Friday, December 29, 2017

The BDO really are the comedy gift that just keeps on giving. I have never known an organisation that has so many morons in its ranks. The  biggest collection of fuckwits ever.This is why the simpletons released earlier this week on their official site.Take a look at this, from spelling to grammar, and this is from a company that calls its second rate shit darts "professional".

Sure enough the BDO apologists were out in force citing mistakes can happen and other such nonsense to cover the mistakes made by the BDO that a child would not make.
The poster was pulled down shortly later and replaced. Now a normal person would make sure the replacement one would have zero mistakes, but No, this is the BDO, and sure enough managed to fuck up that one as well.
This is what they posted....

Yep, they actually posted that with the squiggle on it showing the mistake.
These people are fucking stupid as fuck..
This is the BDO, why stop there, later in the Week this followed
"The World's biggest Darts tournament !!!!
What planet are these morons on ???, and posted during the PDC World Championships, the true Biggest Darts comp in the World.How is Lakeshite the biggest ?
The PDC has more players, more viewers globally, more prize money, more media attention, and a board of directors with an IQ over 27.

Could the BDO continue to keep making these mistakes, fuck ups and idiots of themselves ?
Of course they could,this is the BDO where stupidity is compulsory.


The official BDO page telling us Ross won the Jersey Open...except the he did not win it. Scott Waites won it. These utter buffoons cannot even get the winners of their shitty little comps right..

An organisation of simpletons, bigots and narrow minded fools.
The BDO are well known for their dislike of Johnny Foreigner, but the comments about Darius were insulting to him. I hope the mincing prick farmer gets his fat arse handed to him at Bob Potters run down hotel. by Darius.

All this Lakeshite will be shown on Channel 4 alongside BT Sport. The BDO players should be thankful to BT for showing any interest in this shit, but no, Ross Montgomery used his time this week to tell people not to buy BT sports, but encouraged people to use illegal streams to view it.


The hilarious part, is those 6 examples of utter stupidity from the BDO and those in it  will only be the tip of the iceberg by the time Bob's festival of Shit gets underway in Surrey in January.I am sure the BDO and its board can threaten me again, as that somehow negate all what I posted.

Anyway...on to the true World Championships at Ally Pally.
It has been a fantastic event with some superb performances from guys like Dimitri, Cross, Jamie Lewis, but I took as much joy in seeing Gurney and Price go out.
Price who shat his lad in the 5th set against MVG was almost  expected, when he had the chance to lead 3-2 in sets against a poor performing MVG, needless to say rolled over and died and lost 4-2, hopefully that choking will rule him out of the Premier League, likewise for Gurney who lost to Hendo....Hendo ffs..
Hopefully the PDC this year in the PL kick out Fatpot and replace him with a Lewis that is playing better, Fuck out James Wade and give his spot to Dimitri, Fuck out Chizzy, give his spot to Rob Cross..

You just know the lazy dutch postman Barney will get a PL spot despite him just losing against MVG as I type this. The sad part is everyone  in the other half of the draw are only playing for the right to lose to that ignorant dutch hunchbacked prick., who never once has ever admitted when he got lucky.
He never praises his opponents when he loses instead he opts to make out its only cos he has not played well. I can see him eventually being the most despised PDC player when Taylor is gone.
Part of me wants Taylor to reach the final so the crowd abuse the hunchbacked fat arsed dutch prick worse than they abused punctured face Justin Pipe in his game against Taylor.


Reading the forums and there are people saying I have some nerve to correct the BDO on grammar and spelling. Its no secret my spelling can be atrocious and its borne out of laziness not stupidity.
The BDO did not just make spelling mistakes, they could not get the winners of previous comps right, showed complete bias against certain players , publicly endorsed people to view illegal streams, and falsely made claims of Lakeshite being the worlds biggest darts tournament. It goes beyond just spelling.
What these mutants are failing to grasp is I am not a director of a organisation claiming to be professional. There is no org on Earth that could produce the litany of fuck ups the BDO do and this is just this week
Its not they will even learn from this.. It is beyond amateur the posts made by officials in the BDO.