Friday, December 8, 2017

Last week I spoke of the Lakeshite draw and wrote "maybe they will do it live and give us all a laugh like they did last year when this draw took place".
Sure enough it was advertised to be shown live, and the time was announced, and sure enough the BDO still fucked it up, it was not live nor was it on time, it was way earlier, and the reason then it was not live was it now appears to have been recorded a lot earlier, possibly a day or more earlier as Andy Fordham who was part of the draw was otherwise engaged it seems in Torquay at the time.
In the draw, players names were spelled incorrectly, some even had the wrong nationality, also by the draw being done earlier it could have affected the prices in the bookies.

We have all come to expect fuck ups from the BDO, its what they are consistent at, but this happening right after Uncle Barry , the King of Darts scrapped entry fees for PDC events which could mean up to 4k for players in the PDC, the timing could not have been worse.
We all know the BDO dont give a shiny shit about their fans, or even their players, but there was always a little clique of top BDO players who remained loyal and staunch, but now even those are getting sick of it.
Even Warty took to social media to spew his illiterate ramblings about his anger.
Shortly after the draw Popcorn Teeth sue Williams posted a press report on the draw, which had some hilarious comments, especially the part about Paula Jacklin coming in to form !
Bo Selecta it seems has won just one single match this entire year on TV, and that was when she won with a 50 average in the Northern Ireland open, yep folks, that is what constitutes form in the BDO.
You could not make this shit up.
Unsurprisingly the same mushroom cunts who I mentioned last week moaned about the PDC World championships draw being an hour late went suddenly quiet, who saw that coming.

With the news from the PDC of fees being scrapped surely anyone in the BDO who might have considered giving Q-school at shot have more impetus to now give it a go. I am sure Popcorn Teeth will try find a way to stop players, drag up contracts, or preach the old Loyalty card, but the truth is no one in the BDO owes them Loyalty as loyalty has to be earned in some way, what has Sue done for the players ? not just this week or this month but ever ?
Years of lies, false promises, announcement of announcements, from saviors like Warren Brown, New Era and other outright lies and false dawns.The BDO are not just awful, they deserve to resign in shame.
The BDO is in a worse state now that it was when she took over, even Olly Croft left the BDO in a better shape than it is presently.
Regardless of what I might think of certain individual players, the people in the BDO deserve better.

Then maybe the players and the fans deserve it, it is their own fault for allowing it to happen, and to see them call the January Jobber Jamboree  the "World Professional Championships" still makes me laugh.
There will always be a need for the BDO, someone to run the pub game, county shit, the munters, the cripples game etc, but as a top org, its done, over, they are cooked, and even if the Williams resigned another Uncle Barry type could save that shit now let alone a chubby waiter and bo selecta.

A mention for Chris Mason this week who yet again started his hardman act on forums and social media threatening people, mentioned how the net is closing on me.
Wonder if that means what I say about the BDO will be less true, he took to threatening others as well,luckily for him I am not the type of person who would report his actions to ITV and possibly cost him his job, but its only a matter of time before some of the other people he threatens will.
Only a fucking moron who has a criminal record and was lucky to get a decent spot with ITV would be acting like he does on social media, its like he is too thick to learn.

The CiderCan Masters was on tonight , and what I saw on the stuttering Winmau site was woeful.
Rick Hofstra averaging in the 70s against that self groping mincing cunt Scott Mitchell I thought would be the worst performance, but I was wrong, The Wouter Vaes match was even worse, in one leg Vaes had thrown 18 darts and was still on 245, The disgusting obese hun cunt Andy Fordham coming out to I'm too sexy by right said Fred had me in stitches. The look on the faces of the one third full room was priceless and the fat fucker quickly got his elephant arse handed to him via forklift.
I love my Friday night comedy.
Remember the BDO call this a MAJOR, this piece of shit that has a first prize far less than HALF of what the lowest ranked floor comp in the PDC offers for its winner, all shown on a stuttering stream. Uncle Barry must be shitting himself.I gave up watching around half past ten when there was no sign of anyone breaking the mythical 90 average barrier.

A mention also for Steve Maish, the second person ever back to back winner of Knob of the Week who this week got 2 years in prison for Tax evasion.

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