Friday, March 16, 2018

When you sexual assault someone its a sure bet you are in contention for Knob of the Week. Of course this is hardly new news the story of Ross Montgropery is dominating darts news, I already mentioned this years ago when the initial assault happened live on tv. Its not that the podgey fat queer waiter will do about the Tom Thumb impersonator in his capacity  as discipline officer in the BDO.
I bet the "its in the past" line will be trotted out a few times yet. Its already been bandied about forums and social media by those cunts who are as guilty who think this type of behaviour is acceptable or no longer matters cos it happened a few years ago....oddly the same mushroom nonce protecting cunts did not adopt the same attitude when it was the scummy Phil Taylor committing a sexual offense. Odd that, how the "it is in the past" part was not brought up then. Then the lenghts the bdo fan will go to to defend the scum of the BDO never ceases to amze me.

Here is a code that has had child rapists, sexual predators, drug addicts, alcoholics, wife beaters, philanderers, ex cons, cheats and countless other cunts among their ranks, so Warty fits right in to this "family" which gets more like the Manson family each week.
Only last week at the Isle of man this poisonous little cunt was so drunk he could not see the board and could not play according to people on twitter, but the was over shadowed by the news other players were ejected from the building after they were caught snorting coke in the toilets. This is the "family" day out the BDO have to offer and then wonder why every half decent TV company want nothing to do with them.

Off course a certain EDO official was quick to declare on forums that no such drug taking was actually caught and the players ejected were only thrown out for being pissed and threatening and abusing security. Then this is the same wimpy EDO cunt that was the target of Scott mitchells fury at the last Lakeshite but he too claimed that never happened despite being others witnessing it.
The same  bastard who once called me a liar over a story I wrote about Tony Eccles return to the BDO after his stint in the PDC and the actions of BDO players in the Lakeshite bar. That too was denied by him until I was proven right.

So in this week of players snorting coke, making threats, being ejected from comps we have the poisonous sexual offender then comment his actions were "just a friendly slap on the bottom".
The comments this week have been priceless, one person on a forum tried to claim Helen skleton was trying to entrap Ross, another forum Admin even spent the afternoon trying to take the discussion about Warty of topic and make it about someone else, then that same forum admin has not been the same since Wayne Williams threatened him and the wimpy little bastard shat his load and now does not allow any comments that might be deemed anti BDO.

On the plus side some of the comments this week have been priceless.
One person asked what sort of punishment he should get and the reply said playing at Lakeshite was punishment enough.
But the best comment was this one sent to me
Sad news for the mushroom fans of "poverty stricken" darts as this week's winner of darts answer to the Academy awards is the one, the only, Ross Montgomery.
Video evidence has emerged of the Scottish sex pest cracking on like a miniature Sid James on viagra by sexually assaulting a pregnant woman whose partially developed foetus is actually bigger than it's mother's attacker.
Poor Helen Skelton getting groped live on television by a fiend that resembled a sexually repressed Jimmy Krankie was that much of a ordeal for the traumatised bitch she took to ramming her arm up cow's cludgers on Countryfile to get over the horrors of the ordeal.
The disgusting pervert should have his arm chopped off for such behaviour,...... word is Great Ormond Street Children's Hospital are doing somersaults at the thought of adding to their transplant stock.

In other news, another good week in the Premier League watching the Gerwyn Price get a thumping, and see Krusty the Clown getting another 7-1 raping....oh wait I should not use that word as some player in the BDO might think that raping is ok, as everything else seems to happen there.
Pity shitlock could not beat Gurney, still seeing those 3 cunts amss just one point between them fine and come judgement night 2 of the pricks should be out the gap.
Again this is another week where I know fuckall what is happening in the BDO, or whats happening with their EGM or whatever, and truth be told I don't really give a shit about the players, the comps etc...much like the BDO board  don't give a shit either about their players and comps.