish finger fiasco, which made the Super Series look like a blip. 20p pints, buses laid on , until that went tits up, and Warren Brown was out the gap quicker than players to the PDC.
Will the chubby waiter Des Selecta be any better ? It will surely be impossible to be as bad, but then we said that when that cunt Adams stabbed Olly Croft in the back, said the same when Barry Gilbey took over and said it again when Popcorn and the Cuckold took over.
So here is to the next installment in Britain's longest running comedy being led by the Des Selecta, the man who said less than 2 years ago on a darts forum in between him abusing people that
but let me make this clear, I don't know where the stories on here start from, but you can all have my word now, it's never been our intention to take over the BDO, we have no intention of taking over the BDO, I'm not sure even if we had any of those intentions that we actually could. My Mrs 59 years old, when SHE decides to quit darts, that will be it, and we will be doing all the things a heavy darts schedule does not allow. Rather than making snap decisions, you might just try asking, you might not like the answers, but at least it will be the truth!! Now I'll let you get back to your "self gratification" winker.
I cannot wait to see the World Darts Catastrophy, expect the light to be turned down low, areas sectioned off to hide all the empty spaces, providing they find some channel willing to show that shit.
I wonder who is going to take over Wayne williams role of driving around the country threatening people and putting all the cost on the BDO expenses ?

A mention for that retarded cunt Vermin Price, who set a few Premier League records this year, lowest point tally ever, worst leg difference, least number of wins, yep, the guy who said he hated it was back tracking straight away when Uncle Barry contacted him. Lets hope we never see the cunt in the PL again . Was also a joy to see he humped 6-1 in his first and only match of the euro tour as well and made no ranking money for that event.

Jamie Cave-in the cyclops was 3-0 up on Wade tonight with Wade averaging 72, and the telescope inspector still lost. This is the cunt who once got upset by me mentioning how he lost 20 odd games in a row and challenged me to a game of darts as if that somehow changed the facts. Boasted of his income which worked out less than what a roadsweeper in Mongolia would make.

A mention for Barney who as usual do the same thing every single year.
 November - promises to do the full tour in the new year.....hoping to keep his name in for the PL
December - tells everyone he is ready for the worlds. Plays well in one game or maybe 2 then jobs
January - gets an undeserved spot in the PL
February - Headshaking begins yet again
March - Starts skipping events..the same events he previously promised to enter
April - Starts tumbling down the PL, Fails to qualify for Euro Events
May - Claims he is burnt out
June - Picks up a good win and Dave Clark and Mardle wank themselves blind before Barney fails again.
July -October - Complains of some ailment. and makes excuses

Tonight the postman missed out on qualification for euro tour 6 as well, and never even entered qualifier #5.

Sick shit of the dutch cunt and his promises and failings. The only reason he is in the PL is because he is Dutch. Were he English, he would be turfed out for his laziness and attitude like Wade, Chizzy and Adrian Lewis , but because Uncle Barry wants the international aspect he has cunts like Barney and Price infect the PL, and that scruffy cunt Shitlock as well.

Of course the big news this week was the unfortunate death of Eric Bristow, who to me was the greatest player ever, along with the toughest mentally. The first and in my opinion only true superstar of Darts. Eric was world famous, even Taylor who loved the limelight and tried hog it for almost quarter of a century was never going to be an Icon like Bristow., regardless of what he won and neither will that ugly hunchback baldy obese cunt MVG as he is another that has zero charisma, grace or style.
I have read people call Bristow cocky and arrogant, but he backed it all up, but what irritated me most was the way Sky acted , the same people who were quick to take him of telly for political correctness, and if that was not bad enough the BDO tried get in on the act, yes, the very same BDO who tried to destroy him and the other players when they left the BDO to form the then WDC.
The BDO illegally and knowingly tried to stop them making a living for themselves and their family, and this was Bristow, the most successful player in history at the time. Hypocrite cunts.

I will miss Bristow taking potshots at the BDO, mocking lakeshite every January because when he spoke about darts people listened. Bristow went out the way he wanted, sadly too early for me as he and Bob Anderson were my 2 favorite players as a kid when I started watching darts. At least he lived long enough to see the BDO that tried ruin him become the joke it is now, as we all know he enjoyed that and who could blame him.