Saturday, February 10, 2018

Knob of the Week has to go to the DRA. Not for fining Fatpot, but the amount they fined him for his non tv altercation with the Spaniard.
No mention as to why Fatpot did what he did, but it was hardly worthy of the fine he got. You might expect this type of DRA shit from suits who never played the game and were appalled by what Fatpot did but when you consider its people like Richie Gardner, Warriner and Manley who are running the DRA it reeks of shit. I am not excusing what Lewis did, but on the bright side the lazy cunt Lewis  at least showed he is starting to give a shit again.

The fine he got for an incident that was held in a leisure centre not on tv , is the same amount that the cunt Justin Pipe got for blatantly and deliberately cheating live on TV, how in the blue fuck is that comparable ?
These DRA cunts are fining players for the most little things and publicly doing it, except when its players in the "clique" like Taylor was and their punishment is kept secret.

A mention for Rob Cross who lost 7 games on the trot prior to today and was battered by Shitlock in the Premier League, and like Barney and Ando earned zero prior to today, at least Ando had an excuse in that he missed the first 3 events.
Both ando and Cross  made sure of their qualification for the UK Open today, with Ando going all the way and winning the event and getting 10k. To think he won more in an non televised leisure centre event  that was badly streamed earns as much as you can make in a so called "bdo major" shows the diffence in the codes.

Normally I spend some time discussing the goings on in the BDO but not tonight, mainly because I could not be arsed to find out. I have no idea what is going on in the BDO, much like the BDO board themselves.
Even their own deluded mushroom cunts who call themselves fanatics spend more time on their shitty little facebook group discussing PDC matters such is their lack of interest in a code they claim to be fanatic about. I cant really blame them though as the BDO is totally insignificant.
I am sure an announcement of an announcement will be forthcoming and the simple cunts will lap that shit up when it comes, which will no doubt turn to shit like everything else.
The only thing I know in the BDO  this week is that the bearded cunt Adams is back in the England team, and if that is not a sign of how desperate things are , they have Dennis Harbour and Nigel Heydon in the England team, how fucking pitiful is that.
No sign of Phantom of the Opera in the team, probably spending his 100k from Lakeshite getting the badly needed plastic surgery on his bells palsy head. But in he end who cares, another meaningless shit event that that these cretin  would have us believe actually mean anything.

Hunchback seething after he lost to Krusty in the Premier League is always a joy to see, and was lovely seeing the coal scavenging manlet  Price and the depressing Gurney who took time off from giving cunnilingus to his necklace also get beaten thursday night.