Friday, October 6, 2017

After watching up to the final so far of this weeks PDC Grand Prix, the number of negative attributes among the players this week has been staggering.


Michael van Gerwen:
No one can knock his motivation dedication or bottle 99% of the time, but this week in his match against Hendo he showed a lack of motivation , it was almost as if he was complacent as he thinks he is unbeatable when Taylor or Anderson is not around. I for one was glad to see the fat dutch cunt roll of the stage ready for another sobbing session of tears, and his exit made the comp better, however again his attitude was not that of a top player. He lost to John Henderson....John fucking Henderson, and the kicker was Hendo won with a 76 average. I laughed like a bastard as the fat arsed hunchbacked cunt waddled of the stage with his fat head frowning and his eyes welling up.

Phil Taylor:
There was a rumor that Taylor copped a ban of the DRA, hence his absence this week , if this is not true, then Taylor seemingly deciding not to play out of choice is not good for the PDC.
The fact Taylor would rather do an exbo in a warehouse in that shit stain on the map Birmingham this weekend does not make for good publicity for the PDC. If Taylor cannot be motivated for what is generally considered the 3rd biggest major in the PDC after the Worlds and the Matchplay then it can hardly be a plus for the PDC.

Gary Anderson:
Yes I know Jockanese cunts falling over themselves to defend their fellow scot will tell us his girlfriend was pregnant and that's why he could not turn up.
I am not a maths teacher, but suspect he knew more than 2 days before the competition what week his girlfriend was due, so why not withdraw well in advance ?
We all know he is a lazy cunt anyway and misses plenty of Euro Tours and Players Championship, so he could have, and should have withdrawn earlier. Yet again this looks poor from a PDC publicity standpoint that the #2 in the rankings is not bothered.
And besides, that coal scavenging welsh shaky plumber got an unfair bye, which thankfully he wasted.

Adrian Lewis:
The greatest  waste of natural talent and possibly the laziest cunt in darts, at least when Ando does enter a comp he tries, Lewis was as pathetic this week as he was in the CLoD on BBC.
I could not care if he slides down the rankings, if he don't give a shit why should anyone else ?

James Wade:
Here is a guy who in his prime should have been called the Vulture or the Hyena, a scavenger of the highest order in a great way, There was no one better than him in darts when it came to cleaning up in comps after Taylor suffered a loss. This week with no Taylor. Fatpot jobbing again, MVG sent packing, all before Wade played his match you would think he of all players would think here is a chance of winning 100k, fly back up the ranking, add a title etc. He could not even muster up the motivation to appear to give a shit, so like Lewis fuck him and his slide down the rankings, if a player cannot motivate himself with all the top players out, then fuck him.


Stephen Bunting:
I still laugh today at all the simpletons on facebook, dart forums etc who thought this fat cunt would be a top player in the PDC when he joined, just because he won a Bob Potter tin cup at a run down hotel. One simpleton wrote on a forum he was the third best player in the world, and if that was not mental illness, countless others actually agreed with the spastic. I said then once he gets a few hammerings, and the 2 years were up he would be lucky to ever get within smelling distance of the top ten. Needless to say I was right, and in the 3 years the fat scouse loving donkey has played PDC its worse he has got, another cunt like Beaton, Kist, and Webster, an over rated cunt cos of Lakeshite.
His choking against Krusty was hilarious, as  it was almost expected.
Even when Fat Bunting was 2-1 up in legs and throwing for the match, I still thought he would choke,. He even threw first, got off first double, and Krusty missed all 3 darts at his double .He had a 6 dart lead, throwing first , at one stage in the leg he had a 185 point lead...and this was before he hit a maximum in the leg as well.....and the choking fat cunt still lost the leg, after missing match was the ultimate choke and it was hilarious.
Whenit was over he stood there with his stupid smile, like the good loser.
Show me a good loser  and I will show you a loser....this for me was Knob of the Week

Dave Chisnall :
Larry Butler and Peter Evison, have won more TV majors than Dave Chisnall....let that sink in.
Even Mark Bosnich who was given a trophy by Phil Taylor in the World Series has more TV trophies than Chizzy. Was gonna go in to detail on his match but thought fuck it, why bother, everyone knew he was gonna choke, was only a matter of when....we should do a Chizzy bingo and predict how many match darts he can miss in a match...was 5 in his match this week.


Justin Pipe:
Here is a cunt so slow everyone hates him.Boring to watch, irritating to listen to and has a complex  where he thinks he is something special. Norris was equally as shit but at least he won, and Pipe then tried to blame the retarded Irish cunts in the audience for his defeat.
Lets face it, if Pipe quit darts in the morning no one would miss him. In fact almost everyone would welcome it. .

Kim Huybrechts;
Another poisonous vile cretinous cunt, who has no problem trying tactics and gamesmanship if he thought it would help him, but the first to cry if anyone tried it on him, loves to cry about others celebrations, but has no problem acting the maggot when it suits him. I was delighted to see Thornton knock him out, pity it was not physically as well on the oche. Odious Belgian prick even threatened audience members and was seemingly asking people in the crowd "outside2 as if challenging them to a fight. The cunt would not handle a Irish woman on beer let alone a bloke. They would dance of his gomey skulL.

 The overall performance by the top players this week was not good for the PDC.
2 never bothered to attend, the rest went out early and were motivated or complacent. If I were Uncle Barry I would not be happy, if this was a Euro tour event then what harm, but said earlier this is supposedly the 3rd biggest Major in the PDC,

The flip side, which the PDC were rightly quick to promote is the comp was refreshing in that it made it more open for a change, and that was out of chance not really design and hopefully Uncle Barry will take the attitude of some players like Lewis, Wade and Barney and fuck them out of the next Premier League .

I would rather watch Mensur and Whitlock in the PL as those 2 and a few others acted like they actually gave a shit this week . Give me a player that tries and puts his heart in it over some complacent prick anyday. Even that vile cunt Gurney who acts like a deformed mutant, and cries as much as peter Wright and Stephen Bunting on their periods deserves a PL spot more than most who usually get them.

Meanwhile in in the land of the Rising Sun there was a WDF World Cup on.
Remember how all bdo fans and especially their brain dead players harp on about how important International darts ?
Well no England  at this World Cup, seems the EDO who exist to promote England Darts could not care nor afford to send a team, they only had 4 years to get ready for it, and the EDO amazingly did not think sending England to the World cup was not important.
Then again Scotland could not be arsed either to send a team, defenders of England and Scotland claim the WDF is not that important.
If this is true and the WDF is really not important, they why do they always claim lakeshite as "official" id the WDF dont matter ?
Seems to me its only important to mushrooms when it suits their cause.

Ask anyone on the street what is the official World Darts Championship and almost every one will say the PDC, the casual fan will tell you the one with Phil Taylor of MVG..

Has anyone seen any footage of this WDF World Cup yet ?, any mention in the tabloids ?
Any news on the sports headlines ?

Thought not.....