Friday, January 19, 2018

This weeks award goes to Tony O Shea. I know people are thinking its because he lost on both days so far of PDC Q-school, and that is a valid reason, however its not the main reason.
On Thurday he lost in his very first match to the Black hole of Entertainment, the man with as much charisma as a bucket of piss, Wes Newton. Today he lost to Andy Cornwall. If O shea cannot beat Newton who has been atrocious for a long long time or a jobber in Cornall then he has zero chance of qualifying.
If I am honest I would have liked to see O Shea get a card, the PDC crowd on the Euro tours would take to him as he seems a popular guy. He wins Knob of the Week mostly because of his stupidity, he spent arguably his best years buying the bullshit in the BDO.
He bought ever single lie, bullshit notion, false promises and announcements of announcement, so much so he once ever declared on twitter "the bdo is gonna grow x". He actually believed that shit !.
I wonder how much of a fool he must feel now for buying that shit and spending his best years drinking the KoolAid  Popcorn teeth was passing out and missed his chance in the PDC.
Darryl Fitton is no better, he too has had 2 disaster days, losing yesterday to  Michael Dawson and lost today in his first match to Jason Marriot.....2 nobodies. He too must regret leaving it so late.
Then maybe in their arrogance they thought they would stroll Q-school, we will never know.
Jeff Smith, Cameron Menzies and Jamie Hughes all struggling at Q-school and it seems it is not only an eye opener for them but their fans who were blinkered in to believing they were top players.
In fact I think Hughes getting to the last 32 is the best result by a switcher from the BDO in the UK Qualifiers.
Yet last week Fitton was heralded as one of the greats as he trod the piss soaked floorboards of Bobs hotel, the Professor Jamie Hughes last week was the BDO #3, and Tony O Shea who took time off from propping up the bar all week was giving out his "knowledge" on comms during Lakeshite.
Menzies was doing his amateur dramatics on the lakeshite stage.
Now a week later and all of them jobbing to the q-school jobbers.

I will however give Menzies Hughes and the younger BDO lads  some credit for have the testicular fortitude, and a spinal column and giving it a go while they were under the age of 40.Likewise with Noppert who seems to be almost assured of a card after 2 days on the Euro Q-school.

I read that Chris Mason was giving his expert opinion on things again on twitter accusing many of “clogging up” the field in Q-school.. Absolutely staggering coming from him when he was exactly one of those "cloggers" himself when he attempted Q-school.He never made it past the last 64 every time he entered. The same hypocrite is the first to spout the bdo "darts for all" mantra, and the "you pay your money" line when it suits him, so why are the PDC players not entitled to the same  ?
Who knows maybe this will get him to threaten me again, he dont like it when I point out the obvious.
Speaking of morons  I see Steve West this week claimed I must have a deathwish for mocking the BDO. Decides to call me a knob, which does not bother me but he will be the first one to cry when anything is said about him in return. Either he is so fucking thick and does not know what a deathwish is, ore he genuinely thinks mocking the BDO could see you killed. He wrote this reply to another cunt crying about me, not sure if it breaks DRA social media guidelines.

Steve West loves running his mouth on twitter. and social media like when the West brothers threatened to "slit the throat" of Jelle Klaasen when his scandal broke and the Wests were all over twitter like a rash claiming jelle sent the wife of one them some pictures as well,,,oddly nothing happened, and no one asked why back then the wife only came forward the time the story broke on Klaasen., and the whole thing discussed on multiple dart forums at the time.
Another one of Steve Wests tweets at the time before he deleted them was
 Steve West ‏@Stevewestdarts
Hope for jelle that he stays in the nick after what he has done , and from what i have heard from MY wife tonight he could be hoping to die

Who knows maybe he too will threaten me next as he seems like another one who would get offended when I simply repost their own comments and highlight their behavior.

Last Sunday I watched the Final of the Bob Potter January Jobber Jamboree and the way some mushrooms went on about it you would swear it was top quality. I have seen games in the last 48 of the PDC Euro tour with more quality. Mark McGeeney missed match darts an almost won the thing with an 88 average.
I was delighted Phantom of the Opera won though as I have always said he is the best player in the BDO, but also one of the weakest mentally and this final proved it, and in the end was lucky to win a game he should have wrapped up sets before. May well have been the last Potter Cup on terrestrial tv.
At this rate it might be the last event for a while on any TV.
It does not bode well for the bdo when its finalist and top 2 players are heading towards 50 year old, the younger players like Noppert, Hughes, Menzies, etc have all gone to Q-school
Usually the BDO this time of the year release announcements of announcements.
Maybe they are finally learning if there is no news dont make shit up and pretend there is, just accept ye are shit and live in hope no one else fucks off.

I see the mushrooms were kissing the hole of Durrant after his win and claiming him staying is a plus for the BDO, I would piss myself laughing if after his 100k clears he got a free Tourcard of Uncle Barry. The same mushrooms kissing his hole would be utterly seething and calling him a traitor.
Look at Phil Taylor and the other heroes who left the BDO to form the then WDC. Even today they still despise Taylor for leaving, they have never got over that.
Speaking of Taylor, his record for the highest average in a lakeshite final still unbroken and I doubt it will ever be broken by that lot.

Time for an updated version of the PDC conveyor belt pic