Friday, March 2, 2018

The award goes to this utter bearded cunt for his pathetic and bitter whining in an interview earlier this week.
Fair play to him for highlighting prostate cancer and all that shit, and I am genuinely glad he beat the cancer, but it does not make up for him still being a total bitter cunt.
Check out this "interview"
Bearded prick acting like the bitter cunt he is.

It seems Phil Taylor was only a good player on his day.....a day that lasted over 2 fucking decades.
He says "money isn't everything", yep the same cunt who lacked a set of testicles and a backbone stayed in Popcorn teeth' circus to rape the Lakeshite pot . The same cunt who after his wife left him for a camera man, ( god only knows where she met a tv camera man, cos it was hardly a bdo event) he came crawling to the PDC for the Uncle Barry coin, the same Uncle Barry he openly stated he would never play for.
Guess money was important that time when he sold his principles down the river.
I laughed at his comment how he had no desire to play at Ally Pally, considering he would be lucky if he could ever have qualified. Afterall it took over a decade for the prick to get to a weaker Lakeshite, and even then the top 16 in the world had to fuck off to form the then WDC....and then spent another decade before he won Lakeshite, after his master Barney fucked off.

He thinks 30quid is too dear to spend on a ticket. Easily know he is stuck in the last century, is he even aware what a ticket to Bobs run down slum costs ?. Could you imagine the tight bastard going on a date if he ever found a blind and stupid mental patient on day release,  if he thinks 30 quid is a lot these days. His rose tinted glasses were on when he claimed lakeshite fans dont sing, and he thinks bobs pints of salmonella infected piss beer is not over priced.
Remember this is the same Lakeshite that a few years ago charged £3 for a bag of chips, £3 for a burger, but both together were £8. No that is not a typo......beat that.
I am glad he showed people that even after his cancer scare he is still very much the bitter pathetic sad cunt he has always been.

As usual the mushrooms were out in force this weekend moaning the UK Open was going ahead, were it cancelled they would have moaned as well, and I am certainly glad it did go ahead and made for an even more exciting comp without the crowds and provided a whole heap of upsets.

I was delighted to see the cunt Hunchback get sent packing by De Zwaan, a glorious result. Even better was his best friend the elongated lanky string of misery VvdV was knocked out also. I am sure Fatpot Adrian Lewis who was abysmal and cried about the cold will have the ferry times for the cunts.He might be on the ferry himself if Deller can organise it.
 You would think fat cunts like fatpot with all that fat would be able to handle the cold better, there are starving polar bears in the melting arctic with less fat than that cunt.
Another disgrace, and hardly surprising was the pathetic efforts of another dutch cunt in Barney. Even at 2-0 down to Mervyn king he looked like he had completely given up.. Both King and Barney  had ear defenders in...why ?  its not like they were trying to block out the crowd.

Seeing Krusty go out to an 18 year Irish lad was another glorious moment, so he joins Shitlock, Barney, Hunchback, Chizzy and Fatpot in being knocked out early. Just a shame gurney and Price did not join them to round off a perfect day of darts.
So the big question left this weekend is which of the losers will be the first to take to twitter to make excuses.

Fatpot about the cold ?
Krustys wife moaning about someone as usual ?
You just know hunchback was seething, and his bottom fat lip sticking out and his mouth open catching flies as de Zwaan sent him packing. I hope he cried like a bitch again.

The UK Open now promises to be a real exciting  prospect now, although Cross and Ando are clear favorites, there are other PDC major winners ( Gurney and Wade) still in and capable of upsetting things, Jamie Hughes will be raring to go after getting a bye, and with other fat fuckers who should be able to handle the cold like Bellyboy and Corey Cadby in the draw it promises to be an exciting 2 days.

I have no idea of any news in the BDO this week, nor do I care, much like the rest of the planet.