Saturday, December 16, 2017

This weeks award goes to Paula Jacklin who this week on the bdo facebook group managed to abuse the wives of Daryl Fitton and Bob Anderson because they had the audacity to suggest her husband who is a director in the BDO should have a separate account rather than a shared one, as she should not be using the same account a bdo director uses.
Of course if  the Jacklins had even the smallest modicum of intelligence they would realize it was a valid point, but no, straight away on the defensive and calling anyone that dares to question them "haters", the victim complex brought up right away.
Of course the supporting scum with their " say it to my face" rubbish joined in to defend the thing.
 I laughed when Popcorn Teeth last weekend that Paula Jacklin was "in form" ...should have said "has form".
She has not won a match on tv in a major this entire year........this is what popcorn teeth calls form.
These Jacklins are the people who could be running whats left of the BDO soon, if Popcorn Teeth had any shame and she and her old cunt of a husband did the right thing and fucked off.

With the PDC dominating the media for all the right reasons, the hype for the true proper world championships, the removal of entry fees for the pro tour it should see a whole heap of people from the BDO going to Q-school.
Those that stay loyal to the BDO deserve everything they get, as do the mushroom fans for supporting the morons suffocating the life out of the BDO with their constant lies, arguments, bullshit, false promises etc.
Part of me dont blame the Jacklins for acting like the cunts they are or the Williams, because they know they can do what they like as no one is going to do anything, and the retarded cunts will continue to allow it happen.

I saw contant moaning on social media and forums about Phil Taylor again this week and how the PDC were kissing his hole and making the World champs all about him.
What do people expect, of course Uncle Barry is gonna play this up and  look at the media publicity it has got, you cannot refuse the free publicity and advertising this gets, then that logic is lost on the Taylor haters who for the most part are mostly bdo fans.

I am no fan of Taylor myself as a person but his records and what he done in the PDC deserve it.
When Taylor won his first PDC world Title in 1995 he got a first prize of £12,000, today a first round loser in the last 64 gets £11,000, That shows the progress of the PDC and Taylor was a major part of that, although the cunt would have you believe he was solely responsible for it, which is part of his ego, Uncle Barry, and the other players who left at the time of the split all contributed to making the PDC the juggernaut it is today.
Q-school will be interesting this year, not because there is a single person in the entire BDO that if they switched would improve the standard of the PDC,because there is no one in the BDO that would make an impact on the top 16, this year it will be about how the switchers affect the BDO.

The PDC don-t need the BDO players, its a case of the BDO certainly now cannot afford to lose them, and as said with the removal of entry fees it is gonna make for some interest times in the coming month or so. and those who dont reach the semis in Bob Potters run down hotel cup  could be out the gap fairly quick.

I am just waiting for the BDO to make an announcement of an announcement with more lies, false promises etc, that will inevitably turn out to be bullshit., with players like the self groping mincing fat farmer Mitchell spouting his yearly claim the PDC tour is too expensive....the same guy traveled all over Europe this year for the BDO for pittance.

Since Bo Selecta won this week only fitting I repost one of the funniest real pictures I have ever seen in Darts from an event a while back