Friday, March 30, 2018

An obnoxious vile cunt is Gerwyn Price. Your typical poisonous manlet with the small man complex.He can build up his muscles with all the "additives" he takes, strut around like he is some tough harman but all I see is a little pygmy bastard who walks like a dwarf with his arse stuck out strutting like a pigeon (left leg right shoulder).
No enhancements, fist pumping etc will change the fact he is a short arse cunt.
Every thursday its the same thing, acts the prick, then gets his arse handed to him and then cries on twitter. This week was no different Last week he blamed the Scottish crowd, this week he wrote on twitter
Not gonna lie I've absolutely hated premier league, it's been a great experience, something not every dart player can or will ever say they've experienced but unfortunately it wasn't for me, looking forward to some time at home with the family and getting back to the old me,????
The old me ? Was that the one acting the scumbag in a pub until he got his head caved in ?
How can something he claimed to have hated been great ? Maybe he has being taking supplements that have affected him. hopefully he is sent packing this weekend in the Euro tour.

It seems I am not alone as a few people have asked for him to win Knob of the Week, and this is what another wrote
Put your hands together for this weeks winner, pride of the valleys Mr Gerwyn Price.
This musclebound miniature moron and skidmark on the underpants of professional darts pulled his usual Thursday night collapse again last night thus dumping the Peter Dinklage stunt double through the trapdoor and onto the premier league scrapheap a week before Judgement Night.
David Blunkett, Harvey Price and Stevie Wonder could all see this poor fucking excuse for a twenty first century Alan Evans had no place on that stage in the first place, however uncle Bazza being the equal opportunities employer he is, decided to give this knee high ringlicker a run out with the big lads and got paid back with the sort of performances one would expect from the corpse of Stephen Hawking participating in a Paralympic pole vaulting contest.
Why that coal munching spastic Barrie Bates who walks like C3PO with Rickets ever got this fucking beaut into the game in the first place is any fuckers guess as the cunt isn't fit to lace the boots of Ceri Morgan or Ritchie "lambchop" Davies.
Hopefully steroid boy decides to drown his sorrows down the pub during another dwarf tossing contest and receives another 42 stitches in his empty head for his troubles.
Sooner the cunt retires from darts and gets back to plane spotting on Fantasy Island, the fuckin better.
A mention for last weeks winner Krusty who shat his load against Hunchback van Gerwyn  last sunday night in the Euro Tour. At 5-1 I still mentioned on a darts forum that Krusty would lose it and sure enough he did.

On to the BDO, Only 2 months to go til their next "Major", the World Darts CatasTrophy.
The winner gets....drumroll...a whole 8K it appears.
Instead of being fucking ashamed of themselves, they even mentioned it on the posters/flyer they have released. Harvey Price and his box of Crayons could have come up with something better than these.
Take a lot at the state of these

As soon as they were posted on facebook, one guy replied "Looks horrendous"...wait til he sees the darts. That is of course if he gets to see the darts as there is no TV yet, no mention of a stream either.
But the funniest part is the place  hosting this jobbertastic comedy event could not be arsed to even promote it on their facebook page. They instead opted to promote this at the Guild Hall instead

Thats right..Tinky Winky is more important than the BDO, and I bet it attracts a bigger crowd as well. Speaking of which, one single person has bought tickets to all the sessions.
Where would the BDO be without that Belgian mental patient Jackie the Mutant.
The Hall holds 2000 people. Not even Andy Fordham and Anca Zijlstra and the light down low will be able to block out all the empty places in this clusterfuck if it makes a stream.

And to all the BDO scum who will complain between now and then about how bad things are, they can go fuck themselves as they deserve it. They done nothing for years but drink Popcorn teeth's Sue Williams koolaid bullshit, the fans, the players, the counties etc all allowed things to get this bad and had chances to oust them and did nothing. Maybe Sue and her old withered up cunt of a husband  will be turfed out at the EGM, but does anyone truly think that things will be any better with an unemployed chubby waiter running the show ?

As I said before I hope the fight for control causes ructions and more infighting, costs a fortune in legal fees and it spills on to social media, as I will totally enjoy it .