Friday, August 25, 2017

I said only two weeks ago the appointment of Bo Selecta's chubby gay waiter to the board would provide laughs for years to come, and already this week in a time where the BDO should have the simpletons in the BDO  eating out of their hand with their usual post AGM promises, things already have turned sour.

Daryl Fitton the latest player to speak out , what is the BDO board going to do about it, after all scumbag Des Jacklin is suppose to be the head kangaroo in the disciplinary committee  and Fitton speaking out on social media breaches the rules...except when scumbag Jacklin does it to threaten violence or mock peoples cancer. Popcorn Teeth as chairperson of the traveling circus has to take responsibility for this shambles.
This is what Fitton wrote on a facebook group

The bdo being a joke is no secret, what is interesting is Fitton claiming he knows what is happening, yet the rank and file who pay their dues , the so called "family" and members of the "Darts for All " are almost all in the dark. Its like the autistic version of the masons, where pathetic people go around thinking they are special cos they are in the know.

I am gonna go out on a limb here and make a prediction, what ever they do wont matter a fuck, the bdo is done, and the simpy cunts going around thinking the glory days of the bdo well over a quarter of a century ago might happen again need to wake up., but they wont.

Why is Sue the gash is charge in the first place ? because the same deluded morons put her there, and when they got unhappy did nothing to oust her or her cunt of a husband, in fact the cunts on the board continues to grow. Maybe I am wrong and Popcorn has the right idea, the bdo fans and players are afterall mushrooms, so feed them shit and keep them in the dark., bullshit them with announcements of announcements and you can e sure come Lakeshite 2018 will have another new promise.
It will be the super series all over again like every year with a new spin on it, remember the fish finger fiasco, Warren Brown, the rumours of frank Warren coming in.
The BDO mushrooms are the most retarded people ever, they would buy anything.
Checkout the reply one simpleton  made to Daryl fitton

That stupid cunt is allowed drive, vote and even breed. Maybe he can take to social media and issue threats of a slap as well, as I am sure like everyone in the bdo thinks that solves everything.

Last Weekend was the Swedish Open, I openly laughed at those who tried to make out the event was some sort of Major event.. Read where one idiot paid 22 quid for a double rum and coke. At those prices you would need to win the entire comp to afford getting anywhere pissed.
Daryl Fitton, the same guy the jock retard Davie Hanson  was kissing the hole of above, got to the final and averaged thats not a typo...seventy four average in a final.
Maybe the Jock spaz is right, the "talent " at the top of the BDO is scary ....for all the wrong reasons.

The saying a picture is worth a thousand words has never been so apt as it is for the pic below it sums up the difference between the codes this week

The upcoming week should be fun, does the chubby waiter get his kangaroo court out for Fitton or will he as one the the bdo clique be exempt for criticism. Make no mistake a clique exists, notice how the PDC is portrayed as evil etc, but the clique players can go begging to Uncle Barry for the PDC coin in the GSoD.
As for Popcorn teeth, who is only 6 months in to her current reign, I hope she stays on for even loner than the 2 and a half years she has left,and rapes the bdo out of everything with expenses and continues the fabulous job she has done as a secret agent of Uncle Barry....who decided why pay 2 million for the BDO when the Gash can kill it for you for free.
And if her cunt husband wants to come visit me , go right ahead, he can charge the flights, hotel and hospital fees to the bdo as well, like he did his petrol when he did his tour of the uk threatening people. and forum owners who shat their load.

Speaking of forums
I no longer post on TDF after the Admin on there a well known liar  and reputed forger, decided to ban members for posting pics of other members, the hypocrisy being the admin who complained and banned members had no problem doing the same himself and posted pics of members and even used pics of autistic kids to swap a members avatar, so him lecturing others on decency and banning people for doing what he did himself  took some neck.
The same admin spent years slating people who tampered with accounts then went and tampered with members accounts himself, removed their access to private messages, deleted avatars, edited posts, fucked with their passwords when asked about his hypocrisy, and even tried to read their emails, so to anyone that visits there, be sure to delete your private messages, do not use a legit email and never leave any personal information on there as the admin is not to be trusted,
Already over a dozen of the most prolific posters have left  the site vowing to never return and have formed their own new forum.

In other news.

After Phil Taylor won the Melbourne world series events he gave the trophy to Mark Bosnich in a cringey post title celebration interview.
Mark Bosnich now has more  TV trophies than Dave Chisnall and is equal with Peter Wright.

Corey Cadby is turning into one obnoxious fat scummy annoying cunt, the southern hemisphere version of Hunchback van Gerwen with his fist pumps over the top celebrations,and both obese cunts who have an appointment with a cardiac unit in their future.