Friday, September 29, 2017

Sue Williams:
After numerous fuck ups in scheduling this year by both the bdo and the EDO where late sessions caused not only some matches to run into the early morning and some matches not being aired, including a munters final, you would think Popcorn teeth would have taken this on board and given themselves enough time to get the session done on time.
But no, they decided not to start until 5pm as the earlier time was given over to the cripples, and lets be honest, thats even worse than munters darts, and before any cunt starts crying that I am laughing at the cripples , just remember I am not singling them out, as I treat able bodied, the munters and defective dripple cunts in the bdo all with the same equal contempt. Thats the type of decent lad I am I do not discriminate.....everyone gets treated the same.
I noticed too from what I saw all the defectives were male, so what about disabled munters, is their a womens game for cripples as well ?
40 stone heifers in wheelchairs fucking darts like Michael J Fox on a trampoline  in the dark.
As the evening progressed it was clear the live comedy was gonna run late, and that was with the player ranked 84th in the PDC ploughing through the field  like an isis terrorist in Paris.
By the time Krzysztof was laying waste to Melted Plastic Nag face, it was clear those who were still hanging around the emptying hall were all not happy to see the Pole doing well.
Even from the off in the first leg, Durrant even complained that the cameras were too loud, as someone pressing a button on a camera was upsetting him.
Watching McGeeny and his arm with scabies in the final was like watching a person getting raped while drugged with laughing gas, he got destroyed and just had this retarded smile on his face as the Pole(excuse the pun) tore into him without mercy and McGeeny was the victim.
By the time the ordeal was over for him the crowd had fucked off, and was practically the next day as it was midnight before it was over, and Eurosport finished showing the shit.

Where was the presentation ? We were told this was a "major" and a so called "prestigious" one at that. I wanted to see the presentation, if only for the cunts faces as the Pole collected his trophy and the 25k prize money.
If Krzysztof  had not won with such ease against the so called best of the bdo, it could have seen this continue long after midnight, and there was the chance Eurosport would not have continued showing it.
So it begs the question, why did it start so late and will the bdo board ever learn ?
When the head of the BDO cannot even get the most basic things right is it any wonder things are the way they are,.
It was bad enough it was played in a shithole, and midweek , and in front of a handful of people but timing issues like this should never be an issue.

I wonder how long before the gash, the wart, the gay waiter and the rest of the xenophobic cunts in the bdo come up with some excuse to stop players like Krzysztof from entering events.
The pole broke no rules, and the crying on facebook and forums was a joy to read.
Some even complained the 25k Krzysztof won would end up in Uncle Barrys coffers....then thats better than giving 10k to a con artist and criminal in the BDO like a certain bdo player did.....

In fact if Krzysztof tells the bdo to shove bobs mickey mouse tin pot comp  and opts for the financially more lucrative option of Ally Pally there will be one player in the BDO happy....Gary Jobson.

All in all was a wonderful event result wise. Seeing a PDC ranked 84th player ripping up the field was hilarious, the crying on social media from the mushrooms, and even Uncle Barry laughing about it on social media saying a PDC player winning was no surprise made it even funnier.

Anyhow, the business end of the year has now begun so from here on out we will be getting the announcements of announcements on a regular basis from the BDO as we get closer to that day in January where the entries for PDC Q-School are completed.
Every year some simple minded cunt always takes to facebook or twitter to announce the bright future and upcoming new events in the bdo like the welsh quiff Williams,Scott Mitchell and Tony O Shea who go on about "the bdo is gonna grow", "players returning to the bdo" and other bullshit.

Other notable mentions this week

Phantom of the Opera Glen Durrant.I have never seen a more mentally weak player that is hyped as much as this insecure cunt.
You can visibly seen him crumbling, speaking to himself trying to  boost himself as he obviously has little self belief.
He was acting like he was in shock as his mid 90 average was not enough to see his opponent crumble like usually happens in the BDO when opponents just roll over.
It was another game where the sparse crowd were obviously not rooting for "johnny foreigner" which made the win all the more better, and besides I even predicted prior to the match on a dart forum the pole would win.

Chris Mason:
The guy who once called the BDO car crash tv and then pretended it never happened when he got a job on comms with them. He was atrocious on comms and he made idiotic statements, called a few wrong checkouts, and had no idea of certain players like Rachna David a former Lakeshite player.I read on a darts forum that he supposedly made some racial comment as well.
A natural successor to the equally stupid Tony Green.

Mark McGeeney:
This time last week he was the BDO #1....I shit thee not.
He was without doubt the worst BDO #1 since Steve Farmer, even James Wilson was not as bad as him.
Reached the final with his 83 average only because his German jobber opponent was ever more shit than him.
Got destroyed in the final and the only shock was the fucker managed to win a set. He accepted defeat by the third set  and did a stupid grin to pretend he was not bothered. Then maybe he was not bothered, as he certainly does not appear to be the type of player with any bottle so accepting defeat might be almost natural to him.

Ross Montgomery: This toxic dwarf who got bowled out after chucking an average in the 70s then cried like a cunt on fanatics cos "johnny foreigner" who entered the Master actually had the audacity to win his matches.You just know it was not only because he was foreign and was upsetting the "clique" but because Krzysztof played PDC event.
I bet he was absolutely seething at the result chucking his 17 pieces of lucky jewellery at the TV in anger,
When asked on twitter by fans  about any possible GSoD decision he went and banned those asking questions. Ignorant little cunt with his napoleon complex, the stunted cunt should be playing disability darts as being a midget is surely a form of disability.

Tony O Shea :
The greatest jobber in darts bar none, and in the bdo he has plenty of competition, His choking yet against that coal scavenging jobber with the quiff Jim Williams in an atrocious match was awful viewing, but some cunt had to win it and was Williams.

Jim Williams : After his atrocious match with Bottler O Shea where he won with an 80 average in this so called "prestigious major" he went out and rolled over for Cameron Menzies.
Cameron Menzies then turned out in his next match and rolled over for the Pole Krzysztof.....anyone sensing a pattern of jobbers win one lose one ?

Gary Jobson:
Here is another guy without a set of balls or belief in his so called ability. He missed out on the spot at Bob Palace of Piss and opted not to enter the qualifiers. He opted to play the waiting game and hope the Pole goes to Ally Pally and he might get in to the January Jobber Jamboree that way.
Had he any belief in his own ability he would have entered thew qualifiers and won and not have depended on others or handouts.

Speaking of handouts, I think its a joke that the selectors for the Cidercan Masters, or Finder or whatever name this 2 bit comp is called these days has given the obese hun cunt Fordham and Jeff Smith wildcards. Nobody should ever get invites or wildcards to a ranking event regardless of code.
Same with BDO scum being invited in to the PDC Grand Slam of Darts now its a ranking event.
Give wildcards to the CLoD or the Premier League or whatever, they are exbos, but it should never happen in ranking comps.

What has Jeff Smith and the Elephant done to deserve these wildcards, what majors have they won in the last 2 years ?
Nothing, they are only in a ranking comp because they are part of the clique in the BDO.
Or maybe the selectors think these 2 cunts are the nearest the get to any "name value" and lets be honest its an event no one will really be watching bar the most hardcore fans who would watch it regardless whoever is in it.
No one who was not going to watch will now watch because they are in it.

I heard a rumour but cannot confirm it but was told Taylor missed the Grand Prix due to a DRA fine over his antics against Cadby in the World Series, and whilst I have no way of verifying it , it does seem plausible as the DRA have a history of keeping certain fines private when it suits certain players, and might explain why Taylor would "opt out" of what is to me the best Major in Darts after the World championships at Alexander Palace.

 Biscuit Update :

With so many people now threatening to come to my home to sort me out and stupid enough to think threatening me will somehow make what I say any less true or change the facts, I feel I should let you know what biscuits I will have on offer each week for those who call.

This weeks biscuit  :  Pink Wafers