Friday, November 17, 2017

Time for my view on the Grand Slam of Darts this week.

Saturday Afternoon:

Right from the off we had contenders, in the first match was Jobby Dodger who had 64 left and while Bellyboy was on 265, Jobby not only missed the big 16 with his second dart, he returned and when on double 8 shat his load and went for double 16 and lost the leg and the match.missing NINE darts for the leg, and he was a former BDO #1
Simon Shitlock in his game missed 6 match darts against the atrocious Benny van Peer, and then sulked like it was someone else's fault that he was utter shit.
Wayne Mardle called the Annoying Dutch cunt game as "one of the bravest performances in sport"....besides it not being brave nor darts being a sport.
Later after the Krusty Poto game he claimed " I nearly weeped" over Berry van Peer winning. Mardle is some retarded cunt, then he also picked Phantom of the Opera to win the Grand Slam of Darts.
Phantom of the Opera did pick up a win against Krusty, nice he beat a clown, makes up for his loss to a postman last year.

Saturday Evening:
James Wade gets a mention for his atrocious effort to a Robbie Green in his retarded shit that he wore to imitate a gorilla, the shirt was not needed for that.
Poisonous dwarf grinned his way though his match as a terrible MVG still batted the Scottish cunt.
Barney got an interview after his match, as did Phil Taylor, the other  14 winners on Saturday did not get an interview.......must be just a coincidence. By the end of the day the bdo scum had lost 7 of their 8 matches.

The afternoon session saw the meeting between the present and a former BDO #1 in McGeeney and Wilson.....appalling shit it was. Mark McGeeney is absolute shit.
If McGeeney was utter shit, then that mongo cunt Hughes was even worse. He is the BDO #3 and got his arse handed to him by Steve Lennon the PDC # 83. It was not even close as mongo Hughes finished with a 74 average and he did not get a single shot at a double.
Robbie Green turned up in another shirt that was suppose to make him look like a gorilla or orangutan and when he had match darts to beat Taylor shat his load.

Cameron Menzies.....what a fucking clownshoe and a jobber. He lost to Berry van Peer and his 81 average.
Mardle continued his bullshit yet again about Van Peer describing his win as "super human".
Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant who has a face that looks like its been wrapped in barbed wire crying over hurting his finger was cringeworthy and even John Part was taking the piss out of the mutant.
Scott Mitchell that self groping obese mincing cunt could not even beat a shit bunting, and bunting even bust a 140 he had left in one leg.
In the last leg bunting went NINE darts without a treble and still managed to break the throw cos the fat farmer fuck hit so many fives..
Delighted to see the bdo jobber cunt get booted out, shame he was not booted up the hole for his slow meandering every time he went to reteive his darts.

Saw the exit of the poisonous cunt Warty Montgomery, almost as great as seeing that fat self groping farmer cunt go out the night before.
Robbie Green was absolute shit lost to bdo clogger jobber Peter Machin...both averaged in the 70s, it was turgid shit.
And the fat scouser paid for it later when Wade beat Taylor.
It was a magnificent night of results as Mongo Hughes battering Harvey Price meant both of them joined Kong and Warty in being turfed out of the comp while Wade and Lennon went through.

The highlight of the night was seeing that fat cunt Bunting getting beaten by Krusty who is miles from his best. I still laugh at the retarded cunts on forums who said that bunting was one of the best 3 players in the World.I always said after he was 2 years in the PDC he would not be in the top 16 and not only was I proven right, I seriously doubt he will ever be in it again.
Chizzy jobbed again, he is another player like Fatpot and Wade that seems like his best days are long behind him, when he is reduced to losing to Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant who spent years as Bunting's bitch in the shitty BDO.

Depressing night of darts watching that vile horrible hunchback cunt MVG romp to an easy win, and the other vile cunt Gurney destroy an embarrassing Wade, who has surely made sure he is done with the PL not just for this year but for good.

Friday :
Still laughing at tonights results. watching Krusty beating Bells palsy was hilarious, seeing a guy a guy dressed as a clown beating a guy throwing like a clown. Wright even said before the game was over he was trying to motivate Poto during the interval, such was the lack of any challenge from melted plastic bag face. Just because Bells palsy cunt beat Wright in a best to five, he was mouthing off how he wanted to meet wright again , but as we all expected come the longer format the bdo jobbers are out of their depth.

So Knob of the Week goes to the BDO...its boards, its players, and its retarded fans. A backwards organisation supported by retarded cunts watching old men and jobbers.
This week the top 8 of the BDO turned up in the shithole of Wolverhampton, and by the time the group stages were over 7 of the BDO scum were out and on their way home to their council house in some shitty estate.....and they were not missed.
Yet of the 8 PDC floor jobber qualifiers, 3 managed to make it out of the groups.
The BDO #1 lost every single one of his games.......a sure indication of the state of the BDO.
The BDO Lakeshite Champion Poto was the first BDO player to make it into the last 8 in FOUR YEARS,and he was turfed out by Krusty who was not even near his B-game.
The top 8 of the BDO managed just a single win against a top 8 PDC player, and that was Poto beating Krusty in the groups, which Krusty sorted over the longer distance.
3 of the BDO scum's wins came on Tuesday when they won 3 games, except all 3 BDO jobbers were all already out and on the way home so their wins were all worthless to them. Mushrooms on forums even tried to say the BDO scum did well. Always makes me laugh.. its up their with the simpletons who cry it should be 16 bdo players against 16 PDC players.

If their top 8 are that shit and do worse than the PDC floor qualifier jobbers, can you imagine how shit 16 of the bdo scum would be ?
The sad reality is , its time the bdo shit were fucked out of this competition, they are nothing but jobbers making up the numbers, with Uncle Barry feeling sorry for their sad begging cunts, but fair play to Bazza he is kind and generous enough to give them a pay day and we all know they need it.
This is the 11th year where the BDO have attended this event and usually send 8 players each year and in the entire 11 years only one single player from the BDO has ever made an impact, and its 8 years since that.

The BDO jobbers knew themselves they were going out early, as the self groping obese farmer, Warty, Mongo Hughes and others are all playing in the Czech open this weekend I believe. The fact they are playing shows how much they knew they would be out early of the PDC Grand Slam of Darts. They are even the top seeds for the Czech Open...hahahhahaha.
 The BDO is a joke.

So no surprise the PDC win the Grand Slam of Darts yet again