Friday, November 3, 2017

For months I have been saying how this lazy mess needs a boot in his fat hole, and after Rob Cross reaching the final of the European championships, it meant this weekend Fatpot needed a final spot in this World Series event. to qualify for the Grand Slam or face the playoff qualifiers.
The lazy fat cunt jobbed to Max Hopp.......max fuckin hopp, who himself is an over rated euro uber jobber. It was no close encounter either, he was well and truly beaten. It was the attitude of Fatpot that was the most disappointing, the Lewis of old would have goose stepped all over the hun in no time and be a contender for the trophy, sadly those days are gone.
Lewis along with Wade and Taylor are the only players ever to spend a decade inside the PDC top ten. Wade is now out of it, down to 12th, and Taylor has a valid excuse in that he is retiring but Fatpot will be rocking up to Ally Pally in December having to defend 150k after reaching the final in 2016.
Long gone are the days when you would include him among the top 3 favorites, now you are thinking how much of the 150k will he be able to defend and halt the slump he will be on.
Lewis is also defending a quarter final (15k) in the Grand Slam of Darts and I cannot on current form see him get anywhere close to that that is if the fat lazy cunt can even qualify via the jobber playoffs.
In the up coming Players championships finals he is defending a final spot and 35k.
All in all in the next 3 TV events he is defending £200,000.......I expect him to drop down the ranking and quick on current form.
The only loss Fatpot should be celebrating is weight loss and there is little chance of that.

Spreaking of fat bastards a mention for that childlike stroppy cunt Bellyboy Michael Smith.
How can someone allow themselves to get that fat ? Its not like cancer that creeps up on you or some other disease, you dont go to bed and wake up obese , this took a long long time of neglect and bad living to get in this horrific cruel shape.
Its fat cunts like this that cripple the health system, take up room on planes and other forms of transport, so you think since darts is the only job this mountain of  flesh would get and could do, you think he would get his act together. on the oche.

Another obese cunt worthy of a mention is Corey Cadby, did you see the gut on the baby elephant tonight ? He lost in the Oceanic Masters last weekend in the last 32, so unless he gets his carcass into gear in the Youth Championship he wont be at Ally Pally .....unless Uncle Barry decides to spot him a wildcard. The fat aussie criminal looks like he aint practiced since he was last on tv and celebrated tonight like he threw something decent.

Mark Webster.....if we never saw this 4 eyed coal scavenging plumber on tv it still would be too soon.
Listening to former inmate Chris Mason telling us Webster is "the Spider " was hilarious as a real spider has 8 legs, something Webster never got to.

Dave Chisnall, simply for losing to that cunt with the punctured face Justin Pipe, now we have to tolerate that miserable looking cunt and his shit throw for another game...fuck you chizzy .

Deta's Hedmans  little bitch, and houseboy, and Tommy Thompson's personal lackey Paul James:
Was hilarious reading some of his comments recently regarding his previous announcement of future good news in store. Gimpmaster General spouted about some exciting news for the Isle of Man event, then went quiet, when asked if this was going to be televised the obvious answer was No, seems some unemployed cunt with a mobile phone streaming this pile of horseshit is now what constitutes "exciting news".
The best part was him admitting they could not afford to pay TV companies to show their shit.
Uncle Barry has got it all wrong allowing ITV, BBC, and Sky pay the PDC for the right to show their product, what was he thinking.

Daryl Gurney : Another childlike cunt like Bellyboy who can go into sulk mode in record time.
His head down sulk against Rob Cross who tore him a new asshole in quick time was a joy to watch.
The mid session break where he could go backstage and gyrate andkiss the necklace of his dead boyfriend like a pikey on crystal meth did not work this time.
Image this ski sloped faced cunt in the PL every thursday, with his gomey head looking down at the carpet as he gets humped every week, fuck that .