Friday, January 26, 2018

A few people suggested to me that Jamie Hughes should win Knob of the Week for failing to get out of Q-school. If honest I was not surprised he failed to get out, all those people who thought he was decent because he was the BDO#3 had no idea.
Being the third best in an organisation that is shit means fuckall when you try swim with the big boys in the PDC, as it transpired the bdo #3 could not swim with the Q-school jobbers .
So now if he goes back to the BDO cannot play on Bobs piss soaked floorboards at Lakeshite.
That said he wont be winning Knob of the Week because despite his failure I admire the lad for at least having the balls and backbone to give it a go.
Unlike other cunts like that bearded prick Adams, the poisonous dwarf cunt Warty and others who stayed in the shit BDO trying to convince themselves they were some sort of decent players, Hughes at least wanted to try his arm at the PDC and did so while he is still young enough that he might yet make it., and I hope he does.

Fitton wins Knob of the Week for more or less the same reason Tony O Shea won it last week for leaving it til it was too late, although I think even in his so called prime he would have jobbed, like every player in the bdo who is hailed as great, until he jobs in the PDC and then the excuses of how he lost form comes out. Those that switch and do eventually make it, have to get used to the fact players don't roll over and die when faced with a 90 average in the PDC unlike the BDO, in some cases it can take years for players to reach their potential, or in some cases never make it and fuck off back to the BDO.
The fact Fitton took a day off to play in an exbo shows either he thought he would have won a card by then when the gig was planned, or simply he knew the game was up and he had zero chance of ever making it if Q-school ran for a fucking year.I reckon he thought he would stroll it, but after day one realized how far out of his depth he was.
It also also hard to feel any sympathy for Fitton, cos like O Shea he spent many many years buying the lies and bullshit the BDO force fed him.

Dave Clarke got nominated for the PDC Hall of fame....yes, that useless cunt.
Before the PC brigade cunts start crying and moan how he has parkinsons I will say the same thing I said about him before he ever got it, cunt is useless. His only job is to comment on Darts, thats it, and the useless prick knows less about the game than most people.
His knowledge of players outside the top 20 is pitiful. He should have been sacked years ago, but once he got the parkinsons there was no way sky were gonna sack the fucker, no one will sack a person with a disease in this day and age.

Here is the thing, if people truly want equality for all, then shouldn't the same criteria be applied to all, if someone is shit at a job, should they not be as easily sacked as someone not with a disease ?
I remember when Jeff Stelling was the presenter of Darts, and a far better presenter he was too, and then we got Dave Clarke who was shit,  I thought back in 2011 when David Croft went to Sky we would finally be rid of the useless Clark, but sadly for him, and us too it was also the time he was diagnosed which meant there was no sacking him.
Now he has been put  in the Hall of Fame, am I the only one who has no idea what he actually done to warrant being in it ?Yes he presented a show for 15 years...that was his job, and he got paid for it, but what else has he done in Darts ? Nothing !
I commend the lad for all his charity work for Parkinsons, but lets be honest collecting for charity, a charity he only started collecting for when he got it himself, is a good thing, but has nothing to do with Darts, who is going in next year ? That scruffy cunt Bob Geldof ? he collected for charity too.
Here is my main bone of contention, when the split in darts happened the top 16 players in darts left to form the WDC, 2 of which went scurrying back to the bdo like chicken shit cunts, but of the remaining 14, all those men not only risked their careers, but they put their entire livelihoods on the line for the then WDC when the BDO knowing and criminally tried to ruin them players. If it was not for those 14 players the PDC would not exist today.
Yet 10 of those 14 players who gave everything for the PDC are not in the Hall of Fame, but a useless Dave Clark is. How in the fuck can that be right ?

What did Dave Clark do for Darts that is more deserving of a spot than Bob Anderson, Jamie Harvey, Keith Deller, Jocky Wilson, Kevin Spiolek, Peter Evison, Cliff Lazerenko, Richie Gardner, Alan Warriner and Rod Harrington.?
Why is Matt Porter not in it ?
Why is Uncle Barry not in it ?
All these people far more deserving, and no inclusion.

I am convinced Clark is only in for PC reasons and nothing else, you only have to look at how they are trying to get rid of the walk on girls in the PDC, to see how the PC brigade are precious cunts.
Personally I dont give a flying fuck if they keep them or not, but find it funny that those people who are opposed to walk on girls because its demeaning to women, are the same assholes who have decided to be our moral compass whether we like it or not , who are now solely responsible for the same "demeaned" women losing their jobs, and the spin-offs they could have made on the side from their exposure on tv.
I wonder if those walk on girls who now lost a job are delighted with those people for costing them work and money ? Do they now feel less demeaned ?
I am sure some PC loving asshole will read this blog, get offended and tell other precious cunts so they too can flock here and also get offended. After all those people spend their lives going around looking for things to be offended about.

I almost forgot to mention, tonight at 7pm on sky sport was the PDC darts magazine show.
What sort of absolute moron thought putting it on at 7pm tonight was a good idea, when the PDC was on ITV at the very same time.Any PDC fan would be watching the live darts not some pre recorded shit. You would think Sky would have put it on earlier.