Friday, February 23, 2018

No surprise this week the BDO should win it.
In a week where the PDC were live on tv around the world playing in front of 12 thousand people in Berlin, the BDO board were busy having their own little in fighting to take control of a code that is beyond repair. Rod Harrinton spoke during the Premier League how far the PDC has come since its first days of the PL, back them it was crowds of just 600 in venues like colchester and Kiddinmister, today the BDO would love a crowd of 600 let alone a regular TV deal.

In one corner you have the Selectas trying to take over, yes those lying cunts who last year said on a darts forum they had no intention of taking over the BDO. These people who threaten and abuse others, intentionally and illegally sold copyright material now want to take over.
In the other corner another couple just as retarded, whose modus operandi is to try block everything and anything with threats of a solicitor, which they have done in the past, even threatened me for using the BDO logo.
Still at least Popcorn teeths cuckold husband wont be driving around the country this week threatening forum owners and their wives and their businesses.
I laughed when I saw the date for this proposed EGM as April 1st sums up everything about this clusterfuck of an organisation.
From what I have been reading the belief is the Selectas want to also take their mickey mouse so called "world pro" away from bobs run down hotel, while the Williams might want to stay at Lakeshite. For once I agree with the Selectas if this is indeed true as its better to get out of that now before bob snuffs it, and they would be in even bigger shit.
In an effort to drum up support of others Des Selecta went on a bdo fans facebook to garner support, the very same group he previously called a "hate group", and as soon as he was asked the simple question id the group was still a "hate group" he promptly left in a sulk.
This is the guy people want to take over.
Meanwhile Tommy Thompson who is still alive despite Des previously wishing his cancer treatment would fail, met up with Des "unofficially" then used his official position to then try sway thing.
I have zero sympathy for the Williams either as these useless cunts made Olly Croft seem like a genius.
If I am honest I hope the Selectas win, because its a fact the Williams were hopeless, and the Selecta could only be as equally bad. Either way I hope it is long drawn out, messy, and tears the bdo apart financially as well.
As for the player...fuck them, fuck the delegates, fuck the counties fuck them all, for years these inbred retarded cunts have allowed things to get this bad and done nothing, they deserve all they get.
If the players that remain lack the balls and spine to play against the best in the PDC, then fuck them too the PDC wont want useless chicken shit cunts.
I cannot wait for all the crying, excuses, and of course the mushrooms defending all this shit being played out on facebook and forums showing how utterly inept this whole code is.
My local pub run their darts better than these cunts.

I read on a forum this week a certain "female" player decided at 3-1 in her game in the scottish open to finish the game , when she knew it was best of 7 and when informed, refused to continue the game.
I wonder what the disciplinary officer will do about this...oh wait, he is hardly gonna charge his own wife.
So lets hope these proven cheaters, liars, and criminals who threaten people, mock cancer suffer  and insult people win their little internal battle so we can all look forward to more fuck ups and the comedy the bdo always provide continues on.

I am sure by next week some moron will be spouting "new era" when the announcement of announcements are made.
Uncle Barry must be pissing himself laughing, to think he once offered 2 million for this shit.
I doubt he would take it for nothing now.

Another week of decent results in the PDC Premier League, never tire of seeing Price and Gurney lose. Wayne Mardle said prior to yet another Barney pathetic performance that Barney last week was poor which was odd. No Wayne it was not odd, he is a lazy bastard  always has been, glad he lost again.

Another mention for Tommy the Jew who this week said "what is the in between walking down the street in a KKK uniform or a Burka"...this is the guy running England Darts.
This proves just how insignificant the EDO and BDO are, cos if this was England football or rugby this would be all over the media. Tommy was even to thick to realize the initial picture was a photoshop..

I updated my site as most will have noticed and added hundred more retro pics to the site, with hundred more to come.
Updated the wallpapers section and removed a load of ones of certain forums, and rehosted all the old dead pics, lookalikes and other stuff.

If any mushroom cunts spots any typos or spelling mistakes be sure to complain, as we all know you would never have that issue when it comes to the BDO.
As for Knob of the Week titles, the record holder is Popcorn teeth, if she is ousted her record should be safe for a while, but in time i think the Selectas who have amassed a good few already could beat it. Popcorn Teeth total makes the totals for The mincing Farmer, Bearded cunt Adams, Dead Fats, and the Scottish poisonous dwarf look small.( excuse the pun)