Friday, December 1, 2017

This is gonna be quick and short, much like the Warren Brown "New Era" but the EDO announcing their version of the PDC " JDC Tour" takes the biscuit..
They have announced this new tour for 2018 without a mention of a single sponsor, let alone a venue, god forbid a TV deal. This just reeks of some small minded insecurity complex.
Seems its gonna be 375 quid  per comp....PER COMP.. Jesus Christ I am not sure I would turn up to that event even if I was assured of winning first prize.
This just seems like another well intentioned but sadly misguided attempt to seem relevant. in darts where the significance of the EDO , let alone the BDO has never been at a lower level.
Of course the timing is just one huge coincidence as well, much like those BDO announcements of announcements that never have anything of note that also coincidentally always seem to suddenly pop up in the weeks prior to the PDC Q-school.
Before the whingers complain the PDC JDC tour is pittance also but at least this is all sorted and set in stone with venues sorted , sponsors involved etc, the EDO could not run a fuckin bath.

I have been reading on a forum that seemingly the BDO also will be making an announcement about the Youth system, this would of course not surprise me, as the EDO and BDO try to one up each other  yet again  all while both completely making themselves look fucking retarded as both go from fuck up to fuck up.,

I seem the begging cunt and his wife the Parlettis (its sound like some New York jewish reality tv show) continue to beg on social media with the requested amount increasing every time the wife needs something. Already he has earned more from this begging than he has ever earned in fro a single darts comp. Even a semi final at Bob Potters piss soaked dilapidated  would not have made him this much money. The Parlettis could do with a couple of weeks in the sun after this, they should be upping the request for this shortly.

Earlier the draw for the PDC World Championships was delayed an hour and I even saw some people complain about it on social media and forums, no surprise those complaining the most were bdo scum who conveniently have been silent on the Lakeshite draw .
Where is it ? Last time I checked weeks ago the field was set so where is the draw, the masters long since over, so whats the delay.
Maybe the thing married to bo Selecta is busy sorting out a rigged draw like those done in Turkey, or maybe they will do it live and give us all a laugh like they did last year when this draw took place
I still laugh at the silence from Little Richard and the look of bewilderment on the face of Popcorn teeth, her cuckold and old man Potter.

so with less than 2 weeks to go to the Greatest Show on Earth at Ally Pally, the media swarming around the PDC and all the hype that rightfully goes with it, all we need now is for the morons on the other side of the divide to give us their yearly promises , lies and bullshit, it would not be christmas without it.