Friday, January 5, 2018


I was contacted this week and asked would I give Knob of the Week to Barry Hearn for including Simon Shitlock in the 2018 Premier League. There is no denying that Shitlock's inclusion is in my opinion a waste of a spot. Adrian Lewis, James Wade and Dave Chisnall deserved to be booted out as they were stale and had a shit year in the PDC, and the 2 jobber cunts of Jelle Klaasen and Kim Huybrechts wasted their opportunities they were given, but lets face it this is not Shitlocks first opportunity either, the last time he blew it as well.
As much as I do not like Gurney he deserves his spot, even a valid argument could be made for that coal scavenging manlet Gerwyn Price , but there were others far more deserving than Shitlock, like Dimitri who is in better form and deserved a chance.Jamie Lewis another more deserving.
Even that dutch version of Mervyn King the elongated string of misery Vincent van der Voort would be more tolerable than Shitlock even if it is still only a glorified non ranking exhibition.
But I am not giving the award to Uncle Barry, how could I, after the fantastic World championships at Ally Pally just finished. How could you give the PDC chairman the award in a week where Rob Cross proved everything Uncle Barry said  darts is all about. Cross coming right off the challenge tour wins the World Title proving everything Hearn said about if you are good enough and have the ability the PDC will give you the chance, regardless of your sex.
And now this week on the eve of the BDO Comedy Festival in Bob Potters Palace of Piss, Uncle Barry announced another 700k will be added to the 2019 World Championships, and the number of players from around the world will increase.

Maybe I thought I should give it to Ross Montgomery for running his mouth every day in the build up to the January Jobber Jamboree in Surrey, then thought No, why does he deserve it for telling the truth about how shit the BDO is, even if it did take him over a decade to realize what we all knew anyway. The more I think of it, Warty is right to get as much media attention for himself in the build up, lets face it, the BDO are hardly gonna get you attention unless its for the wrong reasons or spell your name wrong,, claim you are from the wrong country or generally fuck things up as they have continued to do on the bdo website, and twitter.
Even the former BDO #1 and current BDO #2  Mark McGeeney wrote this week "I think one day I will switch to the PDC (Professional Darts Corporation) because that is the future of darts as far as I'm concerned."

I cannot wait to see how the BDO spin this when their top players openly admit the PDC is better.

This is the weekend where the hilariously entitled " BDO World Pro" starts, and where is all the media attention for this comedy gig ?
ITV and BBC news have been busy this week discussing the PDC, the retirement of Taylor, the fairytale story of Rob Cross, and just when it was starting to die down and the morons running the BDO stupidly thought someone might give a shit about their amateur product, up pops Uncle Barry with his news about the 2019 Ally Pally to yet again hog the media attention.

So this week I have added a Poll to the very bottom of the page to let the readers  vote on who should win, and the choices are

1. The BDO Board for being utterly stupid, useless, clueless, illiterate and if they had any shame would resign.

2. The players, -yes they deserve better, but things did not get shit overnight in the BDO, they bought the boards lies, bullshit, false promises etc year in year out, and sucked it up. But if they are too stupid to do anything about it, they deserve it..

3. The Fans - These people are the most retarded of all, at least the board know they can fuck up as much as the want as the fans, and members, county players, officials etc wont do anything but accept it bar the odd one cry on social media. Maybe they too are getting what they deserve.

Most years I look forward to Lakeshite, as its one huge laugh, from Gary Jobson on a hoverboard, pensioners fighting over quality street sweets, Trina the Dyke lubing up the arm of a pissed up Atkins, beach whales passing themselves off as "women" horsing points in the bar, the 1970s style of bigotry and racism, the blatant dislike of Johnny Foreigner, and of course the atrocious standard of Darts that they call "professional". The Edinburgh Comedy Festival has nothing on this.
In the words of ex convict and jobber Chris Mason its car crash TV,...oh wait.....we must pretend he did not say that anymore since he went crawling back to their events , and will this week be giving a chilly reception to a load of lads who are paying money to attend Bob run down Darts event.
Cos this is how the BDO operate, you threaten even your own fans who pay money to attend your events.
I wonder if Uncle Barry will have a little giggle this week and think about the time the BDO turned down his offer of 2 million quid, and smile yet again how lucky he was they refused.

Poll at the bottom of the page...........I said Poll not Pole, as we know how the BDO hates foreigners , especially Poles when they pop in an win the Winmau Masters and fuck off back to the PDC.

And finally well done to Rob Cross who beat MVG and Taylor and capped off an incredible year.
To see MVG go out and cry like a bitch was the icing on the cake.