Friday, March 23, 2018

After his third 7-1 raping in a row, only fitting Krusty should win the award.
I think this write up by a reader sums up a lot of the things that need addressing.
 Welcome to the most viewed blog in world darts, grab yerself a seat.....let's roll.
Claiming the bronze medal this week (which is rather fortunate as the colour match with his teeth is perfect) is the Huddersfield hobo James Wilson, the former BOD number one with a penchant for stealing his clothes from coat hooks in homeless shelters pulled a blinder last Sunday as his back end coated the inside of his unwashed Y fronts to the extent they resembled the drawers on a Crohns disease sufferer the morning after 10 pints of Guinness and a mutton madras.
How he managed to turn a 5-2 lead into a defeat in a race to 6 against super choker professor Dave Chisnall is a question only the shart(ist) formerly known as Jammy Dodger can answer for himself.
Claiming this week's silver medal in a tightly run affair is the coal scavenging Welsh human punch bag Vermin Price, this steroid fuelled stunted fuck puppet got ripped a new one in last night's premier league leaving him winless in seven...yes fucking seven attempts.
Hopefully this drop in form and the cunts crying on Twitter become terminal and he decides to end his suffering by throwing himself down the stairs of a dolls house.
Miniature puddle of wind & piss, he is.
On to this week's winner and it's everybody's favourite painted spastic, the one the only Peter "snakebite" Wright.
Three weeks on the fucking belt now this mongoloid that looks like he's just stepped from the pages of a blind special needs kids colouring book has had his cunt smashed in 7-1.
A dip in form is one thing, but when yer fat wife sends you out for your weekly skullfucking looking like you've been attacked by a gang of Aspergers sufferers carrying paint brushes, it's time too take stock of your sad existence.
Word is his poor wife is that worried about the state of her husband's game and the CSA letters she keeps ignoring, she's down to nine square meals a day.
I pray to God the fucking painted shitebag and the worlds fattest vegan continue to suffer to the extent they have to rely solely on her income as a Dawn French body double to keep themselves in birdseed or whatever it is the fat cunts pretend to eat.

A few other things to mention this week:
Can you imagine how much of a fucking prick you must be when the fans in Scotland  would rather cheer for an English man in Rob Cross in the Premier League before supporting that ignorant prick Gerwyn Price.
The little shit who spent the earlier part of the week crying how he is fed up with darts was quick enough to take to twitter after his loss in the PL to cite "proper darts" in a tweet, before deleting said tweet.
If you are going to run your mouth at least grow a set of balls you dwarf taffy cunt and stand by what you say instead of deleting it.
This is the tweet he deleted.

On to the Euro Tour :
Richard Edhouse blew a 5-3 tonight on FatPot Adrian Lewis, As soon as Edhouse started to shit his load Lewis really found his form and that was it.

Earlier today after Mongo Hughes beat the hugely over rated Max Hopp. Mongo began screaming in to the microphone to the crowd. I know he is from the midlands and ergo thick as pig shit but surely he should know how a microphone works. He thanks the 2 dozen people in the sparse Friday afternoon crowd for one of the "best experiences of his life". How sad his life must be if that is one of the best.
He was not the only ex bdo so called top players who jobbed at Q-school and failed to get a tourcard that said something of note today at the Euros.
The Scot Cameron Menzies who won the British Open, and the Scottish Open in the bdo said this Euro tour was the biggest thing he has played in. A bdo player claiming a Euro tour is bigger than those BDO events wont sit well with the mushrooms who will be scurrying around for excuses.

The worst player I have ever seen on the Euro tour  was the bdo jobber Martin Atkins who played not the Martin Atkins who was so pissed he had to get a rub down of Trina Gulliver live at Bobs Palace of Piss but the other Martin Atkins , he missed at least 13 doubles and was shocked his average was as high as 76.

After Danny Noppert's win over Jeffrey de Zwaan he was interviewed and asked why he came to the PDC to which he said the PDC had more money.
Good to see he is honest, unlike the retarded mushrooms who would have you believe ranking points, family and loyalty is what darts is all about. Another comment by an ex BDO player that will have mushrooms trying to find an excuse for.

Was good to see the Germans who are over run with illegal immigrants creating havoc for the police and had their own problems in the past with Nazis have spat in the face of the feminazis and used Walk On Girls this weekend, How long before the bitches and their cuckold beta males take to twitter to complain.
I love the Euro Tours, be it hip hop, techno, german country or metal music, playing, euro jobbers, ex bdo scum, live crowds in full voice and some cracking matches. The Premier League on Thursday nights, and the floor championships being streamed, seems every weekend there is some PDC darts to watch.And coming shortly the PDC World Cup.

Meanwhile on the other side of the divide fuckall darts on tv.  The usual culprits whining and bitching on social media, Tommy the Jew Thompson crying over the Isle of Man tender. As head of England Darts he could not send an England team to the World Cup, the main reason the EDO exists, so fuck him and his whining. He is as useless as the other cunts battling it out for control of the BDO.