Friday, November 24, 2017

This week winner is Dave Parletti, and before the snowflakes start crying about his illness this is about his utter stupidity.
Here is a guy that goes on about "loyalty" and the "bdo family", so why isn't his "bdo family" not helping the cunt out ?
He  was too mean to pay for travel insurance and his wife is now begging for money. He is probably getting sick pay anyway. He wrote on twitter in the past "
PDC on the BBC, I might as well retire now and I haven't even started yet!!! Why's it all about money and not just for the love of the game!?.
If money is not that important why is he now begging on facebook, the prick won almost 3k last week, can he not pay travel insurance or his own bills like most of us do. Freeloading cunt.
I have zero sympathy for his current financial problems which were of his own making and stupidity.
Maybe his wife wants him home quick and not miss out on all that overtime he would make working for Royal Mail.

A mention also for Phil Taylor who last weekend stated after he battered Daryl Gurney that Gurney showed him no respect for not pouring him out a glass of water...POUR OUT YOUR OWN WATER YA OLD FAT LAZY PRETENTIOUS CUNT !
He compounded his arrogance by then claiming the PDC would not have existed without him, which was tantamount to saying fuck you to all those others like Bristow, Bob Anderson and the others who not only were bigger names than Taylor at the time of the split but also put their own money in to the PDC to get it going. All those who got together to form the PDC at the time were equally responsible for the set up and success of the PDC, except turncoat Mike Gregory and Chris Johns who shat their load and went back to the BDO with their tails between their legs.
I am still convinced with the form of Wade and others who wont be in the 2018 Premier League, Taylor will be in it.

Another Cunt with an over inflated ego is the hypoglycemic postman who this week stated he wont be entering Dutch qualifiers for the Euro tour as he made the game in Holland,another cunt with a sense of self entitlement.
Still I guess it makes a change from Barney the cunt spouting his usual winter bollicks of how "next year I will be playing the full tour" all done to make it looks like he gives a shit and help his selection for the PL.
The number of cunts in Darts that think they are some sort of superstar seems to be growing its not like Darts is on a level with football, tennis etc.

I would love to see Taylor, Barney, Wade and Fatpot fucked out of the PL and no one wants to look at the likes of gurney with his head down every Thursday night either.

Other mentions
Gary Anderson for losing tonight to Micky Mansell who is as boring as Wes Newton, and as slow as Justin Pipe. Rawling in the comms called Mansell the clonoe cyclone, you would think he would check his facts before making a bigger moron of himself.

Kevin Painter going for 2 double 20s when left with 80 and 2 darts against James Wade, since Painter once whined about Wade going for 2 double 20s in a match against him years ago calling it disrespectful, how things change.

I see Chris Mason who dresses like Syrian refugee got some flak on twitter for calling Jamie Cave-in a Cyclops, something I first started years ago, so no doubt Mason in his position on TV will be forced to grovel and offer some sort of apology to whiny bastards quick to defend the baldy headed jobber.

Krusty Wright for jobbing to Steve Hine tonight.....wonderful result,and Krusty said in his interview afterwards that Hine was one of the best players in the comp....fucking Hell.

MVG has been nominated by the BBC for Best Overseas Sports Personality of the Year.
The same guy who made the newspapers for an incident with a prostitute in Bradford while his then pregnant wife waited at home....does that count now as "personality" ?
Knowing the BBC he was possibly only picked as the token white guy to make up the numbers before some Muslim, Homosexual or non white person  from some minority group eventually wins it, as that is how the BBC work.
MVG is currently having a less successful year than last year, but got the token nomination because of no football and other major events on this year.

The PDC Players Championship Finals seriously needs to go back to 32 players.
Andy Boulton, Robert Owen, Peter Hudson and a slew of others have no place on TV, will be Sunday before we probably get a session that wont include a heap of one sided matches, the only plus was Steve Hine winning