Friday, October 27, 2017

What a pathetic showing tonight by desperate dan lookalike Alan Norris. to lose 10 - 0 in a tv comp is utterly pathetic. This uber jobber does not have a B game or a C game. His A game is as rare as Mervyn King's. He should be ashamed of himself.

Others  worth a mention this week.

The organisers of the CiderCan masters :
No one in their right mind could begrudge Canadian spastic Jeff smith for grabbing the chance to play at Ally Pally  where he would get 11k for a first round defeat, except of course the bitter cunts who withdrew the wildcard Jeff had previously been given for the mickey mouse event in some godforsaken dutch dump.
Just because Jeff Smith took the opportunity to play at Ally Pally did not mean he was going to Q-school, and if he was in 2 minds you can bet his mind is made up now after the cunts took the wildcard back and let him know what sort of childish bitter cunts dominate that side of the game.
That said I hope if Jeff Smith goes to Q-school he fails as he is a precious cunt.
When I went to see his response on twitter to the wildcard being taken back I found out I was blocked despite the fact I never once had any dealings with him which told me he is an insecure prick who is easily offended.

Wayne Mardle :
Was told he got upset on twitter when it was pointed out to him how Christian kist was among the lowest averages ever seen on TV, and Wayne had plenty of excuses. I say I was told because when I went to check on twitter I found out he has blocked me as well.
If Mardle is so afraid of what I or others might say he should keep his trap shut. Does he not have any conviction in what he types  ? because if he did he would not be so quick to hide what he says and would stand by his words.

Christian Kist:
2  comps in a row this gimpy defective goldfish mouth useless cunt failed to win a single leg...The European championships and the recent euro tour event.
This a former Lakeshite champion. I believe he is in the World Championships as well, every cunt must be hoping they draw this useless fucker which is as good as a bye.

Mensur Suljovic:
For his choke job against Krusty last weekend in the German Masters comp of the world Series, after leading 9-6. Thankfully tonight he redeemed himself beating that coal scavenging manlet who was more Harvey Price than Gerwyn Price.

Chris Mason:
Here is a guy who won nothing of note in his entire career except maybe the HMP Wandsworth Winter Open  in 2003 giving"expert advice on darts" for ITV.
Thats as bad as the other cunt on sky Wayne Mardle giving his "expert advice" when he also won fuckall of note.
The best thing they both won were Knob of the Weeks and they were for the wrong reasons.

Raymond van Barneveld, Adrian Lewis, Gary Anderson & James Wade:
For being lazy bastards and not qualifying for this weekends TV comp by avoiding playing euro events. Wade did attend a few but he failed cos he was utter shit and did not do enough.
All four have slid down the rankings, minor for ando but the other 3 are sliding a lot, and as said before its not a good thing for the PDC when their top players are snubbing events.
With the retiring Phil Taylor and the laziness of the 4 mentioned, its no wonder the event tonight in Belgium was nowhere near full.
People buy tickets to attend events thinking they will get to see the best, and instead of Taylor, Lewis, Barney, Wade and Anderson they got John Henderson, Christian Kist, Johnny Clayton and Ronny long before the fans say fuck that for a game of Indians and ticket sales plummet.