Saturday, September 2, 2017

As we approach the fifth year anniversary of Knob of the week good to see the first ever winner still manages to win the award.
Its about the only thing this blubbering fat hypoglycemic mess will ever win.
The lazy sweaty postman could not get of his diabetic arse to even enter this weekends euro tour in his own country. I know other top players could not be arsed either but this dutch prick is the cunt who every december promises he will do the full tour the coming year, mostly to keep himself relevant and keep himself in contention for a PL spot he never deserves.

The bumbling fragile mess of a cunt only qualified for the Grand Slam through the World Cup, and he should never have been in that in the first place as this year like the last he only got in undeservedly after the other dutch cunt hunchback the whore humper cried and had the rightful  player Klaasen kicked out,

Sick of the cunt getting preferential treatment like selection for the PL, the World Cup etc. It gets more like the BDO with their favoritism and old boys club.
Its over a decade since the prick won a ranking tv major, and we still have that shaky string of piss the squinty eyed Dave Clarke mouthing "el Classico" everytime he plays Taylor like its the top match in darts.
Sick of hearing how he is a five times world champion when he has only won one world title as lakeshite titles dont mean fuckall, let alone be worthy of the accolade of World title.
I am sure there are some knuckle dragging northern inbred bdo mushroom cunts who will spout that lakeshite is official cos the WDF said so, but lets face it, no one gives a fuck about the WDF.

See the BDO diary was released and there is no mention of the World Darts CatasTrophy, hopefully it is dead, or else they will shoehorn it in somewhere where it will clash with another event and cause more infighting among the bdo as they stumble from one clusterfuck to another, why change their habit now.
Will provide more comedy for us PDC fans to witness in the coming months.

Also a mention for the truly simple cunts who bought tickets for Bob Potters January jobber Jamboree , at their increased prices, and bought seats at the back of the venue thinking the seats they bought were near the front because they were too dense to understand the seating map.
These people are truly retarded.

Checkout this buffoon who wrote on bdo fanatics.
Dan Moult

Forgot to post this the other day. I've grown up watching faithfully the world's at Lakeshite every year and was lucky enough to go in 2016. Anyway, on Tuesday our league had its individuals first round and as I trundled upstairs to the board I was playing on I came face to face with Daryl Fitton (we were at his home pub and they wanted a chuck, not realising we were on), I actually felt quite star struck and a little giddy, it was akin to a teenage girl seeing "Dave?" from love island (I imagine) it just felt weird.
Anyone else ever got like that or just me?
(I also felt the same with a similar situation with Tony O Shea a few years back, I am fortunate enough to see him a couple times a season now and I already knew a lot about him through personal reasons so it was a little different)
My name's Dan and Im an addict.........

 I guess I wont be on Dan's Christmas card list, thank fuck.


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  2. If you love the game then you'll appreciate all forms of it. Isn't Lewis the only winner of the PDC that never played in the BDO? I'm all for both "codes" but weirdos like you quoting good points from "Dan" suggests to me you should be watching WWE not arrows. You're obviously averaging 31 in your bedsit! Reveal yourself! Surely you're not Les Wallace's abandoned nephew?