Friday, September 8, 2017

This cunt is suppose to be the "players director" yet spent the last couple of weeks promoting every 2 bit piece of piss scabby European event from the Swedish open to the Antwerp to even the godforsaken mickey mouse Vizcaya Open, yet now the England Darts Open at Selsey is coming around not a single peep from the cunt or the BDO.
Could they make this bias and agenda any more obvious.
The funny part are the simpletons who think this chubby fat barrel of monkey spunk was going to be a bonus to the BDO board, instead he is just another bitter , grudge bearing dinosaur , that continues the trend of utter morons on the bdo board.
Speaking of the EDO Tommy Thompson has decided to do a Q&A session with me, and hopefully have this for next week or the week after.

A mention this week also for Robert Thornton who looks like he might miss the World Grand Prix, as Richard North has now got in to a spot via the players oom, and if Norris or Whitlock get a run this weekend then Thornton is out of the Grand Prix via the main OoM as well.
That is dome fall from grace for the guy that won the Grand Prix against MVG only 2 years ago in 2015.

I reckon himself, Wade and a few others are on the steady decline and bar an odd performance looks like their days at the top are numbered..

Been another good weekend so far for the Polish Eagle Krzysztof Ratajski, and seems he is almost certain to qualify for the PDC Worlds, and quite possibly could qualify for Lakeshite also, looking forward to the mushrooms having a cry when he chooses the PDC Worlds over Bob Potter piss soaked dilapidated January Jobber Jamboree, and who other than the inbred simpletons of the BDO could blame him when a first round loser makes 11k regardless or 18and half grand for a second round defeat,
He would have to reach the semis finals of Lakeshite to earn 15k.
Cannot wait til the complaints start when he turns up at BDO events later in the year, suspect the cunts like Warty will be the first snidey little tosspot to moan about Ratajski  ( behind their back as usual).
Another mention again for the most over rated player on the European circuit Max Hopp.
Here is a guy who only is where he is in the rankings over the advantage he has of so many Euro tours being held in Germany, if he had to qualify in the main qualifiers in the UK he would not be making it.
Today he lost to Jamie Caven....seriously when the telescope inspector is beating you , the likes of Rod Harrington who kisses the teutonic hun's hole must feel like a total spaz.
The dipstick even got a world Series spot.
Time to do away with the home nation qualifiers for the euros and lump them in with all the europeans.
I remember the crying, and rightly so when the Irish players were getting an unfair advantage in the Grand Prix solely on it being held in Ireland.
Players should be qualifying for events on merit and not because of the nationality in European Events, lump all the continental players together.

Anyhow off to bed, got in at 6.30 am.