Friday, March 9, 2018

This week goes to Adrian Lewis, here is a guy with all the natural talent and completely wasting it.
Tonight was another dismal night in a long list of nights. When you cannot even qualify for a Eurotour event twice in the one night you know this lazy fucker has possibly reached a new low.He was battered by Lakeshite cheat Ryan Searle in qualifier #3 in his first match, and beaten by  Stephen Burton in qualifier #4, the same Burton who previously only ever qualified for a single Euro event.
I early thought that taffy manlet Gerwyn Price was a knob for blowing the lead he had in the Premier League, but at least he can make the Premier League alongside Daryl Gurney, 2 players who are well out of their depth it seems in the PL.

Stephen Bunting gets a mention for his double failure and his poor form, to think some mushrooms thought this fat fucker was not only a top player, but some people even thought he was the third best player in the world....a sure sign of the levels of mental illness in bdo fans.

At least we will be spared seeing Jamie Caven and the cunt Justin Pipe in 2 euro tours later in the year. Well done Paul Nicholson who beat both of them tonight, and his win over Pipe earned his a spot at one Euro Event..Cameron Menzies qualified for both events hitting a 9 darter in the process, which of course had mushrooms claiming the PDC boards were easier, yet Menzies average in the 70s in another of his games, maybe he is just an erratic player, its still a mystery to me if these boards are so easier how come the money grabbing leaches of the BDO who come begging for the PDC coin failed at the Grand Slam this year just like last year, and the year before that etc....surely they would be cleaning up them boards, like Jamie Hughes, Tony O Shea, Daryl Fitton, and former Lakeshite champs like Bunting, Kist etc.

I see the PDC have put on an extra night of darts to compensate for the cancelled PL night in Exeter,and came as no surprise that an event the mushrooms love to call  "a glorified exbo" had no problem selling tickets despite the short notice and it being played in Europe.
PDC glorified exbo can sell tickets quicker at short notice than the BDO can sell tickets for their so called "Majors" at home in Britain despite so many of their fans claiming to be "fanatics".
Odd how they don't attend events they claim to be fans off.

Speaking of retarded mushroom cunts, they are also quick to spout the bullshit the PDC is the same 8 players, and MVG wins everything, except he did not win the last matchplay, the last worlds, the last UK Open, or the last champions league of darts. In fact the PDC has been more open than ever, yet this weekend the final of the Isle of Man classic is Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant , the same guy who when saying he was staying in the BDO used the word "unfortunately", and he plays scabies arm Mark McGeeney. Yes , at least the third time both these 2 muppets meet in a final this year alone I am aware of, it could be even more and the bdo fans say the PDC is predictable,,,,,work that one out.

These stupid bastards tonight in the Isle of Man had a mixed fours comp.
If that was not spastic enough,  checkout the format for this complete clusterfuck
One leg where a pair play each other
I mixed pairs leg....and if it is 1-1 after this joke it goes to a deciding leg where all 8 players play in the one leg.
So if the team throwing first win the leg in 4 visits, that means one of the players on the opposing team can lose the leg they were in without even throwing a fucking dart if its 501,
Then lets face it no 4 person team with half them munters would win a leg in 4 could take them that to hit a double.
Any wonder any half decent television station wants nothing to do with these imbeciles.
But with an EGM coming up I am sure promises of improvement will appear soon, "a new era", where "things gonna grow" and other worn out phrases will be rehashed again.I am looking forward to the BDO EGM if only to see the infighting, bitching, sucking up, tantrums of which all will be played out on social media for our enjoyment. As I said before I hope it involves solicitors, and costs them a fortune, who knows maybe they might even reduce the prize funds for their already pathetic comps so they can give the same 8 munters equal prize money as the useless cunts in the mens game.
That would be hilarious to read the crying.