Friday, December 22, 2017

Hot on the heels of winning last weeks Knob of the Week, the Jacklins have once again proved every single thing I have ever said about these people and their utter stupidity.
Their reaction to the genuine valid points made last week was to spend their time trying to find pictures of not just me but my wife and family as if that somehow negates everything I wrote.
Will it stop me posting my knob of the week ? Of course not, but this is the mentality of these morons. I have always said stupidity is a prerequisite in the BDO and the more retarded you are the higher you are likely to go, the Williams being a prime example of this.

Let this sink in, in the build up to Lakeshite. the BDO director is more concerned with trying to find a pic of me, a blogger on the internet, rather than concentrate on the BDO that is falling down around him, with players likely to fuck off out the gap to Q-school, his "in form" wife alienating players and their wives on social media.The account used to try intimidate me and make threats about revealing my personal life is being done with the same account used for official bdo stuff...let that sink in.
And they wonder why people around the world laugh at these people. They live in the scum world where they think if they try threaten people the facts about the bdo suddenly disappear.
The BDO deal with channel 4 is finishing  and I wonder what those at Channel 4 would think if they were made aware of the behavior of these morons.
I doubt they would be in a rush to renew any deal if the publicity they got was bad, and it seems a few people on forums have said they have contacted channel 4, guess that will be my fault as well.
I think it only shows how much of an affect this blog has on these people, and the hilarious part is their claims that they will post my wife's maiden name,business address, my home address etc  has completely backfired on them as now everyone sees exactly what type of people these are...if t that was ever in doubt.
They have been slated across multiple forums, with some people having gone as far as to produce photoshops mocking them,which got huge feedback and laughs on forums which in turn has led to Chris Mason making veiled threats against...wait for it...some fans who will be attending Lakeshite.
You could not make this up, not content with threatening people on the net, they now want to threaten their own BDO fans who would attend Lakeshite.
Then fans attending Lakeshite being threatened in person is not a new thing either.

Lackeys of the Jacklins and Mason feeling left out have got in on the act and offered threats to other members on the forums, cos this is how you deal with any criticism on the internet, you must threaten people. with slaps, calling to the house etc.
Its hilarious that these people who many believe will be running the BDO after the Williams are gone will be spending their time hunting down any criticism of them,then these Jacklins are the same scum who once told Tommy Thompson of the EDO that they hoped his cancer treatment would fail.
Maybe I will be threatened with a few "slaps" yet again for telling that fact also,

You wont see Barry Hearn on the eve of the World Championships on the net threatening people with "slaps" or threatening to "hire a private investigator" or "hire an illegal hacker" or "call to their home" etc  because Barry Hearn is not a fucking moron, He knows when you are in the public eye you will get criticism rightly or wrongly, the BDO scum think they can threaten anyone and everyone for daring to highlight their flaws, ineptitude, and general stupidity.

The Jacklins and Mason should be thankful I am not a grass and sending off emails to channel 4 and ITV. Eric Bristow lost his job with sky over a single tweet.However it seems some other people on forums have claimed they would be sending off emails, and they should hope those forum members were joking, even though the same people have been threatened themselves.

The one good thing to come out of this is that Dicie an Irish lad who got a load of grief because he was accused of being me will now be vindicated.
Dicie, was running a sponsorship scheme for Irish youth players and had to quit after a whole range of people accused him of being me, among those who got it wrong were the Jacklins, the baldy cyclops Cave-in and his wife, the wonky eyed phantom of the opera Glen Durrant, and even some of his own so called friends here in Ireland like Anto McCracken I was told.. If these people have any decency they should publicly apologize now to him since they were quick enough to wrongly accuse him publicly.
I better be careful in case this get me more threats of slaps, as the truth seems to hurt peoples feelings in darts and giving people a slap is how things are handled.

Anyway, on to the proper and only true World championships, The PDC World championship.

Justin Pipe: Here is another asshole that loves to dish out threats on the internet when he got grief over a sponsorship scheme on a darts forum a couple of years back, claiming he would K.O me at the time.
This week he again showed his true colors when he deliberately tried to put his opponent off  when the Kiwi he was playing had 2 match darts against him. Pipe began coughing to try put him off. Even Mardle had a pop at Pipe and claimed the DRA should do something about it. Odd how Mardle never complained when MVG use to do it.Dont recall him moaning about the one eyed prick Jamie Cave-in either when he was sneezing to put Gary Anderson off a few years ago which created some news back them.
I hope Pipe who almost 2 years ago to the day went out of the World champs with a 75 average and threatened to pack up the game, gets fined now and considers retiring again or going to the bdo, he would fit in perfect there.

 Adrian Lewis : What a waste of natural talent.I have read where some Lewis fans tried to lay all the blame on Deller, but the reality is Lewis has to take responsibility for hiring Deller, buying his bullshit, and accept blame for his own laziness. I did not expect him to go far in this world champs, but thought he would have made it through the first round at least.

James Wade : Was defending little in comparison to the likes of Lewis, so if anything that should have been an incentive for Wade, and he knew if he had beat Keegan Brown he had a soft match against Zoran Lerchbacher next round, and he fucked it up, and to be honest I was not really surprised as he has been pure shit recently. Like Lewis another player who now drops outside the top 16.

Dave Chisnall : Another player where far more was expected off and not only lost but was utterly hopeless in his defeat. I predict a slide for him in the ranking and think his pre worlds ranking was his peak and its down from here., but should hang around the top 16 for a while

Wade is finished as a top 10 player, Taylor is out and so is Lewis, and expect Gurney and Price to fill 2 of those 3 spots, however if Fatpot can get his arse in gear, dump Deller and start doing euro tours, where he could easily win a few of them he will be back in the top ten, then these are all "ifs".

Has been a great standard so far, but like when Taylor dominated the game it now seems its all about which player in the opposite half gets the chance to lose to MVG in the final.

I saw another beggar this week on the gofundme site looking for money. Like the rest of those hungry fuckers with zero pride, this one was a coal scavenging woman looking for 10k....ten fucking thousand !!!
And this is only to play in the BDO,
The fat mincing farmer Scott Mitchell use to claim as if it was fact the PDC was hugely expensive and the BDO cheaper by far, so why is this welsh beggar looking for 10k ?
Imagine if we all started go fund me pages to get money for what we were good at.Why get a job or save when you can simply dump any pride you may have had and start begging quicker than Martin Adams did for the PDC coin at the Grand Slam of Darts.Can picture it now

Hi my name is Dave, I am good at drinking, please give me 10k to acheive my dream of being a professional pisshead.
People are quick to blame the PDC  for all these deluded people looking for funding to play the PDC, when they should be blaming those begging.

Finally thank you to all those who continue to make this blog busier than ever. Ironically I had intentions of finishing Knob of the Week but the very same people who cry like bitches over this blog are the very reason why I will continue on now.
They are also the same people responsible in part for this blog being the busiest it ever was.

Who knows maybe I might go to a solicitor about the threats made against me, the claims of a hacker been hired, and posting of pics to try incite others to violence, and with already one innocent person the victim of mistaken identity and assault I am sure it would be taken very serious by the police. also and several other parties interested such as channel 4 , etc.
We will wait and see.