Friday, November 10, 2017

As head of the PDC Uncle Barry has to take the blame for the current state of the Grand Slam of Darts. As most know I deplore wildcards in ranking competitions regardless of whatever code.

The original Grand Slam had its original detractors mainly BDO loving scum crying because the BDO jobbers were only allocated so many spots and many mushrooms would complain that is should have been 16 BDO jobbers and 16 PDC players, and I would have no objection with that if the BDO put up half the prizefund , did half the work etc, but they don't.
Freeloading begging bastards of the BDO board provided nothing bar "allow" their players earn the chance to earn more money than 99% of their players could make in any BDO competition.
Nonetheless it was still a great viewing spectacle, and it was rightfully a non ranking comp.

Now its a ranking comp there should be no BDO players in it  as they are technically wildcards, and the PDPA should be objecting to the BDO players in the Grand Slam.
Its the job of the useless PDPA to represent the players to the best of their ability, and should be complaining about BDO cunts coming into a ranking comp and taking places from paid up members of the PDPA.
Since the PDPA do nothing and Barry Hearn has kept the BDO jobbers in it, then it should not be ranked, simple as that.

Then to compound the issue there was 8 places available via floor qualifiers. This alone earned Barry Hearn Knob of the Week.
Here is the problem, the Grand Slam is a TV event and needs the best TV players, instead we got 8 floor players  who now qualify for a TV comp. Floor players and TV players are 2 different species for the most part. Look at Ian White who is consistent on the floor and fuckin hopeless on TV.
Justin Pipe was dominating floor comps a couple of years ago, but had no TV game, and then you have the flipside where there are players who perform better on TV than they do on the floor.

The 8 spots won by floor comps should have gone to players next in the one year Order of Merit.
Look at the 8 qualifiers this year.
Joe Murnan, Robbie Green, James Wilson, Darren Webster, Jeffrey De Zwaan, Steve Lennon, Stephen Bunting, and Alan Norris.

Murnan is a floor jobber, Kong can barely walk. Jobby Dodger is shit, Norris is erratic and coming of the back of a 10-0 defeat on TV recently. De Zwaan and Lennon look good prospects but they are still green, possibly only Bunting seems like a guy that might make some little impact and ruffle feathers.

Now look at some of the players not at the Grand Slam this year
Adrian Lewis
Kim Huybrechts
Benito van de Pas
Jelle Klaasen

Everyone one of them is ranked higher in the OoM than the 8 floor qualifiers.
I would rather watch Kim Huybrects than Joe Murnan, or Jelle Klaasen than Robbie Green, etc.

2 of those who qualified prior to the qualifiers were Gerwyn Price and Corey Cadby were involved in a match last week that resembled 2 special needs mutants sulking over a lollipop.
The way they celebrated scores was an embarrassment. It was not like they were throwing sublime stuff. These 2 cunts are typical of the type of cunt in todays game who think they are something special, give it 2 years and they will be gone or as good as.
A couple of wins on the meaningless world Series events has Cadby the obese ex con cunt from the worlds largest penal colony acting like he is some type of superstar. Lets see how he does in the World Championships....oh wait, looks like he wont be going to that now after he jobbed to Josh Payne in the World Youth Championships, which followed his last 32 defeat in the Oceanic masters.
So he is out of the Worlds unless Uncle Barry gives him a wildcard for the Worlds which brings us back to my initial point that there should be no wildcards in a ranking comp.

The big question is will one of the bdo beggars who will turn up at the Grand Slam like that poisonous Scottish dwarf cunt Wart Montgomery who spent years slating the PDC only to do a u-turn like that bearded cunt Martin Adams did and be the first player to win a match in the longer format for the first time in year.
The best of nine legs means the bdo jobbers have a chance at least to get some wins and get out of the groups, but generally when it reaches the best of 19 legs this is when the gulf in class is evident.

Still its a handy pay day for the bdo jobbers who would be doing fuckall else this week.
Anyone notice how Warty Montgomery has been silent recently about PDC players playing in bdo events and his usual rants about picking a code and sticking to that code only.
Yep the same little dwarf cunt who slates others for playing both codes went quiet now he has sold out his principles and came begging for the PDC coin like his hero did the last couple of years.
I hope MVG batters the little shit without him winning a leg.

I wonder if Uncle Barry will threaten to punch me, or visit my house cos he dont like what I said like the scum of the BDO do when their delicate little feelings are hurt ?
I bet he has more class than that.