Friday, October 13, 2017

Regardless of his victory in the Grand Prix in which he equaled Peter Wright in being another player who won a major where top players were missing and devalues the title, his actions in the final against Simon Shitlock were that of a total prick.
Even the braindead muck savage spud munching Dubliners in the audience turned on him.
Seen people on twitter saying he would not have got away with that shit against the likes of Painter or Thornton, and it is hard to argue with this.
If you are going to play the bad boy it helps you dont cry like a fucking bitch every time a game is over. They guy is a total asshole and I think its only a matter of time before he rubs up more people the wrong way. While it appears he does have the talent for the Premier League I seriously doubt he has the temperament for it.

Other people deserving of a mention

James Wade:  As one member of the darts forum doublefinish  said Wade was  the best mop up man in the business when it came to titles when top players went out early, to see Wade of today is embarrassing. In past years he would have taken advantage in the Grand Prix where there was no Taylor or Ando, and the likes of  MVG, and Fatpot were already out, and Wade goes out to Steve West.. He failed to make it to the Champions League of Darts, and now tonight got absolutely battered by Nathan Aspinall, which now rules him out of the European championships.
It was the fourth leg before the cunt even got a shot at a single double.
Now people can bring up his mental illness, his depression etc but to me it looked like he simply has no hunger or is complacent at the very least.
Its all well and good thinking you are a great finisher, but if you don't score well enough to get to a finish then what good is his so called  great finishing, which itself looks more than suspect at the moment.
The biggest payday he had this year was the Premier League and that was non ranking. The plus for Wade is he had bottle, and is defending little in the coming months, but with his form, and missing the european champs I think his slide is gonna get worse, as he does not look like he is gonna change anytime soon.

Adrian Lewis : Along with Wade and Taylor he is the only player to remain in the PDC top ten for over a decade, and with Wade and Taylor soon to be dropping out of the Top 10, I expect this lazy cunt to join them.
Wade and Lewis are only in their 30s and play and act like they simply dont give a flying fuck, have zero desire or hunger. These guys should be approaching their prime not going the opposite direction. Mensur is older than both Lewis and Wade and look at how he is improving. Even Shitlock has managed to turn it around, cos he seems to give a shit, and this is what Lewis and Wade are lacking.

Gary Jobson Fans :   The jobber Gary Jobson has qualified for Lakeshite solely because of people turning down their Lakeshite option. Yet Gary Jobson fans took to social media to congratulate him as if he earned the spot by right and he achieved something special.
Then only fitting Jobson be at Lakeshite, since it represents everything the likes of Jobson represents.

Christian Kist: The most over rated player I have ever seen on the pro tour, a limping cunt with a goldfish mouth managed to lose tonight with a 66 average, and this guy won Lakeshite. If that is not proof how poor lakeshite is, was and always will be nothing will.

The PDC need to implement some sort of ruling where their top players are expected to compete in a certain percentage of euro tours. I love the euro tours but when Anderson, Barney, Wade, Lewis etc all ignore players champs and euro tours it is not only bad for the PDC as a whole, but a fuck you to the fans in the Euro tours who pay money in the hope of seeing the top players.
Allowances can be made for Taylor who is retiring, MVG and Krusty to their credit do a lot of Euro tours, but Ando , Barney and Lewis treat the event like shit, but you just know in the coming weeks Barney will spout his usual bullshit how "next year I will compete on the full tour" like he does before every World championship in an effort to bullshit people and make out he is serious again and remind people he wants to be in the Premier League.

As I said last week its one thing to piss on the Euro Events, but when a Major like the grand Prix has Taylor and Ando fucking it off, Lewis  and Wade who are their PL stars act like they would rather be anywhere else, you have to question the attitude of them.

I am a Wade and Lewis fan but if this is gonna be their attitude I hope they both fall down the rankings and fuck off, I rather watch Shitlock or anyone else that actually gives a shit .