Friday, October 20, 2017

When this scumbag cancer wishing cunt was appointed as a disciplinary officer in the BDO the irony was lost on many, but when the chubby gay waiter made in onto the board with Popcorn teeth, her cuckold husband and the rest of the retirement home assholes some mushrooms thought this was yet another new era.

The slide into oblivion has not been stopped with his appointment, in fact its even worse now.
The 2017 World Darts Catas Trophy winner Peter Machin will not be at Lakeshite
The 2017 World Winmau Masters Champion will not be at Lakeshite
The 2017 WDF World Cup Singles Winner will not be at Lakeshite.

We are always told by simple minded mushroom cunts those events were "majors" yet all 3 winners won't be at Bob Potters  dilapidated insect infested hotel in the new year.
2 of the 3 winners will be at Ally Pally instead.... and the PDC will be pissing themselves laughing at the BDO

The hilarious part is with the Winmau Masters champion Ratajski opting to take part in the real World Championships at Ally Pally, the BDO replaced him with....Gary Robson....I shit ye not.
Gary Robson, a guy that has made just £9,512 in TWO YEARS in ranking money.
Thats roughly £91 a week....I used to spend more a week  on cigarettes and taxis...even the dole in the UK must be more than that,
They could have given the spot to an actual competition winner like Peter Machin...but hardly surprising one of the old boys clique gets the spot.....lakeshite is the epitome of over the hill British pub players.
Why invite players from outside the UK to Lakeshite to an event that hilariously claims to be a "world championship". Gary Jobson will turn up and propably throw his usual 79 average, except this year that might get him a semi final spot.
Lets not forget Tony O Shea reached a Lakeshite final with a 83 average, and Scott Waites won the final with an 86 averages. In fact Waites won 2 lakeshite comps with averages in the 80s.

On the subject of the scumbag waiter, one of his first moves when he joined the BDO board was to appoint Jeff Smith as  players rep for North America, and now Jeff Smith will be at Ally Pally.

What is the betting the cunts who gave Jeff Smith a wildcard for the CiderCan masters in Holland will be seething now as well. Fatz will be fuming in Hell, and then there is that pint sized prick Ross Montgomery who must be seething and dying to mouth off but has to bite his venomous tongue as he cannot say anything as he will be copying prostate hole Adams and abandoning his so called principles and arriving at the Grand Slam of Darts cap in hand begging for the PDC coin of the King of Darts Barry Hearn.
And all this happening when Lakeshite is in its final year of its contract with Channel 4, and I predict things will get even worse for the bdo......which will please me no end and cause bdo scum to get into a lather and foam at the mouth and think that threatening me will somehow change the truth.

While the BDO is the laughing stock of Darts, the PDC is presently on ITV this weekend with the German Masters
Next week ITV are showing the European Championships
and the week after that the World Series Finals is on andl all shown live on ITV.
After 3 weekends of ITV showing live PDC darts, Sky take over the following week with 8 days of the Grand Slam of Darts.

5 days after the Grand Slam finishes the PDC is back on ITV with the Players Championships final.
5 weeks running of live televised darts......fantastic.
Uncle Barry is truly the King of Darts.
If that does show the difference between the PDC and the BDO nothing will.

See tonight that dutch hunchbacked cunt MVG is starting to mimic Mervyn King and his best friend the elongated string of misery Vincent van der Voort with "medical problems".
Any wonder the cunt has back problems and ankle problems, hauling that huge arse of his around while throwing darts bent over like quasimodo.
How any cunt could get that fat at such a young age is a disgrace.
Its not like you woke up one morning and discovered you were obese, he allowed it happen and just let himself get fatter and fatter, I hope his body breaks down from hauling his obese carcass and the pricks game goes to shit.

Saw the Darts show tonight and there was Mervyn King on the golf course lashing golf balls all over the course, and not a twinge once throughout his game, but as soon as he gets up on stage and is losing its a bad back, sore ankle, mumps, sciatica, or some other made up excuse.
Oddly when he wins there is no sign of pain.