Friday, February 2, 2018

 KotW has to go to Gary Anderson who lost this week in the PL
Ando was 5-1 in a best of 12 he had 3 darts for the draw and not only fucks up the leg but loses 6 legs on the trot to lose 7-5.
If I did not know better I would think he had a bet on the game

Then there was Barney, a guy who has not won a ranking tv tournament in over 11 years who still gets invited to the PL while people like double world champ Fatpot cruises the north sea channel.
The funniest part while Barney is from the country known as the house of Orange, he was cheered by the Irish crowd because the he played Gurney who is more an Orange cunt that that lazy postman cunt will ever be.
And as usal the postman failed to deliver , makes you wonder if he failed to deliver when he the same delivering posts.

Did anyone see the abomination of a poster the EDO released last week ?
Not only did they release one fuck up but it appears there has been different versions each one as fucked up as the other.
Here is the one I saw on a forum.

I know not everyone is familiar with computers, photoshop, paint shop, gimp or whatever, but these fuck ups go beyond this, as this is complete levels of retardation. This is not just stupidity but complacency. You just might get away with the green line under the word announcement and pretend it was intentional, but to leave the cursor on the document and still print it takes the biscuit.
They even typed End at the end, these people are so fucking stupid.
But the best of them all was them putting in the town as Woking. It was meant to be Worthing.

The excuses came quick, and the main one being it was late when it was made and they were tired.
Too tired to notice a green line ? A cursor that should not be there, a word that should not be there, or getting the name of the town wrong ?
These are the people responsible for Darts in England.

Also a mention for Warty, who spewed this nonsensical bullshit this week in an artivle in the Daily Record when he said

“I’m not going to lie, Q-School did cross my mind,” The Boss admitted.

“But a couple of things stopped me. The chance to beat Jocky’s record is a big reason and I also gave my word to the organiser of a new tournament in the BDO, the West-Fries Open, that I would play in it, so I didn’t want to go back on that promise.”

The West Fries Open....who the fuck is he kidding ?