Friday, February 16, 2018

In a quiet week the award goes to this useless dutch postman cunt.
Its like being stuck in a time loop with this hypoglycemic cunt. Every November he runs his mouth how the new year will be a new start and he is going to take things serious, and play the full tour etc, which is all done in order to make it appear he actually gives a flying shit for when he is undeservedly picked every year for the Premier League. When December starts we get around 2 decent performances, before the inevitable head shake and his blubbering excuses and he fucks off home to tulip land. Sure enough he gets a PL spot  and for what ? This lazy cunt has not won a PDC televised ranking major in ELEVEN YEARS. I know Fatpot and Wade probably deserved to be dropped from the PL, but Barney should have joined them as well. To leave out a double world champion, and a multiple major winner  and leave in Barney stinks not only of favoritism, but a marketing ploy simply because he is dutch.

His performance this week in the PL was a disgrace  and it would not surprise me if there is even worse to come from him. He compounded it tonight by failing to qualify for  the first 2 European Events of the year. He lost in the last 72 ( yes 72)  his first match of the night to Ross Twell, and failed in the second qualifier when he jobbed to a coal scavenger dwarf. No not Gerwyn Price, the other one Johnny Clayton. Was a bady night for the slag heap dwelling sheepshaggers as Pot Noodle boy and the shaky plumber as both got their arses handed to them.

Was also good to see the telescope inspector cunt Jamie Cyclops Cave-in fail twice tonight, who knows maybe his brother who doubles for his wife can convince him to challenge me to a game of darts again., he certainly won't be boasting about his income again,  thats for sure as there are people on the fucking dole earning more than that cunt.

A mention for Krusty who proved he can be moody and childish a cunt as his fat wife. I have no problem with anyone who does not want to shake hands with someone else, that is his right, but it was his crying afterwards on twitter where he spoke how he was going to report Cross to the referee. What a whiny bitch. He said
"I would like to apologise to all my true fans for my behaviour last night. But I did shake Robs hand after the match. It was the second had shake I refused, due to issues during the match which I should have brought to the attention of the Ref. Instead I got on with the match."

It was lovely to see Ski slope face lose a 5-1 lead in the PL, he took a break from kissing his necklace to spend the second half of the match in his usual head down, bottom lip sticking out like a down syndrome kid sulking. This cunt has no place in the PL, he has as much charisma as Wes Newton on ketamine. The only draw back was seeing that welsh cunt celebrating a draw. That manlet has a face like a constipated humpty dumpty . Hopefully he will be knocked out of the Premier League as fast as he was knocked out in Cardiff in 2010 when his mouth ended  him up in hospital.

2 players I was glad to see have decent runs of a sort lately has been Ratajski and Hughes both who have failed to win tourcards in their respective Q-schools.. I would rather see those 2 with tourcards over the majority of cunts that won them, and especially those foreign cunts who never use them.
The other side of the coin being those same cunts who won them and never use them at least gives Ratajski and Hughes an opportunity into a few select events, and tonight Hughes did manage to qualify for one Euro Event , so a run in that and the UK Open and his failure to get a tourcard wont be half as bad.

No news from the BDO, as I cant be arsed to go looking for any false promises and lies they might have spewed again this week. Its not like they had any event on tv this month or likely to have any next month either that I could comment on, and to be honest I am glad, as the bdo shit does more damage to the game than good.

And lastly a mention for me. I have not being keeping up with dart news much recently bar last night and the odd viewing of the PL, and believed Dimitri van den Bergh had failed to qualify for the UK Open.
I even gave him  a brief mention prior on here prior to an edit, for failing to qualify......that makes me a knob also for that stupid mistake. Unlike the bdo and others in darts, I have no problem admitting when I fuck up., you wont see me blame others for my mistakes.